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Rare Baby Albino Sea Turtles

These baby albino sea turtle were found on Vamizi Island in Mozambique.  A turtle monitoring programme has been going for more than ten years on the island, but this is the first time they’ve seen albino hatchlings. Interestingly, the turtles also lacked pigmentation in their eyes, as is common with albinism (Source)

Take a Splash Into the Cosmos

Millions of galaxies populate the patch of sky known as the COSMOS field, short for Cosmic Evolution Survey, a portion of which is shown here. Even the smallest dots in this image are galaxies, some up to 12 billion light-years away. The square region in the center of bright objects is where the telescope was blinded by bright light. However, even these brightest objects in the field are more than ten thousand times fainter than what you can see with the naked eye.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


Hi guys. My name is Lex and I have intractable juvenile myoclonic epilepsy along with a long list of other disorder and diseases. I take around 40-60 pills every day with weekly IV infusions plus IVIG every other month. I go to the emergency room on average twice a week. I have been a critical patient
more than ten time and have survived many visits to the ICU. The doctor’s themselves think it’s a miracle I can talk nonetheless breathing.

I am not asking for money, reblogs, or likes but prayers. The biggest gift you can give me is lighting a candle in for me.

I am not afraid of death, but there are so many more things I plan to do in my life. Right now I just want to live long enough to kiss my boyfriend in the airport. I don’t plan on dying till then but I need your help of prayers and thoughts. To be extra amazing though please go see if you are a candidate to be a donor and donate blood. Donor blood has saved me along with millions of other people. You don’t always have to give money to be a hero.

Thank you,

Beauty - Modern! Skinny! Steve X Reader

Author’s Note: Hope you enjoy this! :) Sorry for the shit ending, I didn’t know how to finish it off.  (B/F/N) is best friend’s name and (Y/N) is your name. :) send me some requests!

Request: can I request a modern au! skinny! Steve where they both have crushes on each other and he asks reader if she could model for him for his art class?

Warning: Cuteness overload?

Words: 724

When your best friend first dragged you the art class at the local community service, you were angry. You had no idea how to draw, unless it was stick figures or something that resembled a five year old’s work. You were really not looking forward to embarrassing yourself in front of people who had probably been drawing their entire lives and were ten times more talented than you were. When you told (B/F/N) that you wanted to learn how to draw, you were kidding and probably drunk.

After taking the class for an entire month, you were actually starting to enjoy it. Your best friend, however, decided to drop the class. You were upset at her at first, but decided to keep taking the class because you were surprisingly enjoying it. Your art skills weren’t as good as everyone else there, but that didn’t faze you.

After your friend left the class, her spot was taken by someone else. He was skinny and short, but you still found him adorable. He was awkward and shy and extremely talented and you were blindsided by him. He was not the typical guy you liked and it surprised you how big your crush on him was getting.

After admiring him from a distance for weeks, you were assigned as partners for a project. It was the first time you ever spoke to each other.

“Hi, I’m (Y/N),” you said, and smiled at him.

He blushed and seemed nervous. “Hello, I-I’m Steve…Steve Rogers.”

You found his shyness endearing and were excited to get to know him better. Despite his small stature, you found him to be quite handsome. He had bright blue eyes and when you shook hands, you found him to have surprisingly strong and large hands.

“Should…um, should we work on the project, then?”

From that day on, you were more excited than usual to go to art class. Steve and you had grown from strangers, to acquaintances, to close friends. You found his presence calming and you felt comfortable talking to him. You weren’t even embarrassed to show him the first few art pieces you had made when you first started the class.

On that Tuesday’s class, you were given an assignment that had you stumped. The subject was “beauty”. You considered drawing Steve, but decided that level of embarrassment was not necessary. Your mom was also considered, but you decided that was too cliché.

Hands. You chose to draw Steve’s hands. You tried to keep your glances secret, and by the end of the class you had a basic outline of his hands.

You both walked out together and decided to head across the street, to a small cafe that was situated there. You both had gone there before and it had begun to form into a kind of tradition between you two. He liked his coffee with a lot of cream and preferably no sugar.  

“So, (Y/N), I saw you were drawing hands. Anyone’s in particular?” he asked. For a moment you panicked, thinking that he was suspicious or knew that the hands were his. However, the innocent look on his face served to calm your nerves.

“, not really.”

He took a sip of his coffee.

“What are you drawing?” you asked him. You had seen him working, but it was difficult for you to make out what exactly he was creating.

