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You ever just scrolling through your dash for a long time and you’re about to stop but you just go hey one more roll down further and BANG you find one of the greatest posts ever that you were so close to completely missing and you are just like phew cos you are so happy you scrolled far enough to see that like that one post made the endless scrolling worth it and you almost missed it’s existence entirely and you are just so grateful that you were that little bit less lazy for once and looked that little bit further and found that treasure


Lotr meme: 5 moments (5/5)
For Frodo.

The Captains mounted again and rode back, and from the host of Mordor there went up a jeering yell. Dust rose smothering the air, as from nearby there marched up an army of Easterlings that had waited for the signal in the shadows of Ered Lithui beyond the further Tower. Down from the hills on either side of the Morannon poured Orcs innumerable. The men of the West were trapped, and soon, all about the grey mounds where they stood, forces ten times and more than ten times their match would ring them in a sea of enemies. Sauron had taken the proffered bait in jaws of steel.

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Which of the guys love Disney movies and if they do like them which movie is their favorite :3c

i was waiting for one like this !! (onus if you can guess which one of these is my fav)

Lucio really likes The Emperor’s New Groove. He’s seen it more than ten times and it never gets old for him.

Soldier76 says he doesn’t like Disney movies, but he secretly loves Tangled.

Reaper loves Up and he cries during the beginning very time, no exceptions.

Reinhardt is unashamed of his adoration of Big Hero 6 and forces everyone to watch it.

Zenyatta, surprise, surprise, likes WALL-E. No further explanation needed.

Junkrat has seen Bolt more times than he can count. It’s a bit of an obsession.

Roadhog, of course, likes Wreck-It Ralph. He can sympathize with the main character, ya know?

McCree is 100% in love with Spirit. It’s not a Disney movie? Fuck off, he doesn’t care. (He just really likes Spirit.)

Hanzo is pretty fond of The Lion King. His favorite characters are the hyenas.

Genji likes Brave. He always gets teary eyed at least three times during it.

While Drift is on heat, his frame is ten times more sensitive than usual, and he can overload simply from touch. 

Ratchet in particular likes to take advantage of this, letting Drift sit propped up against some pillows while he scoots between his thighs. He will kiss at the warm plating, starting at Drift’s knee and work down his his groin, mouthing over the scalding metal before working up Drift’s lower belly. He will linger there for a while. pressing his lips against seams and breathing harshly against Drift. It reeves him up and makes him all squirmy, and Ratchet loves that the most. 

Seeing Drift’s face scrunch and hearing his fans stutter make his own frame purr with delight. 

He keeps kissing upwards, pausing here and there, kissing Drift’s shoulders, then his neck where he grazes his denta across thick neck cables. He bites one, pulls on it only so slightly just to hear Drift mewl. 

He can feel Drift’s hips buck under him, then settle only to jump again when Ratchet splays his hand across his belly and rubs.

Ratchet will tell Drift not to open his panel, and then he will start to grind both of their closed panels together, and because Drift is so sensitive he can get him to overload just by dry humping him. 

Drift screaming into Ratchet’s neck and wrapping his arms around him as he overloads, his hips jerking under the medic and finally settling when it’s over.

Lubricant is bubbling from the thin seam of Drift’s panel, and as he pants Ratchet slides himself down to get a better look at it. 

He commands Drift to open it now so he can eat him out.


Lmao ABC has some childish interns if the only thing they can promote is “romance”

The show used to be so much more than that. But hey, the ratings are ten times more eloquent than me, just look at them 😌

Actual quotes from the onceabc instagram post of Captain Swan today … just for funzies I did a quick screenshot of the last few month of posts made by the Instagram account and it breaks down like this:

Lana/Regina – 23

Jen/Emma – 9 alone; 20 including CS

Colin/Hook – 8 alone, 19 including CS

Captain Swan – 11

Guest Star – 11

Bex/Zelena – 9

Ginny/Snow – 8 

Josh/Charming – 7

Cast – 6

Robert/Rumple – 4

Jared/Henry – 3

Sean/Robin Hood – 3

Dead of Summer - 2

Emilie/Belle - 1

So, based on the logic above, this actually tells me two things:

  1. It’s the poster that is immature, not the intern at ABC
  2. I guess it must be Regina that is tanking the rating since they have promoted her so much!

