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“I want much more than this provincial life! I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell and for once it might be grand to have someone understand. I want so much more than they’ve got planned.”

Lyrics from Beauty and the Beast

Mood Board created by Charity L. Martin (Me: @itsjustlife231)

beauty   and   the   beast   /   starter   sentences.

all   these   starters   are   taken   from   the   broadway   musical   version   of   “beauty   and   the   beast”.   feel   free   to   change   the   pronouns   to   make   these   fit!

  • ‘ who could ever learn to love… a beast? ‘
  • ‘ bonjour! ‘
  • ‘ ev'ry morning just the same. ‘
  • ‘ and where are you off to, today? ‘
  • ‘ how is your fam'ly? ‘
  • ‘ i need six eggs! ‘
  • ‘ that’s too expensive! ‘
  • ‘ there must be more than this provincial life! ‘
  • ‘ you’re the greatest hunter in the whole world! ‘
  • ‘ no beast alive stands a chance against you. ‘
  • ‘ don’t i deserve the best? ‘
  • ‘ isn’t he dreamy? ‘
  • ‘ be still my heart. ‘
  • ‘ you call this bacon? ‘
  • ‘ do you think i’m…odd? ‘
  • ‘ where did you get an idea like that? ‘
  • ‘ it’s just that, well, people talk. ‘
  • ‘ i’m simply not like them. ‘
  • ‘ you are unique: crème de la crème. ‘
  • ‘ i’m on your side. ‘
  • ‘ there’s nothing clearer in my life. ‘
  • ‘ you make me proud. ‘
  • ‘ you’re never strange. ‘
  • ‘ don’t ever change. ‘
  • ‘ you’re all i got. ‘
  • ‘ on occasion, women can have their uses too. ‘
  • ‘ inconceivable! ‘
  • ‘ imagine that! ‘
  • ‘ we shall be a perfect pair. ‘
  • ‘ you are face to face with destiny! ‘
  • ‘ i just don’t deserve you! ‘
  • ‘ i want adventure in the great wide somewhere. ‘
  • ‘ is this home? ‘
  • ‘ is this where i should learn to be happy? ‘
  • ‘ never were words so true! ‘
  • ‘ i should stay here forever. ‘
  • ‘ am i here for a day or forever? ‘
  • ‘ cheer up, child. ‘
  • ‘ it will turn out alright in the end, you’ll see. ‘
  • ‘ i hope that we’ll be friends. ‘
  • ‘ who does she think she is? ‘
  • ‘ no one says “no” to [ name ]! ‘
  • ‘ dismissed! rejected! publicly humiliated! why, it’s more than i can bear. ‘
  • ‘ ev'ry guy here’d love to be you, [ name ]. ‘
  • ‘ there’s no man in town as admired as you. ‘
  • ‘ as a specimen, yes, i’m intimidating! ‘
  • ‘ ev'ry last inch of me’s covered with hair. ‘
  • ‘ i’m especially good at expectorating! ‘
  • ‘ i use antlers in all of my decorating! ‘
  • ‘ i’m afraid i’ve been thinking. ‘
  • ‘ how long must this go on? ‘
  • ‘ i simply made one careless wrong decision. ‘
  • ‘ be our guest! ‘
  • ‘ we only live to serve. ‘
  • ‘ get your worries off your chest. ‘
  • ‘ is it one lump or two? ‘
  • ‘ life is so unnerving. ‘
  • ‘ no passion could reach me. ‘
  • ‘ no lesson could teach me. ‘
  • ‘ if i can’t love her, then who? ‘
  • ‘ let the world be done with me. ‘
  • ‘ i wonder why i didn’t see it there before. ‘
  • ‘ i have something to show you. but first, you have to close your eyes. it’s a surprise! ‘
  • ‘ i’ve never seen so many books in my whole life! ‘
  • ‘ who’d have ever thought that this could be? ‘
  • ‘ you don’t know what you’re missing. ‘
  • ‘ well, bless my soul. ‘
  • ‘ well, who’d have known? ‘
  • ‘ i’ll tell you when you’re older. ‘
  • ‘ i know how it feels to be… different. ‘
  • ‘ would you have dinner with me tonight? ‘
  • ‘ do i make myself entirely clear? ‘
