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57: “is that my shirt?”

A/N: I tried to find a gif of his instagram story of him drinking coffee in this shirt but alas. also THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHIRT??? I WANT IT! but okay oop this is from that request thing i rbed. warning for a suggestive joke at the end, nothing terrible just silly shit

When you wake up, sun is streaming in thin rays through the curtains and you can faintly hear birds chirping outside the window. There’s a warm arm around your side, holding you close to a broad chest, breaths making your head rise and fall gently against it. You pull back a bit so that you can look up at who the arm belongs to. Ethan’s still sleeping, mouth slightly open and head tilted back. You laugh lightly at how ridiculous he looks and reach up to card a hand through his hair

You run your fingers through his hair until, slowly, he opens his eyes blearily. Once he’s awake and aware he smiles down at you.

“Morning, Beautiful.”

You laugh, looking down to hide your face. “Good morning, Eth.” Rolling out from under his arm so you can lay on your stomach and propping yourself up on your elbows, you fix a playful glare on him. “I don’t know how you got me to stay the night. I remember being very intent on sleeping at my own apartment this time.”

Ethan smirks, reaching down to poke you in the side as he speaks. “I’m incredibly persuasive. Plus I have magical cuddling powers.”

“Yes, you most definitely do.” You hum, wrapping an arm around his stomach and laying your head back on his chest. From somewhere on his bedside table, Ethan’s phone chimes with the team chat ringtone and you groan. Rolling away from Ethan to grab his phone, you yank it off the charger and drop it onto his chest.

Ethan sighs, picking up his phone and squinting at the screen. “Ugh.” He drops his phone beside him on the bed, turning and grabbing you to pull you back against his chest.

“What’s happening?” You mumble into his shirt.

“Mark needs us all at the office in, like, an hour.” He wraps his arms around you tightly and drops his lips at the top of your head. “But I don’t wanna.”

You wriggle away and laugh at his pout. “Alright, grumpy. Time to get up.” Scooting to the edge of the bed, you stand and turn around to gab Ethan’s outstretched arms. He yelps a little when you drag him from under the covers until he falls out of bed and you laugh.

When he pops back up, Ethan attempts to grab you and drag you back under the covers, but you shove your fingers against his side and break free when he laughs and flinches. You run from the room and stumble into the kitchen, grabbing the bag of coffee grounds from the cabinet quickly.

Ethan runs after you but groans when he sees what’s in your hand. “Nooo! You beat me.” He slumps against the fridge and crosses his arms to pout.

You smirk at him, dropping in a filter and opening up the bag. “You can’t go back to bed once the coffee starts, that’s the rule.

Ethan sticks his tongue out at you as you finish up the coffee. You laugh at his silliness, ruffling his hair as you walk past him out of the kitchen. “I’m gonna shower real quick, okay?”

Ethan nods and you grab yourself a towel before you get to the bathroom. Ten minutes later, you’re showered and tucking a strand of wet hair behind your ear. You walk back to Ethan’s room and pull open the drawer that you’d begun to take over with your own clothes. You dress in a simple white t-shirt and your jeans from yesterday, but something feels off. You smirk, struck with an idea. Walking over to Ethan’s wardrobe, you pull a shirt off its hanger, and push your arms through it, not bothering with buttoning it. You look in the mirror and smile at the teal and yellow drawings jumping off the white button down. With one last rub of your damp hair with the towel, you straighten the collar and walk back out to the kitchen.

Ethan hears you enter, but doesn’t look up from his intense gaze at his phone. “Hey, babe, I made your coffee-” He looks up after finishing off his text and freezes. “Oh… Is that my shirt?”

You laugh at his wide eyes, dropping into the chair across from him and taking a sip of your coffee, prepared just the way you like it. “Yes it is, darling. It’s my favorite of yours, is that okay?” Your tone is playful but the question still stands. Is he okay with this? With very obviously stating there’s something happening between the two of you?

Ethan opens his mouth. Then closes it. His eyebrows knit together and he takes a deep breath. “Yeah. Yeah, it’s okay. It looks nice on you.” He smirks and you hide your smile behind your mug.

The two of you finish your coffee in a peaceful silence, shoving your chairs back once you’ve finished. Ethan goes to grab a jacket while you drop the mugs into the sink and rinse them. A few minutes later you’re out the door, fighting through LA traffic to get to the office.

When you pull up in front of the office, Ethan jumps out of the car and runs to the passenger side, quickly opening the door for you. You laugh and take the hand he offers to help you as he bows deeply and kisses the back of your hand.

“You’re ridiculous.” You laugh, batting his hand away. Ethan beams at you and something warm flutters in the pit of your stomach.

You follow Ethan to the front door, separating once you reach the office room so that you can work at your respective computers until the whole team is there. A few minutes later the door bangs open and you hear a deep laugh, followed by Amy’s soft giggle and the sound of nails on the hardwood floor. Chica bounds into the room a moment before her parents, barking happily at you then darting away to greet Ethan. Mark waves at you when he comes through the doorway, moving to drop his bag by a desk.

Amy begins to walk towards your desk but freezes. You see the realization dawn on her face and she gains a sly look. “So…” She drawls, reaching your desk and leaning against the wall with her arms crossed. “Would that happen to be Ethan’s shirt that you’re wearing?”

Mark perks up from behind his travel mug of coffee and Ethan peeks around the back of his desk chair. 

You shrug, smiling up at her. “I didn’t have anything cute at his place. I would have worn the same thing as yesterday but how much more “obvious walk of shame” can you get?“

Mark chokes on his drink and you snort, turning to see him practically do a spit take. Ethan’s eyes are wide and and embarrassed and he’s flushing quickly.

“That’s not- We didn’t… That isn’t what- AH!”

You laugh harder at that, dropping your head between your knees. When you look up at Amy she’s trying valiantly to hold back her laughter.

“He’s- He’s right, I’m kidding I swear,” You snort when you look at Mark again, who’s still red with coffee spilled down his front, “Sorry, sorry. But yeah it’s Ethan’s shirt.”

Ethan’s blush is bright as he attempts to sink lower into his chair and disappear.

“I think it looks cute on them.” Amy shrugs, pushing off the wall to pat her spluttering boyfriend on the back. Mark goes to take another sip of coffee, finally recovering, and Ethan sees his chance.

Twirling his chair around to face the group, he shrugs and says coolly, “It looks cuter off of them.”

