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Submitted by @toxiccreed: Just wanted to share what is likely going to be the last piece of art you’ll be seeing from me for awhile. Ah hah… yeah it’s a long story but I figured I’d share this with you because hey I am certainly proud of this piece. It was likely going to tie in with the story that I never finished but for now it’s just a silly doodle of an Uncorrupted (or rather sort of ‘freed’) Nveryll and Oranat standing beside him.

Zev was going to be somewhere in this but Nveryll’s fat head took up so much space I couldn’t fit him in. Either way, cheers my dear and enjoy this piece. I hope that it’ll someday be finished… and not make you fear for my hands sanity since I still have more scales to do and fix up the scales on Nev’s neck >A<;;;;;; they look so Shoddy compared to his face details ;^;


This motion comic thingamabob is slowly progressing. Have another preview, longer this time.

I might do another one, or not. That is, I’m talking about previews. Though the process of putting the video itself from manga panels is boring and monotone. So I might do more previews to help my sanity.


You start out, and you’re yourself, and then your image becomes so prominent that you start living up to the image. I’ve watched Taylor Swift from a distance and she seems like she’s very authentic. However, people are expecting her to be a certain way. But, if she needs to come apart at the seams … she should. That’s what I’ve realized as my life has gone on.

I was so accustomed to doing interviews where you won’t read anything [emotionally]. Then, I realized that that’s an exhausting way to live and an inauthentic way to live. It’s more interesting to be vulnerable. I’m not perfect. I have meltdowns constantly. So, I think the more open you can be, it saves your own sanity.

I do think Taylor Swift is handling her life so gracefully and eloquently. I think, “I don’t know how she has time to host dinner parties, perform at awards shows, host everything …” Hats off to you, sister! And, musically she’s taking chances. I love the fact that she came out with 1989 and said that she’s not country now. She’s not worried about alienating people. She’s owning what she’s doing. That, for me, is my favorite moment for her.

—  Debbie Gibson on Taylor Swift (x)

I Love this show

So my Tumblr is just complete Clexa smut at the moment?
… The whole fandom seems to have fallen into a state of hell right now in preparation of the sex scene 😂😂😂😭😭😭