A conversation that probably happened on the set of Supernatural
  • MISHA: You know what's really out there? ANAXIMANDER! WEST ANAXIMANDER!
  • JARED: Oh wow that's really out there. I'm sticking to my white American Texan roots. THOMAS COLTON. That's pretty safe.
  • MISHA: Safe could actually be interesting. MAISON MARIE is pretty safe right?
  • JENSEN: What are you guys talking about?
  • MISHA: Baby names
  • JENSEN: OH! I GOT ONE! JUSTICE JAY. It's my name (Jay) with a side of Justice!
  • MISHA: Justice Jay, really?
  • JENSEN: What's wrong with Justice Jay?
  • JARED: It's not as badass and Texan like AUSTIN SHEPHERD!
  • JENSEN: Excuse you what's more badass than a little JUSTICE brought into this world??
  • MISHA: I think you two are glossing over the fact that I have the wild wild WEST. I'm the clear winner here.
  • JENSEN: West? Direction? Compass?
  • STEPHEN AMELL: *walks by and crosses the road*
  • JENSEN: ARROW! ARROW RHODES! Hahahaha suck it losers!
  • JARED & MISHA: Are you being serious?
  • JENSEN: As serious as that Sirius Black guy!
  • DOG: *walks by*
  • JARED: Bram?
  • JENSEN: *puts on sunglasses and walks away*

How does a servant, menial, grown for her congenial assistance,
existent by necessity, yet in her Homeworld’s eyes a mere accessory,
appendage to a Gem who shouldn’t think of her as thinking,
go on to challenge armies without blinking?

(insp: 1 2 )


important background action there

Because I’ve made one for Lucaya, one for Bamon and dozens for Sterek, I think it’s about time I make one for Marrish too.

Let me start off my saying that this pairing consist of two amazing characters who I love very much.

Lydia Martin. Absolutely gorgeous, incredibly smart, sassy, slightly intimidating and her ass looks glorious in jeans. Lydia’s been one of my faves since season one, okay? This season, she has admittedly been slacking but the strawberry blonde queen still deserves all the love a man can give her, which is obviously where Jordan Parrish steps in.

My unproblematic son, has literally done nothing wrong ever but he still somehow gets the most hate in the fandom, but let me not go there.

Like these two are practically perfect for one another. Let me list a few reasons why:

1. They are not only connected romantically but they are also connected by death. (Which, if you ask me, is more badass than them being “emotional tethers,” but no shade, no shade.)

I mean we’ve got a hellhound

…and a banshee.

I mean, I really don’t think it gets cooler than that. This literally needs no explanation.

2. Parrish helped Lydia become stronger physically and helped her unlock a new ability.

We all know Lydia Martin was always a strong-minded character, and for all we know, she could probably throw a punch or two even before Parrish, but after training with Parrish, Lydia learned to defend herself in ways she couldn’t before. This indirectly helped her learn how to fight using the vibrations from  her screams.

Jordan played a major role in Lydia’s physical/supernatural growth. He assisted her in the strengths he knew she secretly had, kept faith and eventually, it paid off.

3. The way he looks at her like she’s not simply a star, or the moon, but the entire galaxy.

My heart. If any guy looked at me like that ever I would melt.

4. Okay, but Parrish was afraid of himself when he first discovered he was a hellhound. The guy wanted nothing to do with himself because of it, but he actually allowed himself to transform into his supernatural self to save Lydia.

(I couldn’t find another gif, but creds to whoever made this.)


Parrish saved Lydia. I repeat, Parrish saved Lydia, Lydia “Stiles saved me” Martin be damned, because Stiles wasn’t the one who set himself on fire and dragged you out of Eichen, boo. JORDAN PARRISH DID THAT.

5. The scene that literally snatched my fangirl soul straight from my body and handed it over to Marrish.

If anyone is gonna try to sit there and tell me that Lydia Martin isn’t lowkey into Parrish… well whatever, because I’m not even gonna try to argue with someone as delusional or in-denial as that.