By the time Mark can stop coughing after that, he’s so red you’re actually a bit concerned

Zhang Yixing//Oh God

You’re a teacher filling in for another class, and having trouble from one of the students. In an attempt to sort it out, you discover that you’re a lot more friendly with his parent than you originally thought.
Scenario: Fluff, smut mention
Word count: 3,837

The walk of shame had actually been more of a parade of triumph this morning, if you were going to be completely honest.
He’d been tall, handsome, muscular and well, you could say he was somewhat talented. You’d been stunned waking up next to him after your slightly drunken one night stand and it was revealed to your sober eyes that he was still as good looking this morning as he was the night before. You’d sneaked out of his room at 7am, down the dark hallway and out of the apartment quietly - as proud of yourself as you were for picking up such a gorgeous man, you weren’t up for the sheer embarrassment that would come with having to part if you’d woken him up too. So you’d bolted out as quickly as possible, texting your best friend and coworker Rani to meet you at the closest coffee house.

So you sat, ignoring the uncomfortable ache in the pit of your stomach - God, you were having flashbacks of his wonderful pelvis in action - and sipped on your coffee, trying to work out what details you’d give to explain your disappearance the night before. Rani spotted you immediately, short dyed blonde hair swinging as she plonked herself down across from you.
“You got laid!” She squealed, and you had to shush her as the other patrons were giving you a disapproving look. “You got laid!” She repeated, quieter, and you rolled your eyes.
“So - good or bad?” Her eyes were sparkling with anticipation, “Come on, we need to make this quick, I have an entire class’ homework to mark by tomorrow and I need to facetime my Naniji because it’s her birthday, although God knows what she’ll say about my hair. She may cry.” You took a deep breath in and grinned at your friend’s rambling.
“Okay, okay. So it was really good.” You relented, and she squealed again. “So he spoke Korean, but I’m pretty sure he’s Chinese because on certain words he’d sometimes have an accent.”
“Ooooh.” Rani grinned, and you flicked her forehead from across the table.
“Oooh indeed, because he was the most perfect specimen that’s ever been within a hundred yards of me.”
“Do tell.”
“He was a good height.” You tilted your head, thinking, “He was like…lean but completely ripped. Full on six pack of abs. He had the best hair too, it was all slick and dark and there was this one tendril that kept falling into his eyes and - oh, his eyes.” You could see Rani practically living for this. “They were so intense. He kept doing this thing where he’d look up from under his lashes and slow blink and it was amazing. Like, the biggest turn on.”
“God, I’m so single.” Rani sighed, and you grinned at her again,
“Shall I continue?”
“Yes. Please. He sounds like a slice of heaven.” She leaned her head on the table, looking up at you. “How was he?” Your cheeks burned slightly, but you told her anyway.
“Amazing. Like, best I’ve ever had. I think he must be a dancer or something, because those hips - umph, I can’t even think about it.”
“What kind was it?” She propped her chin on her hand, henna poking out from her sleeve and travelling down her fingers. “Like, slow and sweet or…sexy-time sexy time?”
“Dude, honestly - both.” You warmed your hands on the coffee cup, sighing deeply. “I’m ruined. How the hell am I ever going to drunkenly phone my ex and sleep with him again after this? I don’t think seven minutes in the back of his car is going to cut it after last night’s suitor.”
“Ugh, when was the last time you phoned your ex?”
“Ages ago, don’t worry. My drunk brain seems to have forgotten him.” You giggled, and she looked relieved.
“Thank God.” You swirled the coffee round with your pinkie.
“I didn’t leave my number or anything, I just ran. I just wanted to leave the perfect one night stand the way it was, no disappointment or embarrassment.”
“For once, I’m going to disagree here.” Rani shook her head. “You find a man that can move his hips like that, looks that good and is caring and hot at the same time during sex? You put a ring on it, damn.
“I don’t even know his name.” Her phone buzzed on the table then, and she jumped up.
“Oh God, it’s my Naniji. I need to take this -” She weaved her way through the chairs of the coffeehouse, and you could hear babbled Hindi flowing from her mouth like water in a creek. You shook your head at her hectic personality and life, getting up, too. You needed to finish marking your own class’ reading homework before tomorrow, and frankly, your hangover was not being kind either.

Monday was slightly more hectic than usual, as another class’ teacher was ill, making you cover for her when you should have been having a break, as your class was on a school trip for the next few days. But no, you were stuck covering for the youngest and most boisterous class in the school, so all you expected was constant crazy, non-stop action.
One particular group of 5 year olds, lead by a surprisingly quiet, small boy, kept up the highest energy, making sure you were never off your feet - Zhang Baozhi was like a quiet storm. He had taken a notion in the last few days to constantly convince other kids to do stupid shit, but never take part so as not to get into trouble. You started to miss the 10 year olds you usually taught as you were cleaning paint off the face of the quiet leader of the class that his friends had covered him in.
“Come on Changyun, really, settle down.” You scolded the main perpetrator, but the kid shook his head violently.
“Baozhi told me to!” You looked to the boy whose nose you were wiping sunset orange from delicately, his eyes blinking at you slowly.
“Is that true?” You asked him, your tone serious as you crouched down to meet his eyes. He blinked again, seeming indifferent. “You don’t want to get your friends in trouble, do you?” He sighed, an awfully mature sound coming from this three-and-a-half foot tall child.
“I told him to.”
“See!” Changyun stuck his tongue out at you, then grinned at his friend before hopping back to his seat. You grasped Baozhi under his arms and sat him up on your desk to be able to clean him up without crouching down.
“You can’t keep telling your friends to do these silly things.” You said, your tone soft - not because you thought he was sensitive, but because you knew there was no need for The Teacher Voice, as he would respond the same either way. “We don’t get our friends into trouble, alright?” He shrugged, again, indifferent, and you shook your head slightly, perplexed by the kid. You finished mopping up the hues of blue and pink from his little face and pulled him down from your desk, patting his back to let him know he was free to go back to his seat.

The next day, Baozhi caused much more ruckus with his influence on the other kids, stressing you out to no end. He started a food fight at break time by nudging Jeonghyun to throw his yogurt at Minwon, which took your proper, strict Teacher Voice to defuse that situation. Then, he convinced Eunhye and Dahyoon that it would be fun to braid their hair together, which got horrifically tangled and caused a lot of tears, making you painstakingly sit and part their hair for a half hour while the other kids drew their mother’s day cards. By eleven, he had started a game of whispers round the room, ending with Moonbin shouting at the top of his lungs a Chinese swear - which you only knew due to your old college roommate Biyu, who was an exchange student from Beijing. The last straw was when every kid in the small class other than Baozhi dunked their hands into the class fish tank to try and catch one. Thankfully, you’d managed to stop that before any fishes were harmed, but you decided enough was enough. You had to find out why Baozhi was acting out this way - you’d covered this class before, and he’d never given you a problem then - and so you pulled him aside an hour before school ended to ask him who collected him at the end of the day.
“I get the school bus.” He’d said, and you pursed your lips. You’d just need to phone his parents and ask them if they could come and pick him up so that you could speak to them personally about him. And so, when the kids were taken by the P.E. teacher to run around in the school gym for the last part of the day, you sat in the now-quiet class and dialed up the number you’d found in the office. It almost rang out, but then it was answered by a worried voice.
“Hi there, am I speaking to the parent or carer of Zhang Baozhi?” You confirmed, tapping a pen against your notebook with all of the small child’s crimes written down.
“Yes, this is his father speaking, why? Is he alright? Why is his school calling me?”
“It’s nothing to worry about, Mr Zhang, I assure you, Baozhi is physically perfect - I’m just calling as his behavior has been slightly, um…” You sucked in at your teeth, “…questionable, these past few days. I was just wondering if there’s any way you could drop by to talk and try to work this out.” There was only silence on the other end of the line for a few seconds, and you noticed the similarity between the father and son with their quiet pauses.
“I can’t come by today, but if he stays a half hour later tomorrow after school then I can pick him up and talk then.” You found yourself doodling on the page.
“That sounds good. I can put him in with the after school club in the next classroom, and we can talk while he plays.” You blew air up into the loose strands of your hair, continuing, “Does that work for you?”
“Yes, that’s fine.” You nodded as though he could see you. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then, Miss.”

