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@Your Civil War post: Also, they (whether unintentionally or not) were painting Tony as 'in the right' when Steve had every right to be mistrustful? I mean, the man came back from fighting Nazi governments for and then fight more Nazi governments. Also Wanda's a refugee of an international war, like, God Forbid they distrust governmental intentions!

Because it’s the MCU and Iron Man will never be allowed to be the bad guy even when his actions are actually outright B A D. Now lbr both Steve and Tony were right AND wrong. However, Iron Man is still in the major wrong for his hypocrisy, selfishness, and unwilling-to-care attitude. This fool still has YET to apologize to Wanda at minimum for his company being the one to kill her family. Remember in AOU when Pietro told Toony Snot that his weapons killed their family?? What did Tony do? He made a freaking joke. He didn’t apologize, he didn’t look guilty, this fool cracked a joke.

And Pietro, more of a man than Toony will ever be and Pietro was a KID (aight he was like hella young but you get me), died getting involved in a war that ultimately was TONY’s fault because he didn’t!!! listen!!! when!!!!!! bruce!!!! initially!!! said!!!!!!!! don’t!!!!!!!! fw!!! this!!! ultron!!! bullshiddd!!!!!!

Plus, he literally harbored hate for Steve all this time and SHOWED his true colors- he’s immature and jealous like am I really supposed to believe they were pals? Tony was a fake ho to Steve the whole time lol. How you tal’m bout “you don’t deserve that shield” yet earlier u was like “we were bffs tho” boi bye. I hate ugly writing so much ughhhhhghghghghgghghgh.

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Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Hello! :) I love you and your blog! I noticed you did avengers and I was hoping you could do a reader insert story where Steve is dating reader and he is bragging about her to thor and Tony in AoU? I thought that would be cute! Thank you! Ily! :D

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So i did a thing and idk how well it’s written or if it makes any sense bc it’s 3am but yeah

#6 I hate you and #7 i love you


(Y/N) stepped out of the bar, her eyes darting up and down the street like she was looking for someone and Pietro had a feeling he knew whom. It made him nervous with anticipation but, at the same time, he found he didn’t care all that much. He’d been reckless that night and now she was aware of his presence in her life. She was never meant to find out, not this way. And yet, somehow, he was relieved because hiding from her was getting harder and harder to manage, especially when she was out on her own in the middle of the night oblivious to the wandering eyes of slimy men. His eyes darted around the dark street as he subconsciously clenched and unclenched his right fist, slinking deeper into his hidden alcove in the alley across the road.

He watched the wide eyed girl drop her head down in disappointment before she quickly rushed past the group of intoxicated men outside the bar. It was clear from her quick, precise steps that she was trying to avoid drawing any attention to herself. It was no use though, because as her heels quietly clacked against the pavement, all eyes were instantly drawn to her.

(Y/N) could feel their calculating gazes and wrapped her arms around herself. She lowered her head further to allow her hair to fall in front of her face like a curtain, creating a false sense of security from their prying eyes and quickened her pace silently; all the while praying to get home safe. She knew this had been a bad idea the moment she’d left the house so late and on her own…and yet she had to know. She had to know if he was real. She had to know if he was back.

“Hey hot stuff.” One of the men called out his eyes eagerly trailing up the (Y/N)’s stocking clad legs. She held back a shiver, glaring over at the man.

Pietro’s fingers tightened on the phone he was gripping in his right hand as his spine stiffened with the urge to blind the man – which suddenly seemed rather appealing.

“Where are you off to, baby? Come have a drink with us,” one of his friends grinned suggestively, and this time Pietro didn’t hold back the growl that slipped past his lips as the guy took an exaggerated step towards (Y/N), his (Y/N).

“Yeah we’ll keep you safe.” Another one spoke, the tone of his voice completely contradicting his words.

Pietro’s normally pretty blue eyes were now dilated with rage, seeming to be pitch back in colour and his vision became hazy over the tone these men were using. He knew that with one more disrespecting word out of their mouths, he would snap. He was almost hoping they’d say something so he could have the satisfaction of pummeling into their faces, the thought of the crunch of their bones snapping bringing a sadistic smile to his face.  

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Launching this fall we will be seeing the “Avengers NOW!” Title as well as more than TEN new “#1’s” for characters such as Thor, Superior Iron Man, and All-New Captain America as we see a woman wield Mjolnir, Sam Wilson take Caps mantle, and Tony Stark with a new outlook on life. PLUS new books for some of the lesser known and just as exciting characters like Deathlok, Ant-Man, and Doctor Strange! It’s gonna be an exciting year in comic books guys! and all of this will build right up to the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron


This contains spoilers but omg i must express feelings about age  of ultron

Okay i am so angry to summarise. Like I have never felt so betrayed by a film.

