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Is it just me or do you notice Avi hanging out with Mitch and Scott more....

I did! I think maybe Avi needs someone to hang out with since Kevin has a girlfriend. Not saying Kevin has no time for Avi, but it would be more limited when compared to what it was before.

There’s also the possibility that Avi just likes the party crowd and Kevin doesn’t. Kevin seems more like a study for fun kind of guy, so parties might not be his thing. Scott and Mitch have a much higher party ratio so, Avi would end up with them more.

My last theory, which is a HUGE stretch, is that Avi’s not as straight as we thought. My original reason for thinking that was the Nellie’s shirt that both Avi and Scott have. Nellie’s is a gay sports bar in DC!

I think Avi’s been hanging around Scomiche for longer than we think and maybe he’s just having fun, but I like the sound of that third one. ;)

I finished 'Welcome to Promise City' over the weekend

And I just started on ‘Promises Broken’. Am I really going to have no Kevin/Tess in this book? I need them because I care so little about most of the other characters. Cassie makes me not like Kyle as much as I did in the show and Jordan Collier makes me want to flip tables. Like…I almost want The Marked to win at this point (as long as they don’t hurt my precious babies- Kevin, Tess, Marco, and Meghan…oh- and Garrity. I have kinky thoughts about him).

Idk like I feel like Kevin seems more chipper now that he has Lauren to love (and her to love him).

Like idk anon can shit on those two all they want, but I’ll straight up say I got years of age on that boy and he’s got the relationship I’ve wanted for god knows how long.

Supply Drop

Description: Harmless fluff! Reader drops in some supplies for Kevin whilst he’s holed up on the safehouse boat.
Words: 843
Warnings: I think a swear word may have slipped out…
Author’s Note: Kevin needs more love, okay? I just want to give the little prophet a hug. Glad we agree. Okay, sigh, moment over, I need to hit those physics books again… Saskia, over and out!

You climbed out of your car and got the bag out of the passenger side. Locking it behind you, you looked at the scribbled note from Dean again. You’d wanted to visit a few times and you’d kept in contact with Kevin over the phone, but in person was tricky with the amount of traveling you did.

The boat you were looking for didn’t take long to find, it was a metal ship, bigger than you had expected, moored quite close to where you’d parked. Hopping on board, you knocked on the door to Garth’s safehouse boat. It was surprisingly peaceful in the area, the main sound was simply the sheets clanging against masts and gentle ebbs of water lapping at the sides. You hoped Kevin was able to use at least a little bit of his time to relax in the fresh air rather than spending all of it cooped up.

Snapping back to the situation, you knocked on the door again. On getting no reply you rolled your eyes and walked in anyway. Kevin should have been expecting you, you text him and Garth yesterday to say you’d be coming in but the little guy had a lot on his mind at the moment.

“Kevin! Hello?” You said loudly. You were met with silence.

“Kevin?” You said a little quieter this time, putting down the bag of drinks and snacks as silently as possible in order to get a better look around the room. You couldn’t see any sign of him being sat at his normal desk in the middle of the room.

Suddenly, you sensed movement behind you, it took all you had to fight with yourself to not react. You left it a second or two, staining your ears before executing a well timed duck as something whistled through the air where your head had just been.

As you straightened up you felt a hand grip your arm from behind and twist it into a lock. You stifled for a second before your hunter’s instinct kicked in. Throwing your head back you met your attacker’s upper body with a loud thud, it wouldn’t hurt them much, but it was just enough to be able to get free. You lunged away and within a split second, you span around to face your assailant only to be met by a liquid straight in your eyes.

Scrubbing at your eyes, you tried to clear your vision, you looked up and focused on the figure in front of you.

“Wait. WAIT. Kevin! Hey, hey, it’s me!” You said, jumping back.

“Y/N? Shit! I-”

“Woah! It’s me Kevin, Jesus Christ! Put the frying pan down.” You said, mirroring the prophet’s wide eyed and outright alarmed look.

“Y/N? Crap. Right. I got a text. Yes. Yeah, of course. Um… One sec.” Kevin stuttered out, awkwardly putting it to one side.

“What the hell? How did you not hear it was me coming in? I knocked and shouted.”

“I… Um, I wasn’t concentrating, well, I was, but on the wrong thing. God, I’m sorry!” He groaned a little. He ran a hand through his dishevelled hair and let his shoulders slump back relaxed. It was only as you had a second to catch your breath that you took in how he looked.

“Kev, you look like you’ve been hit by a bus. Have you slept at all since Dean and Sam were here a few days back?“ You said after you had gotten your breath back.

“Um, maybe? Wait, er, yeah I got a couple of hours yesterday and, possibly another couple this morning sometime.”

“And there was me thinking you were the smart one! You can’t live off of energy drinks forever.” You smirked, moving towards the supplies you’d brought.

“Hm, I’m pretty sure I can!” He laughed.

You scoffed and emptied the bag of high sugar food and drinks onto the last bit of space on the table. Barely legible notes, symbols and scribbles littered the desk, you hoped that Kevin could understand them because you definitely couldn’t.

“How’s it going then?” You said.

“It’s taking a long time, it’s not like reading a library book.”

“I can see that.” You smiled, fiddling with a screwed up ball of paper. “How are you though, honestly?”

“I’m fine.” He said with a shrug.

“And you’ve clearly spent too long with the Winchesters if that’s your final answer.” You raised a knowing eyebrow.

Kevin gave you a guilty smile before cracking open one of the cans of drink from the pile and taking a sip.

“Okay, it’s rough, but I’ve got a job to do and they need my help. I’m not that stressed out, actually.”

“Uh huh. I can see that.”

“Aw come on, are you just here to pick on me or do you fancy a drink?” Kevin said, picking up another can and waving it in the air a little. You looked between him and the drink and couldn’t help but grin.

“Seeing as you twisted my arm, go on then!”