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“So when are you going to update the app though?” Freaking Markiplier - awesome guy, saint, most of the time - makes videos playing the 7 Second Challenge and he played it recently and was like “when are dan and phil going to update the app they haven’t added new questions” and me and Phil watched it and we were like, wait a minute, what? ‘Cause we spend ages going through a list adding like a hundred new questions to the 7 Second Challenge. So we did update it. So we sent an e-mail to the app developers and we were like: where are these… - 'cause these are your questions, right? You remember we asked you to suggest good questions and we curated them. And they were like “oh, yeah, they guy whose job it is to put the new questions in to the 7 Second Challenge went to go work for Playstation”. And we were like and he just didn’t tell anyone? So there’s Markiplier being like Dan and Phil need to update this app and the freaking guy whose job it was went to go work for Sony. *laughs* So we’re like, can you do that? So thanks for that to Mark, for pointing that out, otherwise that would just have never happened, I guess. So that was quite funny.

@danielhowell during his live show on the 21st of November 2017 (x)

Quotes from Dan (107/?)

More challenges coming to the 7 Second Challenge App soon (hopefully) thanks to Markiplier calling attention to the lack of update.

Bts gif reaction to you being pregnant.

(Credits to gif owners)

Request: by: Hiii… is it ok if you can do a pregnancy series .. I think it will be rlly adorable xx😊😭

This is sooo cute, this is going to make me cry, I love this sooo much, btw keep requesting my requests are open, and if your request could be triggering I’ll ask the others and then write it, or not, anyways hope you enjoy this one.


Rapmon was so busy, in the studio, he’d been producing music, and lately he seemed to miss you a lot more, he got home with more anticipation to see you again, in what seemed like months but only a single span of a week, during this time, you had found out, you were pregnant, you wanted to tell him, but feared that it’d hinder his work, you kept it to yourself till he came home,

“Joon? Is that you?”

“Yes, come here I missed you sooo much” you walk into his embrace, taking care to not harm the baby,

“Y/n you didn’t miss me?” You smiled towards him, already knowing what he meant,

“What do you mean, of course I missed you, dummy”

“Then why are you less hyper than usual” you smiled at his question, you looked down, still smiling, and staring at your tummy, that had developed a little bump, namjoon looked at you as if to question what he was suspecting, you grabbed his hands and placed it on your tummy, “y/n? Are you, are you pregnant?” You smiled at him again, and nodded, he wrapped his arms around your waist,

“Thank you, thank you sooo much, I love you and our baby, I’m sooo happy you have no idea”

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Jin was coming back from America, he had been gone for almost 2 weeks, just before he left, you found out that you were pregnant, you were so happy, you didn’t mention your pregnancy over the phone, knowing him he’d drop everything and come back to you, and you didn’t want that, he’d get into so much trouble, so you’d eat as much as your body would take in, and you had no idea that Jin would be coming back already without warning, he didn’t text or call you to let you know that he was coming.

What he didn’t expect to see was you throwing up in the toilets because of morning sickness,

“Y/n? Are you sick? Jesus shouldn’t we go to the hospital?” After you had emptied your stomach, you smiled at him and said

“Oppa this is going to have to be a normal thing for the next few months”

“What do you… wait….. REALLY!” He’d gasp,

“There’s a little me in there” he pointed towards your tummy and just looked so shocked, after he was done with being super shocked, he’d make sure to question if the past week you ate properly and if you needed anything, then he’d just cuddle up with you.

“I love you princess, and little prince or princess that’s nice and warm inside of mummy”

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You would tell suga as soon as you found out, you’d call him and he’d be getting ready for a show,

“Hey, y/n? What’s up? Your calling me at this time, isn’t it bedtime back there?”

“Yoongi, I think I’m pregnant” he’d look super shocked, he would blink millions of times and punch himself to check if he was dreaming

“Babe, we need to go to he doctors, as soon as we get back, let’s go together okay?” You nodded and ended the call, the whole show he’d feel really giddy and happy, his fans would question what was going on, he’d hint slightly at it, but he won’t tell them just yet, wanting to be super sure.

He’d get home as fast as he could, he’d kick his shoes off and run towards you, he’d grab you waist and just stare at your tummy,

“Babe? Is there really a small baby in there?”

You smiled at his innocent looking self, he looked so happy, he’d take you to the hospital, where they’d confirm it, he’d be a smiling and giggling mess the whole pregnancy, and he would always make sure to kiss your tummy goodnight.

