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Hi Charlie! I've been trying to take my freelance work more seriously (i.e., trying to treat it like a proper business instead of a paid hobby sort of thing) and I was wondering what your experiences were with selling your art online through Etsy, Society6, etc.? Was there anything or any online company that you tried and didn't work? Would you recommend printing and shipping products yourself or using online printers? Thanks in advance for any pearls of wisdom you have to share! :)

My experiences have mostly been great! I can’t think of many times when it hasn’t been really.

I like S6. It’s only a pain in the butt when I get incorrect copyright claims and I have to arse about getting them re-activated. Other than that - dandy.

Etsy. I love Etsy! It’s great - and I’m always blown away by how many people support my little shop and buy my art. Warm fuzzies. Running your own shop takes much more time and money (and you want to be sure that you’re going to recoup what you have to invest) Large format printers, papers, inks, postal packaging, the time it takes it to print, the WASTAGE (print fuck ups etc). My prints aren’t cheap, but that’s because I’m here doing it all myself and it’s not a cheap thing to do in the first place. There’s taxes to pay - and in the case of S.J.Maas fanart, I also pay royalties. So there’s a lot to it!

S6 is way easier, but I suppose it depends what you want out of it :) As much work as it is, I get a lot of joy from printing my own stuff and sending it out into the world.

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Varric: Don’t even try it, pretty boy.

Zevran: Try what? I’m simply standing here. Can I help it if you keep glancing my way?

Varric: I’m nothing if not a master at watching people. You’ve been flirting with everyone here, working your way through us all. Before you start on me, you should know that I’m off the market.

Zevran: Because of your crossbow, yes?

Varric: It’s a bit more complicated than that, but for the purposes of this discussion, sure, let’s call it that.

Zevran: A relationship with a weapon? You know, I have considered stranger things.

Varric: Like I said, I’m taken. So’s Bianca.

Zevran: A shame really. I did not miss that you called me pretty however.

Varric: What did I say about flirting, pretty boy?

Zevran: There you go again! Such a tease.

well, would you look at that. 

I never, for the life of me, imagined ever hitting a number anywhere near there when I started this blog. Or any blog. It constantly blows my mind that I have a platform with which to reach ten strangers, let alone 200 times that many. 

The fact that you all think enough of me and my ideas about this work of fiction to stick around means a lot to me, really it does.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me as long as you have through the crazy ups and downs of Ishida’s wild ride. Some of it has been really bumpy and sometimes things get quite heated. This may be a fandom blog, but I’ve ended up sharing all kinds of intensely personal things here. That’s just the kind of story Tokyo Ghoul is and the discussions it prompts. So it means that much more that you all stay around and listen.

And I’m sorry all of you new folks decided to join up on a week where I’m so salty about everything. Unless that’s why you started following. In which case, welcome! 

(I’ve never really paid much attention to my follower count, but I supposed 2,000 is a nice round number to watch swing one way or another whenever I post something particularly opinionated…(^_^;) )

Thank you all again, so, so much. I love each and every one of you.

Even if you are just following me to see if I’ll reply to your anon hate. (I started to, I promise. I have a partial reply saved in my drafts.)

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I have been so happy lately and I seriously cannot explain how good that feels. I don’t know why but recently it I have been filled with so much joy and I feel like this new found happiness is also making me a better person. I’m recognizing my mistakes and I’m try to work on my flaws, I kind of stopped holding grudges and forgave people who did me wrong, I’m so much more positive and excited about life in general like I want to meet people and travel and make me dreams come true and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. The strangest thing of it all is that I can actually tell I’m happy because before I could never really tell what kind of emotion I was feeling or if I was actually in a good place or if things weren’t just as bad but now everything seems to be changing and I couldn’t feel more ecstatic about it.

