more than you can afford

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”

What can be done about gentrification?

I saw this on a reblog and I started answering it, but it turned into something I wanted to stand alone and not be tacked on to another post.

@rafi-dangelo I’m curious, I understand how harmful gentrification can be but what can actually be done about it? I really can’t think of anything.“

Nothing.  Movement of populations is natural and neighborhood demographics always change. But I'ma take a moment and describe the different ways irresponsible or disrespectful gentrification displaces and disregards the current residents.  This is all from a NYC point of view, but I’m sure it applies to other metro areas.

1) Choosing personal preference over neighborhood character.
I know plenty of people (mostly white, but some POC as well) who move to big cities from their small towns and they’re appalled at how little space you get for the money.  They want the same amount of living area they had in the suburbs of Omaha but they don’t have the money to pay for it in DUMBO or Chelsea or the Upper West Side or whatever.  So, instead of downsizing their expectations and living where they initially wanted, they move to brown neighborhoods where their money will go a lot further.  You don’t actually need that second bedroom so you can do yoga or work on your art projects.  You made the conscious decision to speed up gentrification in an area because you wanted more space than you could afford coming into a very expensive city to follow your dreams or whatever.

2) Using non-white neighborhoods as a transitional period.
I know plenty of people (again, mostly white) who will move to Harlem or Bed-Stuy or Washington Heights until their paycheck rises to a point where they can afford to move to a different neighborhood.  In terms of gentrification, it seems initially that it would be the proper way to do it – they didn’t stay for years and years and brown people can move back in after they leave.  But obviously that’s not how it works.  Businesses follow those transitional whites who make more money than the surrounding POC, but not enough money to live in the white neighborhoods they’re aspiring to.  So they bring with them the Starbuckses and the Whole Foodses and the juice bars, all business that lead to rapid increases in rents.  And then they get their raises or their careers advance and in a few years they’re gone.  It’s basically drive-by gentrification.  

3) Disregarding the local character.
I know plenty of people (mostly white) who have lived in gentrifying neighborhoods for years and have never met a neighbor.  Never gone to a community meeting.  Never gone to a block party.  I can accept that kind of passive existence, but then there are those who take it a step further to complain about things in the neighborhood that have been part of the fabric for decades before gentrification.  If you have a baby, don’t move to Washington Heights and rent an apartment on the main drag where all the clubs are and then call the police every night because of noise to the point where liquor licenses are threatened.  Don’t call the cops on the Ecuadorian lady selling dinner plates out of her living room for extra cash.  Don’t call the cops about the old Black dudes barbecuing on the sidewalk because they’re blocking the way.

Gentrification is a hard pill to swallow and there’s absolutely no way to prevent it.  However, as with most things, if you conduct yourself like a considerate human being, you can help mitigate the damages.

1) Think about where you’re moving.
If you tour a place on a block full of older buildings and you walk into your prospective apartment and everything is brand new, somebody probably just moved out (maybe not of their own volition) and the landlord renovated so he could jack the price up.  You can look up the history of a building and in NYC that’s helpful because shady landlords regularly force longtime tenants out of a building once the surrounding neighborhood starts to support a higher rental price due to the influx of gentrifiers.

2) Think about why you’re moving.
If you have X amount of dollars and you’re choosing between some neighborhood you love and another neighborhood you just plan to live in until you can afford the same amount of space in the neighborhood you love, ask yourself if you really need all of that space in the first place.  Sometimes the answer is yes, and that’s absolutely your prerogative.  I just want everyone to take a beat and seriously consider it first.

3) Don’t rent more than you can afford and then crowdsource the rest.
Y'all know I deleted a potential friend/date-person because they rented a two-bedroom they couldn’t afford with the intention of putting the other bedroom on Air BnB to cover the rest of the rent.  That is the most disrespectful form of gentrification.  You’re taking an apartment that was probably needed by a family who can no longer afford it because the landlord can get a much higher rent out of you…who also can’t afford it, but have the luxury of just being one person so you can crowdsource the rest of the rent.  It’s gross and there’s no part of me that will ever see someone in the same light once they rent an apartment with the explicit plan to cover the rent using a shared economy model.

