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Say “Hi!” Greetings and salutation !; “Hello I’m Kahamiya Bancroft and I’m here.”

What house did you get sorted into: “Ravenclaw.”

Are you a muggleborn, an half-blood or a pureblood: “A half-blood, pretty common.”

Of which elements your wand is made: “Rosewood,  9½, quite inflexible..”

What pet do you have (owl, cat, toad): “Just my crow, who’s a messenger. His name is Uki,”

What is your favourite class: “I already know that defense against the dark arts was discontinued…however, I self study it. I think it’s important to know how to defend yourself, especially against dark arts…you never know what could happen.”

What is your patronous: “A wolf.”

You are in any extra curricular activites (quidditch, dueling club, herbology club, potions club, gobstones club, chess club, Lumaclub…): “I’m in the dueling club and chess club, I take my winning and loses to heart…”

Your are or will be a prefect/headgirl/captain of the quidditch team/ecc: “Although I really wouldn’t do it, it’d be cool to be the captain of the quidditch team - I could teach the team some new moves.”

Do you have any special ability (parseltongue, divination ability…): “Not sure if this is an ability or not, but I can hear really well and am able to read faces just as good.”

You are a troublemaker, the first of your class, both, the one who blows things: “I’m the one that accidentally blows things…but, I’m working on it.”

Do you often get detention: “I can’t say I’ve went less than two times, yet more than seven.”

What do you want to do after Hogwarts: “Never thought about it, to be honest.”

Would you participate in the Triwizard Tournament (without Voldemort and Harry Potter of course): “No, I couldn’t. I’d feel humiliated if I lost, to be honest.”

Your favourite teacher: “McGonagall, that’s for sure. She’s very loyal to her job and is strict enough to keep the students in tact. I also find it funny how stressed she can get sometimes.”

Your favourite fantastic beast: “Thunderbird, no doubt.”

Your favourite spell: “Aguamenti and Alohomora are really fun.”

What would Amortentia smell for you: “Rain, mint, and pastry tarts.”

Create an outfit with the color of your house:

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P. 81 of A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

(Can you guys tell I love this chapter, quoting it two days in a row? Yes, yes I do)

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This isn’t even close to all the Nightmarionne asks I have in the inbox but I was in a mood to draw them so have a Lightning Round™

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What do you think would happen if Tom not Jake ended up leading the Animorphs?