Y'all have probably noticed but I tend to start projects and never quite get around to finishing them. I’m still working on NANAwatch but now that the first schedule is finished it’s really just watch at your own discretion. I’m gonna try to do more picspams but I’m still getting pulled away from NANA by my everyday life. I wanna thank all of you who follow the blog and have been so kind and love NANA so so so much, you all have been one of the very best things that I’ve encountered in the NANA fandom. Please follow other NANA blogs too! I’ve found some of the best ppl and content from them on tumblr. I love you all. 😍

Just got home from my first shift. I was really nervous going in – one friend said “it’s been in a while since you’ve been in the saddle, but it’s not your first rodeo” – but while that’s true, it’s a new bull that I’ve never ridden before. I’ve always started low and worked my way up into management, and generally know the operation before it’s my turn to have a hand in running it.

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For the past 4 years I been in this super toxic relationship with someone who never appreciated me, was going through a career path that made me so unhappy and I got so depressed and anxious but now here am I single, moving away to Buenos Aires to study pastelería y learn more about cocina latina and taking a huge step in the search for my happiness. I am honestly so scared and apprehensive but for the first time after a long time I am legit excited for the future

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I wish @deaflepuff would post more often but I'm afraid to ask because I'm sure there's a good reason why she's not posting. But she's super amazing!

Aweh! It’s always alright to check and ask :) I’ll be happy to answer!

Lately, I haven’t been posting much because I have been quite busy with work and stuff in between. Though every thing is going wonderful here. Thank you wonderful person :) You’re fantastic yourself!

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you aren't answering as often as before?:(

I’m really sorry :/. I got a job and an internship so I work about 12+ hours a day and also work Saturdays. That and my bulimia got really bad so I get only a few hours of sleep at night and have been left with no medication and no therapist so things have been rough for me. I will try to be here more often and reply when I can, but I apologize honestly. I hope things get better and that you are doing well anon. <3~

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What time do you get up for morning runs? How can you get out of bed for it? Do you know if bugs are an issue in the morning?

Hey Matt! 🤗 Monday-Friday I get up between 5:30 & 6:00 to go to the gym before work. On the weekends I run outside, and the time varies a lot more depending on my plans for the day and the weather. Typically I’ve been getting outside around 8 or 9am if I don’t have plans, but in the case that I do, I’ll get up earlier. I also refuse to run/walk outside if it’s really hot so that will make me get up earlier as well.

How do I get outta bed? That’s a good question. When I first started working out in the morning it was really tough to adjust to it. But the thing that made me stick with it was how satisfied I feel after an AM workout. I love getting it done at the start of my day. I have more confidence afterward, I’m energized, and I feel like I have a ‘jump’ on the day. I also would remind myself that I knew I would feel bummed if I missed my workout altogether. The later in the day it gets, for me anyway, the more excuses to skip the gym pile up.

For me, bugs aren’t an issue in the morning. I live in New York State in a river town and I’ve never noticed a problem.

I wish you luck if you’re considering switching to morning workouts! In my opinion, it’s a great habit to form. 👍🏼😊

there are a few things i’m interested in transitioning to to make this blog even more enjoyable. right now, a lot of things are up in the air, vague, messy and there’s just way too much ‘work’ in terms of the different verses and so on.

i’m torn because i love exploring superhuman / supernatural situations and how JP would react to them. i don’t plan on stopping this but i plan on properly writing up a verse backstory for each so things are more clear when it comes to story. he will be human regardless of verse. i won’t stop these verses at all b.c there are many lovely, non - human muses and let’s face it, way more non - human muses to begin with, which would make trying to find interaction even more hellish. i will work on keeping things simplified, though, so i’m not over stressed about being online.