4) Know where you’re moving and make sure you’re fine with the area as is.
Don’t move and then be shocked that a church is having choir practice on Wednesday night, the same practice they’ve had for the past three decades.  Don’t move and then decide the neighborhood is too loud.  Don’t move and then act like the Saturday afternoon block party is inconveniencing your life.  If you’re going to contribute to rising rents and corporate chains putting mom & pops out of business, the least you can do is let the people live and enjoy themselves the way they did before you got there.

I do recognize the benefits of gentrification, partly because I live in Harlem, partly because I follow trends and statistics, and partly because I recognize the unfortunate fact that a whole host of institutions from law enforcement to capital investment don’t give a damn about an area until white people move in and those improvements can benefit everyone, not just the new white folks.  But if you’re really committed to awareness, justice, and equality while also being a (possibly even reluctant) gentrifier, it’s your duty to make sure you’re doing it as responsibly as you can.

Managing Splenda Expectations

While we all dream of one day meeting that mythical SD that can offer us $10k/month with presents and travel and mentorship and support, the truth is there aren’t many of those to go around. They’re called the 0.1% for a reason. 

What there are a lot of though, are kind, generous, wonderful potential Sugar Daddies - with limited budgets. These men are genuine about spoiling you, and for a lot of them, they would give more if they could - they are the perfect SD in all but budget. Right now, realistically, $500 or $1000 a month is all they can offer.

Now, if that doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for you. Don’t push them to spend more than they can afford. That just leads to unhappy SDs piling a bunch of expectations and pressure on you to justify their overspending. 

But if you’re thinking “Hey, yeah, $1000 a month from a man whose company I enjoy is nothing to sneeze at” - then it just becomes a question of making sure everyone is on the same page with expectations. 

Where things can go a little wonky is when these men with $1000 budgets want $10k worth of your time. They want to see you several times a week, and text all day, and plan trips with you, and it can be difficult to set limits on that without outright saying “I want $x/hour, and if you have $x spend, you get that many hours” - that can be uncomfortable for everyone involved.

I ran into this uncomfortable conversation a time or two, and I didn’t always handle it well. But after a couple hits and misses, I developed the following short response that adjusted “$1000 for a couple of meetings a month and weekend trips” to “1 weekend a month and some pictures”

“In the same way you have a financial budget to work with, I have a time budget. I have a lot of really ambitious goals that I am working towards, and I need to make sure that I’m investing my time in ways that best support me. I really enjoy our connection. And it’s important to me that this arrangement be mutually beneficial, and doesn’t involve either of us overextending ourselves. I hope you can respect the amount of time I have available the same way I respect the amount of money you can spend”

coming to the zones

1. The first thing that you notice is the stillness, the quiet- right before sunrise, right as dusk begins to fall. After the muted hum of the city, the pulse of electricity, the silence is unsettling.

2. After not eating for three days, you’ll find out what the inside of a rabbit looks like. You’ll throw up bile on the side of the road after you gut the animal, you’ll cry yourself to sleep with a full stomach.

3. You learn how to tell the difference between approaching footsteps and bushes being rustled by the wind the hard way. That same night, you are in your first firefight, you kill your first person. You stare into your campfire four hours later wondering if dracs even are people. The new blaster wound on your arm will be your first scar.

4. You feel like grime and sweat and dust have been ground into your skin, you don’t know if you’ll ever be clean again. You consider the morality of killing for a shower.

5. You get a car. You drive all night, just because you can, burning up more gas than you can afford. You don’t care, it’s impossible to care when you’re going 110mph down desolate two lane.

6. You bury someone that you love. Maybe, if the soil is too rocky, you burn them. Maybe there’s no time for any of that, you’ve gotta get out of you’ll be ghosted too, and you come back that night to find that their body is gone. It doesn’t feel real. You cry, and the little voice in the back of your head whispers that you’re wasting water.

