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Based on this gif set above - permission granted by artist to use [ x ]
Part One. FLUFFY FLUFFY. BABY SAKURA AND SASUKE. PRE-MASSACRE HAPPY BABY SASUKE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED [muffled weeping over her now ascended soul and heart]

Sakura and the Hero. 

It was their typical lazy stay-in-bed kind of day.

Her head had fallen so it lay bent, upside down against the edge of their bed as she peered at her husband with a tiny smile. He had already began walking  back towards the comfort of their bed, and it was only then that her foot would playfully prod him as he walked past. Naturally, she would miss and continue to attempt to do so until it was caught in a strong grip by her ankle - and soon placed to death in a lethal act of tickling. After calming down her waves of anger, gentle arms had strung around her until her shoulder blades could feel the silent, rumbling laughter of his chest.

“Mm.. Sasuke-kun?”
“Hn?” She huffed almost childishly as his answer lay muffled against her hair, where his lips placed a small kiss.
“Do you remember how we met?”

As he paused, she didn’t need to see him to know he had blinked once before scrunching up his nose a little bit, his irises drifting upward a little in thought as if it would give him a more clearer image.

“Nn. You always had a thing for heights.” Sakura almost rolled her eyes at the small hint of teasing in his tone.

Nonetheless, this both got them making small talk over their first meeting.

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Rp with ask-mexico-hetalia

Samantha let out a sigh. “Car, next time be more careful when you shadow jump. I have to go out there now and find out what you brought along.” The hybrid said this to her apprentice as she walked away toward what The Council called a “threat.” With her boomerang in hand, Samantha walked toward where the “threat” was. When she noticed a person she pulled her hood up and spoke. “Turn around and no other sudden movements! We’ll have to treat you like a threat if you do so!” Her voice was loud and clear. 


and here we have our mikesti, whose nickname sucks

and oh boy is she something

she doesn’t fake it as much, so when she’s smiling it’s more likely to be genuine

but she’s very low-tolerance when it comes to bullshit and a lot more direct (if loud-mouthed)

certainly an efficient leader, that for sure

im digging badass angel soldier kristi a lot more than i thought i would honestly i mean wow


DanganTubers (Dangan Ronpa x YouTubers)

i spent almost ONE WEEK to finish this i am so proud of this rn!! //insert pacha meme

yes, this is based on the Super Dangan Ronpa 2 opening here cause i really like the poses in it, wanting to draw them in DR style and I personally think SDR2 is more suitable for the YTers. xP supposingly I will add Tim and Sam as the headmasters but nehhh i got lazy. ^^; all their Super High School Levels are in the captions. (yeah, i know Eng ver is called Ultimates, but i like SHSL more x3)

whoops, this serves as the last pic posted here before going on exam hiatus. But dont worry, im gonna draw more DR related when i come back. whee~ also, i tried my very best to follow the DR style, but i couldnt… *sighs*


i’ve been planning to make this post since i joined the matsu fandom but….

ANYWAY hi new followers, im a freelancer cartoonist and i post random fanart stuff here mostly. Im not very active because JOB and REAL LIFE and because im the worst when it comes to talking to people. 

Also i have this thing called Fruitloopery - it’s a concept for an animated series and im probably gonna talk about it a lot because im preparing for a pitch event in november and im easing the STRESS by sharing stuff about it HERE ON THIS BLOG CHECK IT OUT

it used to be a comic idea, but i quickly realised im lazy and i like animation more so. yea. THANKS FOR FOLLOWING!!


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Yes. That is exactly what I feel like. Come over when you’re ready just make sure you’ve got everything you need because I certainly don’t intend on having you go anywhere. I’ll message the Headmistress now.

One more thing Princess, how do you feel about cuffs?

Of course Mistress, I’ll be over as soon as I gather up my things for school tomorrow. Even if she doesn’t allow it…I’d still like to spend as much of the day with you as possible.

Cuffs? Oh I….I’d be okay with them, Mistress. I’ve never used them but..I’d definitely be okay with that. I think I’d be okay with mostly anything you came up with..

Not very good at takin pictures haul
When am I gunna learn that I don’t need any more fucking make up brushes haul
I have stress acne haul
And dry hair haul
And dry skin haul
Wal greens had me really feeling some type of way. People kept coming in and out of the “employees only” door so I just took the nail polish and went across the st to cvs. 🙄
Total: 73 lame ass dollars I don’t have.