[Making Film] 수란(SURAN)-오늘 취하면(Feat.창모)(Prod.SUGA)

okay listen

even if someone says (bc someone is GOING TO) that it wasn’t a “mix tape” as in he didn’t choose the songs especially specifically absolutely for Cas, what i’m about to tell you is a fact

you don’t give someone your cassette tape that has your favorite songs from your favorite artist. you don’t. especially now bc who the fuck has cassette tapes? every cassette that you might find in the dark depths of my house have meaning and i will cut anyone who tries to come near them. Dean has snatched his cassettes away from his brother who he loves dearly and shares everything with bc he talked shit about his music. he wouldn’t have given Cas that tape unless it was deeply personal and had some serious meaning behind it. even if it wasn’t a mixtape in the traditional sense, it had the emotional weight of a mixtape.