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Auston Matthews - Drunk and Jealous

anon request: okkk so could you do an auston matthews one where you’re drunk and dancing with guys and he gets jealous and takes u home & idk if u do smut but make it a lil nasty?

anon request: Auston Matthews fluff? :) x

i would do an auston matthews imagine any day! i love him sm️ and i don’t write smut but making out and kissing i can do so i hope this was okay and i hope it was at least a little fluffy cause i was kinda short:))

warnings: making out, kissing, cussing, mentions of alcohol

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it was after an amazing goal scored by tyler bozak and a hard fought win we were out celebrating at a bar. i was having the time of my life dancing with all of the lady leafs. “y/n another shot?” one of the girls asked, i quickly nodded and took the shot from her hand and downed it receiving a few cheers as i threw my arms up in the air yelling along with them.

the shot was like fire down my throat but i loved it. i stumbled up the stairs to the vip where all of the guys were drinking beers and slightly dancing to music, “they look so awkward” i giggled with steph as she nodded helping me up the stairs, her being much more sober. “slow down there tiger your gonna hurt yourself” she laughed practically having to pull me up the stairs.

“aus!” i shouted trying to run over to him but almost falling over. “hey baby” he kissed my cheek and i pushed him away. “that is PDA auston!” i pointed my finger at his chest. morgan and mitch were beside me laughing at what was occurring in front of them. “and what are you laughing at you eleven year old and you over sized teddy bear” at that aus was laughing at the two boys, and so was william then matt joined in too.

“you know mitch i don’t even think your supposed to be in here” i shook my head at him disapprovingly. “sorry mitch” auston laughed and pulled me back to him. “she won’t remember this tomorrow” he smiled down at me.

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simon x reader imagine - his insecurities

requested: “Can you write a Simon imagine where he gets really insecure and y/n helps him out”

I knocked on his bedroom door. For the third day in a row, there was no response. I called his name and again I was met with silence. Lately Simon had been so distant. He wasn’t answering my texts, my calls, and when I came to visit the Sidemen house I did not see him for even a minute, my entire stay would be spent with one of the three other guys. And yet every day I returned in the hopes something would be different. 

I don’t know what triggered my sudden confidence today of all days, but I decided I would not return home alone again. I pushed his bedroom door open. 

There Simon lay, on his bed, facing away from me. His face was hidden, his body submerged under the layers of duvets and blankets. There was no recording material to be seen around his room, suggesting he had not moved from his bed all day. His curtains were drawn and the room dark, lit only by a small fraction of streetlights shining through. 

“Simon?” I whispered into the darkness. I was met with no response. Contemplating whether he was asleep or not I edged closer to his bed, sitting down on the edge of where his body lay. I noticed his body twitch.

“Simon please talk to me.”

Again there was no reply. I sighed, feeling defeated as I stood up. If even this couldn’t gain his attention perhaps I did not deserve it. I turned around to leave.

“Wait.” His voice was soft, broken and weak. It was almost inaudible as he muttered the words “Stay.” 

I stood still. Part of me was angry at the silence I had been receiving lately. I put this down to selfishness, and made my way back to the bed, sitting down next to his still body. 

“y/n I don’t know what to do.” His voice was shaky and weak. My heart burned as I realised how fragile he really was. 

“Simon what do you mean?”

“I can’t.” His voice broke as he sobbed. “I don’t know what to do. I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve you.”

“Simon?” Tears filled my eyes. I bit them back, trying to fake strength to help him feel better. I pushed his point, asking what he meant.

“I just don’t feel right anymore. I feel so useless. I can’t even record anymore, I just feel like I’m not entertaining anyone. I can’t even edit because I can’t handle looking at my own face. All I see is flaws, and it makes me wonder how I got here. And then I remember it’s due to the others, and that makes sense. But what doesn’t make sense is how I got you.”

My every organ seemed to ache as I realised just how vulnerable Simon really was, and how much he had needed me. I had been with Simon long enough to know he was insecure, but had never looked deep enough to realise that his insecurities were really drowning him. He was being suffocated. And that wasn’t evident by his appearance on camera at all. He came off as this soft, light hearted, humorous nerd, and never had anyone realised he was aching. I moved closer to him, feeling around the blankets for his hand. 

