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hp meme ϟ [9/9] characters → hedwig

“The soup was stone cold, but he drank half of it in one gulp. Then he crossed the room to Hedwig’s cage and tipped the soggy vegetables at the bottom of the bowl into her empty food tray. She ruffled her feathers and gave him a look of deep disgust.”

Juju’s Top Animated Movies That Everyone Should See Just Once

1. Song of the Sea

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2. Coraline

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3. The Last Unicorn

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4. Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

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5. Castle in the Sky

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6. The Road to El Dorado

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7. My Neighbors the Yamadas

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8. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

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9. The Emperor’s New Groove

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10. Yellow Submarine

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Is there more Altean Lance on the way? Ps. Feel better. *gives you soup*

I actually have plans for an Altean!Lance/BoM!Keith comic/doujin! 

The idea is that the BoM send a delegation to Altea to negotiate an alliance in the fight against Zarkon - it’s a tentative and uneasy alliance, but both parties know they need each other. Shiro (rescued by the BoM) and Keith (part Galra, obv) are part of the delegation and Lance is part of Allura’s party, probably her brother or cousin, but also a strategist because I love strategist Lance. Lance is his usual flirty self and they dance around each other in typical klance fashion while the negotiations go on in the background *waggles eyebrows*

In a rare peek inside The Notebook (which you’ll have heard me refer to in my streams - it’s where I scribble my ideas), here is a little snippet of my plans. As you can see, my prelim sketches are…not exactly the cleanest, but they’ll suffice as long as I can work out the gist of the scribble!

And as a bonus, here we have Shiro and Allura bonding over how hopeless both Keith and Lance are:

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make me choose: brandnewfashion asked MCU stevetony or & 616 stevetony

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You're CS why did you support a Milah post ? As a pro Milah blog I'm used to Milah hate in the tag and I'm not sure how to take a pro Milah post

Check out my Millian tag, if you like, and you’ll see that I support many more than a single Millian post!  Yes,  I am a CSer.  But I’m among the CSers that don’t feel the need to demonize Milah in their love of Captain Swan.   (many, actually,  @xhookswenchx, @mryddinwilt , @queen-mabs-revenge to name just a few that I routinely cry to about millian… and there’s many many more. ) 

I’m very sorry you have to see hate in the tag.  It’s an unfortunate part of this fandom that I have never understood.  (Side note is there a specialty used tag for milah,  because somehow when I check out milah or millian tags it’s not even always ouat stuff?) 

Milah was an incredible character that they barely scratched the surface of. She was certainly not perfect,  but no character in this show is perfect.  Probably the fact that we did not know her that well makes it easier for some to demonize her, when so many other characters who have made mistakes and worse are forgiven and cherished.  

I love Milah for many of the reasons that made Belle my favorite Disney Princess as a child.  The desperate yearning to SEE EVERYTHING resonates with me. And she loved Killian.  Enough risk her life to protect him.  And he loved her… enough to do the same. I’m forever bitter that we didn’t get to see more of the middle of their story. 

*Gratuitous Millian gif*

What Milah and Killian shared was a true partnership in every sense of the word.  You can tell just from the brief time we do see them together that they work brilliantly together,  trust each other implicitly and love each other truly.  

There is no conflict to me,  between being a CSer and loving Milah and Millian.  CS has never been a story of first love,  quite the opposite.  It was from Milah that Killian learned how to be in an emotionally stable relationship and much of that shines through in his later interactions with Emma.  The level of patience and understanding he shows to Emma early on is the practiced behavior of someone who has lived in a loving, trusting long-term relationship.   

Yes, after hundreds of years in the darkness Killian Jones fell in love again and his path out of the darkness is a story that I adore.  But that doesn’t mean that what he shared with Milah was any less true.  Quite the opposite. 

Those who try to erase Milah from his past do not truly understand Killian Jones.  

So the final Agni Kai...