Of course the first one is absolutely true but the second? Ridiculous. Ratings have a million different factors. If we went by ratings then the show should just turn into a live action version of Frozen because that is the biggest ratings we’ve had in a long time.

I continue to be alarmed by the rampant stupidity in this fandom …

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Even if Ichigo didn't like Orihime when they were in high school, there was a ten year time skip. Ten years is more than enough time to fall in love with someone. The antis are really desperate, aren't they?

Ichigo cared deeply about Orihime even when they were in High school because of what he knew about her concerning her past with her brother.. their bond deepened even further in high school. I believe they started going out towards the end of their high school year which was when all that stuff with bach was over.

I believe Kubo wanted to show a confession and aftermath with ichigo and orihime, but he clearly didn’t have time. Does Ichihime seem out of nowhere? Hell no. It’s been developed since chapter 2. Some people just kept brushing off their interactions as nothing and have the gall till this day to say it has “zero development”. That’s thier fault for being blind to the whole thing. 

Would it have been a smoother ending if we had those ichihime moments, yeah, but this is SJW’s fault for not letting us have that. 

timeskips always leave stuff to the imagination though. I’m waiting on those fanfics and art. This part can be very fun too. 

Me, 15, bad at art: I understand so many things about Art, Drawing, Composition, Et Cetera. Even though I am really but an amateur I should still share my knowledge with the world. I should teach young aspiring Artists. I should write a book. Would you like to hear about my Magnus Opus?

Me, 23, slightly better at art: i don’t know a F U C K I N G THING my guy. Nobody should listen to me. Is a pencil a thing you eat

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Could I please have an imagine about the reader getting drunk at a party for the first time and Hajime worriedly looking after them?

I’d like to name this piece “Why Didn’t I Fall To Despair Sooner” thank ~ Mod Eri

If you had wasted your life not dwelling on your talent, you would have certainly made one for yourself: the Ultimate Party Animal, as many opted to call you. In times that a party was lucky enough to be graced with your presence, you were out and on that floor in a heartbeat, hips swaying with the music because there was never a party without dancing, moving to the rhythm. Your nails spun that disc as if you were some Ultimate DJ, and the next minute you were throwing in concoctions into the bowl of punch that made people ten times more drunk in love twenty times faster than usual. Saying you were the life of the party every time was an understatement; that party was nothing without your antics.

So when word was released of a party the following night, you were, naturally, the first to hear. On days that you weren’t, however, you were usually the first everyone else told. It was no secret to Hope’s Peak that you were such a hard working student in the morning, but the moment the moon rose, some alcoholic beverage - you didn’t know what was in your drink, all that mattered was that thrill, that buzz you got - was in your hands all night long. There was no secret passed along among the students, not after that one incident: To all students attending Miss Ibuki Mioda’s party tonight, please be aware of your actions, as if you were still on campus. This is in no way referring to _____ _____, just a precaution.

Your only excuse for your misdoings was that Hope’s Peak was too unforgiving, it showed no mercy in a world where your light was supposed to guide the way. They preyed on your talent, took advantage of it, then they kicked you to the curb, out in a life where your talent meant next to nothing. In your third year, it was all or nothing to you, and you chose the latter because you finally felt free for once in your life. It was a beautiful life, Hope’s Peak turned their heads and gave you the satisfaction of continuing your double life on one condition: you were never to be late to class because of some hangover, your grades to be at least to their standards… and who were you to refuse?

But school is the last nuisance on your mind at the moment, you’re spouting out nonsense on the lawn chair next to where Chiaki Nanami and Hajime Hinata sits and eyeing Sonia in a daze as she belts out the chorus to some throwback, and it’s no question that she’s as drunk, if not more, as you are tonight. The rest of the 77th class is out on the grass, their actions fueled by the performance of a lifetime - namely, the off-key performance of one princess and one rock star. As the sun falls behind a few houses down Ibuki’s, the crescent moon shines down on her guests, and somehow your next course of conversation is about how the moon doesn’t look like one to you, but rather some croissant that needs eating. Then you proceed to bang your palm on the armrest of your chair, your elbows digging into the blue and white checkered folding chair, shouting indignantly: I am really, really, really hungry. Hajime. Hajime. Hajimehajimehajimehajime. Chiaki. Chiakichiakichiakichiaki he’s… he’s not listenin’ to me. You’re s’posed to be on my side.

