more valentine's day stuff

evil-is-relative  asked:

So, do any of your lovely, crazy characters celebrate Heart's Day?

I imagine my TESO trio would at least. Some had better time than others… :’)

anonymous asked:

Luffy!! Can you wear your adorable Punk Hazard outfit with the striped coat, earmuffs and everything?? It'd be a perfect valentines gift!!!

((hi anon! Im not doing any more valentines day stuff but the striped coat is one of my favorite luffy outfits of all time so please take this doodle ‘v’ ))


Based on a true story also late valentine’s post ftw

anonymous asked:

You seem to have a great music taste. Would you like to give us your favourite lyrics?

That’s always the biggest compliment for me :’) 
and of course, I don’t mind, so here you go:

“So when you feel like shit, you’ve gotta keep on pushing.”
-Bullet for my Valentine /Curses/

“Live your life ‘til the end. I will never change and I’ll never regret. Always follow your heart. If you never try then you’ll never go far.”
-Glamour of the Kill /The Summoning/

“Don’t suffer in your silence. Know you’re never alone.”
- Bullet for my Valentine /You Want a Battle (Here’s a War)/

“But who would give a fuck about a kid with a dream, because stories aren’t told about the one’s unseen.”
- Hollywood Undead /We Are/

“That angelic child, a perfect prayer in heart. ‘Let no bad happen.’ ”
-Being as an Ocean /…And Their Consequence/

“I’m falling back into the “how-could-this-have-happened-to-me’s” like some melancholy play, that no one paid to see.”
-Being as an Ocean /Mediocre Shakespeare/

“Don’t wait for rivers to flood, just to keep you afloat. Don’t wait for mountains to fall, just to get across.”
- Vanna /Bienvenue/

“Let me paint this clear: life is short, my dear.”
-Nothing More /Jenny/

“I’ll be your light in the darkness.”
-Asking Alexandria /I Won’t Give In/

And it’s worth the pain not to hide away every memory, one by one.”
-coldrain /Heart Of The Young/

“You’re so cold, but you feel alive. Lay your hand on me one last time. Show me how it ends; it’s alright. Show me how defenseless you really are.”
-Breaking Benjamin /So Cold/

“You’re a car crash and I can’t look away.”

-Three Days Grace /Car Crash/

“Now and again we try to just stay alive.”
-Three Days Grace /Never Too Late/

“Happiness, I’m sorry you’ve been on hold. The doors will be open ; bring it all home.”

-Volbeat /For Evigt/

“The kingdom of the fathers and the heroes, where are you? I’m talking to you everynight more than I should do. What awaits and when will be the day when I can wear the cape? I’m lying on the ground and always staring into the air. Go blindly. Completely.”

-Volbeat /Cape Of Our Hero/

“Where you listening to the evening? Have you ever felt the dawn? When everything around you told stories from the world, dear mother nature speaks louder than you know. All alone in the dark, move the curtains for once and see the light life has brought, or goodbye forever. Feel the arms that embrace; no more being afraid. Feel the sun on your face, or goodbye forever.”
-Volbeat /Goodbye Forever/

“We all have different destinies in life.”
-Volbeat /Mary Jane Kelly/

“I have to show, I’m strong and I’ll survive.”
-Bullet for my Valentine /Broken/

Ouuuuhkay, that’s enough I guess. I hope you have fun with this and maybe found some songs you like! :D