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Title: Pictures
Author: xthehollowgirl
Rating: T - for violence and religious brainwashing.
Imagine: Joining the BAU under your witness protection name, but Reid recognizes you from a case file
Notes: I’m setting this as one of the cases between Blake’s departure and before Callahan joins. Y/N is a trial member of the team.

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but imagine jackcrutchie (mainly for ezra but i still love u all)

  • jack running his hands through crutchie’s hair 
  • crutchie being atrocious @ making coffee but is secretly really good at making breakfast foods
  • which means that if jack wants 2 eat crutchie’s cooking he’s going to get a pancake or an omelette with a glass of oj or a cup of really bad coffee

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These never-to-be-missed 50.

I am a gluttonous, always hungry as a bear in spring, pizza-lovin’ lazy, sedentary, would read Joel Osteen’s entire catalogue before doing a single crunch, type of a creature who has battled his weight all his life.

If I can do this, you can, too. I won’t say anyone can because our genetics are all different, but I also do come from a family of, shall we say, big boned girls from Southern Alberta. You just couldn’t call us small.

Stuff your gob with green, red, and yellow food. Don’t buy bread. Quit it with the sugar and salt. Cut your meat consumption in half and spend that money having much better meat when you do eat it.

Drinks lots of water and even more coffee.

Don’t weigh yourself every day and don’t constantly shuffle your wardrobe for what fits that day.

But most importantly, eat green not white. I did not do this by dieting, and certainly not by starving myself. I did it by changing my diet.

And don’t buy in to the “fat-free” bullshit. You need fat. You absolutely need fat in your diet. Avocados are marvelous.

What you don’t need is the gelatin and (far worse) the synthetic gelatin they use to replace fat. What you don’t need are things regularly (key word regularly) deep-fried.

And ever now and again treat yourself to a basket of skinny-cut, twice fried fries because they’re fucking delicious.

But, whatever you do, don’t ever buy into those “Give us 200 dollars a week for our unidentifiable food-like vacu-paks and you might lose a pound a month” scams. They are pure evil.

5. Questions

"Next question?"

She decided to skip over the favorite drink question, not seeing how that was important.

"Any hidden talents? Play any instruments?"

He let out a chuckle, rubbing the stubble on his chin.

"Learnin’ to play the guitar, Niall’s teaching me. Other then that, nope. I do juggle though.." His green eyes met hers, neither of them looking away.

"More coffee?"

The waitress came over, causing them to look away.

"Uhm, yeah. please." The waitress came back with a new coffee, her third cup.

"So outside of the band, what’s your greatest accomplishment?"

Three questions left.

He appreciated the questions she was asking, she didn’t make it about the band, it was about him. What he likes, what he thinks, he felt like this interview was going to really allow people to see him in a different way. He wasn’t sarcastic like he tends to do sometimes, sometimes he’ll say something stupid that isn’t true, he’ll make things up because he knows it’ll make his fans laugh and he loves to make people laugh.

"Outside of the band.. I would have to say.. it’s tough, there’s a lot but I would have to say just making my parents proud.. they come to see me play and you can just see it in their eyes.. making my parents proud is my greatest accomplishment. Cheesy as it is."

But it wasn’t cheesy, again she understood. She felt that way with her parents. It was hard leaving her parents in California but knowing that they were proud of her and they supported her made it a lot easier.

They talked off the record for a little bit about his family. When he talked about them she could tell that they meant everything to him.

Two more questions.

"Okay.." She picked up her phone and scrolled down through the possible questions she could ask.



Definitely not that one.


"What is your motto?"

He thought for a minute, his fingers rubbing his chin.

"Work hard, play hard, be kind. Dunno, it’s something that’s always stuck with me. Especially with my job I have to work hard and it’s important to be nice.. not only our fans but to anyone we meet, from interviewers, to other celebrities. Just treat people how you want to be treated."

"And you’re sure you’re only twenty?" She half joked; the man sitting in front of her was wise well beyond his age. Maybe it was the way the presented himself or the way he talked. Either way Avery was impressed.