Tip for travelling in America

Hey guys! As the only American running this blog, I thought I’d give you a couple travel tips.
Cannot stress this enough. So important. America is stupid, so we don’t actually pay our wait staff a living wage. Like, they make less than 3.00 an hour on average. Their lively hood depends almost entirely on tips. If you cannot afford to give a decent 20% tip to the person whose working their ass off and earns most of their salary from people like you, DO NOT GO!!! These people work so hard and deal with so many ungrateful customers and they deserve to be compensated for taking care of you. It sucks that their source of income depends on often mercurial customers, but that is unfortunately how it is, at least for now. HELP THEM PAY THEIR GODDAMN RENT BECAUSE THEIR BASIC SALARY DOES NEXT TO NOTHING!!!
Compared to Europe or even Australia, America has a lot of territory for one country. Subways/metros/tubes are only in the big cities (like the most popular ones- Boston, NYC, etc. Even Orlando doesn’t have a subways system, and Disney is there) and cabs are expensive. Bus systems are not always a thing that exists. You have to be twenty five to rent a car here (we really suck sometimes). Hitch-hiking might get you killed/robbed/raped if you end up with a shady character. Make sure you have a secure way of getting around BEFORE you arrive.
3. It’s pretty hot, especially in the south or in the summer. I know that Europeans tend to wear nice clothes even to walk around, but you can wear shorts and a t-shirt to do most standard tourism in America. Keep cool and keep comfortable.
This is so important. I carry a knife, a corkscrew, and a lighter everywhere I’m not hindered by security concerns, and I’m as white as they come. But racism is still such a big thing here, especially in rural areas. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE FROM THE MIDDLE EAST OR LOOK LIKE YOI MIGHT POSSIBLY BE REMOTELY MUSLIM, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT!!! People are ignorant here, and it is a legitimate concern that you might be attacked or have reason to protect yourself. If very well might not happen, but be ready and play it safe, please.

Imagine surprising Chris.

It was the second week into the month of October. Chris had been in Georgia for almost a month now, filming the second part of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. It was obvious that you missed your husband but you had to admit, you’d been a little too busy with your own filming schedule to really feel the pinch of his absence. When Chris heard, he huffed and scoffed. You argued that it was probably because you were living in a hotel in New York rather than the comfort of your home in Los Angeles. Chris knew you so he knew that was just one of your gimmicks to make him feel better, he teasingly bit before he hung up, “don’t make me give you a reason to miss me, sweetheart.” You just rolled your eyes in response.

By now, majority of Chris’ cast mates were already in Georgia. There were a few exceptions, one of them being your best friend, Sebastian Stan, who was still in New York due to the promotion of his latest movie ‘I, Tonya’. Just the other night, you were at the Hamptons Film Festival celebrating with him and Margot Robbie. It had been a great night spent with many familiar faces. You did spend quite a lot of time missing Chris as he was usually your date to red carpet events. Being without Chris on the red carpet caused a slight ache in your heart that not even your best friend was capable of getting rid of. The next morning at breakfast, Sebastian suggested you stopped-over in Georgia before going home to Los Angeles. You called him a genius before rushing online to book the next flight out of New York City.

You didn’t tell Chris about your stop-over, you were just going to show up on his set to surprise him. You had a copy of their schedule and shooting locations, courtesy of the Russo brothers. They even sent someone to pick you up at the airport so you could drop your bags off at the apartment Chris was staying at first. Your crescendo of excitement began the moment you decided to do as Sebastian suggested. It was almost at its peak when you entered his apartment and caught a whiff of him and his cologne lingering in the air. But it wasn’t until you laid eyes on him that your heart exploded. It took him a while to spot you amongst the cast and crew. You stood behind the camera with Robert watching Chris complete a scene with Anthony. You crossed your arms over your chest and tried not to grin too widely when you saw Chris’ gaze trailing towards you. A small, flirtatious wave of your fingers had him doing a double take. When he realized it was actually you, his eyes lit up and he broke character.

“And you said it wasn’t going to be a good day. My wife’s here, man!” He low-fived Anthony repeatedly before throwing his head back, laughing with an immense joy. You chuckled, shaking your head in disbelief at how dorky your husband was. “Can we take five?” He asked then said before Anthony and Joe could answer him. “Okay, I’m taking five.” He jogged over to you, wrapping his arms tight around your waist as he lifted you off the ground. “My baby’s here.” He cooed and you laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Is he always like this?” You asked those in the vicinity over Chris’ shoulder.

