Connor McDavid and Aaron Ekblad signing for fans before the 8th Annual Hockey Night In Barrie (◕‿◕✿)


Why does Adam Scott get to kiss Jessica Alba and Amy Poehler and Elizabeth Banks and probably Paul Rudd? Why does he get to do these things? - Really Important Questions with Elizabeth Banks [x]

8 Tips For Staying Safe During An Earthquake

1. Go skydiving: It’s a well-known fact that the safest place to be during an earthquake is in the air. This is why you should always go skydiving as soon as the earthquake starts.

2. Do not use an earthquake as a time to Google “Is Earthquake good or is Earthquake bad”: Here’s the answer: Earthquake is bad. You do not need to waste valuable time looking this up again.

3. Avoid large, unsecured objects like Rickety Ronald and Wobbly William: Rickety Ronald and Wobbly William are two of the wonkiest, shakiest fellas around. In the event of an earthquake, steer clear of these precariously teetering goons.



Know your post-apocalypse warlords from the wasteland of the Mad Max films

The future wasteland of the Mad Max films is chock-a-block with face-eating cannibal bikers, mutant petroleum cultists, underground desert-shanty dwellers, and tribal warrior-brigands. It can be dizzying trying to keep track of them all. And the recent release of Mad Max: Fury Road throws even more theatrical goons on the pile. But while any Armageddon survivor can decide there’s no future in dirt farming and instead put on a pair of assless chaps and war paint to terrorize the locals, it takes a certain special someone to rise above the chaff and organize these disparate cockroaches into a cohesive threat. Here are those special someones, in this examination of Mad Max’s central villains.

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heard ‘she’s so high’ on the 90s station so i hope you’re ready for a super gay ukulele cover

[more of the incredible singing goon]

I Love How Adorably Impractical Chat Noir’s Costume Is

The most obvious issue: The long “tail.” It’s too easy to grab, and in fact, Ladybug always grabs it when she wants to stop him. It’s particularly ridiculous because his attacks are primarily close-range. Frankly I’m surprised more goons haven’t grasped it while he’s swinging his baton at someone else, but maybe they’re not conscious/intelligent enough. But it’s too cute to really hate.

Then there’s the fact that he has a giant bell for a zipper. If this were an anime targeted towards an older demographic, someone would have grabbed it or it would have gotten caught by now. His spindly model torso would have been unleashed to the world. Back when Astruc had a tumblr, someone actually asked him about this flaw and his only response was that “it’s cute.”

Yes, yes it is. It’s just funny to me because usually it’s the females who are fashionably impractical.

Say what you want about her suit but it isn’t getting caught on anything. She’s not even running around in high heels and someone pointed out the soles of her feet are reminiscent of parkour shoes. Even her pigtails are too short for easy pulling, especially since many of her attacks are long-distance anyway.

However Chat Noir at least has pockets, and Ladybug’s lack of which is a flaw that female-targeted clothing suffers far too much from. It’s not something I can easily overlook.