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A/N What’s this? Three fics in one day? Watch me not write for three months pfft.

Pairing: Logince (Logic/Prince)

Genre: Fluff, smart people being idiots

Word Count: 920

Warnings: one (1) swear, ~jealousy~ (turning saints into the sea)


Logan draws logical conclusions from everything. He’s never wrong either. Except, it seems, when it comes to Roman.

Logan was becoming increasingly agitated despite there being no logical reasoning behind his perplexing emotion. He was in the commons along with Patton, Virgil and Roman. Morality had an arm slung around the Prince, leaning heavily on him, and the regal trait was partaking in his usual raillery with Virgil. Nothing was amiss, and yet, Logan’s frustration only built.

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Addicted appreciation week: day three x favorite book

With the six of us on this hill and the packed lake house behind us– I feel sentiments far beyond this sunrise, this morning, this moment. We filled an empty house.
    I’m thirty seven.
    Just yesterday I was twenty and meeting some of these people– people that i’d spend my life with, that’d become my home.
   Just yesterday I was twenty– still deeply and desperately in love with my best friend.
                                                               I grew older.
                                                            We all grew older.

In a blink of an eyes, our children will grow old too.
And i’ll think: just yesterday they were twenty. Headed for college. Falling in love. Memories will flood behind us, the lake house no longer filled to the brim. As quiet as the moment we first walked in– and we’ll sit on this hill. Feeling the stillness that exists. 
                                       And then we end– we end where we started.
                                                                  Just us.
                                                               All six of us.


Consider this:

Sven constantly asking Slav about the probability of meeting that “green Pidge girl” in their reality.


At first, Slav actually runs some calculations and responds, giving new answers as they fluctuate. But he eventually gives up. He just starts making up shit statistics and Sven actually believes him (he trusts his smart buddy and he’s not as cynical as his tortured-by-Galra counterpart Shiro).

Finally, Slav’s had enough. He’s going to find their version of the Pidge paladin even if it costs him his life, so long as Sven finally SHUTS UP. (Additionally, he never knew that there’d come a point when he didn’t want to talk about alternate realities).


ok so before I get to the main point im also a firm believer in the Pennywise Loves Cuddles And The Concept Of Them religion

when he’s like really tired and feeling lazy, he’ll wanna cuddle w you but he treats it more like a cat would. most posts depict you having your head in his lap or you cuddling against him, but I personally think it’s the opposite. he cuddles right up into your chest/tummy, and when he starts getting comfy and warm a little bit of his claws come out and he kneads you, drooling a bit.

you’re welcome

Dating Clint Barton Would Include
  • Meeting him in a totally normal way
  • He’d hide his job from you for so long
  • You’d never suspect anything
  • He’d be such a normal guy
  • He made you laugh all the time 
  • You’d introduce him to your folks who’d love him
  • Shit would hit the fan when you found out
  • Not that you cared about him being an agent but that he lied to you
  • Big trust issues and almost breakup
  • Trusting him slowly
  • Telling each other everything after that
  • “and im just saying that blue sweater you love is hideous” “okay maybe not that truthful clint”
  • Lazy days in bed when he was off work
  • Hating leaving him but you had to work too
  • Him cooking dinner
  • Long baths together
  • Long periods away
  • ‘How was your day’ texts every day at 8pm without fail
  • Getting a dog to keep you company
  • Clint and the dog’s relationship would be strained
  • “babe he’s growling at me” “he’s not growling he’s playing” *mutual glaring between clint and dog*
  • SHIELD giving you help with flights and stuff so he could come home more often 
  • Rattling around your house alone
  • Counting down the days
  • Him promising he’d get out and you could start a family
  • It was always after the next mission
  • That was your only source of fighting
  • You got on really well
  • You loved that he was so happy in his job
  • “baby lets just face it” “face what?” “youre an agent and that what you’ll always be” “you’re right, doesn’t mean I couldn’t be a husband or a gather though”
  • Him wanting you to move into the complex so you’d be safe
  • That not working well
  • The two of you had gotten used to just being the two of you so you had sex pretty much everywhere
  • Sex as a bargaining chip
  • “clint I asked you to do the dishes over an hour ago” “babe im busy” “do them in next 10 minutes and there’s a blowjob in it for ya” 
  • It was usually hot on heavy 
  • Clint only really took his time when he came back of missions
  • Just loved being close to you
  • Being best friends with Nat and teasing him
  • Not liking when the others do though
  • Bets about everything
  • You actually have a tin just to keep up with them
  • “steve cant look me in the eye after catching us the other day” “he’s probably annoyed we’re flaunting it, the man’s gone 70 years without any action you couldn’t go 7 seconds.” “5 bucks says I can go longer without sex than you” “you’re on” *handshake* “but im just letting you know right now that I’m wearing the red lace bra you love…and the matching panties” “well played” *clint hands over 5 bucks*
wanna chat? pt.24