“Good night my two queens, I love you both”

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Hoseok would be oblivious, you wouldn’t tell him straight, you’d tell him you had a gift for him, and you’d gift him a small tie box, he’d open it and smile at the tie that was inside it,

“Thank you Babe, that’s really random” you smiled and whispered,

“Lift it up, you’ll like what’s under it more”

He’d lift the tie up and find a small note and a pregnancy test, he’d read the note that read, “your going to be a dad, and I’m going to be a Mum, I love you” he’d start to tear up, and he’d lift the pregnancy test that was positive and he smiled and kept crying more,

“Thank you, Thank you sooo much, you have no idea how happy this has made me, I’ll take care of both you and our baby, I love you sooo soooo much”

He’d hug you and kiss you and just give you all the love.

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This little bubble would start to buy baby clothing and baby related things, he was sending you little signals of him wanting a child, you guys were trying for a child, for months, so when you walked out of the bathroom full of tears he got really worried,

He’d come over and wrap his hands around your face, you were crying and smiling, this confused him.

“Y/n what happened? Why are you crying?”

“Chim, I’m pregnant, with your child, I’m pregnant, I’m so happy, thank you so much” he looked at you shocked and his eyes were now twinkled with small droplets of tears. He’d bring you into a hug and whisper

“Thank you, Thank you so much, Thank you for being my wife, thank you for trying so hard with me to create a family, I love you sooo much”

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You’d take v on a whole entire dinner, then you’d take him on a little treasure hunt, at the end he’d find all the letters and arrange them into the order, he’d complete the whole hunt and read

“I’m inside of mums tummy”

He’d read the reward over and over again, then he’d smile and laugh like crazy, he’d come over towards your tummy and touch it and caress it and ask weird dumb questions like

“Babe, is it kickings yet?”

“Do you think she’s hungry?”

“Do you think it’s a he or a she?”

“I want a girl, but I’d love a boy too, I wouldn’t mind”

“Tae, the babies only 3 weeks old, we can’t know just yet”

“Well I’m ready to either have daddy’s girl or daddy’s boy, can you blame me?”

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To be honest, you’d find out the same time as jungkook, you were so busy, that you didn’t really take good care of yourself, when you constantly threw up you just brushed it off as maybe you were too stressed, jungkook would get worried towards why you were losing your appetite and also throwing up so much, so he’d take you to the doctors, where he’d find out that you were pregnant, and the iv that was filled with the best vitamins and stuff for pregnant women attached to you and your peaceful sleeping state, once you woke up he’d tell you how you were pregnant, you’d cry and cry with jungkook,

“Thank you kookie, I love you so much”

“No y/n thank you for being the strongest mother I know, I loved you too”

He’d make sure to find you food that you craved just because you found it hard to eat normal food that you’d usually eat.

“Don’t worry, I’ll travel and search high and low to be able to get you things that you need”

You’d go shopping with him to buy baby clothing, and the first thing jungkook would buy would be a pair of timberlands.

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Soooo hope you enjoyed, this one was soooooo cute to write, and I’m mostly busy on week days because of school, so I might only be able to upload maybe 1 reaction each day or something, especially now because it’s exam weeks, but once it’s over, it’ll be fine, btw I’m already half way through it, so I can make it.

Love you all


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((Heheehee~~ ;DD Eyy guysss have some fanservice(?) of good ol Luddy~ I put two up–one with a lighter and darker result! Hope you guys like it!!

Also, lemme know if youd like me to draw up some more stuff like this in the future!

Ah! Also our exams are coming up soon so Ill most likely be off during that time next week!

Oh and Ill try to respond to all the rp starters i received at the moment, so i may be a little busy!

Thank you for your patience everyone!))

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Hey,could you write a thing about werewolf 2p America head cannons with his human s/o please? Thanks love you guys!~

Of course! And we love you too, dear! -Admin Jay (bonus points to whoever can name where the gif is from!)

Allen’s temper flares much more often and much worse than usual, so his s/o has to be ready to literally tame the beast.

Is very possessive of them, so they will have some kind of marking to show they are his and he will constantly be near them.

Will actually growl at others who come near his s/o in either form of his. 

Some nights he will curl up with his s/o and ask whether he is more human or beast.

Loves scratches and cuddles with his s/o, but only at night when no one is around. 

One Year Anniversary!!!