Lydia Martin was blushing, okay? This is a rare occurrence and Lydia Martin doesn’t just blush when she isn’t into someone.

And that little smile, the total heart eyes before she just drops her head because “oh my god, don’t let him see you blush, Lydia. Don’t let him know he has that affect on you. DO. NOT. DO. IT.”

Or maybe I’m reading too into things but, meh, doubt it.

6. Just… Marrish.

They had such great development, and they were still developing.

They were healthy.

Parrish treated her like a good man would. He respected her and her space, believed in her and protected her. He was great to her.

Lydia was always herself around him, trusted him and believed that he was this special and kind guy even when he thought he was a monster. She was there even when he didn’t want her to be because he was afraid of hurting her.

Parrish helped Lydia expand supernaturally and Lydia helped Parrish understand that what he did was simply his duty and that didn’t change the fact that he really is a soft and appreciable person.

Along the way they grew a bond and it was one of the most unique bonds I’ve ever seen on Teen Wolf because of what they first connected over, how they compared an contrasted, and how they grew to become this wonderful pair.

I don’t care about hot and steamy Marrish car or shower sex. I would be perfectly pleased with these two just sitting next to each other and chatting because they have that.

They have that kind of fire that I wouldn’t feel even if Parrish dragged me to the deepest pits of hell.



  • 4/20 Straw hats

Monkey D. Luffy: My baby who needs to be protected. He’s a dork. Loves meat. Loves anything that franky shows.Will refuse to your refusal and would literally ask a rock to join his crew. Pure heart. Sucks at lying. Loves Ace and Sabo a lot. Probably asexual. His favorite hobby it’s eating probably and can eat while sleeping. He doesn’t care about much actually. Loves parties. A man of word and loves his nakamas with all his heart. Also eats all the food by himself and blames his crew. That’s the captain for you. 🍖👒

Roronoa Zoro: I love him so much. He’s the most badass in the crew. Can sleep more than you think, the sunny can go through a big storm and he wouldn’t notice. Loves sake. Strong sarcasm with the enemies. The best swordsman you will ever see in your life. He’s badass x2. Also, he gets lost a lot. All the time. But warns the others not to get lost. Always takes the wrong path, like you can tell him to go straight and he goes to the other side, even if it’s a straight path. The most respected man of this show. Loves and respects his captain so much. 🍺⚔️🗡

Nami: My favorite moron of the crew. She’s the captain of the crew. Boss. Loves money and treasures tangerines. She would take you anywhere. Also can hit you anywhere. She can beat Luffy without haki. Super strong. Probably king of pirates waifu. One of the smartest people on east blue. Doesn’t see anything cool on Franky’s creations. Can’t understand why Luffy is so stupid. Can predict weather. Great character development. Love you Oda. Trusts with all her being her captain and friends. 🗺💰

Usopp: myself. I love him so much, ok I love all of them. We all relate to Usopp in any situation the straw hats are. He’s the bravest warrior and I don’t care what you say. His jokes are funny as fuck. Great Robin and Sanji imitation. Posses observation Haki and isn’t probably aware of it. Loved merry a lot. Same Usopp. Will make you laugh till cry. Sogeking. Great character development. GOD USOPP FOR YA. Best friendship with Luffy. 🤥💣

Sanji Vinsmoke: The kindness man alive. Also a cinnamon roll of mama. I love him. Uses his legs to fight because his hands are made to cook for his friends damn sanji. Slaying with curly brows. You won’t see anything like that anywhere. Loves women more that anything else. Respects women. EVERYONE BE LIKE SANJI. Also a perv. Has a frenemy friendship with Marino who also calls him shitty cook but they are good partners. Luffy won’t move from that spot till he feeds him. STRONGLY NEEDED IN STRAW HATS CREW. 👱🏻🍽