“Simon…you could not be more wrong.” As I grabbed his hand he flinched. “You deserve everything you have and more. You deserve the entire world, the universe. There are five million plus people rooting to watch you succeed. And you’re doing just that.” 

I rubbed his thumb softly, watching as his face relaxed slightly.

“People sit at home in front of their laptops, and they go out of their way to watch you talk to a camera. And that’s incredible. People make their own accounts dedicated to this persona you created. You are such an incredible, talented, loving person and so many people are so in love with you. And then theres me.”

He opened his eyes slightly, still not looking directly at me. Through the darkness I could just make out the colour of them. Covered in a layer of tears, they were so blue you could almost see through them. 

“Simon you deserve more than me. And I’m almost glad you don’t realise it, because should you realise how much you deserve you wouldn’t be sat here with me right now.” 

I bit back more tears. You have to be strong for him. “ every single day I spend with you is like Christmas come early. I look at you,’re everything. You are everything I have ever wanted and everything I will ever want. My heart swells when I look at you, and it sounds uncomfortable but it’s not. In fact it’s the opposite. That heart swelling is a feeling I wanna feel for the rest of my life, and it’s only achieved by you.”

“Simon you open your front door and I instantly feel a level of happiness I have never felt before. It doesn’t matter where we are, whether we’re in the car, in a club or a restaurant, at my house or yours, I look at you and all I can think is I am so in love with you. In fact, I’m thinking it right now.”

He opened his eyes fully, wiping them with his hand before pulling me into him underneath the duvet. His arms wrapped around me, squeezing me so tight I could explode. I smelt his cologne as he buried his face into my neck, planting light kisses along my jaw, my collarbones. Any skin he could access. He did not let me move, holding me as if he didn’t ever wanna let go.

“I love you more than any words can explain,” he whispered intimately into my ear. “I don’t ever wanna spend a moment without you. I love you. I will always love you.”

I did not ruin the moment with a reply, only moving my head to press my lips to his. Our mouths moved slowly, intimately, warmly. There were almost visible waves of love exchanging between our bodies. I love him. I am so in love with him.

There’s just something about a person when they’re talking about their passion.
They lose control of their mouth while trying to explain their special world, and for a little while you get to be there with them, their eyes sparkling like sunlit waters and time being nothing more than another witness.
How can something this beautiful ever be called annoying?
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (228/366)

itssciencefitz  asked:

64 or 98 + Fitzsimmons please??? 😊

Hi! Here’s “It’s two sugars, right?” and “Take a deep breath.” Prompt list here if you want to send me one!

Hospital AU. Specifically, an alternate universe in which everything below is medically accurate :)

“It’s two sugars, right?”

Fitz turns to see her, the doctor who couldn’t be real. And yet, there she is, sitting down at his table, offering him a cup of tea. He reaches out and is almost surprised when he can touch the handle. His eyes flick up to hers, and he wonders why she seems so expectant before he realizes that she asked him a question.

“Um, y-yes.” He takes the mug in both hands, thankful for the warmth. Is every hospital cafeteria as frigid as this one? When he dares to look at her again, she’s beaming at him.

“Good,” she says. “I mean … I just happened to notice. I’m a big fan of yours.” She offers her hand with such excitement that Fitz finds her absolutely radiant. “Dr. Jemma Simmons. I’ve been fascinated by your work in non-lethal weapons.”

Fitz frowns, trying not to look at her hand, or her face, or anything at all. In the end, though, it’s the sound of his mother’s voice in his head that makes him suck in a breath and go for it. He doesn’t shake her hand as much as he puts his open hand in hers, but she pumps it up and down as if he had. She doesn’t even know that this is his good hand.

“Sorry,” he says, “I just … I …”

“Have hypoxia?” she supplies, then grimaces. “Sorry. That’s—I probably shouldn’t have said it that way. But I did read the article about your accident. I’m thrilled to see how well you’ve recovered.”

