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well this was a wild ride from start to finish

I’ve wanted to read The White Mouse, Nancy Wake’s autobiography about her time in the French Resistance, for years, but it’s long out of print and there were no ebooks to be found. But apparently that is no longer the case: there is a Kindle version, and it is glorious.

Some highlights:

Yeah, this pretty much captures the spirit of the book.

The first two great loves of Nancy’s life were, apparently, her dog and a gorgeous Yugoslavian woman named Stephanie.

Nancy invites Stephanie to move in with her after witnessing Stephanie’s extremely dramatic breakup with her husband, and then proceeds to namedrop like crazy for several paragraphs, including a bit about the time a famous actor invited them to see him play the lead in The Trial of Oscar WIlde. None of this is subtle.

Nancy does eventually meet and marry a dude who she seems to love quite a bit, but not as much as she loves describing the elaborate meal they served at their wedding. This is like CS Lewis level food description.

Basically she goes into more detail about food than she does about most of the military operations she was involved in.

Later, after she jumps from a moving train and runs for it while being machine-gunned at, Nancy spends a paragraph describing the jewelry that had been in the handbag she dropped, in detail. She was still very upset about losing it at the time she wrote her autobiography, forty years later. Nancy’s determination to Look Her Best is genuinely impressive.

This bit takes place after she crossed the Pyrenees on foot and has been wearing the same clothes for like a month. She does this specifically because two of the women who crossed the Pyrenees with her have been pissing her off and she wants them to look extra worn and bedraggled by comparison. I love her.

Eventually Nancy makes it to England, joins the SOE and starts training to be parachuted into France where she’ll join up with the Resistance. First, though, she has to embarrass the shit out of some dudes.

Nancy finds time to pull three separate pranks with those condoms before she’s done training. Nancy does not fuck around.

Nancy had more fun at SOE training than the entire cast of Animal House had in the entire runtime of Animal House. I LOVE HER.

Once Nancy gets to France she is briefly stranded without a radio operator, but he does turn up eventually. Every single story about this dude in the entire book is incredible.

I mean, there was a war on. You might die tomorrow. Nancy understands.

Nancy also brought two silk nightgowns (one pink and one blue) with her to Occupied France and made a point of changing out of her battledress every night before going to sleep. At one point Nancy risks capture because she needs a new set of clothes for a mission (ones that don’t look like they’ve had WWII fought in them) and a tailor in a nearby village has promised her a custom-made outfit so she needs to get to the fitting.

There is a real person named Donald Darling. I am so glad.

For the record, Nancy punched a waiter in Paris after the war because he was disparaging about the English in front of her friend. It was awesome.

Nancy’s spirits do get low for a while after the war, though, especially since her husband died in a prison camp while she was in England and she didn’t find out until after the liberation of Paris. It’s okay, though:

Nancy seems like the kind of person who makes other people even more awesome by her mere presence, like her Resistance commander buddy:

Basically, Nancy has lived a LIFE. This sums her up pretty well, I think:

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So regarding the Jedi Reformation, what do you think the "original form" of the Jedi that Anakin is "trying to return them to" looks like? What is his equivalent to Sola Scriptura?

Hmm, well… While I’m calling this the Reformation AU, and I do like to make sly references to Martin Luther when talking about it, it’s actually not nearly that perfect of a parallel.

Anakin is like Martin Luther in that he definitely isn’t setting out to create a schism, and at least in the beginning I don’t think he even considers himself to be initiating a reform - or at least, he doesn’t think about it that way consciously. It’s more that he’s trying to live his truth, and help the kids who come to him, and he doesn’t see any reason he can’t be Amavikka and Jedi both. All the Masters talk about the Force’s will. Well, Anakin might argue, maybe the Force’s will for him is to free the slaves.

Obviously, that’s not a perspective that’s going to be terribly popular with the Council…

But back to your question. If Anakin has an equivalent of Sola Scriptura, it’s probably a conviction that freedom is the foundational principle. People should be free to choose their own destinies. A statement that sounds pretty uncontroversial in a democratic society…except when it comes to the particulars. And especially when it comes to the Jedi Order, which may be the guardians of peace and justice in the Republic, but which is…very definitely not a democratic institution.

(And, of course, the democratic Republic itself is significantly less free than it would like to believe, with its Outer Rim territories and its Senate seats given to leaders of large corporations as though they were planetary governments. Not to mention the clone army, which will definitely be a major issue in Anakin’s damn fool idealistic crusade.)

somebody give this man his bo-rifle back


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It’s been over a year since posting a bfsn so i guess ill do it since i actually took pictures this week. so enjoy these pics of me meeting some cool people at sundance film fest this weekend

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hi babes i’m grace and i’m a libra and i spend all my free time taking buzzfeed quizzes. if you ever need a custom knitted sweater for your pet then i’m your gal. this is a bold claim but i’m pretty sure i’ve tried every single kind of oreo that exists in this world. i accidentally say i love you bye to almost everyone i’m on the phone with and it haunts me. if you want to take quizzes with me or talk about weird movies or literally anything else my gh is annoyingpapercut and i’d love to know you.


so lately i’ve been designing characters but was struggling to come up with something unique- something i’ve never thought of before.

so i decided to create this character generator to help!

screenshot and see what you get, and try to create a character out of the words and colour palette!

i also made a world/setting generator

sorry i know it’s super janky, just keep trying use whatever you can work with :D

So Kevin is all upset because he can’t play football anymore and he’s belittling Jack’s need to stay busy, Kate is upset because Jack was filming her, and Randall is blowing off the Pearsons to take his new girlfriend to see Titanic for the 7th time…Jack’s going to die now isn’t he?


dad, no