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yo whats up its been A Day and i started college here are some memes

love and support = alya
mental support = nino
snack support = marinette
existential crisis = adrien

3:13 in in this house we love and support each other

love and support: mari is so beautiful
im love her

snack support: Alya its too early for you to be this gay

love and support: its never too early for gay
also being overtired is gay culture

mental support: stop blowing up my phone

love and support: no!!!!!!!!!!!
im loving mari!!!!
join me

snack support: Pleae dont

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this lil egg reached 600 last night??!! which is great and amazing and lovely. im honestly amazed that im more than halfway there to 1k??!! anyways, this lil egg is feeling super lazy this summer and has decided to bring back her birthday page!!! i’ll be reblogging this post for 700, 800, and 900 and for 1k, i’ll do some celebration that i will think of when the time comes. some of you might have already entered from the previous celebration so check HERE to see if you have!!! would be cool if mutuals signal boosted this!!!

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this is Superboy and #imtellingbatman that his new years resolution should be to make Red Robin smile more. If I have the energy to drag myself out of bed to visit YOUR protege in the middle of the night every time he's struggling, then YOU have the energy to say something nice to him every once in a while. (And if you're reading this babe I don't mind coming to see you at all, I just think Batman's a lazy dick when it comes to you and that's a problem, you feel me? XX)


southern morrowind fashion (dres + bits of southern hlaalu district)

pampered slavers and plantators covered in gold and flowy expensive textiles and long veils to protect nose and eyes from ash. also they’re big fans of tall complicated hairstyles (and long hair in general, although poor ppl tend to shave their heads cus it’s hot af and they cant afford complicates hairstyles)

I wanted to make a set of male elves but honestly?? im lazy (also i hc that clothes in morrowind are genderless and social status/occupation of the person plays more important role when it comes to differences in clothing)

mommy looking for a little girl ☆

name: lucky ( mssg me for my real name! )
age: 18
location: midwest

role: mommy
desired role: a little girl <3
age range: no one under 16, please! though, im more comfortable with people 17 or older

about me: honestly there’s not much to me. i’m a full time college student, i like to nap, watch movies + tv, hang out with friends, longboard, and do my makeup! i’m not too into sports, i enjoy art but i’m not really good at it, and when i’m not in class or doing hw i’m probably just being lazy !!
experience: i’ve been in the mdlg/mxlg community for a little over three years. in that time i’ve only had one little girl but it wasn’t too serious. though now it’s come to the point where i looking for something serious!
looking for: someone who’s really laid back and chill, basically. living near me isn’t a requirement but would be wonderful! i’m 100% down to talk all day, as long as i’m not in class :) eventual video chatting is preferred as well. i wanna see your cute face!

contact: for the moment im me here and i can give you further contact info :)

Topp Dogg Reaction: When their recently deflowered girlfriend get openly horny

P-goon: you walk in the living room swaying you hips and boldly say “let’s go in the back and f*** like bunnies baby”

“I don’t know what you did with the shy Little virgin mary i had two days ago but i kinda want her back now……”

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Sangdo: Not even a day to recover ,and you’re on his lap wanting more

“dang child was it that good? *clears throat* i mean yeah yeah cool okay

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Hojoon: its been a week since you decided that Hojoon was the one you wanted to make you a….”grown”women for the first time but, you were very stand off-ish about it before until you got a change of heart from this Lovely book called ‘Kama Sutra’. “babe i got us a new book”

