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I am just checking in real quick.. having a busy couple of days here with my kids. Thanks to work, homeschool, finally visiting all of the libraries in town(there are several to choose from), cooking, laundry, watching movies together or playing computer games.. basically just our usual weekday stuff.

I so love having them here.

I want to still write up how the rest of my Birmingham trip went but I need to find the time. Look for it sometime this week.

I also have some upcoming plans for this weekend that could be very interesting. Perhaps more to come on that later too.

Oh, and I was driving to the library tonight with my daughter in the front seat and my son in the back. It was rush hour and we were at a dead stop. I happened to look to my left at the cars stopped going the other direction and there was a guy who was looking over at me (no mistaking it.. right at me). My sudden turn caught him off guard and literally his whole body moved while he broke into a cheesy smile. I could not help but return a quick smile because his reaction was kind of comical. My daughter laughed out loud and said “oh my gosh did you see that guy?!” I told her.. “yes, shut up!” (not in a mean way, but a playful .. ‘hey no teasing me’ way) Then I said, “that is happening more and more lately.” She commented about how funny the guy’s reaction was. Then she said “he was oooolllld!” For some reason I defended him saying he was probably only in his 40s.

He was not bad looking tbh and he was driving a nice car. He had almost a Tony Stark type look to him. Traffic moved again in both directions right after that so “oh well.. bye Tony!”


So I had a thought,,,

This is gonna be a relativly long post, stay tuned. Its also a HxH AU so lets go.

- What if Gon and Killua joined the troupe?
- So I was thinking, their escape plan failed. Nobunaga catches them but doesn’t kill them, just keeps them in a even more lockdown situation.
- so Chrollo meets them. Nobunaga is like “These are the kids who remind me of Uvogin”
- Chrollo first looks at Gon. He immediatly can tell he is an Enhancer, with a personality like Uvo, but less severe. He explains how alike Uvo and Gon are, they both like having someone to protect, both are loyaland are willing to do anything to protect the ones thet love most. He locks in eye contact with Gon, but Gon is not afraid. He would be ok with Gon joining.
- Gon is angry, he doesn’t want to join a band of murderers and he is angry he is compared to a cold blooded killer.
- When Chrollo locks in eye contact with Killua, Killua looks at him and the coldness in Chrollo’s eyes remind him so much of Illumi, it strikes a chord in him. He remembers the Hunter exam, where Illumi threatened to kill Gon if Killua did not comply with Illumi’s wishes. Chrollo knows this, and he wants Killua to join.
- Killua is afraid for Gon’s safety and says he’ll join. He is let in, due to his “demonstration” for Phinks and Nobunaga of his speed and strength.
- Gon is shocked, he didn’t think Killua would join. He says he’ll join because he wants to stay with Killua, and he also wants to protect Killua.
- Due to no more open spots, Gon must fight to join. He defeats Kortopi and replaces him.
- also, in this AU, Pakunoda is not killed by Kurapika because Gon and Killua never gain contact with him, so Kurapika has no idea of what’s going on and has no way to be in contact with the Troupe.
- another note, Hisoka still betrays the Troupe and Kalluto still joins.
- Gon is scared, but ready to defend himself and Killua. At first, he defys orders to kill, but eventually, he complys and gets into the swing of it all. Killua is okay with killing due to his background.
- In the beginning they are both akward with the other Troupe members but eventually, they get closer.
- Gon gets closest with Phinks, Nobunaga, Shizuku, and potentially Pakunoda, Shalnark and Machi (And of course Killua)
- Killua gets closest with Feitan, Machi, Shalnark, Franklin, even Chrollo and Pakunoda? (Also, of course Gon)
- Gon gets close to Kalluto as well and finds out more about the Zoldycks.
- Machi, Pakunoda, Phinks, and Chrollo are probably the parental figures of the 3 kids.
- Killua and Gon are both intrigued by the Troupe’s past and probably ask about Uvogin, Omokage, Chrollo’s fight with Silva Zoldyck, the late 8th troupe member, Bonolenov’s tribe’s tradition, who were the other original members that Kortopi, and Bonolenov replaced.
- When is comes back to the Chimera Ants, Gon and Killua fight alongside the troupe.
- Killua goes with Kalluto.
- Gon fights alongside Shizuku.
- Gon doesn’t become Gon-San because he never meets Kite and he eventually loses interest in Ging.
- Killua probably gets advice from Chrollo saying that now that he is a member of the Troupe, it would not be smart to go back home. He misses Alluka but heeds Chrollo’s advice.
- After the Chimera Ants are all eliminated, Gon and Killua realize they never told Leorio where they went. So, they both ask if they can go see Leorio, the Troupe members are fine with it, as long as he doesn’t find out they have become troupe members.
- there is most likely tears between the 3 when they reunite.
- Gon and Killua brush it off that they got hired to play Greed Island. They don’t mention the Troupe.
- Gon sees Ging and doesn’t want to talk, he instead, influenced by the Troupe, wants to kill him. He doesn’t but he wants to.
- When it comes to Hisoka, He kills Shalnark and Machi.
- Gon is hit hard by Shalnark’s death, and Killua is hit hard by Machi’s death. Pakunoda grieves the most over Machi, and Gon and Killua try to help her cope with it all. Gon vows to kill Hisoka. He doesn’t reach Gon-San but gets VERY close.
- and yup you guessed it. They are on the boat. Kurapika still is after the spiders, and guess what. He finds out about Gon and Killua being in the troupe. He breaks down, realizing he will most likely kill them, or Hisoka will. He dreads the thought of his two friends dying, but he can’t fix it as he is hell bent on revenge.

That’s all I got for now, perhaps I will come up with more later.


Valentine’s day is literally “friend’s day” in Finnish, so I decided to do cards more on that side. Also known as Friendzone Annie, but honestly if somebody is your friend only to get in your pants they are not friends at all and you should follow Annie’s technique of just burning them alive. Being friends with people is awesome. You should try it sometime.