    • arc one  //  set in the present  //  nyc
      • undercover au w/ @peaceific
    • arc two  //  set three years in the future  //  south cali
      • business au w/ @punchit
    • arc three  //  set in teenage years  //  boston (still unsure about this)
  • SUPERHUMAN VERSE  //  dc & marvel muses
  • SUPERNATURAL VERSE  //  any non-human muses
  • HORROR VERSE  // any human muses ft. horror
  • POST - APOCALYPTIC VERSE  //  namely twd - centered 
  • SCI - FI VERSE  //  tba. 
  • THE PURGE VERSE  //  b.c i love the purge movies

also, i am faceclaim exclusive. i prefer rping with one faceclaim as i begin to associate them with the muse. this is because i am interested in keeping this blog linear and simple for my own sake. there aren’t many ‘duplicates’ of a fc i rp with at the moment and i don’t want to stop interacting / unfollow based off that alone because the characters are great and not only their face, so i will have to come up with a solution. perhaps if you have an alternate fc, i’d be much happier to rp with them if i’ve already got an established relationship with a common fc.

note: i won’t ever be intersted in romantic / sexual shipping with non-human muses.
note: upcoming event in arc two - JP meets his daughter.


  • tag replacement  (?)  //  b.c my tags are lazy and i don’t like that
  • possible psd change (?)  //  as much as this psd works for all coloring across any resource, i want fuckin colored icons god damn it!
  • verse backstory for dc & marvel verse  //  supernatural verse  //  superhuman verse  //  post - apocalyptic verse  //  the purge verse
  • crime oc masterlist to be updated when i do a spring cleaning on this blog, thanks for being patient!
  • arc two fleshing out regarding sundance, his daughter. probable drabble to kick things off
  • make more hd icons instead of being lazy and using hollow-art & gif sets ffs

on that note, it will most likely be a few weeks before regular replies are re - scheduled. until i get organized, i don’t have the motivation to write as much but i will do the odd one here and there when the muse strikes. just keep in mind this blog is slow activity anyway so not much is ?? changing. thanks!

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Man the craziest shit happened to me today. I was at work and I saw my ex there who I hadn't heard from in the past 2 years and she was with her new boyfriend and they had a baby together. I remember how she used to always boast about how she could never be with a guy, so I found it kindove funny, but it also made me sad, cause maybe that could've been our future 🤔😐😔 it's crazy how people can change.

Whoah~ Hey man I’m sorry to hear that :T Things can change a lot in a short while but if it makes you feel better, it doesn’t mean nothing. Even with the security of a husband or a child, nothing is set in stone, you know? Things just get more complicated but I do believe that things have a way of working out in the end <3 

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Greg is in his 22 yo form during the clip.During roses tape he looks alot more how he does now. He's def been working there for longer then 15 years

[referenced post]

I agree with you, yeah, he seems to look exactly like in We Need To Talk, and technically in the clip he mentions that 15 years ago was when “the Mudnado” happened, not necessarily that that’s when he started working at the car wash. The video description might be a goof/just misleading in that case, but I guess we’ll see pretty soon.

  • hey guys!i know it have been a long time since i posted something last time.
  • i am less and less painted thing about......sins?
  • WELL you know that
  • so i think it's time to open a new blog to put my other kinds work
  • like my Original Character or Derivative work of other works.
  • this time maybe more all ages :///// i don't know. Just saying LOL((##
  • anyway
  • if you guys love my works(or me of course#) welcome to follow my new blog<3333
  • i will appreciate for that
  • hope i can get more your ask in new blog. i will reply every mail nicely.
  • love you<3
  • NEW HOME>>>>

Even when the world is filled with sorrow
I will keep painting for that better tomorrow

A repaint of my 2009 drawing, Hope and Despair. Some people have mentioned how this new version feels more hopeful than the original. I feel that way too. I’ve been very happy these days, and it feels like everything will be alright again :)

Thank you again to everyone who reached out and supported me when I was feeling down during the beginning of this year. I’ve been working on a lot of different projects, and I’m excited to share with everyone when things are ready!

I’ll also be posting a video tutorial of how this was created by integrating 3D backgrounds in a few days. Stay tuned!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t uploaded any Jacksepticeye art in a while. I’ve been mondo busy! I’ve been working on this little thing on and off for about three months now. It just seems like I never have enough time anymore, but I will try my hardest to draw more and post more.


Happy owls for your dash~!! Hope today is a good day for you~! ♡