i think if i drink any more goon tonight i’m going to be terribly sick so i’ve moved across to this salted caramel vodka

i wasn’t sure what to mix it with but it tastes absolutely heavenly with vanilla coke


ok so if anything describes me as a person, it’s that the only day I bring my laptop to class is when I want to buy a green lipstick when it comes back in stock at 12 (my class is at 12:30 and I don’t want it to sell out) only to find it’s restocking at 12 in a different time zone so I’m 4 hours early

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Just curious, if you wouldn't want Tadashi coming back as a villain for the sequel. who would you want to be the villain then?

Oooooooo! Thank you for asking this, whoever you are! I would love to share my ideas.

So, as some people may or may not know, the original film actually had a gang of villains.

Yokai was of course the main villain, along with the Fujitas, Yama, some wrestlers, and a couple more goons. Everyone but Yokai, and Yama I guess was scrapped.

And the way it looks with the concept art, most of these characters were Yakuza members(tattoos on Yama and the Fujitas are very distinguishable).

So, I would really want the Fujitas to come into the story, but not as just the three of them, but a whole Yakuza family or boryokudan

I also wouldn’t mind bringing in Yama to this whole thing, but him really being nothing more than a informant or just someone to bring in some money to the family and isn’t really ranked in the hierarchy. 

But I would like the main focus to be the three girls or at least them being a major factor to the story. And I wouldn’t mind having more younger members to the family fighting against the team. But I would love to have the Big Baddie of them all to be the boss or the Oyabun.

And I would love for them to be futuristic version of the Yakuza that would be really fun! So there you have it my idea of what villains I would like in a Big Hero 6 sequel. But I’m sure there are others who want this as well, I know I’m not alone on this.

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If we we were dating I'd find ksoo and take his skin and wear it as my own so you'd like me even more. Then we could goon cute dates and find kitties and chiens and eat lots of food and be merry

Wow.,, hope I just.,, u don’t need to wear ksoo’s skin to make me like u ily already. I think I would mainly be scared but but its the thought that counts

The Case Files: Old Monsters

The second guard story is entitled Old Monsters. Here’s the write up.

The teenage heroes of the Guard are working to get their operation up and running. They continue to look into Teiwaz activities as well as creating files on potential dangers, setting up an off site Intelligence Hub and planning renovations to their secret headquarters. All this while getting to know one another better. Soon a museum robbery brings new trouble the teams way. An ancient evil whose been awakened and set upon the world to create terror and chaos. Its up to the Guard to face down the monster and then the puppeteer behind the scenes. A being of incredible power and unknown motives.

The second story opens with the team really coming together. You see them knocking out more Teiwaz goons as well as hanging out and adjusting to their new lives as a team of superheroes. As the write up explains, the villain of the piece is really a smoke screen for a major threat in an extended cameo. One that adds to the worlds mythology and the background to a couple of my superheroes. I took ca change of pace from evil empires to villains of power so that I could write up a classic superhero team versus big bad villain story. The story also fully introduces Kate Stokes, partner to Kid Victory who is the head of their Intelligence Hub. Also meets Reina’s best friend costume designer for teen superheroes Michelle ‘Michie’ Gibson.

My favorite part of the story is the chapter in the teams game room. Just the team hanging out. I love it. While I dug the big fight scene I dug the revelation of the villain behind the scenes much more. Said villain does a good job of establishing themselves as final boss level badassery.

Story is only 18 chapters, clocking in at around 125 pages.

Read the story HERE! If you haven’t started at all, check out the Case Files and start now!


     {❖} - Hiccup climbed over the rubble pulling out a roll of bandages from what seemed to be an old first aid kit. “Haha! Yes! Found something, bud-Let’s head back before we see any more of those goones.” The scratched the wolf’s head harshly before turning to climb his way down.

In moments he stopped moving, turning harshly as he heard rocks shifting behind him. “Who’s there?” He asked quietly, heart racing. Toothless’s ears flipped back, ready to pounce but offered no warning at the unknown figure.

What I’ve Been Reading: Just Kids

I finished this on April 24, and gave it 4/5 stars on Goodreads.