3 o’clock rolled round the next day, and you sent Baozhi into the after school club that Rani was taking charge of, hastily cleaning up the classroom of the mess that the kids had left. You,yourself, were quite the sight to behold. At the beginning of the day, you’d been downright adorable - your hair sat perfectly, your makeup was blended and cute, you had on a spotless striped blouse tucked into a black skirt, black tights, little heeled boots.
And by the end of the day, by now, you had green and orange paint spattered across your face like alien freckles, you’d had to roll up the sleeves on your shirt, your skirt was back-to-front, your tights had been ripped at both knees where you had to kneel down to help coax a child out from under the slide in the playground. Your hair was sad and out of place, strands escaping haphazardly, and you’d cast your heels aside for some battered sneakers, but it didn’t matter what you looked like, you thought pathetically, it was just a Bhaozi’s dad. It didn’t matter because all that did matter was making sure he was alright and fixing what wasn’t. So you dashed around, taking paint pots to the sink in the corner and wiping crumbs off of desks when you heard a throat clearing from the doorway. You whipped around, and your eyes widened considerably.
Imagine your surprise when your one-night stand from the weekend was standing in the door, tall and handsome, looking around the classroom curiously, having not lain eyes on you yet. He was dressed almost identically to the way he was in the bar on Saturday - light washed jeans, black fitted tee, sneakers.
“What are you doing here?” You squeaked out, and he let his slow eyes land on you. You watched as his expression mirrored yours, and his mouth dropped open.
“It’s - you - you work here?” He stammered, and you straightened up a little. “You just left…” You could feel your cheeks heating up, especially when you looked down and caught sight of the ladders in your tights. When you looked back up at him, you could feel his discomfort, as though he was trying to figure out an explanation to his appearance. You got impatient then, embarrassed,
“Could you please - can we do this later? I have a meeting scheduled with a kid’s parent right now so could you…” You trailed off as you studied his face, and it dawned on you. The slow blink, the almost indifferent attitude - it was mirrored right here. “Oh my God.” He took a few steps inside the classroom, shutting the door.
“You called about Baozhi.” He said, his voice quiet, and you felt your face drain, bracing yourself against your desk. Rani would have a field day with this one.
“I…” He was looking at you as if bracing your reaction. The thoughts were whirling almost violently in your head, especially when you caught sight of a ring on his finger. “You…oh my God.”
“I know this isn’t ideal-” He started, but you stood up straight, shaking your head violently to cut him off.
“Ideal? This is the worst thing,” His face fell completely, and you felt disgust at yourself and at him overwhelm you. “You have a child - you’re the father of a student I teach -”
“If you-”
“No!” Teacher Voice was on, and he stood stock still. “So you’re what married with a child and you take me home? Are you nuts? Do I - do I look like a home wrecker? I’m a freaking primary school teacher-”
“I’m not married.” He cut you off quietly, and you froze, looking at him suspiciously.
“You have a child and a ring.” You pointed out, your frantic tone dying down. He looked down at his hand and realisation dawned on his features.
“This is actually a family ring. My father gave me it. It’s not a romantic thing.” He twirled it on his finger, turning it and extending it to you so that you could see the Chinese characters spelling out Zhang on the underside.
“Oh.” You leaned back against the desk. “So…you didn’t cheat on anybody with me?” He nose wrinkled slightly and he shook his head determinedly.
“Definitely not. There’s nobody to cheat on.” Another thought burned in your mind and you cringed.
”You better not tell me that Baozhi was home when I…when we…” You shuddered at the unprofessionalism of it all, saying a silent prayer.
”No! God, no, he was staying at Changyun’s house at the weekend.” His face was pale, “I wouldn’t leave my 5 year old son home alone while I went to the bar and took someone home.”
“Alright then.” You muttered.It was quiet then, awkward. You stared at his sneakers, clean white, apart from a scribble in biro pen on the side, which you assumed was down to the child in question. He cleared his throat.
“Uh, so, what’s the matter with Baozhi?” You almost jumped to attention.
“Oh, right!” You gestured for him to follow you round the classroom as you explained all of his child’s misdemeanors and blame ridden leadership of the class. As the final piece of evidence you whirled round to face - oh God, you didn’t know anything other than his name was Zhang Something and that he had rock hard abs under that tee and a pelvis that moved like - Jesus, that was enough, stop thinking -
“This is the last thing he managed to convince the kids to do,” You said, staring him down. He stared right back, occasionally blinking.
“What?” You scrunched your nose.
“Paint,” You clarified, the colours across your face moving as your nose did. He let a small smile creep onto his face, and you stepped back. “So I want to figure out why he’s acting like this. I’ve taught him before and he was a sweet kid. Now he’s like a little dictator. I mean, he was supposed to be writing out his mother’s day card, and all of a sudden, I hear this whisper going round the room, and bam, there it is. Chinese for ‘fuck’.” Zhang’s eyes narrow slightly.
“Wait, what did you say?”
“Chinese for ‘fuck.’”
“No, before that.” You raised an eyebrow at his prying for detail.
“He was supposed to be writing out his mother’s day card?” And it was then that he groaned and stepped back, bumping into a sitting position on a desk.
“What does that have to do with it?” You didn’t get it.
“Baozhi isn’t mine by blood,” He explained, his voice slightly thick, “I took him in as a baby…he never knew his mother, and he doesn’t have anyone like a mother to him.” Your hands flew to your mouth realising that you’d been asking a motherless child to write a card explaining how much he loved his mother.
“Oh my God. Oh my God, I’m the worst.” You whispered, “I should have made sure before I set them the task - oh my God. I can’t believe I did that.”
“No, it’s an easy mistake to make.” He tried to clear it up but you were on full guilt mode.
“Jesus, I might as well have just asked him to bring her into school, oh my God I’m an idiot.”
“Hey, no, it’s fine, I’ll talk to him.” He stood up, his hands on your shoulders, and you sighed heavily.
“I’m so sorry.”
“It’s really alright.” He then let out a huff of breath, letting his hands drop. “I should’ve have noticed Mother’s day was coming up. I usually let the teacher know - Miss Banner knew already, that’s why I didn’t this year.”
“I’m just covering this class right now.” You let him know, “Just so you don’t need to worry about Baozhi being left with me at all times.” Your joke was feeble and he shook his head.
“I’m really sorry that you’ve had to deal with…” He gestured to the rips in your tights, your face splattered with paint and then around the messy classroom. “…all of this. When he gets upset he acts out.” It was then that your door opened, and Rani, panting, poked her head in.
“(Y/N), seriously, I really need you to come in and help me out, one of my kids has her head stuck inside a drawer and -” She noticed Baozhi’s dad then, and her eyes widened at his …well, his everything. You gave her a look, saying through gritted teeth,
“I’ll be there in a minute.” She ducked out the room, and you heard your name repeated from behind you. You turned to look at -
“Yixing.” He said, a little crooked smile tugging at his lips. “Since we didn’t get to, um…introduce ourselves properly on Saturday.” You found your cheeks heating up.
“That’s…a really nice name.” You said, lamely, and he let out a chuckle. “Um, now that we know why Baozhi was acting up, I’ll let you go take him home-”
“He can play in there for a minute more,” He fiddled with his jeans pocket, nervously looking down at you. You could feel the nerves affecting you, making you bite the inside of your cheek. “Why did you leave without a word?” You scoffed, and looked at everything but him, positive your cheeks were radiating heat of up to 50 degrees Celsius.
“I - I just didn’t want to, ah, impose.” You gave him a pleading look, as if, please be okay with this answer.
“Ah, right.” He nodded and turned, walking towards the classroom door, and you felt your lungs deflate in relief. It was as his hand touched the door handle that he spun once more, looking you in the eyes. “It’s just that I had a good time on Saturday, and I’m pretty sure you did too by the sounds-”
“Hey hey hey, that’s enough!” You panicked, rushing over and placing your hands over his mouth, feeling him smirking underneath your palms. You narrowed your eyes at him, keeping your hands firmly placed. “Saturday was very fun. And I may have left super early because I didn’t want you to totally regret it once you woke up, and I figured it would stay a nice little fantasy of a great night if I just left.” You saw his eyebrows raise, but still you didn’t budge, keeping him mute. “Alright, fine - I was scared you might be a total douchebag and that it would ruin the memory of the amazing sex. Happy?” You saw his eyes turn into little crescents and his laughter was muffled against your hands as you pulled them away.
“You thought that it was amazing?” He looked proud, and you pouted.
“Would I have said that if it wasn’t true?” He shrugged, a huge grin still on his face as he leaned against the door.
“Well, you did say on Saturday that you’d give me your number, but I don’t recall that happening.” You scoffed, arms folded, but a sudden rush of confidence ran through you, making you grab a pen from a nearby desk and pull Yixing’s arm out towards you, scribbling your number onto his skin.
“I do what I say I’ll do.” You said, proudly, and re-folded your arms, earning a blindingly bright smile from him.
“Good. So, uh, dinner tonight?” It was your turn to slow blink.
“What about Baozhi?” You fretted, “There isn’t anyone to look after him, is there?” Yixing laughed, and you frowned at him again. “What, is this funny? Poor Baozhi, after I messed up his little life for a week his own father wants to-”
“He could come along too.” You blinked again.
“If you don’t mind, he could come too.” You felt a grin work it’s way across your face although you tried to suppress it.
“I’d like that.” You grabbed your coat from the hook by the door and put it on, much to Yixing’s surprise. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go get Baozhi and then get pizza.”
“Pizza?” He cocked his head at your decision and you shrugged.
“He wrote down for his make-a-sentence homework the other day that it was his favourite.”
And it was at that moment that Yixing knew you wouldn’t be getting rid of him for a long time.

