more vital than air


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He was pleased to note that his vision was no longer so blurry, but soon it became apparent that McCoy’s face was simply closer than it had been. His eyes were the same color as the tide that was dribbling through the clusters of rock. Spock felt cold hands on either side of his face and they quelled a small amount of the restless heat in his blood. His eyes slid shut; his mind whirred as fast as it could go but his legs did nothing to respond. Sleep would take him soon if they did nothing to stop it, but there was little medication remaining. McCoy’s ingenuity could only keep the illness at bay for so long.

Something stung his neck. A mosquito, maybe. But there were no mosquitoes on this planet, nor was there much of anything that could bite, so the pain must have come from his companion.

“Don’t,” McCoy said, almost drowned out by the echoes of waves, “don’t wait for me. When it starts to work, go.”

The warmth abated and he could feel the cool pool of water gathering where he lay. He riled up the strength to open his eyes only to see McCoy reaching for his tricorder.

“We go together,” Spock protested. His voice sounded hoarse and weak and distant.

McCoy looked at him with his eyes the color of the sea. “You’re not going anywhere until you can take a full breath, and then you’re going to run. Find the Enterprise and I’ll meet you there. I promise.”

Spock jerked his arms forward, trying with his slowly growing strength to grab anything he could to pull himself up, and his arms responded with a limp twitch. A noise like a bird’s trill escaped from his throat and McCoy flinched. Spock snapped his mouth shut with a click of his teeth but it was too late. The tension between them that had always been so carefully hostile snapped.

“I promise,” McCoy said, placed his far-too-cool hands again on the sides of Spock’s neck, and pressed their lips together. Spock could do little to respond, only move a finger in lieu of reaching for the other man’s waist. Things were speeding up around him, no longer so agonizingly stale, and the breaths of air that Spock pulled in were more vitalizing than earlier. The medicine was taking effect, his fever washing itself away with the tide, and McCoy freed himself before Spock could gather the strength to pull them back together.

“Good luck, Spock,” he said, and began to climb.

They both knew that in the fog as thick as a cloud and his instruments useless lumps of metal, there was no chance of him trying to follow. He would have to do as instructed. Run until the moisture ceased to permeate the air as McCoy braved the walls of water to find the shuttle. Spock knew that he could trust this man to find the cure but hated that he had to, that he had to sit by in the safety of the hills while the medication wore off as quickly as McCoy’s strength was sure to. And he hated that he had allowed the doctor to have the last word.

When they got back to the Enterprise, he had one or two things to say. They were going to get back.

Steggy fic:  Mercury in Retrograde

AUTHOR: indiefic  
CHARACTERS: Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Jupiter Jones, Caine Wise
PAIRINGS: Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter; Jupiter Jones/Caine Wise
FANDOMS: Captain America (movies), Agent Carter, Jupiter Ascending
SUMMARY:  Sometimes to move forward, it looks like you’re moving backward.
AUTHOR’S NOTE:  CRACKFIC.  This story is set firmly in the Jupiter Ascending universe, but stars our favorite couple, Steve and Peggy.

For Steggyweek - Day 05:  Tropes, Kinks, or Cliches

“Imprints are, on a physiological and psychological level, absolutely bound to their target,” Peggy explains.  “It isn’t loyalty.  It isn’t attraction.  Every bit of Steve, both cell and spirit, is irrevocably devoted to me.  My well being is more vital to him than air.  He would, quite literally, do anything to protect me.  His allegiance is unquestioning, his fealty absolute.”

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“no way around it: some of the water you just drank passed through the kidneys of socrates, genghis khan, and joan of arc.”

“how about air? also vital. a single breathful draws in more air molecules than there are breathfuls of air in earths entire atmosphere. that means some of the air you just breathed passed through the lungs of napoleon, beethoven, lincoln, and billy the kid.”

“there are more stars than seconds have passed since earth was formed”

“the chemical elements of the universe are forged in the fires of high-mass stars that end their lives in stupendous explosions, enriching their host galaxies with the chemical arsenal of life as we know it. we are not simply in the universe. the universe is in us. yes, we are stardust.”

may i ask again why does this textbook go so hard