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Mom I'm not feeling so good... I log on to tumblr and it's nothing but people slating the new episode and really horrible discourse and it's really upsetting me I just wanted to escape today but I come here and it's all "the show isn't kara's show rn" (which I agree with) but I don't wanna have to deal with this shit I just wanna read really gay, really smutty fics to my heart's content is that too much to ask for

Oh sweetheart I am so sorry! I know, escape is so powerful. I’ve been seeing a lot of really funny memes and powerful gifsets, and I’ll try to reblog more (hoping I don’t hit my limit o.O). And soon, I should have a series of fluff that I collected from The Girls We Wanna Kiss in my queue, so stayed tuned for that! (There’s some fluffy smut in there, but you know you can always scroll through all those chapters and have as much escapist smut as your heart desires!!!!) I am sending you so much love, sweetheart: you are perfect. And here, have some fun gifs :D ♡♡♡

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I was wondering why I was like,, staying up so late, putting off going to bed,, I even started clearing up my bookmarks which have been piling up for 2 or 3 weeks;

For the first time after 12 weeks, I won’t be watching the new episode of yuri on ice tomorrow. Instead it’ll just be another day of the week.

I’ve been riding this shit the whole season and now it’s over and I’m just realising that mostly what I did before was read manga and scroll through my lifeless meme dash littered with fucking American politics.

When the pilot episode aired, my dash lit up with gifsets of Viktor’s ass. It was a beautiful sight. Everyone was on board The yoi train.

I remember seeing a text post that said “can their ship name please be victuri” and more “their ship name should be victuri!!!” “It sounds like victory!”.

The fanart after just the first episode was astounding.

And it kept getting better every week with new posts and theories (even the ones that claimed Viktor was evil, or that he had cancer, that he was dying etc).

I watched as the fanfiction on ao3 went from 17 to 73 and then someone wrote the 100th fic. Now there’s God knows how many.

This anime is a blessing and even though I’m not going to wake up excited for a new episode in the morning, or countdown to it’s release; everything that happened inbetween the releases of the episodes was like some thrill ride; and it’s not every day we get an anime as great as this.

So just hold on until season 2, my dudes.

And when that time comes we can start all over again. Gifsets of new scenes, thoeries based off new episode previews, fanfictions based at the end of a particularly romantic episode. New screenshot redraws, the whole kit and caboodle.

TL;DR: I’m actually so fucking sad that there’s no episode tomorrow. today, actually, it’s well past 2am. I’m feeling nostalgic as fuck and you gotta know that the story isn’t over. there’s more to come.

I’ll let you all in on a little story …I used to run a blog that I made right after Cheeseburger Backpack first aired (which was in November 2013), the blog was called stevenfaniverse and it was a general SU fan blog! I mostly reblogged fan art and gave people reminders for new episodes, but it never got that many followers. Within a span of one year, it still had less than 200 followers. I eventually gave up on that blog because I was frustrated with the lack of followers and attention that it got. Two days before Maximum Capacity first aired, which was at the end of February, I was typing in random “fuckyeah” URLs for Steven Universe and when I saw that “fuckyeahperidot” wasn’t taken, I was shocked! Naturally I hoarded the URL, but I didn’t want it to go to waste, hence I turned it into an all-out Peridot blog! Peridot was also a relatively new character at the time, and everyone was still fascinated with her. I haven’t seen any real Peridot fan blogs out there yet, so I decided to go around and explore the Peridot tag and make a place where everyone can fulfill their Peridot needs! Eventually I started making my own content by teaching myself how to make GIFs, and that was a big breakout for this blog. My first GIFset was super shitty, basically just of Peridot’s appearances in The Return and Jail Break and it got 300 notes. But when you practice more you’ll make better ones and come up with better ideas! One day I made a GIFset of all the times that Steven has shown kindness towards Peridot and today that GIFset has over 30k notes. I just kept running this blog and eventually, as Peridot showed up more and more, this blog would finally show up as one of the first recommended blogs whenever anyone typed Peridot into the search bar. Running this blog has been a lot of hard work, but it’s been a little over five months since I’ve been running it and now I have 7,291 beautiful followers! It’s easier to get followers more quickly for a specific character-themed blog if that character is likable enough (in any way). Regardless, posting your own content is super important and I guess that was the fatal flaw of the first SU blog I ran—the lack of posting stuff I made. Keep doing your thing, run blogs for things you love, and always have passion in doing so! People will notice you more and more overtime, and don’t be afraid to message blogs that you really like! If people that you follow say they wanna talk to their followers, you should totally go for it! Making a tumblr community takes work and time but I swear it’s worth it. Happy blogging everyone!

Alright guys, so I know with everything that’s been going on lately, people are worried, concerned, wondering if we’re wrong about our theory. Kylie and I (Andie) were talking earlier and we came up with an idea to maybe cheer up the fandom a bit and get the creative gears rolling again, SO.

Would anyone be interested in us organizing a Rey Skywalker Week?

Sort of along the lines of the Star Wars Polyamory Week going on right now, and other fandom weeks that have happened in the past; we’ll have prompts/themes for each day and invite everyone to make any sort of ReySky content they want! Fanart, fanfiction, gifsets, videos, you name it! I think it could be a really fun way to get our collective spirits back up again :)

So reblog this if you’re interested so we can spread the word! I’ll make an official post about it once it’s more concrete, since we’ve just barely started coming up with ideas today, but I think this could be a really fun event if we can get it going :D