I admit my expectations weren’t great. I knew it could never be as great as avengers and I knew that the bruce/nat story line would anger me. Ii was hoping the film would be at the least enjoyable.

Instead this is what happened. 

Basically my favourite character was reduced to a love interest. Yes i knew they had a romantic plot but i assumed it was a sub plot. No, Nat spends the whole film pining after Bruce with him returning barely any of the same feelings other than apparently liking being liked.

When it wasn’t important to the story, aka Bruce was off furthering the plot by helping build various androids, Nat was captured and locked in a cell (are you really telling me Nat couldn’t pick a lock that old??) , you know, lest she do anything else than want a guy.

Bad enough right? without the relationship being the most cringeworthy thing i have ever seen. I admit i didn’t like the thought, but i at least expected to be angry at chemistry being shown between bruce and nat. There was none. I admit i am a Clintasha shipper but i could have accepted romanogers as i could at least see something, even though in my mind it’s friendship, between them. We weren’t even given an explanation for it (unless ‘you don’t like war’ is a good basis for romance) the film simply opened with Nat having the hots for bruce and we were all just expected to roll with it.

Bruce and Nat were the embodiment of Ultron’s puppets tangled in strings metaphor. Being forced together by Whedon despite no apparent chemistry. I won’t go into the details of past chemistry with Clint or any other character as it wouldn’t change the fact that none existed between Bruce and Nat. It was a cringe with every scene. When they kissed i had to physically look away. And I won’t get started on the creepy innuendoes “playing hide the zucchini?” or Nat’s hulk nickname “hey big guy” said seductively.

Betty Ross who? I guess we can replace female characters with other ones with no explanation. It’s cool. They’re only love interests anyway not badass scientists and assassins, right?

And one aspect I was most excited for, Nat’s history in the red room was less traumatic mind control past and more oh no they took away my ability to have babies (which I really doubt nat in control of them would have cared much about anyway but apparently she did, losing fights etc. to put it off would have resulted in them terminating her so yeah they pretty much fucked that up) thus I am broken woman. Bruce is perfect for me because he no have babies too.

This is subjective but she had a lot more chemistry with Clint. Rushing to each others side in panic, caring for each other, acting like an old married couple and heck it was Clint who was panicked when Nat was captured not Bruce. 

I could deal with Clint having a family and kids if it wasn’t for this bruce/nat arc. It made it seem forced, like it was literally there to stop clint and nat being together.

Now onto other issues. 

Steve Rogers has once again been reduced to confused old man by whedon’s writing. I mean admittedly it’s not nearly as bad as it was in avengers but it’s still there. Lines such as “Language!” which are out of character for mcu steve, tv show steve, comic book steve heck any steve that isn’t being used for a shitty one liner.

Completely ignored any tension that could have been created by Tony effectively doing a hydra and trying to stop threats before they happen. Steve says he doesn’t agree with it but there is no reference to the fact he literally shut SHIELD down because they tried it. 

Tony has suits etc. despite the end of Iron Man 3 massively suggesting otherwise.

Thor. Oh dear my darling Thor i am sorry this film happened to you. Once again made the awkward, bumbling alien. And that’s without him disappearing for half the film chasing a dream he had and believed was real despite none of the others believing their dreams induced by Wanda. And going to get Erik to help find the mysterious pool without really explaining why Erik was necessary. “Jane is better” yes Thor actually treats women as though they are a competition. I can actually feel Sif punching him for it. Not to mention “the mind gem is in my brother’s scepter? Clearly could not have been influencing his actions in New York AT ALL!!”

Wanda and Pietro. Literally a sob story with powers. They had such potential but weren’t explored. They effectively had the same personality. With the slight bump of Wanda being scared and having to be talked into action by Hawkeye. It’s no secret I am a massive Hawkeye fan so don’t get me wrong, I loved the speech. It was more one female character gets captured and has to be rescued by the man she’s romantically involved with and one has to be talked into bravery by another white guy? For the two main females in a cast of males that vastly outnumber them it was rather disappointing.

Ultron’s plans were never very clear. I mean okay you want to get back at the twins for deserting you but how does raising an entire town help destroy the whole planet? Just an excuse for a massive battle sequence? Yes I think so.

I suppose overall the film was okay. Good even, for a film. But for an avengers film, heck even a marvel film I feel so disappointed. The only good thing was that Hawkeye was a main character in it this time. It had a lot of potential. I don’t even think the Russo brothers can fix this. It’s going to be a great blip in the Avengers collection the size of the hulk films. Maybe not quite the marvel equivalent of The Green Lantern but right now it feels that way. I mean there’s not catering to the fans every want and there’s shitting all over them.