  • ‘ i love incarceration. ‘
  • ‘ it’s past your bedtime. good night, love. ‘
  • ‘ if i didn’t know better, i’d think you had feelings for this monster. ‘
  • ‘ it’s time to follow me. ‘
  • ‘ i won’t let you do this! ‘
  • ‘ try and stop us! ‘
  • ‘ i’m coming with you. ‘
  • ‘ i lost you once, i won’t lose you again! ‘
  • ‘ screw your courage to the sticking place! ‘
  • ‘ grab your sword! grab your bow! ‘
  • ‘ we don’t like what we don’t understand. ‘
  • ‘ you came back. ‘
  • ‘ maybe it’s better this way. ‘
  • ‘ no! don’t talk like that. ‘
  • ‘ at least i get to see you one last time. ‘
  • ‘ you’re my home. ‘
  • ‘ stay with me. ‘
  • ‘ i love you. ‘
Anime and Disney
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> Frozen<p/><b>Al:</b> Brother, do you wanna build a human?<p/><b>Ed and Al:</b> *performs human transmutation*<p/><b></b> Aladdin<p/><b>Gon:</b> I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid...<p/><b>Killua:</b> *runs away with Gon*<p/><b></b> Tangled<p/><b>Hisoka:</b> Illumi, let down your hair...<p/><b>Illumi:</b> Use Bungee Gum, baka~<p/><b></b> Little Mermaid<p/><b>Eren:</b> Out where they walk, out where they run, out where they stay all day killing Titans~<p/><b>Also Eren:</b> *becomes a Titan*<p/><b></b> Beauty and the Beast<p/><b>Mitsuha:</b> There must be more than this provincial life...<p/><b>Also Mitsuha:</b> *switches body with Taki and experiences city life*<p/><b></b> Mulan<p/><b>Haruhi:</b> *disguises himself as a guy*<p/><b></b> Hercules<p/><b>Yato:</b> I want to be recognized by the other gods too<p/><b>Hiyori:</b> *makes a small shrine for Yato*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Beauty & the Beast: Belle [INFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Belle is an immensely compassionate person, but seeks approval from no one about her being “different” other than her father, who has earned her respect. She fiercely defends herself when challenged, but prefers to hold most of her emotions inside; she doesn’t confide in the wardrobe her intentions, nor discuss her changing feelings with Mrs. Potts, and when the Beast asks her if she could be capable of loving him, Belle defers the question to assert her feelings of feeling imprisoned within the castle. She’s polite but doesn’t seek to flatter the Beast, in order to get anything from him; and their process of falling in love is mostly through their actions and shared love of books and romantic stories, rather than through verbal affirmations. Belle’s search to find out what became of her mother is in a sense a way to find a greater sense of self, by knowing where she comes from (Fi/Si); she cannot move forward, until she establishes the truth of her family’s past and identity.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): She would rather live in her fantasy world (books, stories, and ideas about far off places) than in the real world, and seeks methods to “escape” into her books, rather than deal with the mundane necessities of life (she invents a primitive “washing machine” so that she can read instead). Belle dreams of “much more than this provincial life,” and adapts relatively well and easily to life inside the castle. Her idealistic nature leads her to find goodness within the Beast, despite an initial negative impression. She impulsively leaps into action to save her father, naively assuming Gaston won’t hunt down the Beast, in her desire to prove him “real.”