“He’s worst when you’re around,” Robert answered then chuckled when Chris turned full body, swinging you around with him before he planted your feet on the ground. “What,” he laughed at Chris’ playful scowl, “you know it’s true. Y/N knows it too which is why she hasn’t said anything to defend you, isn’t that right?” He quizzed you and Chris turned to you with raised brows, trying not to laugh at your look of betrayal.

“Hey, don’t drag me into this.” You held one hand up in surrender then slipped the other into Chris’. “I came here to see my husband and have a good time, I don’t appreciate being attacked.” Everyone laughed. “I am so sorry for interrupting,” you turned to the Russo brothers. “You guys can attack me if you want. I’ll actually go hang out with Scarlett until Chris is-”

“Just take him,” Joe cut you off, laughing. “He’s not done, but mentally he is. There is no way we can get him to concentrate when he knows you’re here.” He said and Chris eagerly nodded in agreement, making you laugh. “You’ve been in New York since August, he hasn’t seen you in months. It’s fine, we can continue this tomorrow and move on to the next scene today.”

“Really?” You grinned. “Oh my God, thank you so-”

“Let’s go before they change their minds,” Chris quickly pulled you to walk alongside him, off set and towards the trailers. “I love you guys!” He called, glancing over his shoulder at his directors. “If I were to sign another contract with Marvel, it’ll be because of the two of you.”

“Kiss ass,” you masked the insult with a cough then scoffed when Chris playfully pinched your ass.

“I’ll kiss your ass in a minute,” he flirtatiously whispered then laughed when you giggled. “On to the more serious topics, how long do I have you for? Are you at least staying for the week?” He asked and you shook your head, pouting. “Why not? You’re on break now, you can afford to stay for more than a week.”

“I think you’re forgetting about Dodger,” you said and Chris pressed his lips together. He forgot he hadn’t told you he’d brought Dodger with him to Georgia. It was one of his many plays to get you to visit him. He knew you wouldn’t visit as much if Dodger was back in Los Angeles so he decided to take Dodger with him. He also took a few other items that he knew were important enough for you to consider flying four and a half hours for. “I miss his furry face, I want to get home to him as soon as possible so I’m just here for a couple days. I’m sorry, baby, but I don’t want him to not have at least one of us with him.”

“If Dodger was here too, would you consider staying a little longer?”

“Yeah, of cour-” You abruptly stopped when it dawned on you that your husband never asked hypothetical questions unless he had plan. His hypotheticals were usually factual, and they were always used to manipulate you into giving him the answers he wanted to hear. “He’s here, isn’t he?” You asked and Chris feigned confusion. “Christopher Robert Evans, did you bring Dodger to Georgia with you?”

“I’m going to need you to answer my question before I-”

You heard a familiar bark and turned towards it. Chris chuckled when you scoffed. You shook your head at him, descending to your knees as Dodger ran towards you. Mark had been watching him for Chris, taking him for walks around the set. He had him under control until Dodger saw you, upon seeing you Dodger used all his strength to pull his leash from Mark’s hand so he could barrel towards you.

“Oh my God.” Dodger’s momentum sent you on your ass, he excitedly licked your face whilst pawing at your chest. “Okay, buddy.” You laughed, scratching behind his ears. “Yes, I missed you too. Oh God,” you laughed harder, turning left and right to avoid his tongue from getting your mouth. “Calm down, Dodge.”

“You just couldn’t give me a couple more minutes, could you?” Chris knelt down next to the two of you, patting Dodger’s head. You rolled your eyes as you turned to Chris, trying not to reciprocate his smile. “Now that both your boys are here, think you can stay the week?” You deadpanned him and he whipped out his best puppy dog eyes. “Just one week, please? I know you’re tired. I’m sure you want to go home and relax and see your parents and your brother and our little niece but- I haven’t seen you in so long, I need my dose of Y/N.”

“You know I’m curious, Chris,” you began then paused and chuckled at his innocent expression prompting a continuation. It was like he had no idea what you were about to say next, and you knew he did; the man was a good actor. “Do you ever feel bad for manipulating me?” You asked and his shoulders quivered as he silently laughed, suppressing his smile.

“If I say ‘yes’, will you stay the week?”

“God, I hate you so much,” you laughed.

