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Zodiac: Tag Yourself (Edition)

-looks like “fight me” but is actually “love me”
-extremely fucking smart like wut
-doesn’t care about emotions unless it’s their own
-strive for power

-seems chill but is actually savage af
-doesn’t believe in emotions
-would fight you for hurting an animal
-actually has an amazing sleeping schedule???

-emotional mess (they never feel anything the right way)
-probably knows more useless shit than you
-actually really amazing ppl
-doesn’t know what sleep is

-looks like “love me” but is actually “fight me”
-doesn’t know how to deal with emotions so they don’t
-can be extremely selfish
-lives in drama

-very one way thinking mind
-high morals
-doesn’t deny they need constant validation
-constantly naps

-looks like they want to kill you, probably does
-such a fucking nerd
-sleeping schedule so fucked it’s like wow
-has a weird book collection

-always in love with someone
-big time music dork
-over emotional
-probably doesn’t know what’s going on

-tries to be hard core but are low key cry babies
-likes dark colors but has a bright personality
-probably reads more books than you
-just wants to be loved

-ready to disappear at any moment
-has seen every strange movie on Netflix (I mean, EVERY weird movie)
-honestly forgets emotions exist
-just wants a 48 hr nap

-knows they’re better than you
-parties more than you know
-just wants ppl to stop
-will cut you off without blinking an eye

-disappears for a while w/o explanation
-probably cuter than you
-always turnt
-live in a very gray world when it comes to what’s right or wrong

-doesn’t like dealing with responsibility
-likes music more than they like you
-thrives off of attention tho
-refuses to be anyone’s #2

Harry Hook - Salty Kisses

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Just a random idea I came up with!

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“Why would you do that to me, Uma? I had her!”  You exclaimed, your words dripping in venom as you pushed through the doors of Ursulas Fish and Chips and threw yourself into one of the booths. 

“You and I both know you had nothing on her, Y/N.” Uma persisted, not even giving you a look as she made her way past you. “You’re too emotionally attached.” 

You gave Uma a daring glare, your eyes traveling over her unfazed figure as she nonchalantly made her way up the stairs and behind the bar. 

“Of course I’m emotionally attached! Mal was my best friend!” 

Uma gave you a small scoff, her leather covered hands gently reaching out and retrieving a cloth to clean her sword. “Yeah, she was. That’s the point, Y/N. She was your best friend, but she’s not anymore.” She explained. “She abandoned you. She abandoned us. You didn’t accept that 6 months ago, and you still haven’t accepted it now. If I would have let you fight her, she would have destroyed you, and if she would have destroyed you, you’d be even more useless than you are now.”

You let out a laugh, the feeling of disbelief and anger taking over your body. “You know what, Uma? How about you go -”

“Ladies, ladies!” A voice called out, the smooth sound of their scottish accent immedietly making you register that it was Harry. “What’s done is done. There’s no point in fighting about it. Right, Y/N?”

You sighed, the sound of your boyfriends words ringing in your ears and calming you nerves. “Yeah, whatever.” You exclaimed, gently digging the heels of your hands into your eyes and letting out a shaky breath. “I’m sorry, Uma.”

Uma gave you a slight tsk, her eyes looking at you with disappointment as she and the fellow crew mates made their way through the doors and out onto the deck.

“Starting a fight with Uma? Are you serious, Y/N? If it was anyone but you she would have thrown them overboard.” Harry lectured, his hand reaching out and gripping yours as he sat down next to you.

“I know.” You proclaimed, squeezing his hand in reassurance. “I just…I just can’t believe it. Mal was my best friend, my sister, and she just left me on this Isle like I was a piece of garbage ” You stuttured, tears immedetly beginning to fall down your face. “And then for her to come back here and not even apologize? Are you kidding me? Did our friendship mean nothing to her?”

“Mal isn’t worth your tears, okay?” Harry whispered, a slight trace of anger lacing his voice as he kissed the thick droplets of water off of your cheeks. “She doesn’t deserve to have you as a friend, and they sure as hell don’t deserve to have you at that school.”

You gave him a small nod, your eyes looking at nothing but the black table in front of you. “Maybe you’re right, but that doesn’t change how I feel.”

Harry let out a sad sigh, his free arm gently wrapping around your waist before pulling you into him, his hand resting in your hair and softly combing through it. 

“I know you’re sad, Y/N. But please, don’t cry. I hate seeing you cry.” Harry comforted, his hand leaving yours and lightly tapping your chin.”Your beautiful face is breaking my heart.”

