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Helloooo, idk when you posted about prompts but if you're still up for writing could you write literally ANYTHING involving bi/pan Cisco? It would be cool if there is even a hint of past/present Hartmon. Your writing is awesome mate and I need more of it in my life :)))


Barry knew things were going to be different in the new timeline, but he didn’t it’d change so drastically.

He probably should’ve expected the team’s relationship with Hartley to be altered, seeing as he saved Cisco and Caitlin in the pipeline from the time wraith.  It was just such a new and bizarre concept though that he didn’t even really consider it, especially with a million other things racing through his mind to do when he got back to the present.

It was kinda nice though, having an extra brain around to help out.  He seemed like almost a completely different person, definitely not the bitter loner that he met a year ago.  He was far more pleasant to be around; less biting sarcasm and more genuine eagerness to lend a hand.  The snark and ego was still there, evident from his encounters with Cisco.  But something had changed.  It wasn’t such a harsh dynamic anymore.  It actually seemed more playful, more teasing, and alot friendlier.  They were certainly working together a lot better now, excited to collaborate on different gadgets to help Barry take down any new threats he may face.  More often than not, he walked in on them geeking out over some new idea that they came up with and needed to be put in action right away (“What if we-“ “Yes, that’s perfect, and if we-“ “Dude, yes!”).

It seemed like many of the Flash’s past encounters with metas went a lot smoother with Hartley around, too.  Shame Barry didn’t get to actually witness any of it.

He apparently missed a lot more than he bargained for regarding the bright engineer though, because he just walked in on him and Cisco making out.

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