An illustration I’ve been chipping away at based on Blue Oyster Cult’s Veteran of the Psychic Wars. I love that song and I keep trying to get a design for the character. This isn’t right but I like it anyways. There was also a VERY blacklight version of this but I thought this looked more on point with flatter more muted comic book-y colours.


The only two guys in the organization with a little medical experience have daily clashes…
“I was kind enough to look at your throat but you wanna fight?!”
“You literal blockhead, acting like a medic nin!”

Art by Paranoia (link in source), Creative Commons license CC-BY
Text translation by me


With all the horrible depressing shit that’s happening in the world, I think we should spare a moment to focus on what’s really important.

More cowbell.

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April 10, 2006

During the Devil Rays’ home opener, a snippet of More Cowbell, a skit from Saturday Night Live which was first aired in the spring of 2000, is shown at Tropicana Field. The video clip, which is used at the prompting of new principal owner Stuart Sternberg, will inspire Rays fans to start the tradition of clanging their own cowbells at the ballpark during the Tampa Bay games.