Introverted Sensing (Si): Even though she sings about wanting more from her life, and refuses to marry Gaston and have a more natural life, Belle doesn’t actively pursue adventure; it comes to her. She’s haunted by her mother’s death and wants to know what happened to her; when given the chance to go “anywhere in the world” and “see anything,” she chooses their old home in Paris. She exerts sentiment about the past, her upbringing, and everything her father has taught her (she isn’t sure how she’ll face the world without him). She has a certain amount of sentiment for mythology and personal impressions, formed over time, but these don’t take root enough (with Gaston) to make her “careful” of him (she seems him as pompous and brainless, but not necessarily dangerous – some Ne).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): She puts her foot down with Gaston (“I’ll never marry you!”) and tells off the Beast a couple of times (she refuses to eat dinner with him, and asserts that if he hadn’t frightened her, he wouldn’t have gotten himself hurt). Belle invents a washing machine, to get herself out of household chores. She believes strongly in educating girls and in taking action for herself; she tries to escape the castle by stringing fabric together to get out the window, she helps her father pick the lock, steals and breaks Gaston’s arrows so he cannot hurt the Beast.

Note: I’ve had several discussions both with readers and co-mods about Belle’s type; there’s evidence also for Fe (ISFJ), but she seems more internal than the animated film (Belle shares her feelings much more openly with everyone in that version) and her relationship with Beast seems to build through a silent connection, instead of verbal communication. She also lacks inferior Ne (she’s not cautious, nor concerned about the fall-out of her decisions; she tends to act on them in the moment).

im gonna type the whole song from memory ok

little town. it’s a quiet village. every day, like the one before. little town, full of little people. waking up to say…bonjour! bounjour! bonjour, bounjour, bonjour! there goes the baker with his tray like always, the same old bread and rolls 2 sell. every morning just the same, since the morning that we came to this poor provencial town. good morning, belle! good morning, mouseir! where you off to? the book shop i read the most wonderful story about a beanstalk and an ogre and a that’s nice


look there she goes the girl is strange no question, dazed and distracted can’t you tell never part of any crowd cuz her head’s up on some cloud no denying she’s a funny girl that belle. bonjour! good day! how is your family? bonjour! good day! how is your wife? I NNEEED,, SXIX EGGS,, that’s too expensive, there must be more than this provincial life! ah belle. good morning! i’ve come to return the book i borrowed. finished already? oh i couldn’t put it down have you got anything new. not since yesterday. that’s alright! i’ll borrow this one. but you’ve read it twice! well it’s my favorite – far off places (?), daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise. haha, well if you like it all that mutch it’s yours. but sir…i insist. well thank you. thank you very much! look there she goes that girl is so peculiar, i wonder if she’s feeling well. with a dreamy faroff look, and a nose stuck in a book, what a puzzle to the rest of us is belle. oh, isn’t this amazing, it’s my favorite part because, you see…here’s where she meets prince charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him til chapter three. now there’s no wonder that her name means beauty her looks have got no paralllel. but behind that fair facade, i’m afraid she’s rather odd. very different from the rest of us she’s nothing like the rest of us yes different from the rest of us is belle! fuck the gaston part. look there…he goes. isn’t he dreamy. monsieur gaston, oh he’s so cute! (tongue pop) be still, my heart, i’m hardly breathing…he’s such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute. bonjour PARDON good day MAIS OUI you call this bay WHAT LOVELY GRAPES. ten yards, one pound, SCUZE ME i’ll get my knife PLEASE LET ME THROUGH this bread THOSE FISH its stale THEY SMELL  madame’s mistake–well maybe so there must be more than this provincial life! just watch im going to make belle my wife! look there she goes that girl is strange but special, a most peculiar mademoiselle its a pity and a sin she doesn’t quite fit in cuz she really is a funny girl a beauty but a funny girl she really is a funny girl, that belle – bonjour! bonjour! bonjour! bonjour! bonjour! 🅱️️onjour!

Beauty And The Beast// Draco Malfoy

Warnings: Nothing 

Pairing: Draco x reader

Word Count: 1000+

Summary: Beauty and the beast vibes. Draco is the only one who likes the reader at hogwarts, but is also the beast

Requested: YE

Originally posted by jetlukeheart

I’m kinda thinking of making this a series, so just let me know if you like it. 

Draco watched you from afar. Staring had become his only form of communication, he was too scared to talk to you, but to tempted to look. It became some sort of obsession to him. Reading, eating, study in library and watch you go to your common room. Draco wouldn’t just look at you. It was a matter of looking through you. So much so, that it was like your head was transparent and he was fascinated by an object two inches behind your skull.

From the Gryffindor table where you sat next to Hermione, Draco sat at his table and stared. Hermione was the closest thing to a friend, and even then, you weren’t that close. With your face stuffed in a book and your head in the clouds, you never noticed his constant staring and lack of friends.     

Blaise waved his hand in front of Draco’s face desperately trying to catch the attention on his friends.

“Oi! Mate, stop staring,” He chuckled at his friend jokingly. You never were popular. You read more than you ate and studied more than you slept. You were quite unusual. Draco rolled his eyes at Blaise in a playful manner.

“My mother told me that girls who seemingly read a lot are more complex and mysterious,“ He sighed and smiled “Harder to figure out.” Draco glanced at Blaise seriously. Blaise looked back at you one last time, watching how you flipped your hair to one side and then flipped the page of your book.

“My father said that girls who read books a lot are wasting time,” Blaise laughed with his fellow Slytherin friends.

Then you set aside your book and began talking to Hermione. Your voice rung amongst the other kids, but Draco tuned them out to listen to you.

“Oh, Hermione!” You said cheerfully “This book is about a girl who wants to go to Verona.” Hermione turned to you and smiled.

“You’ve read that about 100 times,” She laughed “You must get so bored,” She inquired. But you shook your head and laughed.