“One week,” he grinned triumphantly. “Y’know, two, if you really feel like it.” You shook your head in disbelief, involuntarily smiling at how adorable your husband was. You grabbed Dodger’s leash as Chris helped you to your feet. “Or three,” he said and you scoffed. “We’ll see after tonight,” he winked and you laughed. “Don’t worry, it’ll be completely up to you to decide.”

“Sure it will.”

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Clue Starter Pack

“Yep. Two corpses. Everything’s fine.”

“Please, there are ladies present!”

“What are you afraid of, a fate worse than death?”

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing illegal about any of this.”

“That’s right! The head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation!”

”But look what happened to the cook!”

“I feel no personal shame or guilt about this, but I must keep it a secret, or I will lose my job on security grounds.”

“You’ve got blood on your hands.”


“Ladies and gentlemen, you all have one thing in common: you’re all being blackmailed. For some considerable time, all of you have been paying what you can afford, and in some cases more than you can afford, to someone who threatens to expose you. And none of you know who’s blackmailing you. Do you?”

“I suggest we take the cook’s body into the study.”

“Indeed no, ___. I’m merely a humble butler.”

“That was uncalled for!”

“Well, one of us must have killed ___!”

“Picked up the dagger, ran down the hall, and stabbed the cook!”

“There’s a homicidal maniac about.”

“Look, the bullet broke that vase on the mantle.”

“Well, you had the gun; if you didn’t shoot ___, who did?”

“I’m sorry, excuse me. ___’s absolutely right. Look, there’s a bullet hole here in the wall, see that?”

“We’ve gotta know who did it. We’re all in this together now.”

“___ secret? Oh, haven’t you guessed? ___’s the one who’s blackmailing you.”

Signal boost for a teacher in need??

Over the summer many of you amazing people were kind enough to donate copies of Wonder to my classroom, and I am so very thankful! My students have loved our Wonder journey!

One of my good friends is also a teacher, and when I told her about it, she decided she was going to try as well for her class. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t have a blog with thousands of followers, so her wishlist hasn’t gotten much attention. She doesn’t even know I’m posting this here, so let’s give her a wonderful Christmas gift of a class set of Wonder! She’s an amazing teacher and friend who more than deserves this!

If you can afford to donate a copy, bless you! If you can’t, please reblog to pass this on. Thank you, lovelies!

Here’s the link:

something that bugs me about backlash to a living minimum wage with statements like “but they can’t afford it!” and “they won’t hire as many people!” is that… yes. yes, that’s the point.

Maybe this is basic 101 stuff but normally you can’t or shouldn’t spend more money than you take in. You can only afford to open as many locations as you can pay for, have as many workers as you can pay for, use as much materials or have as many facilities as you can replenish and service. Theoretically, the size of a business is limited by how much it can pay to sustain.

But to compete in an environment where being unsustainably huge is the norm, businesses do not want to be limited by basic principles of budget. So businesses that pay their workers less, buy from suppliers that undercut by also not paying their workers a minimum wage, etc. outcompete in size and income businesses that ensure their workers and pay living wages.

This leads to the destruction of local economies, local businesses. Instead of an environment with a great many companies that each pay less employees more money, there are now far fewer companies with vast amounts of employees working for much less. This is also why it’s often a sham when people say, “the job market is up! thousands of jobs have been added!” because often times? Those jobs suck. They aren’t local businesses that need skilled employees and will pay to support a household, they are large businesses that will pay the least amount of money they can to get the most amount of work possible. And even then, it’s a stretch to hire a minimum amount of workers, because even a pittance is still money they have to spend. Pointing to dozens of people getting hired and saying the job market is saved because unemployment is down means relatively little if they are still in poverty or need significant assistance to support themselves.

There’s also no incentive to be competitive in wages or benefits. A “competitive wage” now means, “you’re competing with other workers for who can offer the labor at the cheapest price,” and not “the employers are competing to appeal to you, because they need your work and you are now much more valuable.”

But if businesses were limited in a sensible way, there would be more of them because you need more businesses locally to cover the turf of one damn walmart or whatever. and all of those additional businesses need people to work in them. Probably far more positions would open than just what that damn walmart or call center is willing to open for peanuts. More positions at higher levels are needed. Because ten stores that each need high level positions, will employ more skilled employees than just one store ten times ordinary size.