My one year anniversary is coming up!!!! OMG!! That is so crazy. I want to thank you all for joining me on this crazy ride. Out of all my social medias this is the one with the most followers and I could not be more grateful. Since its my one year anniversary, I guess that means we should celebrate. And that means a challenge!!!!! But with a twist for every story that gets completed for the challenge,  I will make you a mood board to go with your story. You guys have given me so much so it is only right that I give you something in return. 

And don’t worry. I know everyone has got challenges going on right now so this challenge wont be due until after the new year. So stay tuned tomorrow morning for the details!!! 

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Love Triangle (Part 1/??)

Summary: Loosely based off the song Love Triangle by RaeLynn, a story of how your daughter is stuck in the middle of you and Bucky’s torn relationship and how she is desperate to live in a happy family. 

Warnings: Angst, swearing, broken family

Word Count: 1,476

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter

A/N: This will be my first series here, and I really hope I can keep it going and that you guys like it.  This is going to be a roller coaster of emotions and I really enjoy writing this.  So with that being said I’ll try to post a new part as often as I can crank them out, and as always I love feedback and thanks for reading!

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Friction Chapter 25 - The End

Eight years down the road, life is a lot more calm. More domestic, more full of everything Yuri could ever ask for. He’s come a long way, and he still has a long way to go. But for now, he’s happy. He’s content. He has everything he needs.

>From the beginning<

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support this fic has gotten. I appreciate you all so much. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

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Hey I’m new to the Reylo fandom and I have to say I love your blog! Reylo’s get so much hate and that’s how I’m here shipping it now! You guys are a great group to get excited with over Rey and Kylo. Keep being humble and just enjoying instead of hating. And can’t wait for the last Jedi, hopefully more interaction between Kylo and Rey!

Hello, nonnie and welcome! Thank you for liking my blog, I’m flattered! And thank you for your words. Yes, there’s a lot of hate that comes from ants but please remember we’re on tumblr, so that’s inevitable. Outside of tumblr, these people aren’t relevant whatsoever. Don’t focus on the hate or let it affect you because tbh, it doesn’t matter. I suggest you stay out of the tags, or if you do, use a # before you search reylo on mobile, so ants posts won’t come up. Though, a lot of them tend to cross-tag like crazy which is why I haven’t checked it in forever. I only reblog/like content on my dash. But anyways, I can’t wait for tlj either. Hopefully it will change certain people’s minds if it goes that way, though, I’m sure it will. Rian is a great director and JJ laid out a beautiful foundation for their arc and the main story. (◠‿◠✿)

This is dedicated to @mormoc and @percyyoulittleshit 

Because I went through a funk and they sent me such sweet messages and they’re just amazing people in general and I want to thank them for being just the best girls and the best of friends a girl could ask for. I love them and I just want to say thank you guys!


Last few commissions are being finished, woo! I’m actually finally doing stuff, haha! This one’s for @/omgjackaboy on twitter! 

I’ve been pretty busy dealing with some death topics, more personal sad stuff and lots and lots of school work. I’m glad I was able to get this done on a Tuesday, haha. I normally never get anything done under the week.

Anyway; I’m pretty happy with this one turned out! I used some new brushes and played around with colours some more. Super happy with the expression as well! Hope you guys like it! 

I’m working on a lot of things at the moment, all at the same time. Even if it seems I’m away; usually I’m just working like a maniac on my projects, haha. More stuff is to come! Thanks for being so incredibly patient with me thus far! Thank you so much for your support! :)

Oh, 2008 Iron Man movie, how I love thee. Let me count the ways:

  • Tony Stark’s ridiculously floppy hair he has to slick back for work, because like any good comics hero, he always has That One Rakish Lock Of Hair ™. Whoever styled Downey obviously knew what they were doing.
  • Relatedly, Paltrow actually ginger as Pepper. I love the strawberry-blonde look from later movies, too, but it’s so bright and pretty here.
  • The soundtrack. It’s one of the most distinctive and enjoyably electric-guitar-heavy soundtracks I’ve heard. I love how it mostly goes for modern-ish synths and ambient stuff, and also nods to classic rock, classic metal in particular. (The drums are incredibly John Bonham, and one of the main refrains is so close to “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin that I’m pleasantly surprised someone didn’t try to sue Ramin Djawadi.) Makes perfect sense for a futurist who works in tech at the cutting edge, but does it listening to stuff like 90s metal and AC/DC and wearing Black Sabbath shirts. Also, it means that when the full orchestral pomp kicks in, it’s even more affecting for how unusual it is.   
  • “The bad guys won’t even want to come out of their caves.” Sure, it’s an offhand joke, but there’s a kernel of truth to it. It shows how damnably naive he is about some things, even as he pretends not to be. (”There’s a line, we don’t cross it.”)
  • The fact that he tells Yinsen, “Thank you for saving me.” A little thing, but important, especially contrasted to “What have you done to me?” at the start of their acquaintanceship.
  • The American Cheeseburger
  • The way it shows that good is something you have to do, not just something you are. We get to see pretty much every step of him becoming Iron Man, and it’s shown to be damn hard work. We get to see him exhausted and scruffy and injured, and his test flight nearly kills him, but he keeps going.
  • And we see the intricacies of what he’s doing. God, I love how much attention has been paid to the tech. The sequences when you get to see all the hydraulics and the soldering, so on… That’s just lovely prop and animation work. (Yes, I’m just here for the tech porn. How did you know?)
  • “I shouldn’t be alive, unless it was for a reason.”
  • A lovely Pepper/Tony dynamic that’s so different from the comics in all the best ways. “You’re the most qualified, capable person I know” is said with earnest admiration.
  • Though “Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart” could be straight from the comics - again, in all the best ways.
  • How quiet Tony is. It’s more pronounced after Afghanistan, but even before, when he’s not playing up the snark, he’s soft-spoken, introspective and receptive, constantly trying to put people at ease. Sure, he can be arrogant and do dumb things (keeping Rhodey waiting three damn hours? Really, Stark?) and he’s obviously very used to his privilege, but it’s an interesting contrast and a nice piece of characterisation that’s very in line with 616. We get to see that less in other movies, but it’s always there.
  • The arc reactor. A beautiful piece of in-universe engineering and prop design, and a really lovely poetic device that makes perfect sense with the arcs and motifs from the comics even though it was an MCU invention. 
  • The fact that someone clearly went, “The workshop is important to him and probably where he spends most of his time” and worked to add little touches: the coffee machine, the models, the spare parts, the bits and pieces of a life dotted around. It feels very lived-in and like they actually thought about his character, rather than like they went for generic “harsh and futuristic = cool”.
  • Oh and: Tony Stark rides bikes, apparently. I needed to know that.
  • That Audi. 
  • And that damn water feature. Apparently the epitome of cool is having your own little waterfall. I miss that waterfall; I’m so sad we lost it when the mansion got trashed.
  • How easy an entry point it is, and how it stands perfectly well on its own as just… a really good movie, regardless of the rest of the MCU or the comics. I’d never picked up an Iron Man comic before I saw this, and I fell utterly in love with the universe, the characters and the themes anyway.
  • The little, realistic touches like the goatee starting to grow out and the motor oil marks.
  • “The truth is… I am Iron Man.”
Dragging an NPC around

Context: So our party almost killed a satyr’s pet dire wolf, who is also about to kill our paladin. I’m a charismatic rogue and I convince the satyr to let us pass the bridge he’s guarding and then we’ll heal the wolf.

Satyr: Fine. Now that you healed my dire wolf, just get out of my sight.

Me: I persuade him to guide us to the nearest town!

DM: ..He hates you guys but uh…okay…roll for it.

*rolled a 25*
DM: The satyr leads you out of the forest where you can see a nearby town in the distance.

Satyr: There. Just keep going down the road and you’ll get to the town.

Me: Not so fast, friend! Let’s all go into town together!

DM: Omg this guy hates you even more so roll for persuasion check.

*rolled a 27*
DM: The satyr refuses to come in the tavern.

Satyr: No thanks, I don’t drink. And I think it’s time I go now…

Me: Naaaah it’s fine. Let’s go. I persuade him to come drink with us.

*rolls a 10*
DM: He refuses and–


*rolls a 20*


One of the interviews from Red Carpet at MTV EMAs:

I’m super excited now, the atmosphere is making me so nervous I don’t know what to say. It’s also my first time coming to such a big overseas awards. i hope I can see some very famous artistes live stage & learn a lot of things. I think it’ll be a very good memory to keep and hope that i can make a few friends today.

Q: Whose performance are u looking forward to? 

A: I heard that eminem will be coming.I really want to watch their performance. Travis scott & French Montana. I’m a fan & I really want to see him. Say hi to him & let him know Wang Jia Er. I also hope that I can tell more artistes about China’s music, not only that, but also it’s culture. I also want more people to know about the group that I’m in right now, GOT7. 

Q: Do u have any music related plans in London this time? 

A: Mainly the EMAs, I have no time for other plans.