At your question his cheeks turned flaming red and he looked down at his mug.


“Well, um,…(Y/N)…I was sort of wondering if I could maybe…draw you,” he mumbled, but you heard what he had said.

This time, you blushed.

“…You…you want to draw me?”

“Well,…yeah. I think…um, I think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, (Y/N),” he said and this time, he looked into your eyes.

You blushed and kept your eyes on him as well. “Well, if that’s the case, you have my permission,” you said and smiled at him.

He smiled back. You both were finished with your coffee, and he put enough money on the table to pay for both of your drinks. You wanted to protest, but weren’t sure if you could form any actual words.

“Mind if I walk you home?” he asked.

You nodded. “By the way, Steve? They were you hands,” you said and grabbed one of his to hold.

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What are the top three things you do to maintain productivity? You seem get so much done. I wanted to ask a person instead of reading another article about the topic.

  • Timers. Timers for everything. I log how long I do any activity with timers.
  • Doing many things for small bursts. I never do any activity for more than 20 minutes at a time, with a ten minute break. (I also have ADHD so this is more coping than anything.)
  • A deep rooted need to overcompensate because I’m awkward and tall and a middle child
  • Regulated caffeine and high fiber diet. 
    • Pooping not optional. 
  • I genuinely have an app for everything. 
    • Meditation app for stress: Simply Be
    • Walking app to make sure I’m maintaining some semblance of physical activity: Pacer
    • Water app to make sure I’m staying hydrated: Plant Nanny

Now that my headache is gone, and I can actually look at my screen for more than ten minutes,  I think it’s time to return to the realm of Tumblr social media. I may as well live it up before I’m forced to be bedridden for another week. Hi.
Ten times more deaths linked to faulty switch than GM first reported
Compensation expert hired by automaker rejected 91% of death and injury claims related to faulty ignition switch problem.

High-profile attorney Kenneth Feinberg, who has handled compensation issues related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, has linked 124 deaths and 275 injuries to General Motors’ recalled ignition switches.

GM originally said it knew of only 13 deaths related to the switches—meaning Feinberg’s office determined the actual death numbers were nearly ten times higher.

Feinberg, who most recently advised on compensation issues related to the Boston Marathon bombing, was hired by GM as a consultant to advise the automaker how to respond to families of accident victims whose vehicles are being recalled for possible ignition switch defects.

Feinberg’s office reviewed claims of injury and death linked to the faulty switches, which led to a recall of about 2.6 million cars worldwide. Feinberg’s office rejected 91% of the 4,343 claims filed with the GM Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility. Of the 399 eligible claims, 124 were deaths and 17 were victims with physical injuries that resulted in quadriplegia, paraplegia, double amputation, permanent brain damage, or pervasive burns. The remaining 258 eligible claims were for people with physical injuries that resulted in hospitalization or outpatient treatment within 48 hours of the accident.

GM has set aside $625 million to pay victims.

In February 2014, General Motors issued a recall of the 2003-2007 model year Chevrolet Cobalt, Chevrolet HHR, Saturn Ion, Saturn Sky, Pontiac G5, and Pontiac Solstice. The recall was later expanded to include all model years.

Under certain conditions, the ignition switch can move out of the “run” or “on” position, causing a partial loss of electrical power and the engine turning off, according to GM. The risk increases if a driver’s key ring is carrying added weight or if the vehicle encounters rough road conditions. When the ignition switch is not in the run position, the airbags may not deploy if the vehicle is involved in a crash.

Problems with the ignition switch were identified within the company as early as 2001 in a pre-production report for the model year 2003 Saturn Ion, according to documents provided last year to the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. The report said a design change resolved the problem. However, issues persisted, and in 2004 GM opened an engineering inquiry to look into a complaint that a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt vehicle could be turned off while driving. Ultimately, no action was taken. A year later, the driver of a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt was killed in a crash that would later be linked to the faulty ignition switch. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation determined the frontal airbag system didn’t deploy and that the vehicle power mode status was in “accessory,” not “run.”

Last June, GM CEO Mary Barra fired 15 employees deemed responsible for not tackling the problem vigorously enough.

While having so many deaths linked to the defective switch is hardly a positive for GM, this final report Feinberg at least marks the beginning of the end of this deadly saga.