Basically what I am saying is that we desperately need major corporations to pay what they can afford. If they can’t afford to pay all their employees a living wage, they shouldn’t have been the size they are in the first place. That they need such-and-such specs to be competitive doesn’t overturn the basic reality of. you should only be paying what you can afford. Because when something as big as a large corporation can’t, everybody down the line can’t either because they’re not being paid what they’re worth.

Trans couple needs help getting by & getting to our initial appointments for HRT, 170ish miles away

My partner and I both have our initial appointments for hormone replacement therapy on January 9th. We will be traveling from our tiny, rural village in southern Illinois to Champaign, which is about 170 miles away. In the meantime, we’re behind on rent and our gas and electric bills, we can no longer afford food or medication or the gas needed to get me to the minimum wage job I just started today, about 20 miles away.

We moved here from out of state in early October, with help from my mom, as we were facing eviction because I moved him into my apartment - to save him from becoming homeless - without first getting permission from my landlord. However, we’ve had shit luck since then finding steady work (most likely as a result of our gender identities and expressions) and have rolled through what very little savings we had just trying to survive these last three months. While our families are loving and supportive, they are working poor as well and cannot help financially.

Every time we think we’re gonna get caught up, something happens that sets us further behind (lost jobs from which we never received our last paychecks and car troubles, specifically).

We need help - anything you can spare - and we have no one we can ask but comrades on the internet whom we’ve never met and most likely will never meet. We have both been looking forward to this for so long but we’re terrified at the prospect of not only not being able to make our appointments, but of losing everything and being out on the streets in the heart of winter. We are isolated here and feel alone in our struggles; we are broke and we have been broken down, mentally and physically, by what we’ve gone through. We understand that many comrades on here are in similar - and in many cases, more dire - situations than we are, but any little bit you can afford would be very helpful and very much appreciated by us. Please and thank you. XOXO, Calico June + Ari.

harryxmac  asked:

I’m studying business, I can’t help but think of Harry staying up late with you looking at papers and seeing what words can be dazzled up to sound more smart. And I can imagine him reading through your books and understanding how a business works and stuff and him making her a tea and they both sit on their big bed dealing with their problems together ❤️❤️❤️

a/n - first off kudos to you for studying business, that stuff is hard! and second, please forgive my ignorance on what the hell your papers are about and pretend I’m actually somewhat correct with it haha. hope this is somewhere near what you were hoping for!!

“Hey Baby, what are ‘ye up to this late?” You hear Harry ask before he sets himself down besides you on the mattress.

“Oh, you know how college is! I’ve been stressing over this prompt my professor assigned, I’ve only got a week left to do it!” you begin to rant about this last minute paper your professor had just assigned. It’s due tomorrow and you’ve barely got your rough draft down. The prompt itself is pure taboo and you’ve been spending the past hour trying to finish your essay. You were assigned to write a proposal for a new marketing strategy and while you had your ideas formatted, you still had to revise and edit.

“Maybe you need some sleep, Y/N, it’s too late to be working,” Harry tries to coo you into cuddling with him with those few words and a kiss to your cheek.

You try to focus on what you’re currently trying to do by ignoring his presence, but it’s quite hard to do that, especially when he tilts his face in front of your laptop and gives you his puppy eyes.

You roll your own eyes at this, Harry never even finished school before his career took off and he didn’t understand the pressure you were under.

“Harry, I can’t lay down with you. I’ve got so much more to do, and so little time.”

“C’mon babe, I’m sure you can finish it later. I’m really craving some cuddles after a long day of work,”

“Harry, it’s a no. You don’t get it, I can’t afford to do bad on this paper. If I don’t pass this course, I won’t be getting a job anywhere,–”

Harry laughs, effectively cutting you off, “Y/N, honey, I can afford more than enough. You don’t need to get a job.”

“But Harry, I do. I can’t live off of you,” you sigh.

“Yes you can, Y/N, I love you and I don’t mind supporting you financially,” Harry wraps his arms around your waist, still trying to get you to give in and cuddle with him. But despite how hard it is to resist your boyfriend, you stay firm and keep working.

Harry seems to understand that he can’t sway you because soon enough he’s leaving the room.

You frown at this, while you needed to concentrate, you still loved Harry’s company dearly.