Fitz looks down at his rumpled shirt, and he’s just about to ask her what she means when the tremors start in his bad hand. He sucks a breath through his teeth, and as the pain makes his eyes close, he sees a glimmer of her face.

She’s horrified.

And why shouldn’t she be? He’s not the engineer she thinks he is, and if his progress continues to plateau, he never will be again. He rubs his bad hand and wishes he could just shrink until she couldn’t see him.

“Are you alright?”

He’s in so much pain that he can only shake his head, trying his best to stay calm.

“Th-this one’s … worse,” he tries to explain, and when he hears the scoot of her chair, he honestly doesn’t blame her. Who would want to have tea with someone so broken? So when her hand lands on his shoulder, he almost jumps.

“Dr. Fitz,” she soothes, “I’m not a medical doctor—I just work here in the research wing—but I have been reading up on therapy techniques and I … do you mind?”

He looks up at her through the tears in his eyes and nods, willing to try anything. 

She smiles, taking his hand in hers. “Take a deep breath,” she says. 

He does as she says, and he swears that his heart stops before she even starts massaging his tendons. The tears dry as he stares at her, this doctor just as old as he is, more beautiful than any woman he’d ever seen. He almost doesn’t notice that the pain has disappeared until she offers a triumphant smile.


He looks down at his hand, utterly amazed. “How, how did you—”

“It’s a simple technique, really,” she explains, looking at him through her eyelashes, “but it does take two hands. If it helps, you can always ring for me. I’m happy to offer my services.”

He furrows his brow, more than slightly overwhelmed by how close she is. “I’m—I’m not st-staying here. I’m just …” He winces as all words fail him.

“Killing time between appointments? Well, then you can ring for me when you’re here, I guess. You might not live here, but I might as well.” She offers him a kind smile as her hand falls on his knee. Even if his brain weren’t broken. he’d have no idea what to say.

“J-jemma Simmons?” he manages, flooded with relief when she smiles in response. He points to his chest. “I’m, uh, Leopold Fitz.”

Somehow, her smile feels like a laugh.

“I know,” she says.

Knee Socks|Chapter One Pt. 2

Content: Teacher!Au, swearing, smut | 16+ | Word Count: 2.5k


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“There’s a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable”

                                                     —Mark Twain

After he said that, all I could do was leave the room with my reddened cheeks. What was he thinking when he said that? I ran into my locker to see how bad my face was looking and just in the moment, Sunny appeared by my side.

“Excuse me but you are as red as a tomato. What happened?”

“Ah! N-Nothing happened I was just with Mr. Park and he commented about my project, just that” I said trying to hide my nervousness behind my words, not working very well.

“Are you sure he just commented about your script?” She shot a teasing glare at me instantly receiving a slap on the arm.

“Of course he did that! What more he c-could do?”

Then she mouthed an “okay” and went out of my way so I could breathe normally. I checked myself one more time on my locker’s mirror and the color of my face was getting normal but nothing changed the heat that hosted my body. This feeling grew bigger when I saw Mr. Park left the classroom, what made me run down the hall to the entrance of the school taking my way home. I know that I shouldn’t be freaking out about the things he said to me but I was, exactly because I never received a comment like that especially from a teacher. I entered home and as always I was alone, my parents always went to work in this time just leaving me with my puppy.

“Hi Mochi, I missed you too” I hugged my only true friend, “You don’t imagine what happened today”

Two Weeks After

Everything still the same at school, except for the… Literature class. Mr. Park has been acting strange around me and for strange all I can say is flirtatious, he always gave me compliments at the school hall and even in the classroom. Asked if I could stay after class to help him with some homework projects and when we did that I could saw him looking at me almost like a paper that he needed to evaluate. In the classroom, when we were doing our tasks, he would always stop right beside my desk and run his hands on my forearm with his usual smile.

After two weeks I was going crazy with that teacher. He didn’t leave me alone and my grades were slowly going down to the point my mother asked what was happening in school. So arranging all the courage I could before the class started, I went to his office. The last thing I wanted was to be reproved in his subject so I go for it. Of course, never letting go my education I knocked on the door before entering.

