more than you can afford

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”

You can’t kill yourself because you are too important. Too important for anyone to lose. You are more important than most people, and you can’t afford to waste all of your glory. 

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I need help finding an English, free (or really cheap) college (astronomy, physics, technology) that has a high education. I found one in Norway but Norwegian is required and I'm only two years away from my high school graduation and a lot of work is waiting for me. The one in New Zealand is a bit more than my family can afford. Can you please help me, it's pretty urgent.

Okay so not really sure if you mean British universities or English speaking ones, but regardless I’m only really helpful with UK unis but other people feel free to contribute

Here’s the ranking of universities for physics and astronomy and here’s the complete list of all uk unis teaching physics, here for astronomy and here for technology

Now I’m not going to lie to you, higher education in the Uk is not cheap so tbh this might all be irrelevant. What you’re going to need to do is look near the bottom of the league tables because those universities are going to be cheaper. Even then, fees at the top unis are £9000 a year and even more for international students. Some of the lower down unis should be cheaper but I don’t really know how much they charge. You also have to pay to apply through UCAS but I think that’s only about £20, but still worth keeping in mind. A lot of universities have bursaries or scholarships though, it’s not as big a thing as it is in the US and I don’t really have any experience with it, but still might be worth looking into! 

If anyone has any other information for either uk unis or other english speaking countries feel free to add to this!

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what do you mean "tricks her fans into buying her albums" it's not like they are not informed about the packages (13 Polaroids in each package) it's just the fans undying love for her, i don't think she "tricks" her fans

Taylor doesn’t hide how much she wants more than 1 million sales in the first week, that’s okay. Her fans know about the “1 million goal”, and i understand when they want her to help with that. If someone buys more than one copy, that’s their decision. The polaroid thing was clever and cool. But Taylor didn’t retweet people trying to collect all polaroids, she always used pictures of (young) fans who bought more than 3 albums per person who held them in their hands in the checkout lane. Imagine you are a fan who can’t afford more than one album, how would you feel if you see all these pictures ? You would think: Did i help her enough to get 1 million sales? Am i a bad fan for not buying more albums?…

See that’s the problem, young fans think that they have to buy more than one album, so that she can get 1 million first week sales. And i think that is morally questionable.

She did that with “RED” too, btw.    

So ‘woke’ that you are blind

Stay woke? No, I will not stay ‘woke’. The “Awakening” only happens once as a single experience whether over time or all at once, beyond that the lull is necessary between periods of “action”. People anymore are not awake, they are blind, blinded by petty hatred, blinded by anger, and blinded from themselves and therefore blind to their people. Bombarded by news 24 hours a day, many are preoccupied and sleep deprived and all too ready to take up arms against an enemy they are too blind to identify and too weary to fight. People are so obsessed with the enemy, the snake in the grass, the rat, and by allowing their own ideological enemies to penetrate every facet of their mind they have already allowed that enemy to plant the seed of victory over them. If you focus on the cultivation of your own talents, interests, and joys and the possibilities of how these things can be used to benefit your own people, you cannot lose.

Managing Splenda Expectations

While we all dream of one day meeting that mythical SD that can offer us $10k/month with presents and travel and mentorship and support, the truth is there aren’t many of those to go around. They’re called the 0.1% for a reason. 

What there are a lot of though, are kind, generous, wonderful potential Sugar Daddies - with limited budgets. These men are genuine about spoiling you, and for a lot of them, they would give more if they could - they are the perfect SD in all but budget. Right now, realistically, $500 or $1000 a month is all they can offer.

Now, if that doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for you. Don’t push them to spend more than they can afford. That just leads to unhappy SDs piling a bunch of expectations and pressure on you to justify their overspending. 

But if you’re thinking “Hey, yeah, $1000 a month from a man whose company I enjoy is nothing to sneeze at” - then it just becomes a question of making sure everyone is on the same page with expectations. 

Where things can go a little wonky is when these men with $1000 budgets want $10k worth of your time. They want to see you several times a week, and text all day, and plan trips with you, and it can be difficult to set limits on that without outright saying “I want $x/hour, and if you have $x spend, you get that many hours” - that can be uncomfortable for everyone involved.

I ran into this uncomfortable conversation a time or two, and I didn’t always handle it well. But after a couple hits and misses, I developed the following short response that adjusted “$1000 for a couple of meetings a month and weekend trips” to “1 weekend a month and some pictures”

“In the same way you have a financial budget to work with, I have a time budget. I have a lot of really ambitious goals that I am working towards, and I need to make sure that I’m investing my time in ways that best support me. I really enjoy our connection. And it’s important to me that this arrangement be mutually beneficial, and doesn’t involve either of us overextending ourselves. I hope you can respect the amount of time I have available the same way I respect the amount of money you can spend”

Don’t rescue an animal that’s clearly sick if you aren’t prepared to pay vet bills.

You might have the right intentions, but you’ll be doing more harm than good if you can’t afford the possible $400+ bills that came along with the animal.

“[I]t is actually more expensive to be poor than not poor. If you can’t afford the first month’s rent and security deposit you need in order to rent an apartment, you may get stuck in an overpriced residential motel. If you don’t have a kitchen or even a refrigerator and microwave, you will find yourself falling back on convenience store food, which—in addition to its nutritional deficits—is also alarmingly overpriced. If you need a loan, as most poor people eventually do, you will end up paying an interest rate many times more than what a more affluent borrower would be charged. To be poor—especially with children to support and care for—is a perpetual high-wire act.” 

– It Is Expensive to Be Poor | The Atlantic 

Procrastinating Favourites

1. Putting off until tomorrow what you can do today.

2. Social networking (and encouraging friends to waste time, too, by texting or messaging them, or commenting on new blog entries, photos and status updates).

3. Writing to-do lists (instead of working on the actual assignments or tasks).

4. Cleaning and tidying up (as you can’t work in a messy room).

5. Organising your work (into neat piles, coloured folders etc.)

6. Surfing the web (usually with no clear goal in mind – so it’s more of a distraction technique, or a way of relieving boredom).

7. Going in search of food; leaving your work to grab a coffee with friends.

8. Phone calls to friends (which often end up lasting longer than you’d intended).

9. Playing computer games (which can eat up a lot more time than you can afford!)

10. Exercise. (This can seem virtuous – but if it takes you away from important work then it’s more of a distraction than a proper excuse).

Love a little more than necessary,
Work a little harder than what is required,
be a little kinder than what is usual,
give a little bit more than what you can afford, stand in prayer a little longer than you intended,
and be a little more patient than what you feel you can handle.

It is that little extra effort sparked by sincerity in the heart that makes your ordinary self extraordinary.

—  Abdulbary Yahya

when you love a band more than someone else but they have more merch because you can’t afford it

I wish people would put more thought into their horses retirement before they suddenly have to sell their aged horse for financial reasons.

Your horse gives you their best years and then you bail on them in favor of something flashier, that honestly makes my skin crawl.

Selling an aged horse in general upsets me, I guess I just saw too many come through auction clearly bought off someone who *thought* they were selling to a home instead of the trader they actually sold to. Do you know who buys a 20yr old horse at auction? I’ll give you one guess…

There are few happy endings for old horses when their owner decides their younger horses matter more.

You go into horse ownership knowing full well this animal will age. Start saving from the beginning for their care through retirement. Get your foot in the door with a lesson program or therapy center that might one day have room. Don’t take on more mouths than you can afford…

Rather pointless rant, I apologize. I’m just so tired of seeing these poor old horses advertised on Facebook as broodmares because apparently their uterus is the only thing left of value.