Q: What’s ur impression of London? actually I was preparing for the London olympics during my fencing days. Now coming to London for the first time as a singer, I’m also very happy. Thank you. Hurry go to sleep you guys! (those on the live stream)~


Bruise [ IV ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 9.8k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

The frigid air blowing against your back did little to alleviate the heat brewing just under your skin, lips parted as you gulped down oxygen. A daze was overtaking your brain as your eyes fell shut and your lungs heaved, a thin layer of sweat coating your skin. His lips pressed into your barely covered chest, followed by your collarbones, making a trail of wet open mouthed kisses up your neck. It made a lazy smile flutter up on your lips, fingers reaching out to push through his hair as his palms slid along your hips, grinding you down against his lap. He leaned forward and combined his lips with your parted ones, exhaling heavily against them as his body fidgeted with a faint moan. It vibrated through you as your palms massaged his broad chest, the car filled with enough heat to begin fogging the tinted windows while you straddled his lap.

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Happy 2nd anniversary, DAY6! (September 7th, 2015) 

Thank you for making my day, and thank you for working so damn hard especially during this EVERYDAY6 project. It’s not an easy feat to release 2 songs every month, but somehow you guys managed to do it and not disappoint with your music. I am so proud of what you’ve achieved during these 2 years, and can’t wait for more to come your way. Fret not, for we, My Days, will always have your backs. For every song that you sing to us; for us, we will sing it back to you a hundred times louder. Let’s continue walking together for a long time. 💖💖💖💖💖 #TwoYearsAndForeverWithDAY6

Knight in Shining Armor (Steve Harrington x Female Reader)

Requested by: @cometoceantrenches ( Okie since you take requests, is it okay if you write smth with our boi Steve where the reader drops off their younger sister at the Snow Ball the same time Steve drops off Dustin but Steve offers to take the reader home but they end up at a cafe or smth and talk abt the crazy stuff that happened (fighting the demodogs and all that) and end up confessing to each other?? im sorry if its long af, you just write rlly well *ugly cries*)

Summary: While waiting for the Snow Ball to end, Steve and you catch up at a local cafe where they recount the events of the demo-dogs, and then conversation becomes personal.

Word Count: 3013

Warnings: fluffy af and some smooches. Also get’s a bit emotional towards the end. lets also assume he’s always ooc to me

Note: if there is another gif that kills me it’s also this one!  I kind of just a little went overboard and it’s pretty long but I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! Enjoy!!!

Minor Spoilers of Season 2!!

Originally posted by mikkeljensen

“Do I look okay?” your sister Jen asked for the 100th time from the backseat of your mother’s car. You rolled your eyes, not even bothering to look at her.

“You look great, Jen,” you replied.

“You didn’t even look!” she cried.

For perhaps the third time you spun yourself around to take a look at your sister who was all dolled up and ready for the Snow ball.

“You look beautiful, now stop asking and stop touching your hair,” you slapped her hand away lightly, she flinched and grumbled. You knew she had a crush on one of the boys there, she just wouldn’t tell you who it was. But by how nervous she was, and how she was acting, you knew what was bothering her.

“Hey…whoever this boy you’re crushing over…he’s gonna think you’re the most beautiful girl in the room okay? And he’s going to ask you to dance,” you said, fixing her hair for her. Jen blushed.

“And if he doesn’t?”

You scoffed, “Then he’s a damn idiot, and you’re too good for him,” Jen let out a laugh. Your mother glanced at you two before pulling up in front of the school, behind another car who was dropping off their kid.

Unfortunately for you, your mother had wanted you to stick around the parking lot all night and wait for the Snow ball to end. Also, it was really, really cold out there. But, you didn’t want your mom to worry over Jen all night, so you agreed to stay. You would find something to do, even if that included freezing to death.

Death. Hah. That word honestly didn’t even faze you that much anymore, not after what had occurred in the past month. Images of alien like dog creatures Dustin had called ‘Demo-dogs’ flashed through your mind, especially of the one he called ‘Dart’ who nearly chewed your face off. And then there was that girl with the slicked back hair who everyone seemed to recognize except for you and Steve. Apparently, she had superpowers and helped close the gate and saved the world or something. You honestly didn’t know what to believe, or even do with all this newfound information.

You guessed life would just go on eventually, and somehow you’d manage to live past it.

You stood next to your sister, both of you waving good-bye to your mother, who yelled, “Have a good time and be safe!” before driving off and out of the drop-off zone. Jen sighed, flattening down her light pink dress.

“Are you really going to stay out here all night?” Jen asked as you both walked towards the entrance, you shrugged.

