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Jotaro + "Go the Distance" (from Hercules)

not entirely sure what prompted this b/c i’m a scatterbrain but here u go Nonny :3c

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a thunder shower makes for a cozy hour 

The companion piece to Himawari’s room. And another collab between ammeja (who did the incredible drawing) + me! Everyone could use a good thunderstorm and blanket fort every now and then ⚡ 

hello it’s me ur local young adult spending a crazy night drawing rhink

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hi Fera, love your Pokemon/Avatar xrossover pics. Do you plan on fiddling with any of the other core cast from further in the series?

Thank you! With anime verse I’m not sure yet as I don’t know what benders/nonbenders they’d be, but I have given bit more thought to the game verse. I might come up with more character doodles if I figure out their elements, as I certainly want to doodle more avatar AU stuff<3