“Hur hur hur, I’m a cranky old man who doesn’t sleep until I pass out and drinks more sugar in coffee then coffee, hur, hur, hur.”

Hana, who was already laughing hysterically, almost burst into tears as she kept recording Jack flailing around like an idiot. The only thing, besides the blatant out of character behavior for Jack was the trickle of black smoke coming out from his mask. That and the number of people just standing there laughing.

“I’m not yer father but I’ll sure act like a crusty old dad scrapped out of the bottom of the bin, hur, hur, hur,” Jack grumbled, comically stomping his feet. “Clean your room, crush your teeth, call me ‘sir’!”

“It’s just like him!” Hana wheezed.

“GOLF!” Jack shouted, “Socks and sandals, tuna fish casserole, dad shorts!”

“I can’t breathe!” Genji wheezed.

“What are you lot doing?” Angela asked as she joined the others. She frowned at Jack who was twiddling his thumbs and trying to avoid looking at her.

“Umm… Gabe run!” Hana hissed, cutting her recording and dashing off. The other scrambled to get away as Jack hunched over and breathed out black smoke that slowly massed back into Gabriel. When he was fully formed, Gabriel slung Jack over his shoulder and booked it.

Later, Jack finally stirred awake and found himself leaned up against the side of Gabe as he watched TV.


“You passed out, get some shut eye, Jackie,” Gabe said softly, petting his hair.

Jack’s eyes closed as Hana hissed in the corner about missing footage. Gabe winked at Sombra who was quietly and joyfully tucking away a plate of delicious cookies, she winked back before licking her chomps. The adventure would only be a memory that Gabe got away scotch free with.

Burning Bright Chapter 2

“Can you lead them out?  I have to do something real quick,” he murmurs.

“Does it have anything to do with a certain teacher?” he teases as he nudges his elbow in Alec’s side.  Alec doesn’t budge, only squints one eye that was soon to turn into a glare.

Simon clears his throat and pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose.  “I mean yeah I can do that.”

OR, the chapter where Alec leads his niece’s class on a tour around the Hayden Planetarium, but he can’t focus because someone keeps giving him bedroom eyes ;)

Special thanks to the greatest betas @blj2007 and @damnyoudaddario, i love you gals more than Magnus loves coffee in his creamer ;)

Happy reading!