“what do you want me to do with this? I’m not lumber enough for this. im one leg kick from pulling a ligament, im so stiff”

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Xero: You were still shy to ask for it but you know that if you dont sat anything know you wont be getting any. “You. Me. Bed. Now”

“you and me are gonna have a great relationship. I can See that now”

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Hansol: Its your baby boys birthday and you decided to surprise him with cupcakes and a little challenge that he needed to help you fix*wink wink*. Who knew this boy would be going in with tools

“when i know how i like to eat my cupcakes now”

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A-tom: so you two were walking and talking and you just couldnt stop think about that one special night and just out of nowhere you got this burt of confident and say: “you know what? we should f*** when we get home” and A-toms playfull ass says 

“Only if you beat me home! better hurry i dont want my little kitty to get dry”

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Bjoo: Two weeks after you two were intimate for the first time Bjoo was of couse asking to for another go at it, to where you replied jokingly “sounds like a personal problem” but after a while you were the one hit with the horny stick and to that he replied mockingly….

“awww you poor thing, Sounds like a personal problem soooo” (you still got the D later soooo)

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Nakta:Aww this little peanut wants it just as much as you but is more worried about your well being than his plesure (so sweet) “i you sure? your not sore? arent we suppos to wait more days? what if something cramps?”

you: “boy if you dont bury yourself in me now imma find something else to do it”

“ohh….. are you sure?”  (and nakta was never laid again jk jk)

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Jenissi: before you were quite shy when it came to sex, but one night with jenissi turned you into sexy beast (in a good way)”so you wanna have a little fun tonight?”

“ohh i see~ the saying is true! feed a kitty once and it will always come back for more”

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Yano: you wanted to tease him with some sexy dancing but you forgot that your dancing skills are weaker than a kpop fans knees when jimin and jungkook danced for “bts birthday”. “you want some of this baby boy?’

“yeah sure, but please dont do that ever again”

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okay okay yall know im lazy and im so sorry for that. Im getting things done graduatlly so stick with me and hold my clamy hands as we get through this together. okay 

here is the MASTER LIST this needs to be updated and ill get to doing that probily tonight sooo yeah 


when they find you asleep in their sweater

a/n: i just want to say thank you so so much for all the love on my last post!! im glad lots of you enjoyed it and followed me because of it. hopefully i’ll have more content out soon that you will like. again, thank you. love you!~ <3

p.s: my taehyung scenario will be coming out asap, my greatest apologies to whoever requested it, im sorry for being a lazy ass 



as he walked in and saw you asleep on the couch, he felt guilty that he had left you waiting for him. when he saw you sleeping in his black hoodie he was conflicted. he felt even more guilt because you were in his clothing but he couldn’t help the rapid speed of his heart at the sight. just the way the moonlight illuminated your skin made it even more beautiful to him.

“ah seriously..why does she do this to me?!” *loving sigh*

taehyung [v]:

it was 1 in the morning and he had finally arrived home after hours of practice. he would’ve stayed at the dorms but he had promised he’d be there when you woke up. he threw all his belongings in the foyer then running upstairs. he would be feeling for the light switch when he caught a glimpse of you snuggled up in his hoodie.  

“so cute, my cutie” *pets your hair*


you were an afternoon napper so once jimin arrived home after his meeting he wasn’t shocked to see you knocked out somewhere. he would pass you to get himself a water when he realized something. you were in his hoodie. oh man would he be a shy mess, giggles galore. he would keep it down as best as possible but if the shade of his cheeks had a volume, they’d be the highest.

“this girl drives me crazy” *smiles non-stop*

namjoon [rap monster]:

he worked very hard so he stayed in his studio almost every night, which made him not be able to see you much. he tossed his keys on the counter sometime around midnight, flicking on the lights. when he looked to his left he noticed you asleep in a dining room chair, an empty coffee mug in front of you. not only that, you were in his sweater too. he had missed you and clearly you felt the same.