However, the company’s troubles are not over quite yet. The company still faces the wrath of the U.S. Justice Department, which is nearing a decision on whether tocriminally charge GM over its failure to disclose the problem and recall affected cars after it staff first discovered issues with the switch in 2001.

GM has also been plagued by other recalls. The company kicked off 2015 with three safety recalls involving 83,572 sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Just last month, the automaker issued a recall on 780,000 SUV models due to liftgate malfunctions

I had this coworker B from Burbank who moved back there a few months before I moved out. B looks like he was raised in Burbank, possibly in 1960. He’s so all American that it was a surprise to hear him curse or say something sardonic or painfully witty under his breath– it wasn’t gosh or golly or gee, ma’am. It was a young man in the year 2015, after all, though always otherworldly in his politeness and deference to women.

I described B to my dad.

My dad like once a week asks when I’m hanging out with B.

I have never once said I was hanging out with him. I have never talked to him for more than ten minutes at a time, if that. B is an excellent specimen, but what would we have to talk about?

I think my dad is in love with the Ideal B, the Hypothetical B, the B that Exists in the Burbank Universe, the B with Combed Hair and a Strong Jawline, the B that Womanizers even stop their women for, the B of an alternate reality that my father has maybe only dipped a toe in before backing out saying no no no the temperature is just not right.

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jeez what was up with that anon?! im so sorry you have to put up with this kind of shit

Nah, it’s okay. I get ten times more support and encouragement than silly hateful little messages that I forget almost instantly. The nice ones like these are worth the trouble of the rest.

[TRANS] Excerpts from Park Yuchun’s interview in Marie Claire Korea, September 2015 Issue

Goodbye, Park Yuchun

Park Yuchun is leaving our side for a while. We cannot see him for the time being.

You now have one month remaining. Most of your official schedule ended. Now that you finished everything, are you taking it easy?
My mind isn’t much like that.

You cried at a fanmeeting in Japan not long ago.
I didn’t cried because I am going to join the army. The times I was active in Japan for more than ten years on that particular day rose up and I was overcome with emotions. I had thoughts of being taken aback and infinitely thankful when I saw the event prepared by fans up to now, but only the fans looked beautiful at the time. So I was feeling weepy.

You debut in your teens, reached your 20s and have now become 30. What has changed?
I’m slow to recover the next day after drinking. (laughs) I really drank a lot in my 20s. I drank a box of soju everyday for 46 days straight once. I just like alcohol. But I’ll never get drunk. Now long ago when Jaejoongie-hyung was out for his break from the military, we drank together and hyung said that in the army they sleep early so, from 10 pm onwards, the ears doesn’t seem to hear anything anymore. Even though I like to drink, I also enjoy quietly looking at people who drink and then start making noise/chatting away. Listening to the report of their daily conversations, I get a strange feeling of consolation. “Ah, so I belong to a world like this.” This kind of feeling feels good.

We are curious about Park Yuchun’s image while drinking.
I talk a lot if I am struck by something. I point out the mistake if there is a person who was wronged by someone and I try to fix something bad between two people if the two don’t get along.

Up till now, is there something you’ve never done and regret about?
There are many. Meeting my father once more in my lifetime. Meeting him when he is still alive. That is what I’ve been thinking of. I really regret not having the courage to meet him.

Source: Marie Claire Korea
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3 + yochwennie(1,2)
Shared by: JYJ3

Come on, please? Don’t you think we should try it?” Melanie asked, batting her eyelashes in hopes of earning a nod of agreement from the other. “ – Alright, alright,” she slightly bowed her head, mocking a look of defeat, only to part her lips to speak once more. “Give me at least one good reason why we shouldn’t go car surfing. Don’t act like you haven’t thought about doing something like this before. It’s probably much more fun than it sounds. I’m sure it’ll be ten times more fun when we’re high.”

Isn’t it funny how tropes are so great in fiction but so irritating in real life? Like don’t even get me started on how much I love childhood friends to lovers trope, but also, don’t get me started on how much I hate childhood friends to lovers trope.

Tauriel’s Sermon on the River Bank (26/34)

If you give your boss a suggestion, and your boss opts for another course of action, it’s not because your boss isn’t listening to you, it’s because that other course of action was preferable in that situation. 

And if your boss doesn’t follow one of your suggestions, it doesn’t mean that he’s an unreasonable asshole who’s never going to listen–it means that one of your suggestions wasn’t that good, for whatever reason (maybe it was bad, maybe it just wasn’t the best).