Except Chiaki never left your side, she’s nodding at every whimsical sentence that escapes you while mashing buttons on her vita. The teenager beside you, Hajime Hinata, hears your words; in fact your drunken stupor won’t leave his head. He is beside himself with watching over you, a responsibility he took over when you flat out told him: screw you and your responsibility, you dumb reserve course. Of course the comment bothered him, but not as much as what you did next. Wait, no, nononono I didn’t mean that. You’re so precious Hajime. then you were burying your wet nostrils into his tie and blowing all of your boogers onto his uniform because you just couldn’t stop crying. That was thirty minutes Hajime would rather not live through again, so he let you talk. He let you drink, to an extent. He let you…

No. No, _____. P-Please, no more for tonight! The outline of your shot glass is guarded by his palm as he pushes it down, away from your lips. You got that big test tomorrow, remember? Or did you already forget since I somehow know your schedule more than you?

Shut it, Hajime. Don’t tell me what to do. Then your finger is wagging at the stage where Sonia and Ibuki performed, gasps of excitement leaving you. In just one day, Hajime Hinata made two second mistakes: one, accepting the less natural way of actually being useful and talented and two, indulging you and your drunken ways. In that same moment that Hajime’s olive green eyes left yours, your fingers left its imprint on the shot glass in his hand, bringing the poison to your lips before he can say a word. Haha! I’m faster than yoooooou, Haaaaaaajiiiiimeeeee! Ha-Ha-Hajime! Much to his chagrin, that is the phrase that slowly tumbles from your lips for the next five minutes.

He decides he prefers that over you jumping to your feet, your arms grabbing at air as you attempt to win over your balance, what’s left of your drink leaving you as you fling it somewhere on the grass. Hajime is quick to meet you, his feet beside your own as he fears where your mind decides to bring you next. Please… please don’t embarrass yourself further. Let’s just go back to your dorm, and we’ll play… we’ll play games!

Games? Chiaki cuts in, her fingers halted in their assault on the buttons.

Y-Yeah! We like games, we like to play each other! C’mon, there’s really… You squish his cheeks together in your hands and crash your lips to his, your nose brushing against his as you trail your tongue along his upper lip. You taste like apples - he’s as confused as everyone else, really - yet it’s so bitter but all that matters to him is that you’re kissing him. And that in itself is sweet. He fights an eternal battle with himself as you pull away from his soft lips, debating to himself on whether or not he should continue. no… point… in…

I’m faaaaaaaster than you! Indeed you are, because your fists are in the air while you let out a whoop whoop! and Hajime doesn’t think to stop you this time as you run as far as your legs can take you… namely where Ibuki and Sonia are. He has to shake his head out of that haze he was in before he can even watch you embarrass yourself in front of the rest of the partygoers - the entire school except the 78th class, they’re not invited - his whole body warm as if it absorbed what little heat you offered to him.

You got a handful, Hajime. Chiaki smiles softly. You better go after them… ‘cause they’re about to ruin whatever reputation they got left… I think.

Hajime runs his hands down his face, a long and desperate sigh mirroring his exasperation. What am I gonna do with you, _____…?

As much as he wants to try to stop you, he doesn’t mind being the one you call to nurse your hangover the following morning.