“The girl in the book, she goes on adventures while I stay in Hogwarts when I could be fighting Death Eaters,” You huffed defeatedly. “There must be more than this provincial life.”

Hermione wrapped her arm around your shoulder “In time Y/N.” Hermione was one of the only kids that could understand you. Even Luna was puzzled by your nature, and she was quite weird herself.

Draco smiled at your laugh and watched how you picked up the book again and began to read.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” He gawked. But Blaise had other ideas.

“Mate, she’s in Gryffindor and is a bookworm. Yeah, she’s got some ass, but that’s it.”

Dazed and distracted, people would call you. They said you would never fit into any crowd. But you never believed any of them. They were wrong. You were your own crowd, even though people thought you should be in Ravenclaw, the sorting hat was not wrong to put you in Gryffindor. You got up from your table in the great hall and began to walk towards the doors. Draco got up with you, a distance away so nobody would know he was following you. Everyone looked at you as you got up. Usually, there would be whispers about you, but this time, nobody cared.

There was one boy who liked you, you never learned his name, but he was from Slytherin and incredibly persistent. He had one goon that would do everything for him, and he thought he was the most beautiful person ever. He was the only person ever that gave you attention, of course, he would only talk to you about once a month when his ego was low.

So there you sat in the library, reading a muggle book called The Hobbit, while Draco walked over to where you were sitting and sat in the chair next to you. He got a sudden burst of confidence and quickly decided to talk to you.

“Uh—what book is that?” You looked at him suspiciously and then glanced around the library for any of his friends.

“What do you want Malfoy?” You sneered his way. He looked slightly taken aback. “Why do you look so surprised. You are rude to Hermione right?” He still sat there, letting you rant on him. “Calling her mud blood and stuff,” you mumbled to yourself. “Can you just go to let me read.” And even though regret burned inside of you for being so rude you knew he hurt Hermione.

“Sorry…” He trained off “But what book are you reading?” He started again, he was really persistent. You knew the regret would come to you in quiet moments, such as when he was going to sleep or during class when you got bored. How could you be rude to him when he never was rude to you. You didn’t want to believe he was horrible, but what was there to believe. Another wave of regret washed over you. Each shallow wave ran down your spine. You took a deep breath and frowned.

“It’s called The Hobbit. It’s about Bilbo Baggins who meets a wizard named Gandalf and have the biggest adventure ever.” Draco smiles at you while your arms wrap around the book protectively. “You know,” You smiled at his behavior.

His eyes lit up at your voice mentioning him in an okay light.

“Yes?” He smiled at you.

“You remind me of this book character in this children’s book my father read me.” For perhaps a split second you saw something in the boy’s eyes, that seemed almost radiant. But that was only for a second. “Do you know what my favorite book is?”

“Yes, you carry it in your bag all the time… Beauty And The Beast!” He smiled nicely at you and bounced his right leg excitedly.

You leaned in too slowly to be normal. When you began to speak your voice trailed slowly. If Draco thought he would ever get close to you, he thought wrong. You touched his hand and whispered something, now your face was inches apart.

“You remind me of the beast.” 

Acomaf: Feyre/Belle

I can totally see Feyre singing Belle (reprise) from Beauty and the Beast (1991)

“Is he gone? Can you imagine? He asked me to marry him. Me? The wife of that borish, brainless…”

Madame Tamlin, can’t you just see it?
Madame Tamlin, his little wife
No sir, not me, I guarantee it!
I want much more than this provincial life

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere
I want it more then I can tell
And for once it might be grand
To have someone understand
I want so much more then they’ve got planned…


AESTHETIC MEME: [2/4] fairy tales: B e a u t y  a n d  t h e  B e a s t (requested by @xhopelessfangirlx)
I want much more than this provincial life. I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell. And for once it might be grand to have someone understand. I want so much more than they’ve got planned.

Lin-Manuel Miranda caps a huge ‘Hamilton’ year with 'Moana’ (L.A. Times):

[…] When did “Moana” come to you?

I can trace the journey of “Moana” in the journey of my son’s life. I found out I got the job on “Moana” the same day I found out I was going to be a father. My wife was going on a business trip and she was leaving first thing in the morning. She turned to me and said, “You’re gonna be a father. I gotta go catch a plane.”

And I went, “What? That’s great.” And fell back asleep. I had to call her back for confirmation. Then I got the call later that afternoon that I got the job. They called me again and said, “We’re all going to New Zealand this weekend; you’re leaving first thing in the morning.” It was pre-“Hamilton.” So I’ve been working on this for two years and seven months. My son [just] turned 2.