“It’ll be fun- staying out here all by myself in the freezing cold in order to avoid my past middle school teachers trying to catch up with me,” Jen laughed, stopping in front of the entrance and turning to face you.

“Are you sure I look okay, (y/n)?”

You glared slightly at her, pretty sure she’s just taking in the compliments, but you just smiled and held a thumbs up. Jen was about to speak before her eyes caught something behind you. Her cheeks suddenly turned the same color as her dress. You raised a brow, and turned around, seeing who had made her all flustered.

“Dustin?” you asked, the younger boy was surprised to see you here, but not as surprised as you when you saw how much his hair looked super familiar.

“What are you doing here, (y/n)?” he asked, you tore your eyes from his hair and pointed behind you.

“Just dropping off Jen-” but when you turned around, she was gone and already in the gym. You blinked, huffing slightly as you realized that Dustin was the boy she was so keen on. You laughed lightly, thinking that it was the cutest thing ever.

Your mind went back to Dustin’s hairstyle the moment you looked back at him.

“Okay- tell me right now…is Steve your role model or something?” You asked, jokingly. Dustin gave you an annoyed look before you chuckled, “You look great kiddo, now go in there and for the love of god find Jen and ask her to dance,” you winked. Dustin furrowed his eyebrows.

“Wait- what? really?”

You clicked your tongue before your eyes went to the car Dustin had gotten out of. Your jaw dropped when you instantly recognized it as Steve’s. Dustin noticed your excitement and gave a smug smile.

“He’s staying because he saw you and is hoping you’ll go over there to talk or something,” he said nonchalantly, you side-glanced Dustin, seeing him look at the car and wave. You can just feel Steve’s glare on the kid. You merely laughed it off.

“Don’t you have a ball to attend, kid?” you asked, Dustin cursed softly and walked into the entrance, muttering something about asking Jen to dance, a cheeky grin on his face. You shook your head, crossing your arms against your chest before turning and starting to walk over to Steve’s car.

You leaned down to his open window, a toothy grin and asked, “Is that you Steve? My knight in shining armor?” Steve smiled at the sight of you, and waved your comment off.

“Yeah, the one and only,” he responded, knowing you were referring to when he saved you from losing your face to some demo-dog, “Are you going to head home?”

You shook your head.

“Gotta stay here until it ends and make sure Jen is still alive after or something,” you shrugged, Steve laughed.

“Oh no- that’s not okay,” he said, “As your knight in shining armor, I’m going to save you from freezing to death…” he reached over and opened the car door, his other hand still resting on the wheel. You put your hand over your heart.

“Wow…what a gentlemen,” you commented as you climbed into his car, Steve shrugged, eyes still resting on you. You didn’t notice the way he stared at you, like Dustin had noticed when Steve pulled up and saw you.

“That’s what I am, didn’t you know?”

You just hummed, hugging your arms closer to you. Steve noticed, eying your shivering form before an idea popped in his mind.

“Wanna go get a warm drink or something?” he asked, you tilted your head in thought.

“Warm drink? You mean like coffee?” you asked, a playful glint in your eyes.Steve stared at you for a moment, before realizing how stupid he must sound.

“I said that…” he muttered. You snickered, but nodded.

“Yeah, I could go for a warm drink…” Steve cracked a smile, eyes still lingering on yours before starting his car. When he looked away as he began to drive out of the parking lot, you looked at the side of his face, thinking you saw a shade of pink on his cheeks…but it was too dark.

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Team RR Grunts Kris and Ethan!!!!

thank you so much internet for liking so much my conspirary theory! Apparently it was uploaded and liked alot by people that I decided to draw it myself! (Sorry this took long though)

I still cant believe that post got more notes than my actual art please reblog this aaaaaaaa.



2018 Reaper76 Week: Dates and Prompts

Hey everyone!

After working through our schedules, here’s what the Reaper76 Week for 2018 is looking like:

Dates: Monday, 15 January 2018 - Sunday, 21 January 2018

Our idea this time was to base our prompts off the talk that Jeff Kaplan gave about the relationship between Gabriel Reyes/Reaper and Jack Morrison/Soldier: 76!  Here are the themes:

Day 1: “War buddies” - war/battles

Day 2: “They loved each other” - love/affection

Day 3: “Thankful” - gratitude/admiration

Day 4: “Defended” - defense/support

Day 5: “Downfall” - falling out/heartache

Day 6: “Questionable actions” - secrets/revelations

Day 7: “Depth of relationship” - shared lifetimes/togetherness/alternate universes

We will be posting a post with expanded themes and suggested ideas, which will be linked here shortly.  We will be updating the blog shortly!