You rolled your eyes, your boyfriends cheesy attempt at cheering you up having a slight affect as you cuddle yourself into him. 

“I know. I’m sorry.” You apologize. “You’re probably tired of hearing me whine about it all the time. I mean, no wonder Uma thought I was too emotional to fight.”

“No, that’s not it!” Harry exclaimed, “I really just hate seeing you get hurt, especially when it’s over something as overrated as Auradon Prep.”

You gave him a knowing nod, breathing in deeply as you finally began to slow your tears. “I know, Harry. I just….I can’t live here. I can’t survive here. I’m not good enough.”

Harry shook his head, the disagreement evident on his face. “You, my love, are stronger than every single person in this crew combined.” He began, his hands cupping you face and bringing you closer to him. “If anyone can survive on this island, it’s you, and you have to believe me on that.”

“You’re wrong, Harry. I -”

“Believe me.” He interrupted, gently connecting his lips with yours and giving you a soft kiss.

You kissed him back, the feeling of his lips molding with yours warming your heart and fogging your mind from any negative thoughts that were coming your way. Smiling against his lips, you leaned further into him, the simple words ‘believe me’ lingering in your head as you kissed him deeper, the all too familiar taste of your boyfriends lips heavy on your tongue.

He tasted like reassurance.

He tasted like tears. 

He tasted like home. 

5 Signs You Treat Your Reader Like an Idiot

(1) Overusing Adverbs

For Example: “Get out, Michael. I swear to God, get out before I try to kill you. I wasted two years of my life on your pathetic cheating ass. Get out!” Tara yelled angrily.

Adverbs are, more often than not, useless additions to your writing. Looking to the example above, adding “angrily” to the end of the line tells the reader nothing new. The reader knew Tara was angry, because Tara is clearly yelling at Michael. The dialogue alone is enough to portray this, and I’m sure with the full scene, the reader doesn’t need any extra help. Adverbs clutter up your writing and weaken your writing. Trust the reader to catch on without the adverb.

(2) “As if” Phrases

For Example: Mrs. Winters lingered over Bryan, her stern face glaring down at him, as if daring him to speak out again.

You don’t need to explain why characters are doing what they do. “As if” phrases are explanations we don’t need. Your writing needs to be strong enough to portray that Mrs. Winters wants Bryan to shut up.

(3) Exposition in Dialogue  

For Example: “Hello, Bridget, my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me with Brad”.

I wrote a whole post on this last week, because exposition in dialogue is absolutely terrible, but I will say it again. Using dialogue to explain things is usually just lazy writing. Dialogue needs to sound the way that people actually talk. Keep in mind that the characters know more than they say, and rarely need to explain it.

(4) Lazy Research

For Example: The curtains opened and Jared lifted the wand. With a wave, he instructed the winds start playing. The hall filled with the melody of flutes, clarinets and trumpets.

To the untrained eye, Jared is a decent conductor, and is doing a fine job leading the orchestra. To a musician, this scene would come off as weird. The stick a conductor uses is a baton, not a wand. Trumpets are not wind instruments. These details aren’t enough to completely ruin a story, but if you have a character interested, you need to do research. Know what you’re talking about. Using the right words, terms that are only used within the community (for this example, words like staccato or laccato tell musicians how to play a note).  If you have a character who is a musician, learn about music. If you have a character who does ballet, learn what a pliée is, and what an arabesque is. Don’t assume your readers won’t notice if you mess up on small details. The small details matter.

(5) One Dimensional Characters

No matter how minor a character is, it is your job to make them matter. Every character should have some sort of story. It might go untold, but characters need to be people in the universe you created, not plot devices there to guide your main character to what they need to do. This is especially true when writing women. Many female characters are written with the purpose of being a love interest to your main character, and they deserve more than that. 


Hey! Sorry, I know it’s been a while since I posted a one-shot! Believe me when I say I have a lot of stuff in the works… school has just been kicking my ass.

This is for this prompt, requested by @legendarylangst.

So Lance and Keith are neighbors - their bedrooms share a wall - (apartments) anyway, Lance gets sick - like rlly sick - so he stays home and tries to sleep it off, but in his sleep he moans ans groans because even in his sleep he’s in pain. and Keith thinks he’s getting off,, and bangs on the wall ans then when it doesnt stop he goes to the door and pounds on the door until Lance answers while in a blanket

Hope you guys enjoy!

Lance hated being sick.

