when will the ground underneath jungkook’s feet open up into the yawning chasm of hell so that he may be returned to his rightful place as prince of the underworld and i can resume living my life in peace without fear of having to see his abdominal muscles 5 million times on my dash 

P.S. I Love You - Klaine Valentine’s Day Challenge: Day 4

 Hey guys I’m a bit behind so I’m playing catch up this weekend :) here’s day 4 and I should be up to date again by the end of the weekend.

P.S. I Love You - The Beatles

Kurt beamed as the small note fell from his bag, chuckling softly as he stooped to pick it up.

Dear Kurt,


I love you and I hope you’re having a good day. I know that you aced your dance final because you’re awesome. Can we get a dog yet? I’m thinking like Airbud? Definitely a Golden Retriever I’ve decided.


Love You Always,



P.S. I love you more than coffee.

Rolling his eyes, Kurt folded the note with a goofy smile and placed it inside his journal with his growing pile of notes, pulling out his salad and re-joining the conversation around him.

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Today I have an actual date and I’ve had 2.5hrs sleep and Ian’s just picked Annie up.

I think I’m too sleep deprived to actually be nervous at this point.

Coffee, bath, loads of make up, find something to wear, more coffee 😴

Ouran Supercon panel liveblog

I was at this panel–and Tatum had to go ahead since Glass and Mignogna were late. 

Two take-aways: 

Commoner coffee cake. 

Tamaki would survive a zombie apocalypse–because he has little upstairs. 

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I’ve been in Richmond for just over 5 months. In that time I’ve
-worked four places including being a bartender and cook for the first time
-interned at one of my favorite venues
-made a ton of new friends
-put out a record, got vinyl of another, and started writing a new one
-started a new band
-made a ton of new friends
-started mixing/mastering more bands
-fallen in love
-essentially moved in with my partner
-helped start a successful house venue
-gotten back into reading
-gotten better at cooking
-started writing more stories
-made my relationship with my family way better
-became independent
-learned to budget more responsibly
-started drinking more coffee
-learned new things I enjoy
-cut down on smoking weed/started drinking and doing other drugs more
-learned to love myself more and more