Obviously this has been said time and time again, but, like… the music. This is my absolute favorite bit from the soundtrack. What I like best about it is that they were smart enough to let the score evolve. It didn’t stick to a single tempo or melody. It’s incredibly clever because it allows the music to express all the emotion and themes that are involved in this scene. They could have used an overt, grandiose, high-energy score but what they chose to do ended up being so much more expressive. A constant high-energy score would have drawn more attention to the physical action and fight sequence (which is amazing and brilliantly animated, don’t get me wrong), but the music they chose drew more attention to the actual emotion and tragedy of it all. A brother and sister fighting to the death, one fighting to do the right thing and the other rapidly losing her sanity. And that’s just the first part of the track! The song evolves. The music starts as a sweeping, slow, epic, tragic melody that builds and falls and builds and falls, stops, then returns with a high-paced and frenetic tempo as Azula prepares the lightning. It increases the intensity of the moment within seconds, indicates the presence of danger and unpredictability while signaling the arrival of the climax of the scene. Then, in the second Azula releases the lightning at Katara, the music returns with the same somber, sorrowful melody and once again, pulls the attention away from the action, away from the presence of a dangerous, imminent threat, and redirects it back to the actual emotion of the scene, to the realization and fear that Zuko is about to lose someone about whom he truly cares, the shift from the defense of oneself to the protection of another, to the display of loyalty and love shown through heart-breaking self-sacrifice. Conclusion: everything about the music in the scene was stunningly well-done. The melody rises and falls, the tempo shifts multiple times, and overall, the music exists and evolves to place focus on each and every moment of significance and emotion and pain during this scene. I want filmmakers and musicians and artists and writers to just take as many lessons as they possibly can from this, because it truly falls under the category of “most powerful scores of all time”. This music was perfectly constructed to express the significance of this scene, has left an unbelievably deep impact on me, and continues to have the same heartwrenching effect every… single… time I listen to it and every… single… time I watch the scene.

Best Friends (Jungkook one shot smut)

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Summary: You slept with your best friend, Jungkook. A mistake, a drunken adventure destined to gnaw at your mind. But what’s worse? You have feelings for him. 

Genre: Smut, Angst (oh boy), fluff

Pairing: You x Jungkook

Word count: 5k

Warnings: Smut, mentions of drinking

You’ve had so many dirty dreams about Jungkook already. So many dreams that felt so real. That’s why when you reached over and touched his arm, you almost fell off of the bed.

You jumped up, dragging the sheet with you to wrap around your very naked body. It was as if he was a complete stranger you woke up next to by the way you backed up and away from the bed. It was worse than that.

It was your best friend.

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Spell of Manifestation

There are times in a witch’s life where patience just isn’t going to cut it. You need that one thing to happen, and you need it right now! For those times, try out this simple spell of manifestation! This would be most effective during the waxing moon, or the new moon just before it begins to wax (on a day such as today, for instance!).

What you need:

* Fire (candle, cauldron, fire pit, etc)
* Paper (any kind will do, but the more elaborately decorated it is, the better this works)
* Incense of any kind will do, though certain herbs will work better for certain thoughtforms/wishes (see full list below)

The chant:

Waning, waxing, pull and push
Bring forth my vision, my solemn wish
Let it manifest into my destiny
As I do will so mote it be!

The process:

Close the blinds, lock the doors, or go outside somewhere where you needn’t fret about the judgmental eyes of others. Get a good fire going in your cauldron or fire pit, or light your candle. Sit and focus on your desire, envisioning it happening. See yourself holding what it is you want or experiencing the happening as realistically as you can; mind that magic has little recourse in the world of fantasy, as fantastical as it seems at times.

Once you have your vision firmly in your mind’s eye, write it out on the paper, as well as the date, and your religious name. Bless/consecrate the paper by any rite you wish, and then when you feel ready, feed it to the flame. Imagine is as a glowing orb which grows larger as the page burns up. Dance around it and chant the words above as it grows, letting your energy latch on the energy of the paper burning. Finally when you have generated enough energy, release it into the world with firm belief in its success.

Tell no one of your rite until the wish comes true.

The herbs (obviously there are more than this):
* Financial/material gain - patchouli (also fertility), sage, mint, basil, clove, cinnamon, pine
* Love/relationships - cinnamon, jasmine, musk, rose, lavender, vanilla
* Health/Vigor - orange, amber, frankincense, eucalyptus, lilac, ginger
* Spiritual growth - myrrh, sandalwood, frankincense, cedar, anise, magnolia, rosemary (dreams)
* Protection - sage, camphor, frankincense, dragon’s blood, parsley
* Purification - thyme, sandalwood, cedar, pine, sage

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How does your experience of being a medical student compare to practising as a doctor? And do you think having been a medical student and being a doctor has changed you in any way?

That’s a really interesting topic. Sometimes my friends and I reflect on just how much we have all changed.

Med school is intense, but it’s very theoretical. It feels like a superpowered version of school. You still have homework, you have lectures, and you have lots of exams. It’s scary, and you’ll spend the entire 4-6 years constantly worrying you’ll fail your exams or get kicked out. When you’re a clinical med student, you are there in the background. People aren’t always sure where you are meant to be, or what you are meant to be doing, and you have to work to make opportunities happen, or learn as much as you can. You get put on the spot a lot, because people want to make sure you are learning. You might see patients (if your seniors think it is appropriate), but you don’t have any *real* responsibilty. It’s very protected in that way.