Did I enjoy it? Yes, more than I was expecting to! I listened to the audiobook, which was narrated by Patti Smith as well, which was excellent. She has an undeniable Jersey accent in the pronunciation of some of her words, but hearing her story in her own voice was really great.
Would I read it again? Probably. I wouldn’t mind checking out the physical copy of the book at some point.
Who would I recommend it to? If you like the arts scene of 1960s/70s New York, or like reading autobiographies of people who lived through that time period I’d recommend this to you. Also if you have a tendency to romanticize the bohemian lifestyle of artists living in NYC during that time period you’ll probably enjoy this.
Any other thoughts? How much did I know about Patti Smith before reading this? Not a lot, pretty much her name and that she was a poet and a musician in the 70s. I’d heard maybe one or two of her songs. How much did I know about Robert Mapplethorpe before reading this? Even less than I knew about Patti Smith. I’d seen some of his photography before in passing, but hadn’t paid much attention to it or to the artist. That being said, I didn’t find my lack of knowledge a drawback here, because you’re introduced to both Patti and Robert as children it’s easy to pick up the threads of their lives and see how they grow as artists even without knowing a lot about them in the first place. This was an interesting look at the art and music scene of late-60s early-70s New York City. Patti Smith seemed very much on the fringe of a lot of the different movements happening at the time, with different artists flitting in and out of her life at different points, some influencing her and some not. The outsider perspective, and one unclouded by drugs (for the most part, she does start using some late in the book), offered an interesting look at the time period. She seemed very down to earth about the entire scene, and I especially liked her comment about how she was there for a lot of big moments in the world of pop culture, art, and rock, but they never felt like moments at the time. It was also interesting to see how her rock music really grew out of her desire to perform her poetry in new and interesting ways. The heart and soul of the book, however, was Patti’s relationship with Robert. One of the first people she met after moving the NYC, he ended up being her best friend, lover for a time, muse, and confidant. The book looks closely at how Robert influenced her as she was navigating the world of her 20s, and the influence that she had on him. Throughout everything they experienced during the time they always seem to be orbiting around each other, drawn back together, and supporting one another, again and again. I definitely believe that people can have more than one soul mate, and some of them take the form of friends rather than romantic partners, and I think that Patti and Roberts relationship could easily be defined as them being soul mates. I was genuinely sad when I got to the part about his death in 1989, and I’m sure it was painful for Patti to write out and then read aloud for the audiobook. I definitely want to check out more of her work now.                     Find it on: Goodreads

Red Tajiri

Red: Well, that probably could have gone better.

Flora:  Oh, it was going alright.. up until we got separated from all our allies.

Pyro:  I think it’s going great! Get me some more Rocket goons to beat up!

Flora: I’m really glad I’m not actually related to you.

Red: I think we’re on floor three- it’s hard to tell, these spin tiles are messing with my brain. We lost Daisy and Professor Oak on floor two, and I have no clue where Bill went.

Kevin: We’re holed up in some kind of storage room. These boxes are all filled with hundreds of pokeballs; what on earth could they want with this many Pokemon?

Angel: Everyone, be quiet; a grunt’s passing the door!

Red: How many Pokemon does he have with him?

Angel: Two.. no, three… that Drowzee looks tough…

Red: We can probably take him if we catch him by surprise… Let’s wait here for a few more minutes, then-

Pyro: Ok, I’m sick of skulking around like this. HEY, ROCKET DWEEB! YEAH, YOU! COME GET A TASTE OF MY FLAME!

Red:Pyro, no!

Flora: What an idiot…

Angel: Well, we have no choice but to follow him now!

Kevin: Sorry about that, dear readers. We’ll update you again as soon as we find Green.

Flora: Kevin, hurry up!

Kevin: Coming!

Okay guys I don't know the sex of my gecko yet BC they're too young

If male, some names I’ve been thinking of:
•Rare Pepe
•Gordickalas Morgoon (jor-dik-o-lass more-goon)

Which should I use? Also they they turn out female can you suggest names pls?

‘This arm has been ripped off and reattached with THIS arm.’

Jason Statham has destroyed more villainous goons than we’ve had hot (and cold) dinners - and we’re greedy buggers. He’s back repeating the trick in Paul Feig/Melissa McCarthy espionage action-comedy, Spy. This time, however, he’s playing things for laughs. A new clip from the film showcases his rather insecure agent and comes off like Alan Partridge channelling Daniel Craig’s 007. Job done.


“This arm has been ripped off completely and reattached with this fucking arm,” he barks, desperately asserting his badass credentials in a way that would raise at least one Chev Chelios eyebrow.

Statham, who plays a temper-fuelled spy called Rick Ford, has been on Feig’s wishlist since Lock, Stock and more specifically, those two Crank movies. “When people read the Statham role they assumed I’d go for someone like Will Ferrell, but I felt that it had to be the real guy,” the writer/director told Empire.

McCarthy, meanwhile, is Susan Cooper, a CIA analyst whose excited dreams of being a field agent have long since died down to the mundane task of guiding more adept field operatives such as Jude Law’s super-smooth spy guy. But when he falls off the grid and their entire organisation is jeopardised by a wrongdoer (Rose Byrne), her handlers’ only choice is to send Susan in. But it won’t be easy. And thanks to the horrible cover identity they’ve saddled her with, it won’t be pretty, either.

Head here for a look at the movie’s full trailer or catch it in cinemas from June 5.

Source Empire News
If Dustin Byfuglien injures anyone tonight it will be on the NHL's head

If Dustin Byfuglien injures anyone tonight it will be on the NHL’s head

Byfuglien suckers Perry (Bruce Fedyk, USA TODAY Sports)

The Anaheim Ducks are on the verge of a sweep tonight in Winnipeg. That should be the main story in this series but it isn’t. Instead, we have a very good hockey player acting like he’s trying to audition for a sequel to the movie GOON. (more…)

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