And he was there, with his wide grin plastered on his face. The angelic Mr. Park that I thought have met was now turning into the devilish one. He greeted me but I didn’t even opened my mouth for this part and closing the door I took a calm breath before walking furiously to his desk and slamming my hands over it, what made he jump in his chair.

“Good morning, sweet professor,” I said ironically, “What are you thinking you are doing with me?”

He let out a loud chuckle and got up from his seat, coming to my side and leaning on the desk, “Me? I’m doing exactly nothing. Or aren’t you used to receiving compliments?”

“Of course I’m used to that, but not from you. Mr. Park, do I need to tell you what are you to me?” I just wanted to finish this talk already because being just me and him in this room could turn things really bad to me and I didn’t even felt ashamed when I thought about that.

“Why are your cheeks so red? But tell me Mrs. (Y/S), What am I to you?” I saw his body leaning closer to mine and an uncontrollable heat takes lead on my body.

“You are my teacher,” I said with a thoughtful voice.

“Say that again babygirl” He leaned closer and I felt his hands wrapping around my waist and pressing me against the desk so now I couldn’t scape his touch. Actually, I couldn’t even manage to look at his face.

“What are you doing?! If someone opens that… Y-YOU ARE MY TEACHER!”

I felt his hands traveling the side of my body until they stopped at my thighs and gripping them he made me sit on his desk guiding himself to the middle of my legs. He didn’t move his hands from the place he was holding and leaning his body onto mine he gave me a peck on the cheek. I was letting he do this not because I didn’t have the strength to push him and run to the door. I was letting him because I liked everything he was making. The compliments, looks and the hard grip on my thighs.

“Don’t you think the forbidden is more desirable?” He was so close that for a moment I thought he was going to kiss me. I felt his plump lips pressing onto my neck wishing he could do more but those soft kisses were the last contact we had before the bell rang, “I think you are late for class Mrs.” He said that as he kissed the corner of my mouth and let go off of my legs.

Before opening the door I looked back and saw him sitting in his chair, reading some papers with his round glasses at the tip of his nose, he lifted his head and sent me a wink. I didn’t smile though, if I let him do what he wants I’ll be in trouble. I almost flew to my first period and for some luck, the teacher wasn’t there yet, but Sunny was. That is, I would be questioned anyway.

“Where were you?! And what happened to your face? It’s red again!” I made a signal to her to shut her mouth because everyone looked at us at that point.

“Nothing happened Sunny!”

In reality, a lot happened. Well, at least I considerate that a lot and couldn’t risk telling my friend about all of this. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust her but if I tell this to Sunny, she will be just one more person to keep secret from the others. I can’t even imagine if my mom finds out something about this, she would ground me to death and make sure that Mr. Park would go to jail because this possibility exists. Although, I know that I’m overreacting and he’ll stop doing these things for sure.

Sunny told me that almost all the girl from my class hated me because of the attention I was getting from the teacher. Funny how they totally forget about the existence of Jeon Jungkook when he started to manage the Literature class. She told me even she found him attractive but not someone who would like to risk her school life by getting near the new teacher.

The last period was his. He entered the class and while my classmates were fighting to take the desks to sit next to him I moved my things to the furthest place in the room.  Even when I tried to hide on the back I saw him walking in my direction with a serious face, just because he couldn’t hit on me at the classroom, after he gave wrote the lesson on the chalkboard. But instead of touching me he just threw a piece of paper on my desk and went back to the front of the class.

Oh, now he will keep things mysterious as maybe he didn’t like what how I acted earlier in that day.

I decided to open the letter and read his beautiful calligraphy.

I think you are in trouble. I noticed the principal about your grades in my subject exactly after you let my office and I hope your situation gets better, Mrs. He called your mother she’s waiting for you in his room to have a talk and take the right choices. In the next period they’ll be waiting you in the principal’s office.

I just want your wellbeing.

~Mr. Park 

I literally felt my blood boil. I just don’t know what did I have in my mind when out of nowhere I threw the paper at his back. In that moment, when he turned to me with a cold expression I knew that I was screwed more than ever. He picked up the paper from the ground and kept with him — not wanting to risk throwing away, someone could read it — and sighed loudly for everyone to hear.

