The White Stripes - One More Cup of Coffee

L'ommini de sto monno sò ll'istesso
Che vvaghi de caffè nner mascinino:
C'uno prima, uno doppo, e un antro appresso,
Tutti cuanti però vvanno a un distino.

Giuseppe Gioachino Belli


since i had friends over for eurovision sleepover and live screening, i made food for them ^o^  
pre-eurovision final dinner i made chicken katsu curry rice!
then for breakfast after eurovision i made a big breakfast of assorted food and baked goods !!

Fast Food


(we have breakfast meals that include a hashbrown and a small coffee but customers can substitute any drink for an additional charge. I am helping an elderly couple)

Woman: So what can we get to drink with the meals?

Me: They come with a small coffee but you can get anything (The couple orders and then sits down. A few minutes later the women comes back with her receipt)

Woman: I don’t care, I’ll pay for it this time but why was I charged for this?

Me: It’s a drink upchage. The drink you ordered costs more than a small coffee so we had to charge you for it (at this point my manager comes over)

Woman: You didn’t tell me that! I didn’t know!

Manager: *points to the menuboard which clearly states some drinks have an additional charge* It says it right there, ma'am

Woman: *points at me* Well I wouldn’t have gotten it if I’d know! You better learn it next time!

Ash sat down stirring his cup of coffee in one hand and resting his elbow on the table and his head on the palm of hand. Between packing up his apartment and looking after his new pup, Loki, Asher had basically gotten no sleep at all last night. His brown gaze fell on the person passing by the table, “Can you do me a favour ‘nd ask the barrista for more sugar for my coffee, please?”

AJ exhaled as he took the page out of the printer, getting ready to read what was probably a half-formed scene– he just couldn’t get it right. He’d been trying for weeks and weeks, shutting himself up in his room and typing until he fell asleep at his laptop. He’d been writing for almost twelve hours, barely taking breaks to make more coffee and go to the bathroom and eat Saltines because he couldn’t leave to go to the store– and yet, as he started reading what he’d written, the scene still sucked. It didn’t flow right. He was trying to hard– he’d probably have to scrap this one too soon. He’d never finish a damn story. 

  He crumbled the page up and threw it across the room, annoyed. Then he took his glasses off and threw them at the wall. Might as well just give up.

imaginemydragonite asked:


  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: sousuke wont dance but he secretly thinks if he did he’d be good at it even though he wouldnt be.
  • likes to watch reality tv: MAKOTO is totally gullible and vulnerable and gets invested in these things
  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: sousuke. makoto has gotten way too use to his family being around to ever comfortably be pants-less. 
  • is the jealous / protective one: both, but UNLOCK MAKOTO’S SECRET YANDERE MODE. 
  • goes all out on the holidays: makoto!!!!! he’s use to big fun holidays cuz of his family
  • cries over books: sousuke has totally cried over books but he’d never admit it.
  • is terrible with kids: SOUSUKE
  • drinks too much caffeine: sousuke starts drinking coffee more in college and makoto gets all mama mode worried over it
  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: sousuke does this all the time, and please imagine makoto trying to wake him up hnnggg
  • never wears matching socks: makoto does it on accident a lot!
  • punches a tree when they’re angry: sousuke for sure, makoto’s anger manifest in other ways
  • gets scared by the toaster: MAKOTO, sousuke never lets him live it down aaaaaaa