Malec + 78. “Please just be my best friend and not the person I confessed my love to?“

Jace considered Alec his soulmate. His other half. His brother. He knew what Alec was thinking without asking, and he knew his every reaction. So when a glittery stranger walked in and shook his tailfeather, he was certain Alec wouldn’t care.

Jace was very wrong.

The glittery stranger had a name, Magnus Bane, and Alec seemed to care enough to spend the night away from his shared apartment with Jace. When he got home the following morning, Jace discovered two things about Alec.

He did the walk of shame with dignity.

Alec’s smile was beautiful.

No, Jace didn’t have romantic feelings for Alec; but he was, quite honestly, shaken to his core by Alec’s smile that morning. It was very obvious that Alec had gotten laid, and it was weird. Not a bad sort of weird, just…weird. Alec had always been the business before pleasure sort of guy, not stopping to enjoy the moment but diving into work head first and without question. This could be one of those one night stands Alec sometimes went for, a momentary fling that burned hot until the flames went out and Alec was back to business.

Jace was very wrong.

The glittery stranger was no longer a stranger. A few weeks later, it was official. Alec was dating Magnus Bane. What kind of name was Magnus Bane anyway? It sounded like a cartoon, which wasn’t very far off because Magnus Bane was a walking art exhibit. Everything about him was flawless and perfect, from his hair to the way he made coffee in the morning, which according to Alec, was quite the process.

Now, Jace knew what Alec was thinking when he met Clary. Alec had treated her very badly in the beginning, ignoring her and giving her the stink eye every time she got too close to Jace. She was a threat to Alec because Jace was spending less time with him and more time with her. It took a drunk night out to find out what was bothering him, and Jace regretted every second of it.

Jace had thought that Alec saw him as a friend, but he had been very wrong.

Between a bottle of tequila and reruns of The Terminator, Alec had confessed his crush on Jace, and it changed everything he thought about Alec. Every shoulder bump, every kind word of encouragement he had ever given Jace, it all felt different. Alec seemed to not remember anything from that night, which Jace played along with to protect him.

Alec eventually warmed up to Clary. The two even had conversations about politics and other things Jace didn’t understand; and honestly, if he didn’t know Alec was gay, he would have been worried about their closeness.

All Clary had said to him is that they had talked it out and established a mutual understanding that matured into a sibling-like bond.

Back to the problem at hand, Jace was now feeling threatened. Alec was spending more time with Magnus and less time with him. They were disgustingly adorable, with their inside jokes and googly eyes. Jealousy wasn’t a nice feeling. Yes, Jace was jealous. And he knew why.

