Are chewable ‘GO CUBES’ the future of coffee?

In a rush and no time to make coffee? Grab some GO CUBES and you’re set! These small and extremely convenient little cubes enable you to have coffee essentially anywhere and anytime.

Imagine going backpacking for several days and trying to make a “cuppa Joe”… you really have to make an effort to get your coffee.


Tuesday Shtuff

I’m off work today and tomorrow. Next week is our year end inventory, GROAN! So I’ll do yard work, we didn’t get rain yesterday, but temp did stay below 90. Got a couple of bushes growing insanely fast that need pruning. And yard needs mowing. First though more coffee!

Oh well, I can breathe a little better this morning, and my throat isn’t as sore.  I call that a win in my book

When you see something on Tumblr and you giggle, and then giggle some more, and you just know that you’ll be giggling about it later on today…. good times.  This is why I keep my tumblr.  Entertainment purposes.

I’m off friday but it’s going to be a busy Friday. Make homemade meatballs, take Mom to the doctor, than go shopping with Jess for her birthday.  It will be busy but so much fun.

Let’s hope today is busy for work.  Busy=time goes by quickly.

OK, I need more coffee and a steaming hot shower.  

My roommates pretty much gets all the best and cutest roommates awards because they just got me an early Christmas gift of  11 Starbucks gift cards that spell out Taylor Swift. STARBUCKS AND TAYLORSWIFT = Two of my favorite things. They told me they were going to spell out my name at first but thought that I would enjoy this better. (They were right :P) taylorswift