  • Tom’s only at the arcade in the first place because he’s looking for Jake.  He finds Marco instead, and the two of them are talking—Marco’s noticed it too, how Jake never seems to be around these days—when Tobias jumps in to tell them that Jake’s been spending all his spare time at the Sharing lately.  Tom spots Rachel and Cassie next; at sixteen he’s trying responsibility on for size and so he announces that he’s getting them all home safe whether they like it or not.
  • Rachel protests, because of course she does, but Tom’s also the closest thing she has to an older brother and so when he puts his foot down she gives in.  She’s not happy about it, though, and she shows him that by charging off into the shortcut through the construction site and leaving the others to chase after. 
  • The day after everything happens, Tom snaps at the others not to tell their parents, not to morph, not to do anything at all until he figures out what they should do next.  
    • Cassie and Tobias try morphing anyway.  Rachel starts researching ways to fight off an alien invasion.  
    • Marco invites himself over to talk to Jake, who is strangely insistent on asking around about whether any of his friends believe those rumors about a UFO in the construction site last night. 
  • “Your brother’s one of them,” Marco tells Tom.  The ensuing shouting match lasts almost half an hour, only ending when they both conclude the only thing for it is to go and rescue him.  
  • Tom’s not Jake.  He doesn’t know a lost cause when he sees it.  He keeps right on fighting, claws bloody, bones breaking, while the others make a messy retreat.  As Jake watches from the cages, he catches a dracon beam to the head and crumples in a heap of fur next to the infestation pier.  
  • This time around, it’s Marco who becomes the first one to drag them up by the bootstraps.  “There are still three of us left,” he says, “four if you count Bird Boy, although I’m not sure how much help he’ll be.  And Jake’s my best friend.  I can’t leave him in that hell.”  
    • This time around, Cassie becomes the first to agree.  It’s Jake.  He means something to her that no one else ever has.  
    • Rachel’s not far behind.  It’s Jake.  They spent their whole childhood doing stupid dares together, and this one seems like the biggest dare of all.
    • Tobias agrees, but not for love.  For revenge.  He wants to avenge Tom, who was kind to him despite not knowing him from Adam.  He wants to avenge Elfangor, who died in order to give them a chance and who told him a million things he’d never known in those last five minutes of life.  He wants to avenge that unnamed voice from his dreams, the one that haunts him still even though Marco insisted and they all agreed that the risk of a rescue attempt was too big to take.
  • Two months later, Marco tells the Ellimist, “Yeah, we want to leave with our families.  Take us away,” and without Rachel he’d never figure out why the Ellimist doesn’t listen.
  • Eighteen days after that, Marco says, “I don’t care what you think.”  He takes the Pemalite crystal and reprograms Erek so that Erek will be forced to help them.  Erek infects himself with a computer virus that corrupts all his files; two hours later he’s a lifeless pile of circuitry on the ground.  
  • Forty-one days later, Marco says, “We should just morph Joe Bob Finestre, save ourselves some time,” and refuses to listen to any contradictions.
  • One week after that, Marco says, “If we drop the instant oatmeal into the water main, everyone will have to drink it,” and doesn’t foresee the consequences.  
  • Six months after that, Marco says, “I’m sorry” just before he shoots David in the head.  
  • Two weeks and four days later, Marco waits until he sees Jake leave the yeerk pool, and then he says, “Let’s blow it up.”  
    • Cassie quits the team on the spot.  Tobias tries to talk him out of it, but doesn’t succeed.  
    • Four thousand three hundred human hosts die when the modified nuke Marco stole from Peter’s lab drops into the yeerk pool, because he doesn’t want to leave any chance of too many slugs escaping.  Visser One’s human body is one of them; Marco will only find this out several hours too late.
  • Three days later, Marco and Rachel steal a Blade ship.  They don’t know how to fly it, but that’s a moot point, because they get the guns working. 
    • They incinerate the Pool ship, along with 20,000 yeerks and 15,000 hosts on board, and then turn to fire on the yeerk encampments on the ground.  The taxxons are annihilated, the hork-bajir-controllers as well.  Marco’s gotten used to the idea of killing humans, just as long as it’s no one he knows.
    • Tobias is outside the ship, unwilling to endorse this mission, unable to stay away.  He gets caught in the crossfire between the Bug fighters and Blade ship, spiraling to the ground, and Rachel loses her mind.  
    • She and Marco are so busy trying to kill each other, fueled by grief and rage and bloodlust and terror, that at first they don’t even realize they’ve won.
  • Three days after that, Jake is free.  He doesn’t talk to Marco—neither do Peter or Cassie or Rachel—but Marco figures that’s okay, because nowadays he has plenty of fans.  Maybe the andalites are pretty strict in their control of the U.N., and maybe it sucks that humans aren’t allowed off the planet anymore, but Marco won the war.  And isn’t that the whole point of war, winning?  

honestly i just found this image and it leaves me with so many questions. the title is ambiguous in and of itself, the tone might be one of offering a benevolent gift, but also lends itself to potential sarcasm.  were it sincere, this raises more questions than it answers: how does one enjoy a bird? what dark and secret matters does this text contain? and the pigeon itself. don’t get me started on the pigeon 

Working with energy sources

How do you power your magic? As with anything magical, there are far more answers than any one person would care to know. When it comes to spells, what you use can have a potent influence on the efficacy of the spell. Whether channeling, transmuting, or just using your own internal energy,  it’s good to consider the source of the spell’s power when crafting it. More traditionally minded witches look toward the elements and herbal/crystal correspondences, but there’s also plenty of other ways to power your spells! Here, I review some common and uncommon energy sources and how to use them. This list is most certainly not exhaustive and is intended more to provide a starting point for thinking about what makes different energy sources unique. If you don’t already, I encourage you to think critically about the sources of magical power you use and what makes them so effective!

Traditional Sources:

  • The sun - As the primary provider of measurable energy such as light and heat, the sun is essential to life. Solar energy is potent and unfiltered so it’s very powerful, but also undirected. For both physical and magical purposes, solar energy has to undergo transformative processes in order to be useful to us. Channeling solar energy to power a spell is a common practice, though it should be done with care since the sun tends to burn up whatever it touches when used irresponsibly. 
  • The moon - The moon is the gentler counterpart to the sun. It traditionally fills a more mystical role, better suited to emotionality, secrecy, and protection than raw strength. The moon’s phases also offer clear time periods to suit different goals, especially ones that need time to develop. Many practitioners choose to time their workings by the moon’s phases, like to ensure that a spell manifests by a certain point in time. 
  • Candles - A candle is a firey energy source that can be easily manipulated by the practitioner. Like all fire-based energies, it is best suited for creative works, strength of will, etc. Candles are especially useful due to the high degree of specification they can have. A candle dressed in oil or carved with an intention can be more closely bound to the magical goal and thus more easily channeled into the spell. Herbs, colors, sizes, and scents may also be used to attune the energy source to the goal. Furthermore, the practitioner has direct control over the source itself and can make use of lighting and extinguishing the candle as a means of manipulating the spell’s energy. 
  • Grounding, earthing - There seems to be a bit of disagreement over whether grounding is best used as a conclusion to a spell or as an energy source for a spell, but I think the reason for this is that there are several different kinds of grounding processes. When grounding a spell after its completion, the practitioner is sending the existing magical energy back into the world in order to allow it to take effect and manifest. Grounding as an energy source is a way of channeling energy from the earth (or the universe) to power your spell. Both are good techniques in my opinion, though I tend to find other ways of concluding and “sending out” my magical works similarly effective. 