Alec now had someone else to make him happy, and Jace understood how it could make Alec think he was in love with him–because Jace had his own meltdown about it. So, in the beginning, Jace treated Magnus horribly. He made fun of Magnus about everything, and he played pranks on him and even tried to talk Alec into not including him during their weekly bowling night with Izzy and her husband, Simon. Of course, Alec had argued that Izzy wanted to meet Magnus in order to give her stamp of approval. Much to Jace’s dismay, Magnus had charmed the Jimmy Choo heels off her feet and they became best friends within the hour.

Needless to say, Magnus put his brand on their family, and that brand was smiles and giggles. Magnus was funny, handsome, charming, hard working, and annoyingly perfect.

When Alec and Magnus had their first fight, Jace had seen an opportunity to break them up. However, seeing how miserable Alec was, Jace just didn’t have the heart. He had even driven Alec to Magnus’ apartment and knocked on the door until Magnus let them in.

Alec did the walk of shame the next day with even more dignity than ever.

Jace thought he knew Alec. But when Alec had asked Jace about how he knew that he wanted to marry Clary, he figured out that he didn’t know Alec at all. As Jace explained how Clary was the person he couldn’t live without, how she was the first person he thought about when he woke up and the last person he thought of when he went to sleep, instead of bumping his shoulder and calling him out for being cheesy and weird, Alec had smiled.

“I want to ask Magnus to marry me.”

That had been the turning point in their platonic soulmate relationship. In the following weeks, he went ring shopping with Alec, and they had come up with an elaborate plan on how he was going to ask. Alec went all out. He had booked a table at the same restaurant they had their first date in, he got their cousin Julian to play the violin for them, and he even wore a suit.

“Were you this nervous when you asked Clary?” Alec asked, while Jace fixed his tie.

“You’ll be fine, Alec,” Jace replied, dusting his shoulder off and nodding approvingly.

“Thanks,” Alec fixed his collar, looking at the time. “Shit.”

Jace snapped his fingers in front of Alec’s face, drawing his attention away from the clock on the wall. “Hey, look at me. It’s going to be fine.”

“What if he says no? What if Julian doesn’t get to the restaurant in time?”

Jace sighed heavily. “Alec stop fretting.”

“Can you please just be my best friend and not the person I confessed my love to?” Alec blurted out, and Jace froze.

Alec knew Jace better than anyone, and he wasn’t wrong in that moment. Jace had been keeping a small distance between them since the night of Alec’s confession, not wanting to make things weird for either of them. But Jace had been wrong, because Alec did remember.

Clearing his throat, Jace put his hand on Alec’s shoulder. “Alright. Julian is working at that restaurant tonight, he has his violin-”

“Magnus loves it when Julian plays the violin.”

“Hey! Focus!” Jace slapped Alec’s shoulder lightly, and Alec nodded. “Everything is ready, Magnus is waiting, and you are getting engaged tonight. Magnus would be crazy to say no.”

“Really? I’m not- I mean, there are so many reasons that he could say no. I snore, I hog the covers, I can’t dance-”

Jace slapped his cheek lightly, and Alec took a deep breath. “Thanks.”

Jace nodded. “Don’t mention it. Now,” he said, cupping Alec’s cheek. “You’re a great guy, Alec. You’re kind, funny, annoyingly handsome and yes, you dance like a one legged chicken, but-” Alec gave him an evil glare at that. “But, you have one of the purest and kindest hearts I have ever gotten to know. Magnus loves you. He’s going to say yes.”

Alec was silent for a moment, before smiling brightly at him. “Thanks, Jace.”

Jace smiled back. “You’re welcome. Now go get your man.”

Alec took a deep breath and grabbed the car keys from the table. “Wish me luck.”

“You don’t need luck, bro. You got this.”

Alec laughed and left.

Later that night, Jace’s phone lit up with a single text message.

“He said yes!”

After cheering with Clary, he finally realized it. He always knew Alec.

Alec wasn’t happy until he met Magnus. Not to say that Magnus was the only thing that could make Alec happy. Magnus drew out a side of Alec that Jace knew. He loosened up, he had fun, he stopped putting his family before himself, he enjoyed life.

That was all anyone ever wanted for Alec, for him to be himself and enjoy life.  He could finally have that with Magnus.

Just like Clary had done for him. Alec accepted that. If he could make the effort to get to know her, Jace could do the same with Magnus. The only thing they had in common was Alec, as far as Jace knew, but that, Jace figured out, was enough reason.

Next bowling night, Jace picked Magnus for his team, and it turned out to be his lucky night. They not only beat Alec and Simon, but Magnus also gave him the best suggestion for a present for Clary’s birthday.

The glittery stranger was no longer a stranger. He was family.

We’ll come back, and we’ll bring Hell with us.

Request:  ok so I’m pretty weird but could you do an imagine where Bucky and reader are dating and hydra capture her Bucky and Steve and to torture Bucky they tie him up and make him watch Steve fuck you (he has a mind control serum or something) and then you enjoy it because your senses are heightened and then right after you and Steve orgasm they let Bucky go and you collapse crying and you just hold each other because you’re both like broken emotionally sorry its so detailed I basically wrote a pic lol


A/N: I took out the enjoyed it part, because I believe it would hurt Bucky more to watch this, knowing theres nothing he can do to help you.

Originally posted by natpekis

Bucky and I have been together for about one year now, life is good. I love him more than anything, he loves me just as much. Steve usually forbids us from going on missions together, Bucky and I are very passionate about each other, and that transfers over to missions. Bucky would drop everything, mission included, put several other people in danger, JUST to save me. Steve learned that the hard way, so he forbade us from going on missions together.

However, this time we had to work together, as it’s just me, Buck, and Steve. It’s dangerous enough, we’re all needed this time.

To send the Winter Soldier and his girlfriend to a Hydra base, together, may not have been the smartest idea, I realize this now as I am captured and taken from my friend, and my boyfriend, they’ve sedated me so I can’t move, can’t talk, but I’m still awake. I can see everything. I can see Bucky drop everything, and sprint towards me. I can see the panic in his eyes. Then it disappears. A bomb goes off to my right, dropping the building in front of me, blocking Bucky from my view.

‘Fuck…this is it. This is how I’m gonna die.’ I can’t help but wonder if Steve and Bucky will be okay. I hope so…the drugs pull me under, and my vision fades to black.


When I come to, I’m tied to a bed by my hands and legs and my clothes are missing off my body. When I go on missions, I wear a g-string, as to avoid uncomfortable wedgies, and no bra. So, you can imagine my predicament.

“What the fuck..” tugging on the restraints, I find I am securely locked in place.

“(Y/N), (Y/N) are you okay??” I look to my right, seeing Bucky and Steve sitting on the ground, with their hands tied above their heads, still fully clothed.