Tony Tony Chopper: THE CUTEST THING OF THIS. Like honestly??? Also don’t call him cute. Blushes a lot for compliments. Hides in the wrong way. Loves candies. Doctor. Can cure ANYTHING. Loves his crew and takes care of them. Member of the SUGEEEEEE trio. Can’t cure Zoro’s stupidness yet. Loves parties too. When it’s needed becomes a monster to protect his friends. Such a pure thing.🍭👨🏽‍⚕️

Nico Robin: AN ANGEL. The purest smile in the show. Loves history and books. Shows you the most beautiful smile when it’s about to kill. CREW MAMA. She loves all the strangest things but it’s okay because she’s too cute. Thinks the worst for literally anything. Can multiple her hands or whatever part of her body she wants. AINT THAT COOL. Another great character development. Learned to truly trust in her friends. She’s a goodness. 📚☕️

Cutty Flam (Franky): SUUUUUUUUPER COOL. Cyborg. Drinks cola. A lot. Uses the word SUUUUUPER a lot too. Can change his hair to any hairstyle and looks extremely good with any of them. Obligated to join because Luffy took his underwear. Looks tough but is the first one to cry for literally anything. Loves Tom-san. The reason of Luffy, Usopp and Chopper’s SUGEEEEEEE thing. 🛠⛵️

Brook: SOUL KING. SLAYS A LOT. Loves panties way too much. Drinks milk to stay young. Makes much jokes about him being dead. Yes, he can poop and we won’t ever know how. Drinks tea. Sake binks makes you cry a lot. Laboon is waiting for him. The grandpa of the crew. Gets angry whenever someone disrespects him for being just bones. HOW CAN HE POOP. Wears elegant clothes always. Ready for everything. 💀🍼

Drabble Challenge 5

Anonymous said: Hiii can i request a one shot with 14&30&29 with Steve x Reader :) 💖 

14. “They’re so cute when they’re asleep.” 29. “How is my wife more badass than me?” 30. “Be you. No one else can.”
Prompts here

Characters: Steve x Reader, Bucky, Sam
Word Count: ~600
Genres: fluff

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Masterlist here

“Hey! Bucky just kicked my seat.” You glanced at Sam, hands still on the wheel.

“No I didn’t.”

“He’s just mad I called shotgun.”

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Honest Hearts Reborn: a Re-imagining of one of the most beautiful, narratively disappointing DLCs ever made. 

From the nexus page:

Despite its beautiful setting Zion National Park and the incredible story of Joshua Graham, Honest Hearts has generally been regarded as more disappointing than successful. (I mean, you meet the most badass warrior in the wasteland then he asks you to go find walkie-talkies??) Honest Hearts Reborn is a canon-replacing story that tells a new story of Joshua Graham. When the Courier’s caravan to New Canaan is hijacked in Zion by the Legion, the Courier is taken prisoner by a sadistic Legion commander named Livius, who forces the Courier to help him find the Burned Man. The Courier’s journey will lead him to the highest cliff in Zion’s, and to meet and influence the Burned Man himself. What he doesn’t know is that his decisions will not only affect the Legion and Joshua, but the New Canaanites, prospectors, and all the tribes living in Zion National Park.

Stuff that’s in it:

- A DLC-length questline defined by character choice, written by award-winning playwright Ted S. Bushman
- ~30 voiced NPCs voiced by an incredible cast of actors
- 3 new companions
- a revamped, teeming Zion Canyon full of new factions including Livius’ Legion, the Bloodstone Tribe, the Burned Ones, the Highlander Mutants, and the mysterious and faithful New Canaanites.
- exactly what you want to be playing before Fallout 4 comes out - literary, thoughtful, meaningful crap and also shooting

Download it here. 

30, 32, & 37-Bucky Barnes

30. “Don’t make me say it again.”
32. “You’re mine.”
37. “If you even get close, I’ll tear your head off.”

Antagonistic, badass reader below:

To the public, you were nothing more than someone to ignore. Most did. However, to the ‘enhanced’ world, you were the only one able to give the Winter Soldier a run for his money, of which you enjoyed doing.