We’re really excited to help support this week, and we’re even more excited to see what ideas you guys will come up with!!  As the dates get closer, we should have more information coming, but for now we will be using the following tags: “reaper76week” and “reaper76week2018″ (no spaces).

just a bet part ii


sorry this took way longer than i wanted (writers block LOLLLL)

but anyway yeah this is lowkey a filler kinda chapter but i like it


summary:  beverly bets richie he can’t get with the new kid, eddie, in under three months. richie disagrees

pairing: richie and eddie

words: 1698

part one, three, four, five

2 months and 26 days remaining

Richie walked into school that day, feeling more confident and happy than he had been in a while. It was odd, yes, but he enjoyed the feeling more than it worried him. He approached his locker, finding Beverly leaning against it. “Why, hello, Beverly. Nice to join me this wonderful morning.”

Beverly snickered. “So, I’m guessing it went well? He show up?”

Richie nodded. “Of course he did!” Richie said, a small smile playing on his lips. “I woo-ed him so good he came to my game and we got ice cream after.”

She chuckled, pushing her hair behind her ear. “I gotta admit, Tozier, you’ve got game.”

He scoffed. “Mrs. Marsh! I’ve always had game, thank you very much. I pride myself in all of my lovable characteristics.”

“Like you have any of those.” Beverly retorted.

“I have so many of those!” Richie defended. “So many, in fact, that we’re getting ice cream after school today.”

Beverly raised an eyebrow. “That sounds suspiciously gay.”

Richie rolled his eyes and chuckled a little. “What an assumption.” He closed his locker and started to walk towards English, where they’d discuss the bet with Bill and Stan.

Beverly sighed. “You know, Eddie isn’t even that attractive. Why didn’t I make you go after like… Mike or something.”

“I like Mike as a friend, Bev, plus Eds is cute from my personal opinion,” Richie said back, sitting down at his table.

“Did you just call him Eds? And cute? Gee, if I didn’t know any better, I would suggest you liked this Eddie Kaspbrak.” Beverly grinned, sitting down in her chair.

Richie shook his head. “I don’t like him. It’s just a bet, that’s all.”

But was it? Richie never felt like he did around Eddie around anyone else. It was weird how oddly happy he was, giddy even. Do I like him?

No. Richie shook his head a bit as if to get the thought out of his head. He didn’t like Eddie like that. This was a bet and that’s all. Just a bet.

Eddie walking through the main hallway, weaving through the many students walking the other direction. Richie had texted Eddie and asked- well- demanded that they go get ice cream again. He wasn’t opposed to it as Richie was paying, but he did find it odd. Everyone was saying Richie was a horrible guy but he didn’t understand where that notion was coming from. He seemed so nice. Annoying, yes, but nice.

“Eds!” Eddie heard as he approached Richie who was leaning against his old, beat-up truck. He rolled his eyes. “Don’t call me that.”

Richie chuckled, reaching in his truck’s open window to unlock it. “Hop in, Eddie Spaghetti.”

Eddie rolled his eyes, opening the squeaky passenger seat door and sitting down. He clicked the belt buckle into place as he looked over at Richie. “Don’t call me that either.”

Richie scoffed. “Then what am I gonna call you?”

“Gee, I don’t know, what about Eddie?” He retorted sassily.

Richie acted like he was pondering it, stroking an invisible beard. “Nah.”

Eddie rolled his eyes again.

“If you keep rolling your eyes, they’ll roll right out of their sockets.” He joked, pushing the car key into the ignition and turning the car on.

“I think I’d like that so I don’t have to do it anymore.”

Eddie tried to hide his smile as Richie laughed, turning into the parking lot of the ice cream shop. Richie turned the truck off, hopping out of it quick enough to open Eddie’s door before he could.

Eddie raised an eyebrow. “I can open the door by myself, you know.”

“I do, however, I am being gentlemanly,” Richie responded.

Eddie resisted the urge to roll his eyes and got out of the truck, following behind Richie who had already started walking towards the door. He opened the door for Eddie, who eyed Richie and mumbled that “he could still open the door himself.”

Richie walked up the counter. The worker, whose nametag said, Rachel. “Oh, Richie, hey!” She gave him a warm smile.

Richie gave her a grin. “Hey, how are you?”

“I’m good. I’m about to get off work in a bit… maybe if you’re free if you’d like to hang out at my place?”