I know my nakedness in front of Steve should embarrass me, but it doesn’t. My fear overpowers any feelings of humiliation or embarrassment I may feel.

“Fuck, (Y/N) say something, anything.”

“I-I’m okay, Bucky. W-Why am I naked?” He gulps, tugging on the restraints one more time, they’re so strong that even his metal arm can’t bust through it.

“I-I don’t know. They just told me that ‘this is gonna be a lot of fun.’”

Steve comes to at this moment, coughing.

“W-What, where are we? Buck?” I can’t help but wonder why, or how, they managed to get caught. Bucky probably risking everything, and Hydra probably expected him to do it, and was prepared for it.

When Steve realizes I’m basically naked, his face turns red and he turns his head. Still trying to reserve some dignity for me….whatever left I may have, at least. Before anyone of us can say anymore, an intercom comes on, a man’s voice speaking.

“Ah, welcome home Winter Soldier. We have a wonderful surprise for you today!” Bucky growls, pulling on the restraints again. Knowing this has something to do with me, and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it.

“You see, we know that you don’t work for us anymore, in fact, we’re not going to do anything to you. As soon as this is over, we’ll let you all go. You’ll just have to deal with all the emotional trauma with what comes with what you’re about to witness.” The door snaps open, almost like it took a button in a main office to open it.

Someone walks in, dressed in all black and combat gear. I feel even more exposed.

He walks over to Steve, and for some reason I’m even more scared.

He takes out a big ass needle, and shoves it into his neck.


“STEVE!” Bucky and I yell at the same time. Steve groans, and passes out. I don’t know if it’s from the pain, or the stuff in the syringe.

“Oh my God, Bucky, Bucky is he okay?!” Hot, fat tears drip down the side of my face.

Bucky is looking over at him, breathing heavy.

“Fuck, I don’t know (Y/N).” The voice comes back over the intercom.

“The fun will commence when Captain Rogers regains consciousness.” It cuts out again.

Now all we can do it wait, wait in fear and confusion.

“B-Bucky, do you know what that was?”
“No, (Y/N).” We wait in silence for another hour before he stirs. He brings his head up, and his face is hard and unforgiving. This isn’t Steve. The door opens again, another man coming in and walking over to Steve. My heart rate is off the chart, I can’t contain the terror anymore, tears continue pouring out of my face.

‘Is Steve gonna kill me? Are they gonna make my boyfriends best friend kill me?’ No, why would that be the case when I’m almost completely naked. Oh no…Oh no please don’t tell me they’re going to make him do what I think he’s going to do.

Steve walks over to me, standing at the foot of the bed.

“Now, the fun can begin.” The man, who was obviously the voice over the intercom speaks, before leaving.

“S-Steve?” I whimper, he’s staring at me with hard, predatory eyes. I don’t know who this is, but Steve is not in control right now.

Bucky tugs on the chains once more.

“STEVE! Steve, please. Please don’t do this.” Bucky seems to remember what’s going on. He seems desperate to get his attention.

‘What’s about to happen to me?’

“STOP! STOP THIS! I’LL COME BACK TO HYDRA! I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! JUST PLEASE DON’T HURT HER!” Bucky is on the verge of tears, and I’ve never seen him so heartbroken. It makes me believe my chances for survival are slim. Bucky never loses his composure.

“We don’t want you anymore, Soldier. We just want to watch you suffer.” There’s that voice again.

Steve comes up to me, pulling out a pocket knife from his utility belt. I can almost feel my heart beating out of my chest, my eyes are hurting from focusing so hard. The only thing running through my mind is, he’s going to slice through my skin. He’s going to stab me, this is going to be a slow, torturous death. Was Bucky forced to do this?

However, the pain, that pain at least, doesn’t come. He slices through my G-string. The only piece of clothing protecting myself from being bared to the whole room.

“Oh God no, please Steve! Please don’t do this! I know you’re in there, don’t want to do this…” Sobbing, I tug on the restraints one last time, obviously to no avail.
Bucky shouts, trying to get his attention elsewhere but me. It doesn’t work. Steve unzips the fly on his stealth suit, before pulling out his already stiff cock. I turn my head, I don’t want to see what’s about to happen. I look at Bucky, I’m about to be raped…by his best friend, while my boyfriend watches. This torture is meant for him…but I know Steve will hate himself for the rest of his life when he comes back. I just turn off all emotion. I’m not going to give these fuckers the satisfaction of watching me cry. They don’t deserve it.

“Don’t worry, Bucky….it’ll all be okay.” That’s all I can get out, before Steve shoves himself into me. My body wasn’t ready. My mind might have been, but it doesn’t mean it helped with any pain. I bite my lip, drawing blood. Squeezing my eyes shut, I don’t want Bucky to see me like this.

Steve isn’t as long as Bucky, but he’s just as thick. He beings a rough, fast, unforgiving pace. My body begins to adjust. I still don’t enjoy it, but at least it doesn’t hurt anymore.

After 15 minutes, Steve finishes. He pulls out, tucks himself back into his suit and goes to sit back next to Bucky. Bucky can’t even look at him. He’s staring at me, a few stray tears had fallen from his eyes, and down his cheeks.

Steve falls back into unconsciousness.

“I-I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” He chokes on his own saliva. His heartache hurts me more than anything Hydra could ever do to me.

“Don’t be sorry, Bucky. It’s not your fault.” I force a smile at him. Bucky hangs his head, his body shaking with sobs.


Another two hours pass, and I’m starting to think the torture is not over.

My fears are thankfully not realized, as the restraints holding Bucky and Steve snap loose, releasing them. I sob, thankful that this nightmare is almost over, hopefully.

Bucky runs to me, yanking my hands loose from the restraints.

I fall limp into his arms, crying. He hold me, letting me cry into his shoulder.

He helps me dress, back into my catsuit.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I’m so sorry…” I sniffle a little more, wiping my eyes.

“I don’t blame you, Bucky. I love you, forever. But your best friend could use some help too…” Bucky holds no ill will towards Steve, he goes over to him and helps him up, as he’s still unconscious.

The doors open again, and we are released. I know what you must be thinking, why would Hydra let three of the Avengers go like that, when we are so weak? It would be so easy to kill us.

Well, nothing would be more victorious to them, then to watch us do the walk of shame. They won.

This time.


After we get to the tower, we’re all taken to the med bay, Steve will be fine. A full blown rape kit is done on me, to determine if I’ll have any injuries. I have vaginal tearing, and am given an antibiotic to prevent infection.

Bucky holds me, he’s never left my side the whole time since we’ve been back, and I can’t see him letting my out of his sight for quite some time.

Steve eventually comes to.

“W-What? Where am I?” He sits up quick, but the medic comes and rests her hand on his shoulder.