If you think every single idea you have is the greatest thing ever to bless anyone’s ears, and that the only possible reason your boss–who is older and ten times more experienced than you–doesn’t do what you say is because he’s an intransigent egoist, then you really need to look in the mirror. And should not be anywhere near a position of influence.

Because if you think you know best in all circumstances always, chances are, you’re not going to listen to anyone else.

And you think the boss should obey you.

Let’s repeat that one: *You* think your boss should obey *you*.

(Sidenote: if the narration conspires to make it look like the ingenue is the wisest, more moral, most clear-sighted of anybody, that’s just plain bad writing.)

Not Sasusaku but Sasuke and Sakura

Being a Sasusaku fan for so long made me close my eyes at things which weren’t pleasant for me to accept but now that those same things are getting more obvious I’m afraid I have to confess them. The thing is that I have been trying to persuade myself for a long time that Sasuke really does love Sakura, that why not even he is able to love again and that it is Sakura no one else. Although I can accept the ending in some way I cant completely ignore the Gaiden. It doesn’t matter to me that Sasuke chose Sakura and now they are a family when he left her for more than ten years without bothering himself to visit her or contact from time to time. No matter what excuses the fans will make I find it absolutely wrong of him. He chose to go to that mission without any order or command, plus the Hokage is his best friend willing to help him anytime and still he cuts every contact with the village and leaves his family without thinking twice. I highly appreciate his sense of responsibility and I always knew he is exactly like Itachi true and devoted to his village (cuz I believe he took this mission for the village, for the world of shinobi) and yet even Itachi came to visit him sometimes when he was thought to be a traitor and he who is already justified and finally has the family to return to never comes to see his “wife” and daughter forgetting even how she looks. Please try to understand I want them to be happy too but there is no reason for Sasuke to never once visit his family. No there is a reason and it’s only one - lacking of love and warmth towards them. And what amazes me is Sakura’s welcome. I understand she has dreamed of this so called family for years she dreamed that Sasuke would choose her and become her husband but he left them for ten years and he might get lost for more if not the urge to meet Naruto and the first thing she does is calling him “my husband” and pretending that they are a perfect family. That’s not right, that’s not what she deserves. If she showed some anger, sadness and coldness towards him maybe he would know that Sakura too can get angry at him, object him and get hurt. As long as she acts like that submissive and forgiving wife he will keep hurting her again. I’m just curious whether she is willing to live her whole life craving for his attention and love. What is even more alarming is that after he was “dragged” back by Naruto and had the chance to spend some time with his family he is still so cold and indifferent towards them. Don’t make jokes at Sasuke being a tease as there was absolutely no need to tease her before leaving again (when God knows when you will return ) and not giving a kiss - the smallest sign of love he could show her after many years, the smallest gesture he could give her to make her happy just a little bit. But why to bother yourself when he knows she will wait as long as he decides she is worth his kiss and touch. That’s the true reason he chose her. He knows she is always there for him, always forgiving and forgetting everything. He doesn’t have to explain himself, explain his actions and mistakes as she will obey him anyway. The look of her eyes clearly showed that she is still the weakest in front of him, that till now she waits for his permission even before getting a kiss. That’s so sad as they are married now ( and they keep referring to each other as husband and wife as if that’s all that matters) and he was guilty to her but she is just like that same girl infatuated with him who doesn’t dare to kiss her “husband ” after him being away for so long.
Sasuke chose the life he has always wanted. He still does whatever he wants - he lives for his village, takes missions, helps and supports his friend Naruto with the only difference that he is married now. But it’s so fake as he is only considered a husband and dad but does nothing more than Naruto to his family. That’s the life he chose, that’s the way he wants to live and who wants to stay beside him has to accept that. It breaks my heart that he chose this kind of life devoid of love, care and warmth but it seems now that he chases no revenge and his clan is at peace he has no any dream to chase but follow Itachi’s path and protect the village. What surprises me though is his behavior towards Naruto and Boruto. These two seem to be the only people he feels warm about. He loves them sincerely and if there is a need to speak to someone or just lean on it’s definitely them. Naruto was the only one who was able to get into his heart and make a place, Boruto is the second to have that luck as he is so alike Naruto - his best friend, soulmate, savior.
Sasuke is my ultimate favorite character and it breaks my heart to see him still lacking of love even at the end of the manga. But this is how Kishi made him. This is how he decided him to live his life never really acknowledging a true love other than his clan, his brother and best friend.