Man-made Sources:

  • Railroads - Railroads are an old form of energy, at least as far as man-made sources go. They are a good source of energy for things that need a lot of strength, or that need to travel long distances. They also have a significant association with trade and commerce, as well as with moving or traveling for pleasure.
  • Subways - I find myself using subways most often for work related magic. I find the electrified third rail to be a powerful point to tap into when working spells that need to reach across the city (like calling for trains to come sooner) or when I’m working in the direct vicinity. Subway commuters tend to be pretty well synchronized to the ambient energy, so you could also probably use some of it to affect the atmosphere on the platform or give yourself a little boost of energy before heading off.
  • Outlets & Adapters - I love using adapters for charging little charms and sigils! It’s a pretty neutral energy, plus it’s well suited to passive charging. Usually, I can leave stuff sitting on my laptop adaptor overnight and find it all juiced up in the morning. You could also definitely transmute it for use in more structured/ritual-based spells, though I find it a bit awkward to include.

Internal Sources:

  • Personal energy - Like most things, the magical practitioner themselves may act as an energy source. In some cases, this is desirable as it allows for a very personal mark on the spell. Tying a spell’s energy to one’s own will and strength gives the practitioner direct control over the spell and also can help them keep tabs on how active the spell is. On the other hand, a spell might require more energy than the practitioner has to offer, potentially draining the user unexpectedly, causing the spell to fail, or both. Personally, I use my energy when I have some extra to spare, which is a nice way of saying I dump all my anger into my curses. When doing that, I also make sure to seal off the spell when I’m done so none of it comes back to me. If you choose not to seal off your workings entirely, you may leave a limited connection in order to keep tabs on whatever it is you’re powering. I do this for simple servitors and wards so that I can keep them from running too low. I wouldn’t recommend dumping all your energy into a spell all at once because you can and will exhaust yourself.
  • Channeling - Channeling is less a source of its own and more a means of using sources like those mentioned above. When channeling energy, the practitioner simply acts as a conduit to direct external energy into their magical work. Channeling is generally regarded as a pretty basic energy work skill and is virtually essential for witches, regardless of path. Of course, now that I’ve said that, someone’s going to tell me they have a practice that never uses channeling, but hey, that’s how it goes. I think the trickiest part of channeling is keeping your energy and the energy you’re channelling separate. Obviously, your own personal energy can be used in a spell, but that gets exhausting fast and if you’re trying to avoid that by channelling, you should be careful not to still end up draining yourself too. Likewise, channelling opens you up to direct contact with external energy sources, some of which you may not want lingering around. If you’re worried about getting stuff mixed up, try working with a familiar energy source like a crystal or a plant before working with more powerful energy like the sun or a planet.
  • Transmutation - Like channelling, transmutation is a way of making use of energy. Its main difference is that instead of using an energy specially chosen for the practitioner’s purposes, they simply pull from what’s around and transform it on the fly. Transmutation requires a bit more practice than channeling, as you have to modify the energy you’re bringing in before you can make use of it, but it’s also damn convenient. I find it best used when working with neutral energy, especially the kind that seems to linger around cities and man-made sources. Neutral energies can also be combined through transmutation, so you can even mat Transmutation of natural sources is most definitely possible, but it’s best suited to the kind of generic energy that you’d find in unprogrammed quartz rather than say, trying to transmute the energy in lavender for a nasty curse.