“Lay back, Mr. Rogers. Your brain went through a lot of mental trauma, you need nothing more than to rest.” He turns to look at his surroundings, realizing he’s in the tower, he relaxes a bit. Once he makes eye contact with us, his memories must have came back.

“N-No…no, (Y/N) Please tell me I didn’t…” I shake my head.

“Don’t Steve, please don’t do this to yourself.”

“B-Buck..” His eyes well up with unshed tears. Bucky lets me go and stands up to walk towards Steve, bringing him into a brotherly embrace.

“It’s okay, punk. We’ll get through this.” Steve rests his head in his hands.

“H-How can you forgive me?” Bucky runs his hand through his hair.

“B-Because I was forced to do this to women they interrogated too…only..they didn’t get to survive. I don’t have any room to be upset.” I’m shocked to hear his confession.

He had to rape women when he was the Winter Soldier? I don’t know why I’m shocked, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Steve and I don’t say anything, we just let it go.

We’re down, but we will get back up. And we’ll bring hell with us.

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My favorite part about working the day after a party holiday is waking up drunk patients and telling them they’re in the ER. I love being able to see, on their faces, the moment they discover where they are and then realize they have no idea how they got here.

I imagine it’s like watching your kid open presents on Christmas morning. But with less joy. And more vomiting.

Let the Dragons Consume You: Pt1

Twice. Hanzo has nearly killed his brother twice with his Dragons, there cannot be a third time…there will not be a third time if he has anything to say about it, regardless of what it might cost him to keep that kind of power locked away.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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anonymous asked:

Do you ever think that Martin shames Sansa for her pride? sometimes I feel like her whole storyline is one big exercise in tearing down her pride, and, therefore "redeeming" her for her actions in AGOT. why a woman being more tolerable/likable often begins with denying them a range of complex human emotions? Especially when they are feminine. I literally don’t think women who are proud, confident or angry need to be humbled. I think the same problem goes for Catelyn and Cersei.

Hi! You raise an interesting question.

Do you ever think that Martin shames Sansa for her pride? sometimes I feel like her whole storyline is one big exercise in tearing down her pride, and, therefore “redeeming” her for her actions in AGOT.

I’m going to say that yes, it did cross my mind, especially after reading the waterstones letter. Excuse me if I go on a small tangent here, but I think there is a problem with how Sansa’s character is presented in AGOT. 

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The Sun Will Rise

Prompt : No matter how much your past haunts you, the sun will rise and it’ll be alright.

Word count : 3183

Warnings : Nightmares, mentions of blood and death. 

Author’s note : Enjoy it. Don’t forget to give me some feedback. And I hope you will enjoy it as much as Her voice is calling to me. If you want to be add on the tag list, just tell me. As the previous times, English is not my first language so mistakes may remain even if I check it. A tinny advice : listen to the song while reading :)

Song of the title : The Sun Will Rise, Kelly Clarkson (and the acoustic version because it’s pure golden)

Tag list : @allandnothing90, @amypond14, @flyingsparkle, @crazychick010, @capsbuchanan, @jarnesbrnes, @spiderbarnes, @imaginingbucky@writingruna, @bovaria, @sincerelysaraahh, @youandbucky


Gif is not mine


Screams once again. It often happens in the middle of the night, always coming from the same bedroom. Bucky’s bedroom. Sometimes, they stop by themselves, sometimes Steve calms him down, sometimes he spends a night without nightmares. But tonight, there is no stop since more than an hour, no Steve calming him down and nobody else going. I can’t sleep, I can’t face my own nightmares, I can’t face the past that’s haunting me as his haunts him, so I push away the blankets of my bed, walk towards the door, open it and go to his room.

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Always a Bridesmaid 5/?

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

I finished this chapter quickly so I thought I’d share as an Easter treat.  So very flattered by all your lovely comments and kudos! So awesome that you are enjoying this story!

Thanks so much to @mel-loves-all for the beautiful edit and to @almondblossomme for proofing! This and the previous chapters are all available on AO3.

                  Chapter 5: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Felicity came back to her hotel room and took a shower before calling Oliver.

She didn’t know why but she was super nervous. It’s not like this was her first time and she couldn’t remember being this nervous her first time either. This was her idea!

She picked up the phone to call Oliver and put it back down. Why was she freaking out? She wanted this. She like REALLY WANTED THIS.

She picked up the phone again but instead of calling Oliver she called Sara.

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7 Letters

Chapter 2 - He who lived in Affluēns.

| Prologue | 1

Member - Taehyung x reader, Jungkook x reader

Genre - Angst, Fluff, (future) smut

Word count - 4,560

Summary -  A mysterious person who writes on your skin, an interesting co-worker who is making his way into your heart. A man whose past you need to know and a man who needs to understand your present. In a journey that takes you beyond the boundaries of time, sanity and love, you are left torn between choices to make and decisions to take.

And no. Not everything was about love. It was also about destiny.

Originally posted by ultranicolet

“Come on in and make yourself comfortable, I’ll get you a towel.”

You held the door of your house open for Jungkook, who shivered a little and smiled at you gratefully. He walked in, sliding his bag off his shoulders on to your dining table, leaving a trail of water which dripped from his clothes all over the small space you called your living room. You quickly grabbed a towel and handed it to him so he could dry himself then walked into the kitchen to whip up something nice and hot for him so you could ease your guilt.

The time was 8 now and you were supposed to be at work 2 hours ago to go through the presentation one last time before you showed it to your client later in the evening. But somehow yesterday your phone accidentally landed up in the toilet bowl and that in turn lead to two things - One, you oversleeping, because you didn’t have an alarm to wake you up. And two, you not being able to receive any of the hundreds of calls Jungkook made. He had been so worried sick that he rushed on his bike to your house to check on you, getting thoroughly drenched in the pouring rain, banging on your front door finally waking you up. You took a minute to quickly throw a sweater over you and change out of your shorts into pants before he almost broke down the door.

Jungkook walked into the kitchen, rubbing the towel at the back of his head through his damp hair. The wet strands that were falling in his eyes were dripping with tiny droplets of water that were catching the sun’s light. Dripping onto his already wet white shirt, that was sticking to his body in a dangerously attractive way. You tore your eyes away from the alluring sight and returned to the stove making some hot chocolate for him.

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Pussy is mine

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings/Contains: some daddy stuff, casual sex, the topic of masturbation, angst, angry bucky, fingering, riding, rough sex, swearing, not a happy ending tbh

Word Count: 1813

this is indeed based off the song by miguel, a song that i listen to in the shower ;) i didn’t like post the lyrics w the story, you could always listen along but yeah, also sorry that this has no real meaning, but what does anymore??