Not that he’d ever admit that he was, but he despised it all the same. It wasn’t even the symptoms that bothered him the most, even though those sucked. It was the feeling of not being able to do anything. There was nothing Lance hated more than being useless.

Still, despite his protests, Hunk had decided that Lance couldn’t possibly go into work that day. The guy was usually a big pushover, except when it came to his friends’ health. Then all bets were off.

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Hi! I saw your tags on that James Olsen gifset and I eas wondering if you could elaborate on them?

tbh i think that the whole guardian storyline is a steaming pile of horseshit and the peripheral implications of it are really gross.

like, i think it’s bad writing because it doesn’t make sense. james demonstrably has been surrounded by superheroes for years, but suddenly now has a crisis of conscience and decides that He Should Be Doing More.  because He Can.  because he has a black belt?  i mean, okay.  sure jan.  you have a black belt, which is more than most people, but you also got it in a controlled environment of a gym, so that doesn’t exactly qualify you to go off fighting criminals who play dirty.  that’s not even accounting for the fact that criminals often have guns.  you know what a black belt is good for against a gun?  Very Very Little.

but back to the motivation.  they’re trying, and failing, i think, to write james as a foil to mon-el, where mon-el decides to be a hero because of a pretty girl, and james decides to be a hero because it’s the right thing to do.  mon-el has certainly made dumb choices, though not as dumb as i think fandom likes to think, but that isn’t the point here.  the point here is whether james is making the choice to be a hero for the right reasons.  and, well, no, jimmy, your justification so far that you have repeated many many many times is that You Are Meant For This punchy punchy heroing.  okay, well, what about the other heroic work you’ve been doing for years, the part where you help inform the flow of information to people and capture stories that they wouldn’t otherwise get to witness?  remember that whole thing in S1 where cat grant was the person who stabilized national city after the earthquake through media, not punchy punchy heroing?  remember how cat grant is now on sabbatical and james is literally sitting in the smae chair she used for that and he could be doing that but oh, no, why try to make a difference on a macro scale when you can go off punchy punching criminals in a micro sense?  totally makes sense.  

basically his entire justification for being the guardian– and guilting winn into helping him with it– is that he sees himself as a hero who just needs a stage to prove it, and that stage is helping people.  this is not “people need help and i have the capability to help them”, it’s “i am a hero and i will help people to prove it.”

then there’s the fact that james’ Hero Epiphany came in the first six months he spent around supergirl.  despite spending years being superman’s boyfriend best friend he never felt the need to put on a suit of armor and go off gallivanting around the streets to get his punch on.  but suddenly he’s around supergirl, the girl he’s ostensibly in love with, who’s beautiful and wonderful and can lift a building over her head with no discernible effort, and suddenly NOW he feels the need to get all hypermasculine punchy punchy?

yeah, okay.  doing it for the right reasons.  sure, buddy.  

honestly i think that the whole storyline is bad, but that if they had to do it then ther ewas a much better way they could have done it, which would have been to build it off of him disagreeing with kara and the deo about holding aliens and maxwell lord in prison in S1.  he’s already demonstrated that he doesn’t agree with how they do everything, and hey, look, the show also introduced A DETECTIVE WHO IS BIG ON PROTECTING ALIENS FROM GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS in this season.  if you have to do a stupid james-goes-punchy storyline, base it on that, an existing platform where he’s already disagreed with kara, and build it into somewhere where he’s actively giftwrapping bad guys and/or bad aliens to give to the NCPD, who then are meant to provide them due process.  this is a significantly more meaningful storyline for james than him getting pissy about mon-el and strutting around posturing and writing stories about himself where he basically calls his vigilante persona Ripped Shredded 8-Packed SuperDuperDuperHero Who Is Most Magnificent.  but eh, why write a storyline that builds on your existing characterization of james olsen that oculd also conveniently tie him to one of the other poc on the show when you can absolutely destroy said characterization?

Catalan words for fairytales and legends

Sant Jordi is coming, so here’s a list of Catalan words about legends and fairytales.

Hi havia una vegada…: once upon a time…
Conte: tale/story
Llegenda: legend
Mite: myth
Fantasia: fantasy
Aventura: adventure
Fada: fairy
Bruixa: witch
Bruixot: warlock
Màgia: magic
Cavaller: knight
Sirena: mermaid
Princesa: princess
Príncep: prince
Castell: castle
Vampir: vampire
Fantasma: ghost/phantom
Ànima: soul
Home-llop: werewolf
Desig: wish
Maledicció: curse
Benedicció: blessing
Drac: dragon
Enamorar-se: to fall in love
Lluitar: to fight
I van viure feliços i van menjar anissos: common sentence to finish the story. Literally, “and they lived happily and ate sweets.
Vet aquí un gat, vet aquí un gos, aquest conte ja s’ha fos: another common sentence to finish the story. Literally, “here is a cat, here is a dog, this tale has already melted”.