“i’m sorry baby, i should be here more often” *carries you upstairs*

hoseok [j-hope]:

this man always made sure he was home at 9 the latest so he could at least spend a little time with his girl. though you tended to fall asleep quite quickly so he has came home to you already passed the hell out. tonight was one of those nights. but there was something unique about this time, you were in his sweater. he could absolutely not contain his excitement and lowkey made you wake up. 

“MY HEART IS IN PAIN” *screams*

yoongi [suga]:

this man was constantly motivated to write/produce and it was all because of you. he spent hours upon hours in your guest room, doing what he does best. you wouldn’t bother him at these times, just slipping his hoodie over your head and lying down. once he finally decided to get to bed, his eyes would fill with love seeing you. 

“oh wow, isn’t she just adorable?” *covers his visible grin*


you two had shared a very long day together, walking around town for basically 6 hours. you were exhausted as was he so you both decided to call it a night. he watched as you took off your makeup and did your skin routine, enjoying the sight of your natural self. then he followed your steps as you walked to his dresser, pulling his sweater on over your sports bra. he was shook.

“how do you manage to kill me this easily? yah!” *shakes head*

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We need more of our James baby because James is LIFE 👏🏻 the first time you come to the warehouse, the first time you stay the night or when he proposes I don't care because SWEET JAMES IS EVERYTHING

well im gonna do aLL THREE!!

so the first time you come to the warehouse it would be because cow chop was looking into starting a new show where they get their videos get animated, and when brett brought it up to the rest of the group they were all really excited for it and trevor mentioned that he knew someone that would fit in with everybody great and also get the job done so trevor invited you to come and your cute charisma, fun personality and talent got you the job as well the interest of james, he thought you just seemed like an interesting person and liked how honest you were in the interview, so every in the office would notice him hanging around you a lot and would eventually just ask you out because i dont think he is a beat aroudn the bush kind of guy

first time you stay the night would be super chill, you guys wouldve been together for about 3 or 4 months, it wasnt planned or anything you just came over to watch some movies but ended up playing mario kart and you two are so competitive that it ended being a lot of cmon six outta seven or next one is all or nothing and by the time you guys just agreed to just stay tied it was already almost midnight, and he just shrugged just stay for the night its too dark to drive home he said standing up to get water he damn well knew that the dark wouldnt stop you from driving home but you knew this was just his way of being shy about asking you to stay so you just smiled to yourself and looked over at him could i borrow a shirt then? and the he nodded with a big smile on his face because he loved the way you looked in his clothes, theywere usually so big on you you didnt have to wear pants, but after playing some smash and trying to get through another movie you guys decided to head to his bed, it was very calm and comfortable, you guys spoke softly to eachother about different things like his tattoos, or whyd you like sunsets so much, small and soft kisses were shared because you guys were getting tired but still wanted to show your affection towards eachother and you fell asleep facing eachother, hands intertwined between you

and the first time he proposes wouldnt be something very big and extra about it, i think itd be something really casual but thoughtful, maybe he asks you to hangout but doesnt tell you where and he brings you to your favorite spot in la lets say it a park beside the beach, because you liked that you could enjoy the view but could avoid the sand on the concrete path, it was the afternoon when you guys got there, he had brought some food he made at home for you, you guys had like a small picnic, and the sun was setting and he liked the way your eyes were bright with curiousity when you saw the sky, he looked at you with so much love and grabbed your hand with also grabbed your attention and you just smile at him and couldnt help but ask what? with the way he was looking at you and he just digs for something in his pocket and pulls out a little casing and puts it in between you two, and just…he looks at you with so much love when pops the question (id think eh would say it like would you wanna marry me?)

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Who glows brighter, Oswald or Assmcgee?

thats kinda hard to say??? bc like. in game, oswalds flesh colored with a green glow in crevices, but ive only ever drawn assmcgee a solid green. but in the same breath id draw any glowing one with solid green skin bc im lazy af when it comes to colors

it also seems like ghouls are brighter and more solidly green when they are skinnier/less fleshy, since its their insides(?) that glow. so on that idea, assmcgee wouldnt glow that much since hes so thick