I wrote this very quickly and I’m not sure it makes any sense but here just take it!! & please feel free to add on with any of your favorite energy sources and how you use them

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im just curious but do you ship yoonseok because you think that they are actually romantically involved (if so then what makes u think so?) or is it just because they are perfect shipping material and their friendship is life??

ok not to offend anyone with strong beliefs in their ships but i don’t believe they’re actually romantically involved omg i just really love their dynamics and yes their friendship is life. idk how to explain why exactly i ship yoonseok so much because i could write essays on how much they love and care for each other and why their friendship is beautiful but there still would be people who wouldn’t see them the way i see them you know?? it just.. happens i guess lmao i see them being cute together and it makes me happy 

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said: tips on drawing from different perspectives or trying to draw specific poses? I need help pls ;-;

when it comes to specific poses I try to first draw the most basic shapes and movement lines and then gradually go into more and more details, like so:

if you have difficulties with perspective, try drawing a perspective grid first:

it’s nothing different than tips from other artists, but I hope it helped a little ;u;

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favourite leonardo da vinci quotes?

  • what is fair in men, passes away, but not so in art
  • helen, when she looked in her mirror, seeing the withered wrinkles made in her face by old age, wept and wondered why she had twice been carried away
  • it is as great an error to speak well of a worthless man as to speak ill of a good man
  • every whole is greater than the part
  • no counsel is more trustworthy than that which is given upon ships that are in peril
  • he who is fixed to a star does not change his mind
  • why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake
  • while i thought i have been learning how to live, i have been learning how to die

Okay, so this gifset really got me thinking (thanks @bellarke-stydia )

Let’s talk about one of the first realizations we came to this season, shall we?

I’m talking about the first episode. Everyone kept calling Clarke “Wanheda.” Then, at the end, Bellamy calls her “Princess,” reminding her of who she is, and keeping her grounded. 

All throughout this season, various characters have been bringing up L.exa a lot. Like… a lot. Some would argue, far more often than is really necessary, and I know there are some people who are getting very tired of it. There are a lot of people who have been upset with the writers for some of the ways they’ve used her name. 

Characters, even characters that never saw L.exa and Clarke together would tell Clarke that L.exa would be proud of her. Roan said that Clarke learned nothing from L.exa, and that she’d be disappointed. Clarke herself used L.exa to try and get the grounders not to fight in the conclave. 

What if that isn’t as pointless as a lot of us thought? Hear me out.

I think it was a long-term set-up for a parallel of that first episode, leading up to the parallel between L.exa’s betrayal of Clarke and Clarke’s betrayal of Bellamy, specifically involving Clarke’s relationship with love.

Clarke’s character arc this season has been centered around her own leadership, and her struggle to do what is right in that position while also battling her own trauma stemming back from, I think, the massacre at Mount Weather. 

All season, as I said, characters have been comparing Clarke’s leadership to L.exa’s—especially Clarke. 

Clarke’s opinion of who she thinks she should be has changed because of this. In the City of Light, L.exa said, “I told you my spirit would choose wisely,” which I think played a large role in why Clarke thought it would be okay for her to take the flame. But I digress. 

This enormous weight of responsibility and trauma and stress has reached a peak for Clarke in 4x11 when she pulls a gun on Bellamy (as seen paralleled to L.exa’s leaving Clarke and skikru to die in bellarke-stydia’s beautiful gifset).

The question to ask here is: What’s the difference? 

L.exa believed that love was weakness, at least at the point of her betrayal. As such, she had no one to talk her down, no one to advise her in a way that she’d listen. 

The same is not true for Clarke in season four. It’s been proven over and over again that, to Clarke, love is strength. From The List to “you keep her centered,” Clarke needs to be able to be open with someone—to share the burden. 

Everyone has been pressuring Clarke to be more like L.exa, to compartmentalize and do what’s best for her people specifically, no matter the cost. But that’s not who Clarke is. She can’t function like that without breaking, like we’re going to see in 4x11. 

Some people are worried about the gun scene in the promo, but in my opinion? We have nothing to fear. 

If there’s one difference between the Betrayal parallels, it’s Bellamy. Bellamy’s arc this season has been learning when to know when someone can be saved. “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved,” is true. But Clarke wants to be saved. Her hand shaking so violently in the promo is proof enough of that. Pulling that gun is a cry for help.

Remember Jaha’s line in Day Trip: Part Two? “How many people do you need to save before you forgive yourself?” The answer is, “just one.”

There’s more than one way to save someone. And we’re going to see it when Clarke stops hearing “Wanheda,” and instead hears “Princess.” 

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pls tell us more about the renaissance artists!1!!!

here we go [ part one | leonardo ]

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please tell me owen isnt straight..... please......

Sorry to disappoint, but Owen is pretty straight. 


Hi everyone, long time no see.

It’s been a long year. A lot of things have changed and I think it’s time I talk about something important. This Update has to do a little with the blog and a lot with me, so if you want to skip the rest of this you absolutely can, this is just something that has been on my mind for a while and pushing to be said. This seems like the best time to say it and I’m sorry if it gets a little long and a lot personal.

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