And then you graduate, and people ask you to make decisions that actually impact people’s lives; that’s a huge responsibility for any new graduate! It’s scary, and you feel out of your depth, because no matter how much theory you learned in med school, it’s nothing like knowing what to do in practise. Fortunately, you have seniors to supervise you and to ask for help. But the higher up you go, the more you become the senior who others ask for help, whilst still being far from all-knowing, yourself! And medicine is vast, and things are difficult, so you can work for a long time and still have so many things you don’t yet know. The most important thing remains that you should always seek help if you need it.

I still feel like the same science-obsessed arty teenager that I was at school. But I think it’s also changed me a lot, in many ways. University makes you more organised and responsible with your studies; you become used to planning your life, juggling lots of responsibilities, and doing things that have to be done, regardless of whether you like to do them or not. Which, if we are brutally honest, is kind of what adulthood is about. Things that just feel really awkward and unpleasant (like calling up an important senior, who is a stranger, to argue for something I know they will give me a hard time about, but I have to advocate for my patient, so I have to do it) become easier and less scary.

I think the fact that we are exposed to life-and-death situations and people’s personal lives also makes you mature quickly. By being exposed to so much illness, suffering and death, you learn a lot of lessons about life and people.   Where most of your peers might be spending their early 20s getting drunk or out on the pull, you try to balance having a social life with holding the hands of dying pensioners or comforting people whilst they cry about their life. You still get time to ‘be a young person’, but at the same time you have to balance it with trying to shoulder heavy responsibilities. 

Even if you’re introverted, you slowly learn to cope with a world that values extroversion. You talk to so many people in your professional life, and though it’s really intimidating when you start, it gets a lot easier with time. You learn to work with a lot of other students, nurses and doctors, until it becomes second nature to walk into a room full of important people and announce ‘Hi, i’m X and I’m the on-call doctor’, and people actually care that you walked in! It’s so strange. Teenaged me would never have had the guts.  

You meet a lot of patients, who absolutely need you to present the image of a doctor. You learn to present yourself as a confident and competent clinician, even though inside you’re still a nervous person working out what you are doing. You learn to fight your corner when it comes to requests and referrals, and know when you have to stand your ground. You slowly learn to look and act like a professional adult, developing a manner and body language that both engenders respect, but also puts people at ease. It’s funny to think of it, but none of us were like this back when we were teenagers, and even when you are out of university it doesn’t exactly come naturally to you.

I know a lot more, obviously, and that’s not a knowledge you can switch off; medicine becomes like a sort of lens through which you view life itself. Evaluating evidence, and thinking critically are also things that you don’t just use in your day job, but something that become part of your life. I do think medicine changes your outlook on life, though perhaps each  of us take away slightly different lessons. It might teach you how short life is, and how insignificant most drama is. Perhaps it teaches you that hell is other people, and that we can all help to reduce human suffering. It might teach you to be efficient, hardworking and focused.

Nowadays I’m not fazed by seeing a deceased person, and I can handle really quite scary medical situations without feeling traumatised by it all. I deal with hostility or abuse from the public, and though it’s still draining, it’s less scary than I thought it would be. When you realise most people are really scared and upset and acting out, it makes you see interactions differently.  I’d go as far as to say it makes you see a lot of things differently; it really helped me put a lot of people and things into context. And the more you work with people, the better you become at reading them, and knowing just how to act and what to say to make them feel better. And actually, being introverted and insightful can be great when it comes to observing people and learing to understand them.

People think a good bedside manner is innate, but it’s really not! I was a shy, introverted teenager with a nerdish streak, the kind who might not speak up at all during some lessons because the ‘loud students’ were answering all the questions, only to eventually pipe up with something insightful. My teachers (bless them, where would I be without their patience?) would always give me feedback to speak up more in class. “She has lots to say, if only she would speak up”. Every year, in every school report. So I’m not a natural born leader, nor an extrovert, and yet I love the communication aspect of medicine and have always tended towards specialities where you could make people feel, as well as be, better.

Perhaps it’s hard to truly tell how med school and medicine changed me, or any of us, because we all change with time anyway. It’s not really impossible to truly remain as we are. We experience lots of interesting things that make us grow as people, and we mature as we reflect on the things we’ve learned throughout out lives.

But I’d love to read what other people have to say about this. Medblr, how has med school or being a doc/nurse/etc changed you?

When you start out writing fluff and it turns into smut…

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I don’t even know…
EXCLUSIVE: 'Supergirl' Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood Dish on Karamel's 'Sweet' Relationship!
Love (and music!) is in the air on The CW's next superhero crossover event!

Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist, confessed that Kara and Mon-El’s blooming relationship has been one of the highlights of season two. “I mean, what I’ve loved about it the most is that Kara this season has totally been coming into her own and learning how to be a woman,” Benoist revealed.

“Last season, she learned how to be Supergirl. And, now, she’s coming into her own more as an adult and, obviously, balancing love with everything that goes with that, so I love it,” she gushed. “I think it’s a really sweet thing that she’s learning about herself.”