I was only half awake  drinking coffee and watching a documentary about space when my mom suddenly walked into the room like “ EMILIA GUESS WHAT I WAS THINKING ABOUT SINCE I WOKE UP”
“ ….what”
“ I have soooo many ideas “
“about what? “
“ About what clothest you should draw Misha in! “
“ ???????????????????????????????????????/////??”
“ Mishka would look so good in them” 
Mishka??? Mom you saw him once when I made you watch 4x01 almost three years ago. And on some of my drawnings, fine. 
But still. 
I am not sure if this really happened.

The Idiot’s Guide to Smarter Coffee Drinking

Science has figured out how to drink coffee for maximum benefit, and chances are you’re doing it all wrong. That’s because the right way to drink coffee isn’t always intuitive.

For instance, do you dive into a cup of coffee as soon as your eyelids open? Well this probably isn’t giving you the boost in energy you’re seeking. This is because, biologically speaking, our bodies are least in need of one at this time.

In this infographic, Art of Wellbeing explains exactly why your early morning cup of coffee is a biological mistake, plus six more tricks for smarter coffee drinking.


Music video I made recently.


The 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary attracted more absurd hopefuls than coffee shops in Los Angeles. The collection of oddballs meant that the Jamaican bobsledders of Cool Runnings weren’t the least plausible competitors to be led by a disgraced American pro that year: there was also a stubborn, tubby amateur skier named Eddie Edwards.

Eddie the Eagles charming true story, facts futzed to create a more Disneyfied tale (no living in a mental institution due to poverty, etc) and dismissed by Edwards himself as about 10% accurate, tracks the unlikely Edwards (a wonderfully engaging Taron Egerton) from amateur to England’s record-holding Olympian.

Like Napoleon Dynamite on skis, Edwards’ awkwardness lost an Olympic bid in his chosen event (downhill speed skiing), while the the snobbish British selection committee’s classism stamped out any dreams of re-qualification. A thoroughly British sports movie, the strata between the posh and lower class takes the place of the typical racial tension found in their American equivalents. Nobody wanted to sponsor a sloppy, unmannered weirdo to the represent their country. Thus begins an underdog tale you could probably finish by heart. Through loopholes in bylaws and a complete void of competitors, Edwards’ switch to ski jumping would all but guarantee a dream trip to the Olympics. The only problems are that he has never jumped before, has no coach, and is broke as a bad joke. But through perseverance, he makes good on his goals and proves that winning isn’t everything.

Our full review of Eddie the Eagle.

Thoughts on 3x13

I just finished watching the episode (I don’t have television so I have to stream it.) Hopefully, this means I remember a bit more–though some is already seeping through the cracks. Probably need more coffee.

Overall, this was a decent episode addressing the rest of the characters on the show, which is important. How all of the characters acted felt real and not frustratingly “why did you do that!?” moments. I still dislike the whole “this is a REALLY BIG DEAL” moments that are then not talked about for ages (or at all), because they have so many plots in the air. Like, who posted the thing about Callie sleeping with a Foster brother? Even if it is about Liam, someone willing to harass Callie like that should probably get tracked down. How many people saw the post before it was taken down? Rumors hurt and can spread like wildfire despite the lack of context. So on and so forth. 

Anyways, as per usual, lots of thoughts in the breakdown, so I’ll throw it under the cut. This is VERY long, because I actually talk about most of the characters!

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some notes for myself:

hang out at the library more

wash your face every night and every morning, try to put on less foundation

drink more green tea and less coffee, and more water in general

please try to finish the books you start

reading makes you a fuller person

empathy is very very important 

the most important thing is to understand

clothes don’t matter as much as you think. imagine your physical body as an empty room in which your ideas and beliefs are the furnishings. 

love your friends for who they are, and remember that everyone has something important to say.

manjumi asked:

2, 25, 35, & 40 ?

2. Are you more of a coffee or alcohol drinker?
i dont like coffee and i am a wee egg who cannot have alcohol yet

25. Would you go sky diving?
i want to but at the same time i REALLY DONT WANT TO,,,,

35. Do you believe in karma or predestiny?
kinda?? idk tbh

40. If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you do it?
hell fuckin yea
get rich or die tryin
ill let a ghost throw an entire couch at me for $5