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Hi! I love your blog, and I LOVE Asgore. I feel like he doesn't get enough cute asks ;-; So! Can I request some UT Asgore love-at-first-sight headcannons?? Thanks!

Ahh yes, I absolutely adore Asgore too! Thank you so much for asking about him, and please don’t hesitate to send more if you want :D And thank you so much!

— The last time Asgore had gotten feelings for someone was with Toriel, and that was a long time ago, so this rising feeling immediately makes him nervous. He tries to convince himself that these feelings will pass soon enough- he doesn’t think he deserves another chance to be happy with someone again, as much as he would like it. Whenever he does see you though, whether or not it’s coincidental, he’s immediately a flustered mess around you. Good luck trying to find a moment where he’s not stuttering and blushing like mad whenever you’re in his presence.

— He’ll work up the courage to eventually begin approaching you more, in hopes that he can at least see you a little more each day. He always feels a little happier each time he sees you, and appreciates your company immensely, even if his feelings are just crushing on you yet. 

— After it’s been a long while, he’ll start to realise his feelings have become deeper for you- and he’s almost too nervous to even think about confessing to you about it yet. Somehow, miraculously, you make the first move. More than anything however, he’s overjoyed. He might- just might- have another chance at happiness. 

*stumbles onto the internet* hello I played Zelda all day again lol (after completing some minor homework so I don’t feel COMPLETELY awful about it because by now I’m VERY aware this game will suck me in for long periods of time ^^;;; )

For today, I managed to find more memories (the one around the horse statue, and the one with the frog… both very cute :’D ) so now I have…2 more to go? Wowie. There are other missing memories I know, but for the pictures in Zelda’s camera, I’m almost done!

I also found Zelda’s horse!! He’s beauuutiful and with awesome stats, but WHAT A PAIN TO CATCH, GOSH. I named him Teruki! …yes, from MP100…it’s fitting, leave me alone :P I even got his mane cut short when he started being nice lololol he’s a really good horse~ Hopefully I can upload a picture soon!

Lessee I also completed recovering the ENTIRE Hyrule map! Doesn’t stop me from getting lost chasing after things (today…it was a dragon again. Very lost but I got a scale from it. So.) but it certainly helps X’D

I also managed to defeat my first Lynell!! :’’’D It was painful and took forever but I did it *falls over* thank you @nebulousneko and friends for the tips, they really helped!!

Oh, and I finished the Divine Beast Vah Rudania (the…lizard one…that for SOME reason I thought was an octopus in the trailers???? oops)!! What interesting mechanics for that dungeon, I really enjoyed myself there~ It was a tough but good challenge X’D I did have some trouble figuring out how to beat the boss tho O.o;;;; 

ALSO YUNOBO IS ADORABLE, why aren’t more people talking about him??? A precious Goron child with anxiety but trying his best, 10/10 would adopt :’D

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Favourite animated movies ever? Favourite non-animated movies? Number one animated movie? Number one non-animated movie? Also, favourite non-movie pieces of animated/non-animated media? (And a book rec: 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak. First time reading it I started crying around the tenth page and cried basically every 30-50 pages from then on. Second time around, I started crying on page *6*. Why? WWII Germany from a child's POV. And Death's. No more spoilers.I adore this book so, so much)

(I’ve read it! Isn’t it amazing??)

Favorite animated movies…

1. Spirited Away

2. Road to El Dorado

3. Rise of the Guardians

Favorite non-animated…

1. Iron Man

2. The Faun’s Labyrinth/Pan’s Labyrinth 

3. Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr version)

After DAO, I actually think Brosca wouldn’t entirely hate visiting Orzammar if you put Bhelen as king.

Don’t get me wrong, they absolutely despise their in-law Bhelen and their mother, sober or not, is an ass, but Rica is there and along with her are Rica’s kids (I think she’d have more than just Endrin) who adore their aunt/uncle/gender neutral term of choice for sibling of your mom.

They like adore them. Brosca is a legend in that house, okay? It drives Bhelen nuts. They play pretend as them and everything.

Endrin: Raw, I’m gonna slay the arc demon. I’m the best warrior Orzammar has ever seen.

Bhelen, in the distance, gripping his ink pen too tight: Brosca.

A little gift for my dear Bat, @ask-planet-flower-vmin because she deserves more love and adoration and she does a great job for us <3 Plus she’s a wonderful friend and I just wanted to give her love so here’s Gryff Jin and little Vmin.

Also, this is the product of my long-ass stream, thank you to everyone who stopped by and encouraged me throughout the 4 hours lmao <3


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I want to prove someone wrong.

Phichit somehow talked them into doing this pose and it probably broke their social media 😂😂