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if you’re a cis person, be careful with your trans headcanons, because you guys don’t actually really know what you’re talking about and i am so tired of seeing old, tired stereotypes being played off as ‘cute headcanons’

AU When Rin Passes the Exorcist Exam

The entirety of the upper-class exorcists who believed Rin was nothing more than a spawn of Satan are shocked Rin - under surveillance and close watchful eyes of proctors - not only passes the written exam without any form of cheating or signs of taking time to think out answers under the time limit - but scored roughly as well as Suguro and Izumo - the tops of the the class.

And what cuts the tension like a hot knife through butter? To everyone’s shock, Angel - Rin’s biggest antagonist - giving a resounding slow clap of congratulation.

“Rin Okumura… color me impressed.”

hnnnn cleaner and colored pics of my inuyasha oc(s)! more info under the cut!

  • the local villagers gave her the name “susumu”
  • she’s a farmer-turned-architect that doesn’t speak fluent japanese and regularly talks in her home language to everyone she meets. she’s very cheery and never seems to worry about sticking out from everyone else
  • when the villagers noticed her plotting land away from the fields, she was gradually able to show that her location had way more advantages than the other fields
  • she was able to help a couple of villagers relocate their crops, and was given a plot of land to build her home in return. when she drew her blueprints and had the house built, she was commissioned by several people to either design or remodel their homes
  • susumu unknowingly influenced the villagers to speak less since they realized they could understand her without speaking
  • most japanese words she’ll learn and say are food-based
  • word spread about her designing homes for the village and the region’s lord requested she help remodel the castle
  • there she met the princess, miyako. miyako became smitten with her and convinced the lord to let susumu live in the castle during the remodeling
  • susumu “asked” miyako to make her over just like her (gesturing to her eyebrows and juni-hitoe). susumu let her hair grow since she didn’t have to cut it like when she worked in the fields, and it eventually reached her thighs
  • miyako took it upon herself to be susumu’s assistant, but is pretty clumsy and regularly spills tea on blueprints or accidentally ripping the papers. susumu is always more concerned with miyako’s safety when accidents happen though
  • after the castle was remodeled, miyako continued to argue for susumu to stay in the castle, and was eventually successful

Odysseus, on his journey home to Ithaca, was visited by a ghost. The ghost tells him that once he reaches his home, once he slays all his enemies and sets his house in order, he must do one last thing before he can rest. The ghost tells him to pick up an oar and walk inland. And keep walking until somebody mistakes that oar for a shovel. For that would be the place that no man had ever been troubled by the sea. And that’s where he’d find peace. 

            In the end, that’s all I want. To walk away from the sea and find some peace.

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Heya, anon with the homophobe sibling here. You were right, I'm gay. I live in a religious house, so I'm not out. I agree that tv didn't make me gay, but shows like Spn showed me that my doubts and differences aren't evil, that family can be found. And fandom people who are all so different and united and compassionate help with my isolation. And, sorry if this is wierd, but people like you are my heroes.


Well not all heroes wear capes :p

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I’m sorry you feel that you can’t be out and I understand the pressures. I have a close friend who was in the closet until he went to college due to his family being hugely religious (a Mormon family where 8 of the 11 children were missionaries), he then was for a while ostracised by his family but eventually after a few months they started to come around and after a few years they then became understanding and got back on track. In the meantime he discovered a whole world of found family and friends and is very happy with both now.

My point is that all families are different, all situations are different but even when you sometimes think they will never understand sometimes they can and often their love for you is greater than their fear of the unknown or religious or cultural influences and if, as occasionally is not the case, if you are a good person there is no way you will not find found family and friends who will be your family :)

I hope you are ok and I hope you feel proud, you should, you are valid and loved!

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1. Mat said that the only approval he needs is from Stephanie. 2. Steph made a "performance anxiety" joke about Mat.

1. Ikr I just about melted I love how much Matt adores Steph (i.e. Only needing her approval, Steph being his number one priority, etc).

2. I didn’t hear that but I am 100% certain she did cause she’s ten pounds of sass in a five pound bag.

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I am so pissed and upset I'm a mercy main and I was yelled at seven games in a row like I'm sorry you don't know how to deal with the flanking tracer/winston/reaper/genji but bro I can't heal you if I'm dead protect your healers so they can heal you. goddamn i'm so pissed why are overwatch players so rude and vulgar

It’s become like cod and LoL sadly

Do you ever read a post that makes you want to drop your phone off a bridge?

Fuck this person for tagging this with zimbits and forcing me to see it with my own two eyes.