Fortunetly, a few minutes later, Harry walks in with two cups of tea.

Harry seems to see the look on your face and read your mind because a moment later he says, “Well ‘sobvious you won’t be stopping any time soon so I decided I might as well help out as much as I can, yea?”

His words bring a huge smile to your face, he’d do anything to help you out and you don’t think he knows just how much you appreciate it.

“Oh my, thank you so much baby,” you start to say after grabbing one of the steaming mugs and taking a few small sips.

“Is it good? Too hot?” Harry questions adorably.

“Perfect baby, just like you.”

You swear you can see Harry’s cheeks redden.

You originally thought Harry was only going to be giving you tea, but he proves you wrong as he picks up one of your business books and starts sifting through, asking about the big words and questioning the easy problems the book proposes. You giggle at this, Harry’s never been too good with economics or anything of that sort, he’s more of a musically inclined person.

“So, umm, ‘ere, I can help read over your paper, would that help?”

“That actually would be amazing, would you really?”

“Of course, sweetheart, just one second.”

You suddenly feel two large hands pick you up from the back of your thighs and you turn your head to see Harry setting you down on his lap.

“That’s better, yea,” Harry teases.

“So, let’s see, what’s the paper about, again?”

You laugh at Harry’s question and begin to explain how you’re writing about this marketing proposal. You tell him about how you decided to suggest working with different influencers to try to get a good audience and then you tell him about how horrible this prompt is, because you aren’t even studying for marketing but instead for a different area of business.

After you finish your speech about the proposal that you’re writing, Harry shifts you on his lap a bit and then grabs the laptop off you.

You instantly whine, the heat from it was keeping you warm. “Don’t worry, Y/N, you can just drink some of the tea,” Harry tells you absentmindedly while he focuses his forest green eyes on the screen.

You let him do his thing and lean your head against his chest, you were quite tired despite your mind still running.

Harry strokes his free hand through your hair and before you know it the two of you are laying down in some deformed position as Harry is still just reading through the essay.

Just as you feel your eyes start to shut, you hear your favorite british voice.

“It’s really good, Y/N, I’m so proud of you babygirl,” he smiles down to you.

“But,—” you interrupt his sappy moment which makes him giggle like a little schoolgirl.

“But, I think we could dazzle it up a bit, don’t you say?”

You find yourself agreeing and then you guys situate yourselves up against each other for what seems like the eightieth time this night.

In this position, his arms are around you and you’re both still laying down but the laptop is in between the two of you.

You scroll back up to the top of the document.

Harry suddenly jumps just a bit, and he looks like a cute little child in that moment, “Y/N, I remember! I remember from school, you gotta take out the conventions! Gotta be professional, baby!”

“I had almost forgotten,” you grin up at Harry as you come upon the word ‘don’t’ and then take his advice, very good advice at that considering you almost forgot, and changing it to ‘do not’.

“Hey, I wanted to type!” Harry complains.

You punch him lightly in the shoulder, “Sorry baby!” you exclaim even though the two of you know that you weren’t really sorry.

This continues on and Harry makes small comments along the way, suggesting ‘little ways to snazz-ify it’ as he likes to say.

At some point in time, you feel satisfied enough with the paper, you begin to close the laptop but are surprised when you see the small clock at the top of the screen reading ‘two o’clock’ in the morning.

Harry sees the small moment in between you closing your laptop and putting it onto the night stand. When he sees what you’re marvelling about, he let’s out a loud and somewhat barbarious laugh, “I told you it was late Y/N!”

What A Weird Relationship (2/5) - Peter Parker x (f)Reader x Brother!Stark

Originally posted by captain-pizzamaster

Words: 1518
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader x Brother!Stark
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson
Warnings: sad/mad reader, lil bit of yelling
Requested: Still part of the 1000 follower special series
Authors Note: REMINDER: this is set like after Civil War, and there is still the two teams. I love this a lot more than I thought I would. ALSO, IVE ALMOST COMPLETED MY LIFE GOAL. 1234 FOLLOWERS.

One Two Three Four Five Six


“He was beyond pissed.” You told Peter as you kicked his hand. It was Friday, and you guys were training together.

“I’ve always hated that teacher.” He shrugged. “Ouch! Watch it.” Peter told you when you accidentally kicked his arm.

