Malala got her Nobel Prize today […] and on the day she was awarded the Nobel Prize, they phoned her fuckin’ school and she took the call than then went, “alright, I’m going back to class” and finished her studies that day.  So I don't know what kind of badass you think you are because you can roll a joint and drive at the same time but Malala’s more badass than you.
—  Greg Proops

top five characters i’d trust with my life
three :: john casey :: chuck
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I am fairly certain that there is no badass thing that John Casey cannot do. John Casey is the most badass badass to ever be badass. If John Casey wanted to keep me safe, then by God, I’d be safe. Plus, the man’s got a picture of Ronald Reagan in his home, so he’s obviously got excellent judgement.

Doctor Who Meme Day 05 - Your Favorite Companion
Rose Tyler

I don’t care what ANYONE says, Rose Tyler is AWESOME. ALL THE TIME. None of this I-only-like-S1-Rose shit. Rose was ALWYAS awesome. She only got MORE awesome as time went on. I love that she came from nothing, a shopgirl who lived in a council flat and never got her A-Levels, and made herself into a BAMF who saves the world the universe MULTIPLE UNIVERSES.


{30 Days of Doctor Who}

Now resuming the Bubblegum Crisis 1 (Tinsel City Rhapsody) liveblog, the first part of which (with its many, many posts) you can find by going directly to my Tumblr feed.

So, where were we? Ah, yes, Priss, having been kidnapped by the bad guys, awoke and was instantly being More Badass Than You:

And causing the car she was in to flip over a few times. And with that, we resume.


Malvina Reynolds - I Don’t Mind Failing

I don’t mind failing in this world,
I don’t mind failing in this world,
Don’t mind wearing the ragged britches
‘Cause those who succeed are the sons of bitches,
I don’t mind failing in this world.

I don’t mind failing in this world,
I don’t mind failing in this world,
I’ll stay down with the raggedy crew,
'Cause getting up there means stepping on you, so
I don’t mind failing in this world.

You’re lonely?“ He said it before he could stop himself.
"Lonely?” She shook her head and finally, after all the coaxing, sat down. He fought against the urge to reach across the space between them to see if her hair was as silky as it looked. “No. I can survive well enough on my own—if given proper reading materials.”
—  Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Chronic illness sucks. Like, how badly did we lose the genetic lottery that our bodies come with this built-in switch to make them fuck up for no good reason? And as if the stupid fucking symptoms weren’t enough, on top of insurance shenanigans, medication bullshit, and miscellaneous doctors, there’s also the way it fucks with your head. 

I am sending you the biggest, smushiest hug in the whole internets. The fact that you got out of bed this morning automatically makes you more badass than 90% of the people I saw today. Go you!

To your question, in my experience, counseling is good for two things. First of all, it gives you a safe space to talk about what you’re dealing with. One of the additional shitty things about chronic illness is how hard it is to grasp for people who haven’t been there. You’ve probably already figured out that your feelings and frustrations don’t always make much sense to a lot of people, so talking to someone who has a frame of reference for what you’re going through can be hugely helpful.

And yes, the other thing counseling does is help you build a set of tools for coping. How we deal with anything depends on what we have in our mental toolkit. Some things - rude people, getting a cold, bad traffic, etc. - we learn to handle just as a matter of living; how well we handle those things is another issue. When it comes to things outside of the average everyday, things like depression and chronic illness, those tools usually don’t come so easily. Counselling helps take this big, weird, completely unfair thing that’s happening and make it something you can deal with. It’s still big and awful and unfair, but it’s not so big that it has to take over your life. Part of your therapist’s job is to help you figure out how to contain it and keep it from ruining everything.

The good news is that you’re an unstoppable badass warrior of modern life, and you’re not going to be defeated by by some bullshit disease. Even if it kills you, the only way it wins is if you stop living. Keep being awesome, and remember you don’t have to do it alone.