She was over blessed by the goddesses.
Beauty and Magic, a voice that sounded like Art in it’s own aspect.
Immortality and a thirst for Victory.
(Maybe that’s what happened, maybe the gods were jealous of her being to perfect)
(An immortal girl more all powerful than they)
He was blessed with rage, controllable but powerful all the same.
An inexhaustible source of battle rage.
Sometimes leaving bloody, but never losing.
(Maybe it ran out)
(Maybe the Goddess who blessed him was tired of watching)
(Maybe he was nothing but a pawn in the game)
She was wisdom and strategy all wrapped into one.
Words sharper than her mind.
Smarter than her enimies and ten times more powerful.
(She was too powerful though, queen to an empire)
(Maybe she was never ready like they thought)
He was cursed by the gods.
Blasphemy or hubris, maybe loyalty to more than just the gods.
No one knows what caused his Golden touch.
Even the one who suffers from it, who tried to hide his curse from his loves.
(It’s his fault, of course it is)
(It was never theirs, he doesn’t know why he’s trying to blame them)
His tongue was always sharp, but he finds that blades are sharper when they’re gone.
Remembers that mortal men bleed red.
Golden eyes colder than the metal.
(The gods dare take his loves from him)
(The gods dare to further his curse)
(He’ll show them)
He takes her thirst for victory, his rage but tames it to his advantage, her wisdom so his mind is as sharp as his tongue and his knife.
He runs her empire now, a golden king sitting on a bloody throne.
But the gods do not like being over shadowed.
Do not like when people don’t learn from their mistakes.
So they make sure they learn a second time.
(Besides he was always just a mortal, playing God)
(And mortal men bleed red, not gold)
—  Maybe he’ll see them in Elysium (most likely not)

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Um im totally excited about where chapter 14 is taking us haha once Pidge started gathering things I was like yes we've gotten to the blanket fort part of the fic hahaha the cuteness is real and poor Keith needs it so much yes good

Ah ha, I’m glad you are excited, because I was a little embarrassed writing it like, Liz?? Is gonna read this?? And she knows?? I already used this?? Like what, Come Morning Light had, like, a blanket fort ARC. It was like TEN chapters. And now I am doing it AGAIN. It might be MORE than ten chapters this time, because there are more than twice as many characters involved, and THREE of them need major comforting. I don’t know what I’m doing, Liz. Pat my head and tell me it’ll be okay.

I want to start off by apologizing for how long it’s taken me the get this post out. School started up this week and was ten times more hectic and draining than I anticipated, then I went to Disneyland for my sister’s birthday all day yesterday and knocked out as soon as I got home. But now it’s Saturday and I have absolutely nothing to do today, so I’ll start by answering some questions!

First question I always seem to get is if I’ve gotten someone’s form in or if they can get a confirmation that they’re officially signed up for the Big Bang. There’s over 200 people signed up, so I can’t always confirm right away whether someone is signed up, but I always try my best to let you know! However, I’ve decided to just compile a massive list of which authors and artists I have signed up. That’ll take me a couple days to throw together, but since I’ll be staying home on Tuesday (for personal reasons) it’ll at least be posted by then! And at that time, if you don’t see your name on either list, that’s when you hit me up and confirm that you did, in fact, sign up. 

Second question that’s just as popular is authors wondering if they can make a fic that isn’t similar to what they put down in their form. And trust me, that is 100% okay! You can change it as often as you’d like, so long as you know exactly what you’ll be doing when September 9th comes around. 

On September 9th, authors should have a general idea for which ships/characters their fics will be about, even if they haven’t started writing yet. During the “First Author Check-In”, you’ll submit something like this for your fics:




Ships/Main Characters


Any Other Notes/Info

Then I will create a page on the OWBB blog full of all this information for artists to choose from. The authors will remain anonymous, so artists won’t know whose fic they’ve picked to illustrate for. And if your fic doesn’t get picked by the artists who’re picking, you’ll randomly be assigned an artist that didn’t want to pick and asked me to assign them to an author instead. 

By September 16th, you’ll all be paired up with an artist or an author. Some of you artists might have to illustrate for two fics, but only a handful of you since there’s only a small gap between the 122 artists and 129 authors. So if you signed up to be a “pinch hitter” or to help even out the numbers, I’ll be contacting you around the 16th to see if you’re still open to that. 

But for most of you, you’ll only have one partner that you’ll be communicating with throughout the various check-ins and up until you’ve both got to turn in your fics+art. And before every check-in, I’ll be sure to explain what will happen at each one!