The last question. She was almost sad that the interview was coming to an end. She’s really enjoyed it so far. She liked talking with Harry, if she would have allowed it she knew they could have talked forever.

She would have loved to hear about his travels or about his life growing up. There was just something about him that made her want to know more.

"Okay, most overrated thing. Could be a person, a saying, a car, anything."

The question gave him some sort of freedom. If he chose to he could talk about how New York is too overrated, too busy, too loud.

But instead he talked about the one thing that’s bothered him for the last four years.

"Famous." He simply answered. "Like.. I dunno, I hate it. It’s used way too much to describe someone. Like you probably wanted this interview because ‘I’m famous’ not because I’m Harry Styles. Like.. when you say someone’s famous that’s what they are.. they suddenly are less of a person, a real person with real feelings because they’re famous. I hate it.. I hate being labeled it.. because before One Direction I was Harry Styles and after One Direction I’m still going to be Harry Styles."

He stopped, taking a breath. He could ramble and ramble on forever about just why he hates the term famous, but he stopped.

She smiled and stopped the voice recording. “Thank you for agreeing to this. I really really appreciate it.” He smiled back at her then opened his mouth.

"Who said it was over? I have some questions for you, Ms. Jones." She was grinning, she could feel it. Her cheeks starting to hurt from the amount of smiling she’s done in such a short period of time. "I mean.. in less you have somewhere to go?"

It was nice out and she was having fun. She was enjoying her time with Harry. “Nope, my afternoon is cleared.”

Her phone fell to the bottom of her purse, her hands folded on top of the table. She planned on giving Harry her full attention just like he did for her.

"Boyfriend? I think my readers would want to know."

They both chuckled.

"Nope. Flyin’ solo." She stated giving him the same answer he gave her.

He was still smiling at her, butterflies started to appear in her stomach.

"Your motto."

"It’s so cheesy, don’t laugh at me." Her checks reddened, she was never a fan of the "you only live once" saying but somehow she adopted that as her motto.

"I mean, in college I didn’t think this way, I had my eye on the prize but now that I’m graduated and I’m on my own has really helped me to relax.. kind of. Like I’m okay with everything not being perfect.. I don’t know really how to explain it; life’s too short to be unhappy, so I’m doing things that make me happy."

She’s trying hard, really hard to get to a place where she’s happy with life, not just content.

"Off the record then, what does make you happy?" He leaned forward out of interest, his elbows resting on the metal table in front of him.

"Uhm.. coffee, football games; I’m a big football fan, sleeping in and snow days.. they make me really happy. But I’m still trying to find something that makes me so happy.. like I love Seventeen but I don’t know, I just thought I would love it more. If that makes sense."

She just wanted to be happy. She wanted to wake up happy; she wanted to look forward to going to work. And he got that, he wanted that and he got that. He loves his job.. he knows he’s lucky and he wants Avery to find that. They’ve known each other for all of ten minutes but he knows she deserves to be happy. Hell everyone deserves to be happy.

He fixed his green beanie, tucking little pieces of hair under.

"Most overrating thing, saying.. anything really." He asked, repeating her question back.

"Money. Like its okay to have money but it’s not okay to throw it around. People use it to get what they want.. they feel like they’re better then people with no money. I don’t know it just pisses me off, like I hate when people throw money around because they can. I love fashion but I couldn’t ever pay like $1,000 for a pair of pants."

Harry stayed quite.. not totally agreeing with what she said. He enjoys buying nice things; he loves his cars and his house. He doesn’t think his money doesn’t make him better then anyone.

"Think this’ll be good?"

She nodded. “Yeah..”

"Well, just in case it’s not I’ll give my number, yeah? If you have anymore questions just ask.. we can Face Time?"

She nodded again, a smile on her face.

She handed him her phone, it looked so tiny in his huge hands.

He typed fast, adding his number in and sending a text in a couple seconds flat.

With her phone in her hand they walked back to his car, taking and making jokes the whole way back to Seventeen.

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