The two of you met in the field often. You weren’t exactly a ‘goody two shoes’, but you often found yourself attempting to protect those he was trying to assassinate. You weren’t sure if it was because you hated HYDRA to your core, or if you were more empathetic than you let on. Either way, you had prevented some while the opposite happened as well.

(To say the Winter Soldier wasn’t reasonably attractive would be a lie. But you’d never admit that out loud. Though it could explain some of your hesitations, given your knowledge of his employer.)

Just like many times before, you were speeding down a highway via motorcycle. You had caught wind of another assassination attempt. The target was none other than Captain America himself. Needless to say, you were intrigued. Besides, the man in colorful spandex was a symbol for America. You couldn’t just let your only competition win a big one like that.

You smirked as you saw some upturned cars and trucks. You focused your gaze on your increasingly closing distance. You lifted yourself up so that your feet were on your seat. Just before running into a trashed van, you leapt from the seat, crashing your bike, before landing on the side of the vehicle.

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corazson asked: hancock or robin?

BIG BANG’s Reaction to their S/O Being In Action Films

You had been acting for a years now, the past few you’ve gotten rather large movie deals in America; those big Hollywood films for A-Listers. Your specialty? Action. You did all your own stunts and everything, that’s how you started after all. You were originally a stunt double for an actress but when she left the film, the director liked you so you took over the role and you’ve been getting roles ever since. 
You recently finished filming for a film and it was being released, you were, of course, going to the red carpet event. It was the biggest film you have one to date, your first huge red carpet event and you decided it was time to invite your boyfriend to this event.

A/N: First time doing Big Bang, hope it’s okay.


You never told me you’re on the big screen, jagiya! Hm..? Action? Even more badass than you already were to me!” Of course, he would go. He had always known you were tough but never did he think you were in movies.

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“Ah, jagiya, I knew you acted but action films? We could be in movies together, what do you say? You think you could keep up?” T.O.P would’ve known that you act, seeing as he acts himself. He just didn’t know exactly how extensively you were into your roles, nor did he realize how big said roles were. After film, he’d practically shower you in compliments over your performance.

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“Hm? A movie premiere? Of course, I would love to come with you!”
Taeyang would happily accompany you, he wouldn’t be phased by the fact that you were an action star. He’d just be proud. 

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“A red carpet event?! Really?! Yes, I’d love to! Wow, I’m so proud of you!”
Daesung would, like Taeyang, happily accompany you to the event, however he might think you were in a romantic comedy or something. Only until after the film would he say, “Never knew you could kick such ass, jagiya.” He’d laugh, maybe a bit nervously. ;) 

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“Of course you want me to come along, why wouldn’t you?” He’d joke about it but when it came down to it, he really wanted to support you in every way possible. 

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anonymous asked:

I cut myself for the first time in 4 years today and now I hate myself even more than before

Hun :/ 4 YEARS IS SO BADASS you went 4 years WITHOUT doing it!! Let this be another streak. Try your best to not let one slip up ruin everything

anonymous asked:

20 and 29 w/ Namjoon please

“I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet willies.” 

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

You flip your husband Namjoon over your body… again and pin him to the mat beneath you that you were sparring on - you had lost count of how many times it had been.

The two of you were currently in between assignments and he asked you to spar with him because he “needed the practice” with hand to hand combat

“Are you letting me beat you or are you just that bad?”

How is my wife more badass than me? And no, I’m not letting you win… again.” Frustration clear in his voice.

This time it was a little quicker than the last. but he was on his back and pinned again which was followed by an irritated puff of air. Taking your chance to tease him further, you straddled his stomach and stuck the finger you just licked into his ear. He almost squealed in his attempt to get away from you.


“I have no idea what you’re talking about babes… but I’ll do it again if you keep letting me beat you.” you were temporarily distracted from realizing he had moved his hand to your hip and the other to the middle of your back. This distraction made it easy for him to flip you over onto your back.

“I don’t want to hear your excuse. You can’t just give me wet willies.”

“Watch me.”

Here you go hon’ I hope you like it; if you want me to do another one go ahead and send in another.