The Orangery

What is it about front gates that makes them enchanting and enticing all at once? Perhaps it’s their “vedo-non-vedo” quality, which allows passersby to peek in and catch a glimpse of the treasures within. Or is it perhaps, that I end up fantasising about flower and herb gardens, whilst sipping a hot cuppa and reading a good book on a rocking chair, with a kitten on my lap? 

I can’t help myself. When I see a high, ornate, wrought iron gate, I simply have to linger a little longer. (Apologies for the alliteration. It wasn’t planned.) After all, a front gate, is like a second front door, yet it allows people like me to experience much more than its timber counterpart affords. 

So, what is it about front gates? Even if they can’t be seen? 

Hal-Balzan, Malta

Counterparts // Stillborn

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V 132: The Peerless Entertainer

Alternate titles:

  • EDO AND KAITO ARE STILL ALIVE (subtitle: thank you writers for making that so clear)
  • The Banana Son is No More (rip)
  • The Dimensional Counterpart Hunger Games is Down to Two Competitors
  • In Which Reira Almost Beats Reiji in Card Games
  • Yuuri Beats Up an Old Man with His Powers
  • Sakaki Yusho Still Acknowledges Sakaki Yuya as His Son so fuck u zarc (subtitle: Yuuri is not impressed)
  • Asuka Gets (Rightfully) Mentioned for the First Time in Ages 
  • Yusho’s Ace Monster Confirmed a Magician (Atem and Yugi would be proud)
  • Mysterious Spotlights Appearing Out of Nowhere, “Ladies and Gentlemen!”, and “The Fun is Just Beginning!”: Where Yuya Got It From
  • Sakaki Yusho Being an Illegally Attractive Old Man: the episode
  • Reiji Egao Appears For the First Time in 32 Episodes because SAKAKI YUSHO Y’ALL
  • Yusho Jumps Off His Ace Monster with His Injured Leg and is Somehow Okay and More Magic Acts (subtitle: or is it the power of egao?)
  • Yuya Literally Being Proud of His Dad Every Five Seconds

anonymous asked:

I was putting in my contacts this morning and was wondering why people with bad eyesight are so prevalent in today's population? how come evolution hasn't come for them yet?

It’s a really good question! I’ve had a little look into it but if anyone knows anything further do add, I’m interested too.

Poor eyesight is largely hereditary but more importantly it is more common in people aged above 60 or so as it can be a result of ageing. For this reason, it doesn’t have as strong as a selection pressure because our early human counterparts were more likely to be of post-reproductive age, and therefore already passed down the genes involved in long sightedness/short sightedness.

I found this thread in the guardian which has some interesting responses probably from people a little more knowledgeable about this than me lol

anonymous asked:

Have you heard about the new Spider-man tv show coming out sometime this year? It's called Marvel's Spider-man, and it's suppose to be about Peter Parker RIGHT AFTER he got bite by the spider like a few weeks after.

I DID NOT. I’ve been mourning Ultimate Spider-Man (apparently it/?? Got cancelled???) but now I’m hyped


Oh hey, it’s NieR Automata, the sequel to the amazing NieR. Oh hey, it looks goddamn incredible.

NieR Automata takes place on an Earth that’s been ravaged by war and all sorts of not great stuff. It depicts a war between the humans’ android/robot attack unit, Yorha, and some strange mechanical lifeforms. The main character is named Yorha No.2 Type B, and wields a katana and great sword.

Androids in the Yorha squad don’t actually have names, and so they’re referred to by their number. Because she wears special battle goggles, her eyes are rarely ever visible. It’s against the rules for them to have emotions, but each model does have its own individual ticks and traits. For example, 2B is much more calm than her counterparts. 

There’s also a new support system called Pod, which seems to work a whole lot like your book buddy did in the first game. 

The screenshots also show off strange robot enemies, which the magazine notes are very NieR-like in that something about them is oddly cute. There are many different variants of these machines, some of them with longer limbs than others, some that can fly, some that can merge with others, etc.

Guys, I’m so excited for NieR Automata. Fuck.

Being As An Ocean//The Poets Cry For More

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