more to come when im not as lazy

i have one entire verse written up and it’s two whole sentences because i’m definitely lazy right now and don’t want to think of more, so for now, you get phasma’s main verse lmao. i promise you i’ll write them longer… when i feel like it…

this is a plotting call! like this post and i will come into your ims and talk to you about starting up a thread. i can’t promise i’ll get to you quickly; i have things to do today and my laptop is just about to die, but i will get to you. thanks!

anonymous asked:

(elderchameleos) Aw, kid, cheer up! If you're ever in the Forest and Hill- I mean, Verdant Hills, you can come visit ol' Grandpa! I'm sure you could rest in the ol' Wyvern Cave, and I think I know a good place to dig for konchus!

“I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun…!  Who needs to please those silly hunter’s when you got konchus and a grandpa to keep you company!”