Originally posted by bovaria

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So I love all the Beach Brawl stuff about Ryoma teaching Xander to swim, but he keeps teasing Xander just a bit here and there, nothing too mean but enough that it’s really starting to get on Xander’s nerves. And then they get hit by a huge wave. A giant wave. And they get all battered about and Xander gets washed up on shore like a beached whale so he decides that he’s had quite enough swimming for today thank you, and heads over to where the rest of the family is relaxing on the beach. Meanwhile Ryoma is still out in the water recovering from the wave, when he realizes…his fundoshi is gone. The wave was so strong that it must have torn it off and swept it away because it’s nowhere to be found. So now he’s naked in the water, with the entirety of both royal families on the beach with a clear view of him whenever he decides to get out of the water.

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Harry Styles - Meet At After Party Imagine - Part Two


Part One and Part Three]

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most millennials would be glad to be surrounded by free caffeine all day. the prospect of coffee, coffee and more coffee meaning that every five am walk of shame you did could be respectfully counteracted, would surely be a dream for everyone her own age. however, when being surrounded by coffee all day also meant being surrounded by the whiny american public all day too, it counteracted the positives of the occupation. they already didn’t understand british humour, making her an almost pillar of solace at work ( which wasn’t something that calliope would be caught complaining about, of course. )  today, her first shift back, seemed to be surrounded with nothing but disaster. current task?? figure out how to get the canister for whipped cream to work without dashing it across the store. “fuck this!” she curses, more audible than a manager would’ve allowed her. “if you wanted whipped cream, it’s not happening. my condolences to your arteries, but one day they’ll thank me.”

The Truth About Love - Master

This is a 17 parts series inspired by P!nk’s album, The Truth About Love. Entry for mrs-squirrel-chester Album Fanfic Writting Challenge.

The series tells the story of Y/N and Dean Wichester, throughout the years, switching from differents POVs. It will be post weekly and each chapter would be inspired on a song, following the order of the album, which means the story won’t be in chronoligcal order.

Album order

1) All We Are (Are We All We Are)

2) I Had Enough! (Blow Me -One Last Kiss)

3) Get Up and Try (Try)

4) You Are Not Broken (Just Give Me A Reason)

5) True Love (True Love)

6) Where’s Sam? (How Come You’re Not Here)

7) I know you (Slut Like You)

8) You Are The Person Of My Dreams (The Truth About Love)

9) Burn A Candle And Turn Off The Lights (beam Me Up)

10) No More Bubbles, No More Yum (Walk Of Shame)

11) Lipstick and Cherry Wine (Here Comes The Weekend)

12) Another Man’s Afterglow (Where Did The Beat Go?)

13) The Great Escape (The Great Escape)

14) (My Signature Move)

15) (Is This Thing On)

16) (Run)

17) (Good Old Days) 

Chronological order 

1) I know you 

2) All We Are

3) You Are The Person Of My Dreams

4) The Great Escape

5) Get Up and Try

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SamBenny + insomnia

I’m not at all familiar with insomnia, beyond some superficial research. I hope this is okay.

The thing about having a vampire for a boyfriend was that vampires didn’t sleep. The thing about having Benny for a boyfriend was that he was perfectly content to lay in bed with Sam while he was sleeping. This would have been really sweet if it weren’t for the fact that Sam didn’t sleep either.

It had always been a non-problem. Sam learned early on how to deal with it, and as long as he wasn’t dead on his feet, his inability to sleep was actually an advantage as a hunter. It meant more time to research, less time spent vulnerable. All in all, it was a valuable asset, never mind how frustrating it was.

Benny didn’t really get it. He insisted that humans need eight hours of sleep every night – compromised with five when Dean looked at him like he had grown two heads – and wouldn’t take I can’t for an answer. Benny kept trying different things to help Sam sleep:  Warm milk, lavender oil, actually singing him lullabies. None of it worked, and Sam was done trying to explain that this wasn’t the kind of problem that could be fixed with home remedies.

So he simply didn’t go to bed. At first, he would go when Benny guided him to the bedroom and lay there until either sleep finally came – usually in the wee hours of the morning – or he couldn’t stand to just lay there anymore and got up to do something productive. That bothered Benny, though, who would look up from his book or movie or whatever he was occupying himself with in order to frown at Sam as he left. It came to the point where Sam couldn’t stand to look at Benny when he left. It felt more like a walk of shame than his actual walks of shame ever did. Sometimes Sam even fell asleep wherever he was working, just to avoid having to face Benny when he went back.

It became a source of anxiety in his life. The rest of the day, Sam was fine. He had no problems interacting with Benny. In fact, he loved it. Benny made him happy, happier than he could remember being. But as soon as it started to get dark, the anxiety would creep in. Inevitably, around ten, Benny would ask if Sam was coming to bed, and Sam would stumble through a negative answer, refusing to meet Benny’s eyes to avoid the disappointment he knew he’d see there. Benny would leave, and Sam would spend some time calming himself down so he could focus on whatever task he had assigned himself.

Until the night that didn’t follow that pattern, the night that Benny knelt by Sam’s chair in the library and said, “I think you need some help, cher.”

Sam shook his head. “I already told you, Benny. A teaspoon of honey or whatever isn’t gonna help.”

“No, I mean, like … professional help. I think you need to see a doctor.”

Immediately, Sam’s defenses went up. “I’m fine,” he insisted. “I’ve been dealing with this for a long time. It’s not affecting my behaviour or anything. It’s just … something I have to live with.”

“It is affecting you, cher. You’re all nervous and jumpy, all the time. You’re slowin’ down. An’ don’t think I’m the only one who’s noticed either. I dunno exactly how medicine’s progressed since I was alive last, but I know we can find you help. You don’t have to deal with this.”

Not for the first time, Sam longed for a solution. He longed to be normal in just this one thing, to just be able to sleep like people should. To be able to curl up next to Benny at night and wake up next to him in the morning. But that was too much to ask. Sleep was vulnerability. He couldn’t afford to leave himself open and undefended like that for so long – not now, not ever.

“You’re not undefended,” Benny tried exasperatedly when Sam voiced his concerns. You’re such a light sleeper, and you keep a gun under your pillow for a reason.

“I’m too slow after waking up. It’s not enough.”

“Then you have me. I’m wide awake every night, Sam. And my reflexes are better than yours anyway, even when you’re awake. Please, just try this? For me?”

Sam finally risked a glance upwards and immediately caught Benny’s eyes. There wasn’t disappointment there, like Sam had feared, but concern, a little desperation. Sam couldn’t say no to Benny when he looked like that.

“One appointment,” he promised, voice stern and unyielding. He knew, that one appointment wouldn’t be enough, but even that was more than his common sense told himself to give. One appointment, at the very least, couldn’t hurt all that much.

Dating Luke

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1500k+

Warning: NSFW

Should i make this into a series of non chronological events of big milestones in Luke & Y/N’s relationship or should i leave it as a oneshot? 

(Gif isn’t mine)

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