And some names of famous tales/characters:

Ventafocs: Cinderella
Blancaneus: Snow White
Caputxeta Vermella: Little Red Riding Hood
Rapunzel or Repunxó (depending on the version): Rapunzel
Bella Dorment: Sleeping Beauty
Rínxols d’Or (i els Tres Ossos): Goldie Locks and the Three Bears

And talking about Catalan fairytales and legends, don’t forget El Patufet, El Timbaler del Bruc and, of course, la Llegenda de Sant Jordi!

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yooo what is bandstand about?

I was gonna be super cool answering this but it’s basically just sat in my inbox for days instead.

Bandstand, in its proverbial nutshell, is about a young WWII vet Donny Novitiski returning home from the war to find that the rest of the nation, while celebrating what they have gained, have moved on from how the world was when he left. Feeling lost and out of place, and haunted by the war and a personal tragedy, Donny just wants to go back to being a musician, but can’t find work.

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He hears about a national contest to find a band that will be a tribute to the troops, and the winners will be featured in a motion picture, securing their fame and fortune forever. Donny leaps at the chance and forms a jazz swing band entirely out of other veterans like himself.

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The last member of their ensemble is Julia Trojan, the young widow of Donny’s wartime brother, who joins the soldiers and sings in the band.

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The competition is fraught with troubles, deceptions, and hurdles, which the boys take on, one at a time. All the while the try to simply be them and be whole in a world which only wants to forget and move on from the troubles of a past that is still ringing in the soldiers’ ears every day and night.

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As this motley crew of underdogs place their pride in the music they make and fight toward victory, they also begin to, in margins, heal from all they’ve been through, including Julia and Donny.

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The show has received critical and fan praise across the board for its in-depth and tender portrayals of both the untold stories of servicemen and the various mental illnesses the bandmates struggle to overcome. The music is phenomenal and Corey Cott and Laura Osnes are such amazing talents, you can hear every hope, laugh, and tear in their voices as they sing their characters through the musical. The whole cast of bandmembers play their own instruments throughout the story. The music style, costuming, effects, and dances are all modeled after the era and the classic golden age film musicals as well.






I’ve given up hope, but in my head I dream about Dorne all the fucking time and this is what I see:

  • Dorne with water gardens and bustling marketplaces and blood-orange groves.
  •  Elia Martell, (Deepika Padukone) sitting beneath a fragrant lemon tree and sharing secret smiles with a noticeably relaxed and happy Arthur Dayne (Santiago Cabrera) and being more than something to pity and remember with manly angst.
  • Rhaenys (Sara Arjun) cuddling Balerion the Black Fluffy Dread, while Ashara (Merve Boluğur)brushes out her hair, safe and happy in a place where nobody will refuse to adore her because she “smells Dornish”.
  • Little Nymeria Sand trying to babysit Aegon.
  • Oberyn (Oh Pedro my Pedro) teaching baby Arianne (Harshaali Malhotra) how to swim in the water gardens
  • Arianne Martell (Katrina Kaif) now grown up and amazingly beautiful, becomes Princess of Dorne in a ceremony attended by ALL HER FAMILY, ALIVE. Oh, and she also has a relationship with Arys Oakheart (Tom Felton?) anyway, because let’s be real, they were one of the hottest, most sexually charged relationships that D&D chose to omit for cringey sex scenes involving a character who was supposed to have been 8 of age in the canon.
  • Unidentified Princess of Dorne has a name and that name is BAMF. 
  • Ellaria Sand (oh Indira Varma, thou were wasted on the show)being a peace-loving, sensible woman and she and Oberyn are a power couple. THE power couple. She doesn’t actually, believe it or not, like killing little girls.
  • The Sand-Snakes are the *eight!eight!* awesome sheroes of the book, and have so much more to offer than useless boob shots and atrocious dialogues. Also, they all look significantly different.
  • Dorne being an amazing, varied, pluralistic kingdom legions ahead in mindset and coolnes than the rest of Westeros no matter what D&D sell me.