“Oops, sorry.” You laughed a bit, causing Peter to laugh. “Want to take a break and go get some food?”

“I’m always down for food.” Peter smiled at you. You both began to unwrap your hands and you walked out of the training room together.

“Hey (Y/N)- oh, hello Mr. Parker.” Natasha came up behind you two.

“Hi Miss Romanoff!” Peter smiled.

“Hey Nat. What’s up?” You asked.

“Tony’s going insane and yelling at somebody..I heard your name a few times. Check on him for me?” Natasha asked.

You sighed. “Tell him I have a boy over and that’ll freak him out enough to stop from killing someone.”

“Please.” Natasha said to you.

“I’ll see what I can do. Order Peter and I a pizza, please!” You said as you began to walk down the hallway.

“Pepperoni, please!” Peter called before you grabbed his wrist and pulled him around the corner to take him to Tony’s office.

“You do not want to fight me on this!” You heard Tony yelling. “I’ll do everything in my power to show how horrible my daughter and I were treated the other day to everyone! But, of course, if you fix this, then only a few people will have to know.”

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Tripping Over the Blue Line (39/45)

It’s a transition. That’s what Emma’s calling it. She’s transitioning from one team to another, from one coast to another and she’s definitely not worried. Nope. She’s fine. Really. She’s promised Mary Margaret ten times already. So she got fired. Whatever. She’s fine, ready to settle into life with the New York Rangers. She’s got a job to do. And she doesn’t care about Killian Jones, captain of the New York Rangers. At all.

He’s done. One more season and he’s a free agent and he’s out. It’s win or nothing for Killian. He’s going to win a Stanley Cup and then he’s going to stop being the face of the franchise and he’s going to go play for some other garbage team where his name won’t be used as puns in New York Post headlines. That’s the plan. And Emma Swan, director of New York Rangers community relations isn’t going to change that. At all.

They are both horrible liars.

Rating: Mature
Content Warnings: Swearing, eventual hockey-type violence
AN: Welcome to Los Angeles, hotbed of NHL drama. At least in this version of the NHL. It gets real dramatic guys, but Roland Locksley is here to be painfully adorable in front of media hordes, so there’s some give and take. We’re closing in on the end of this whole story and your continued feelings and thoughts and clicks just absolutely blows my mind. You’re all incredible. Screaming the praises of @laurnorder, @distant-rose & @beautiful-swan forever and ever. 
Also on Ao3, & tag’ed up on Tumblr

“Is it always sunny here?” Will asked, squinting up at the sky like he was actually in pain.

Killian rolled his eyes and Roland laughed softly next to him, tugging on the bottom of his jacket and while he certainly wasn’t about to complain about sunshine, it was fairly hot. And they couldn’t take the jackets off.

He wouldn’t complain.

He’d just sweat to death. Probably.

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Klaine one-shot - “The Life You Think You Deserve” (Rated PG13)

Blaine is making a huge change in his life. He’s starting by going to Kurt, a man with a specific talent that will help him move on. (5274 words)

Notes (or, in this case, petty commentary. Read if you want, or skip to the warnings down below): This is the re-write that I was actually the most excited about because it’s kind of a huge f-u to everyone in the K*urtbastian fandom who’s ever sh*t on my work. When I wrote this, it was a character study. But it actually got torn apart by two fandom writers - one K*urtbastian and one multishipper. One of them even made a post on tumblr about how I don’t write Sebastian, I write badboy Blaine and pass him off as Sebastian, and this fic was the focus of that. Well, I thought this one was touching and brilliant, and hopefully, now that I’ve changed it, it will get the love I think it deserves! (See what I did there? I … well, never mind.)

Warnings for mention of self-harm scars, mention of blood, and mention of Blaine being married to Quinn.

Skank Kurt. Closeted Blaine.

Read on AO3.

Blaine paces outside the run-down, red-bricked, residential loft that he had to bribe a taxi cab driver to take him to. He can honestly say that he has never feared for his life before tonight, so he can chalk this up as a first on his list of life experiences. He runs his hands up and down his arms while he tries to decide whether he will push the buzzer for the door or not. No matter what happens, he came here willingly, so he has no one to blame but himself.

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