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Uh, spoilers?? I couldn’t wait til next week sorry orz, I just can’t wait for this. Kinda quick sketch I guess. But yeah…… yeah.

i really hope 2017 is the year i fall in love with myself

●  The sextuplets are born in May 24, year unknown, but currently in their 20s.
●  The current date of the “Osomatsu-san” anime takes place in Heisei, which is the Japanese term for any year between 1989 to current. (Edit: Yes, it is most likely to take place in the year 2010 or higher because Totty has a smartphone. I just wanted to point out that it doesn’t take place in Showa, which is the era before Heisei, as “Osomatsu-kun” anime had.)
●  Their residence is in the Akatsuka district in Tokyo.
●  Jyushimatsu’s previous student/work experience involved “Guarding the house. That’s it.”

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      looking a little rough there, he says, and gestures briefly to his own face. for once in his life, teddy looks fine– it’s this other fella that looks like he got dragged backwards through hell by the foot.