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My personal faves. >:) I’m downright stuck on season 2. 


reapers skin in the new comic is deff phantom of the opera costume from the “masquerade” scene….i don’t think it’s a coincidence

plot of phantom of the opera is literally he’s in love with Christine, watches her, has her, then some dude shows up, she falls in love with the dude, the phantom ends up alone still watching her from afar…

hmmmm………… idk this just seems very familiar but oh I don’t know I have no idea where I’ve seen this before….


Sunny California

Back home and for reason, I just want to relax. I’m chillin by the pool this morning. I love that my backyard is like a tropical paradise. It like being on vacation every time I walk outside.

Btw Johnathan picked this bathing suit out for me 🙊🙈. Hubby this is a dental floss not a bathing suit🙈.  I like it tho, it is cute. He makes me feel so shy sometimes. Hubby said he got a new screensaver 🙈.

Everyone enjoy their day.

Dash; Kihyun

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>>Requested by Anonymous: ‘Hiiii ~~ May I please request some kihyun fluff? With humor and sass??’

>>Genre: Fluff, humour, and sass ;)

>>>Word count: 664

>>Note: Sorry it took so long, I was preparing for an exam (fml) and then had a friend emergency so I haven’t had a whole lot of time


The idea behind cleaning the house together had been to get more done (“Let me come over,” Kihyun had said, “it’ll make the work go twice as fast!”), but neither of you had accounted for Kihyun’s competitive streak. It had barely been half an hour and he was already trying to race you.

“Let’s make a bet,” he suggested, leaning on the broom handle. “I’ll cook us lunch if you can finish vacuuming before I finish sweeping, but if I finish first, you have to give me a foot massage.”

You had agreed for two reasons: 1, the carpet to floorboard ratio meant it should normally take a person half the time to vacuum and 2, because you knew that by the time you were halfway through cleaning you would be completely exhausted and in no mood to make yourself food. For the second time that day, though, you underestimated Kihyun’s competitiveness.

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Who are some of your favorite female characters? From anything ever?

Off the top of my head (because otherwise this will take hours), and in no particular order:

Marisa Coulter from His Dark Materials. Probably one of my top 3 favourite characters of anything ever just in general. 

Raederle from the Riddle Master Trilogy. Her character, arc, and relationships with other characters are all beautifully written and developed. She’s first mentioned in the series as what seems to be the token love interest, and then she actually appears in the series and wow that first impression was inaccurate. (That said, she also has the honour of being one half of one of the very, very few romantic pairings I’ve genuinely enjoyed reading, rather than merely tolerated).

Jasnah Kholin, from the Stormlight Archive. [Spoilers] she’s a scholar-knight of the apocalypse, what’s not to love? Beyond that…I’m weird about ‘identifying with’ characters, in that I never quite feel like I do - I tend to identify more with specific aspects, rather than with a character as a whole, and I usually prefer to enjoy characters from a little bit more distance. But I come closer to identifying with Jasnah than I do with most characters, and I find her very…cathartic, I suppose, to read.

Egwene, from the Wheel of Time. There are a few WoT characters I considered listing here, but I’m giving this to Egwene because her character arc is fantastic.  I also love that she’s a hero-by-choice, and that she’s allowed to be ambitious.

Moiraine, from the Wheel of Time. Moiraine gets a spot for being a female - and in many ways very feminine - character who is also a) ruthless and b) not a villain. It’s a combination I love in any character, regardless of gender, but it’s pretty damn rare in female characters, so I love it extra.

Delilah Bard, from the Shades of Magic trilogy. Lila is another one who gets to have a combination of traits uncommon in female characters - and a combination that makes her very much my fictional Type. Sharp as her knives and not fantastic at morality, ambitious and competent enough to back it up, bordering on human disaster without sacrificing that competence, and willing - no, eager - to leave her world behind without a second glance. But for all that, she’s…real.

Rey, from Star Wars. I’ve seen some mixed commentary about here around here recently, but watching The Force Awakens for the first time really was like seeing the childhood hero I never knew I could wish for appear, 15-ish years late but oh so spectacularly. Rey isn’t The Female Lead, or The Heroine; Rey is the lightsaber-wielding Campbellian hero who has come to save the galaxy. I think what struck me most about Rey was the way her gender was…entirely irrelevant within the story (but anything but irrelevant from an external perspective).

Shai, from The Emperor’s Soul. I have a Type, and not many female characters get to be written as that Type, but Shai comes pretty damn close. She’s terrifying and I love her.

Vex, from Critical Role. This is probably due in large part to the fact that Laura Bailey is a goddess. But Vex has a beautiful, organic, and subtle character arc that has been a joy to watch. I also appreciate how - probably due to the nature of the show and the way the story is created - she can have a romantic relationship that (!) doesn’t come at the expense of or overshadow all of her relationships with other characters. Miracles.

Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow, from Marvel. I often dislike how she’s written or portrayed, but the…idea?…of her character is weirdly important to me.

Vin, from Mistborn. “I’m not a good person or a bad person. I’m just here to kill things.” I mean what was I supposed to do with that? But really, she’s another one who gets a lovely progression across the series. Because no long post can be complete without a Hamilton quote…Look at where you are. Look at where you started. She learns to love and trust and cherish along the same path that turns her into a living weapon, and somehow neither of those things inhibits the other. 

Lyra, from His Dark Materials. Ah, Lyra. She’ll always have a special place in my heart for being the viewpoint character who introduced me to the fantasy genre. And then there’s her actual character and story.


Rest in peace little guy 💗

I’m so so sorry that you were scared, I hope you knew how much you were loved.

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B/c it's not actually about Jess lol u feel stupid bc it means that ur judgement/opinion is just inaccurate/uninformed. What u thought looked suitable for SI (for whatever reason) obviously made no sense. You lacked the ability to see what those anons obviously could. It's about u realizing u are an idiot, not rlly about Jessica (but u would think that, cuz u obv. fail to see most things clearly). Me being anon means nothing, me stating facts means everything lol Coward #uDntPostButUwillRead 😄

omg shut the fuck up already. i honestly can’t believe you’re that upset about me saying that jessica’s pose was good. we’re all entitled to our own opinions you imbecile. i have mine & you have yours. fucking loser can’t even come off anon