It was really kind of an incredible journey. And the “Hamilton” phenomenon happened while I was writing it.

How did you split the time?

I had to really protect my writing time. In one sense it was really great, because, you know, when something is as successful as “Hamilton” everyone wants a piece of you. Everyone wants 10 minutes to talk about their pitch, or press, or what have you. The things that come with the success of a thing.

I got the luxury of having to say no to a ton because I was like, “Tuesdays and Thursdays are full-time ‘Moana’ writing days.” I would meet via Skype with the creative writing team at 5 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, then I would go to the chiropractor, then I would get into costume for a 7 p.m. show. It was built into my performance schedule.

I also had the luxury of amazing singers in the building — so a lot of my early demos for “Moana” is [the “Hamilton” cast]. Pippa [Phillipa] Soo, who played my wife, singing Moana’s tunes, and Chris Jackson, who played George Washington, singing Maui’s tunes. He’s actually in the movie: He’s the singing voice of Moana’s dad.


What was the key that unlocked the character of Moana for you?

The thing that resonated for me with Moana is she is not someone who hates where she is. Moana loves her family, she loves her island. She knows she’s got responsibilities and she’s ready to embrace them. And yet there is this voice inside her that says you’re not supposed to be here, you’re supposed to be somewhere else.

I can relate to that. I was a kid who was always making stuff. I didn’t know whether I wanted to make action movies or animated cartoons or musicals, but I was always just making stuff. My parents were like, “This is not practical. You’ll be a great lawyer.” And it was never gonna happen. I loved my parents and I loved where I lived, but I also had this voice that was, what’s the distance between me and what I want. That’s what I tried to imbue her with without villainizing the things around her. It’s not “there must be more than this provincial life,” it’s “I love it here and yet; and yet every time I absentmindedly walk I find myself at the water again.”

Given the love for “Hamilton” in the world, given that its journey is not over by a long shot, there is going to be some high school in Kansas that wants to mount a production of “Hamilton” and all of the roles are gonna be played by white kids. Is that missing the point? Or is that the point?

When it comes to kids, I relax all of my rules. When I think from my perspective I got to be a son in “Fiddler,” I got to be Conrad Birdie, I got to play roles that I’ll never get to play as an adult. Once you’re an adult, the world puts you in a box and you’re cast by type and ethnicity. I directed “West Side Story” my senior year in high school. I was one of the only Latino kinds in my school, so my Sharks were white and Asian. At the same time, I was able to flip that into a teaching moment. I brought my dad in to do dialect coaching so it wasn’t [bad] Hollywood accents, it was authentic Puerto Rico accents that these kids were attempting.

I hope there’s enough in “Hamilton” that if you go to a school where there are literally no kids of color — and that is increasingly rare in our country, which is a good thing — your job is to honor the story. For me “In the Heights” has been this. I get joy from both sides of it. I get joy that kids who go to schools that are largely white suddenly are waving Dominican flags around and having to learn Spanish to understand what they’re singing. So they’re getting a dose of cultural education by virtue of doing this show they like. Whether or not they have quote unquote permission to do it. They’re getting it. The medicine is going in. You now have empathy for a group of people that have never been in your school.

I’m grateful for that. Then when a school in the South Bronx does it and it’s all black and Latino kids and the sense of ownership and pride they feel — like this is ours, this is about our families — there’s no quantifying the joy I get from seeing a production like that.

I think keeping kids from art is not something that’s interesting to me. Now, regional productions are a whole different thing. When you’re in a professional production it’s like, cast [it] right. Save yourself the headache of everything that comes with a very important conversation about cultural appropriation.

Is there somebody who has the ‘How to be a Celebrity’ playbook that you’re cribbing from? You’ve navigated the pre-“Hamilton” to post-“Hamilton” transition better than most.

You learn very quickly that the trappings of it is how much you bring to it. If you surround yourself with three security guards and an entourage, people are gonna look at you. As opposed to my friend Josh Groban, who takes the train to work. And he’s Josh Groban. He’s got millions of fans. He wears it lightly. He’s still just a guy. I’m inspired by that. I refuse to sit on a pedestal that people want to put you on. I’ll write a dumb tweet in the morning and someone will be like, “Pulitzer Prize winner. Can’t get his coffee right.”

You can’t stop being the person you were just because more people are looking at you. […]

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