“Oh, c’mon, it’d be fun!”

Eddie watched his conversation from where he was standing behind Richie and he felt his blood boil. Why was he so angry? It was like someone had turned a switch on in him and he immediately felt the need to interject. “He’s not.”

“Excuse me?” She turned to look at Eddie.

“He’s not free.” He repeated. “He’s here with me.”

Richie had a shit-eating grin on his face. “I am here with Eddie Spaghetti.” He said, throwing his arm around Eddie’s shoulder. The girl’s face dropped and it was replaced with one of disgust. “You’re dating him? Really, Richie? You can do so much better than that.”

Richie scoffed. “Well, it’s not really your place, now is it? Maybe I should tell your boyfriend that you’ve tried to cheat on him with me. Twice. Now, that is someone who can do better.”

Rachel narrowed her eyes. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Wouldn’t I?” Richie responded, a smirk growing on his face. “Remember when Bella Richardson tried to do the same thing you’re doing? You wrote slut on her locker last month when, big shocker, you were doing the same damn thing! Now, can I order or what?”

She let out a long, frustrated sigh before looking up at a grinning Richie. “What do you want?”

“Finally! I’ll have one scoop of chocolate and Eddie will have one scoop of mint chocolate chip.” He said, handing her a five dollar bill. She gave Richie his change and got the ice cream, sliding it over to them with a fake smile on her face. “Have a nice day.”

Richie gave her one right back, handing Eddie his bowl and walking outside with him. “Wow, Eds, I didn’t think you had it in ya to get jealous like that. Also, mint is gross and tastes like toothpaste. I don’t know how you eat it.”

Eddie nearly choked on his ice cream. “What?”

“I said, mint is gro-”

“Not that! I was not jealous, Tozier.”

“Then what was it?” He asked, looking both ways before crossing the road. “I sure think it was something.”

“I was dealing with her for you,” Eddie replied, following next to him. “Besides, why would I be jealous? I don’t even like you. I only came because you paid.”

Richie gasped. “You don’t like me? Gee, Eds, I thought with all the blushing you’ve been doing that you did.”

Eddie felt his face heat up. “Shut the fuck up. I do not like you, hear me?”

Richie grinned. “Hear ya loud n’ clear.”

“Also, mint does not taste like toothpaste. Have you ever even tried it? It tastes nothing like-” Eddie’s ramble was cut short as he nearly tripped and landed right on his face. Richie reached out, grabbing Eddie’s waist to prevent him from falling. He had dropped his ice cream in the process.

Richie stood Eddie upright and scowled. “I have no ice cream now because of you.”

Eddie was blushing like mad, his stomach had tightened up into knots. All Richie had done was catch him, why did he feel so euphoric? Eddie made a face and handed Richie his. “Try it.”

Richie shook his head.

“Try it!”

“Damn, alright.” He said, taking the spoon from Eddie and putting a small amount of the green ice cream in his mouth. “Okay, I take my previous statement back. That is good.”

Richie hopped into the driver’s seat, turning the car on and immediately turning the radio on as well. He turned the knob up, the speakers sounding like they were on the verge of breaking. “I love this song!”

Eddie raised an eyebrow. “Africa? You like.. Africa?”

Richie scoffed. “Of course I do!”

Eddie watched as Richie drove, singing the lyrics obnoxiously loudly. He was mumbling the lyrics under his breath. There was a red light as the chorus approached and Richie took the opportunity to look to Eddie. “C’mon! Sing it, I know you know it!”

Eddie looked over at him as it started. “It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you!” Richie sang, pointing at Eddie.

He smiled, blushing a bit. “There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do!”

Richie grinned. “I bless the rains down in Africa! Gonna take some time to do the things we never had!”

Eddie felt a wave of happiness fall over him. He didn’t know why he felt this way around Richie. In that moment, watching the other boy sing off-key and way too loudly, that he liked Richie. He really did.

Richie snuck a glance over at Eddie, to find him smiling to himself. This caused him to smile as well, continuing to sing the song until it was over. A foreign feeling washed over Richie as he watched the smaller boy drum to the beat in the air with his hands. He couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face. Was this just a bet?

Richie nearly crashed the car with the thought of that. Of course, it was just a bet. He didn’t like Eddie, it was only for the bet. Sure, he was a cool guy and all but Richie had no romantic feelings for him.

Or did he? He couldn’t contain his smiles around him and he felt more compelled to be with Eddie.

But it was just a stupid bet. That’s all it’ll ever be, a bet.




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