I’m also for some weird reason 100% convinced Sakusa listens to death metal

when the leaves littered the ground, not in fantastical patterns of gold and red and rust
but in the uniform umber of november days,
and when the chill in the air was no longer a pleasant breeze
but an uninvited reminder of the dreariness fast approaching;
I found myself scrambling over her.

I found myself encompassed with the battle she was fighting that she didn’t want me to have any part in.
I found myself for the first time, but not the last,
completely and utterly

when the snow still looked beautiful
and the smell of evergreen was fresh in the bright red noses of the children who just couldn’t wait for sleigh bells and hot chocolate
on cold fire-lit nights;
I found myself scrambling over her.

I found myself with my foot in the door,
doing my best to lift my sword and charge headfirst into the battle that she didn’t even want me to have any part in.
I found myself rendered, once again,
completely and utterly

when the snow was not yet grey with the tiredness of March
but it seemed to have lost it’s sparkle and luster
and the chiming belles of New Year’s had faded into the crisp night;
I found myself scrambling over her.

I found myself debating wether it was time to dust off my sword and try again.
I found myself reaching the decision that nothing I did would mean anything if she didn’t even want me fighting her battles.
I found myself not enough and
I found myself falling through the feeling of being
completely and utterly

when the drudge of life was personified in the sludge of the sleet on the street
and the glass from the windows of long bus rides turned my face as blue as the heart inside
that was barely managing to pump blood through my veins;
I found myself realizing

I found myself admitting that I could go on without her.
I found myself a new group of people, ones who wanted me to fight beside them in their battles.
And yet I found myself unable to see the battles I was fighting for myself and
for a reason unbeknownst to me then
I found myself still feeling
completely and utterly

when for some reason
the cold still lingered in the air
and the rain was more ice than water
despite the blazing sun in the sky and the promise
of warmth in it’s gaze;
I found myself scrambling over you

I found myself doing everything in my power to fight every battle you fought.
I found myself unable to sit anymore along the sidelines
I found myself conscripting to every single battle on the horizon I found myself, with every smile and happy day I tallied on the chalkboard,
losing that horrid sense of being
completely and utterly

when for some reason the sun shone too hot
and the flowers didn’t get the chance to bloom
as if like the rest of us the year
so desperately wanted to forget the cold bite of winter
that it neglected the beauty of spring;
I found myself scrambling over you.

I found myself fighting too many battles.
I found myself being cut with the steel of a blade and a pinch of a heart every time I neglected one of the five dozen armies and I saw someone go down into the depths that I could not defeat with a swing of my sword
a good song and a warm smile.
I found myself falling back into despair because once again
I was completely and utterly

when the sun still took a break some days
but the air smelt of happiness and the wind
through the windows of my car filled with six heavy hearts stringing music at the top of their lungs,
felt like the promise of a future I could hold in my hands and for once in my life not destroy;
I found myself scrambling over you

I found myself so desperate to cling to this feeling of happiness that I would do anything and i did.
I found myself fighting double bladed and headstrong.
I found myself finally breaking down at the realization that despite all of that,
I could not save you every time.
I found myself realizing that I had always and would always be
completely and utterly

when the heat of the sun finally belted through the atmosphere
and the air was hot and sticky
and the breeze no longer breathed promises
but tauntingly whispered of a never-to-be-reached destiny;
I found myself scrambling over you.

I found myself crying in my basement over the realization that I loved you in every human way possible and that you hated me in every fathomable instance.
I found myself screaming in my head but unable to make any sound
because you were shutting me out and you were starting to fight battles that you didn’t even want me to have any part in.

when the sun seemingly stayed up tip midnight
and the day I wanted so desperately to end never did
you called me and you told me a story that seemed
so familiar and;
I found myself settling over you.

I found myself echoed in your pain.
I found myself realizing that you too had fought so many battles that people didn’t even want you to have any part in.
i found that, like me, your worst fear was making it worse and that was your reasoning for not wanting me to fight in your battles.

when it was practically summer
and definitely not spring
but not quite either of them in their entirety;
I found myself still without use but with a promise
in your eyes that screamed of a future in which
I would be more than
completely and utterly

—  P.M.M
Always the Bad Guy

A/N It had to be done at some point, okay? (Set after the ‘Becoming a Cartoon’ video.)

Genre: angst

Pairing: neutral

Word Count: 1100

Warnings: self-hate, anger, destruction of property??


Anxiety wishes he could be seen as more than the villain, but he knows it isn’t possible. So he does the one thing he knows best - bottle up his feelings until he’s alone.

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