I was hating him and everything he was doing.

“Mrs. (Y/S), how can you explain what you did? Throwing a piece of paper on my back?”

“I’m sorry, sir” I saw him shiver when that word left my mouth.

“You are going to pay your apologies after the class ends, cleaning the bathrooms” What? Was he going out of his head? Of course, he had to be overreacting because no one should clean the bathrooms because of that. He wanted to get his revenge on me for sure but why did he have to do it in front of the whole class.


“Excuse me Mr. Kim, have you called me?” I entered the principal’s office glad to notice that my mom wasn’t there anymore. Sadly she’ll be at home in the night.

“Good Morning (Y/N), please enter” The principal always called the students by their first names so they could feel more comfortable around him, “Your mom had to leave because of a problem on the job”

He guided me to take a sit in front of his desk while picking up some papers and checking my school’s schedule. Why was he looking at that? I didn’t do any extra classes.

“Well, Mr. Park noticed me about your situation on his subject and I’m impressed, young lady. You were one of the first positioned students in Literature and your grades took a really different road now. Your mom didn’t stay satisfied and said that you needed to study more but, I know that’s not the true reason for this failure. If anything is happening at home or even at school you have to tell me alright?”

“Nothing’s happening Mr. Kim” He nodded as I told him that. Obviously, the truth couldn’t be told.

“Right. So I have one mo—” He was interrupted by the sound of the door opening, I couldn’t see who it was since I was sat backward to it, “Oh Mr. Park! Thank you for receiving my call, take a seat please”

“Excuse me, good morning Mrs. (Y/S)” He sat next to me seeming to be really comfortable with all of that.

“As I was saying to our student Mr. Park, she needs to get better at your subject and by that I mean she needs to put extra classes on her schedule”

Oh, my God. Please don’t say what I’m thinking. I could see the satisfaction grin forming on the man by my side. His tongue darting out to lick his upper lip, the same lips that marked my neck with soft kisses. He wanted to play with me and I’m going to join his game. I slowly lowered my body on the chair, making my skirt rise a little and getting him a view of my lace knee socks that were tight around my thighs.

“I suggested to (Y/N)’s some teachers that work exactly with this kind of classes but she insisted that if possible Mr. Park should give this lessons. Are you alright with that teacher?”

Thank you so much, mom. I felt his gaze run down my legs and he shifted on the place clearing his throat. I never did something like this and now, in the principal’s office, I was doing without one bit of a shame. I decided to tease him even more by taking one of my shoes off and starting to move my foot up and down his leg. I did all of that while sitting in that chair and putting my elbows on the desk.

“T-That’s no problem for me, Mr. Kim. I always stay at least one hour after my period on the library, organizing my lessons. Can we manage that Mrs. (Y/S)?” Mr. Park was at his edge when he held my thigh stopping it from moving. He pressed his fingers on it trying to relieve the tension he was feeling.

“Well, if you say so,” I said taking his hand away. I’m not going to give him this pleasure.

“Okay then, this is your new schedule. You can go to accomplish your detention now and just to let you know that I’m really disappointed with your behavior towards Mr. Park”


This is ridiculous.

I did nothing wrong and still, Mr. Park sent me to detention and now I’m here cleaning the boy bathroom’s floor. The place was one hell of a vision, there was no doubt that it was pee in the walls and the smell was terrible. I got down on my knees and started to rub the floor. What kind of girl have I turned into? As a frustration feeling was taking back at my mind I let down some flustered tears strip down your face.

“A princess shouldn’t cry like this. This makes them look so naive although you are far from that right?”

I turned just to see Mr. Park standing at the door frame. He moved in and locked the bathroom.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked while standing on my feet and cleaning my tears probably looking awful with my clothes covered in dirty.

“Just checking on my student, can’t I?” He came closer and grabbed my waist holding me onto his chest, “Don’t cry anymore. I’m sorry about this”

“You did this on purpose, didn’t you?” I said pushing him away but just winning his body pressing against mine on the sink counter. 

“Don’t get at me like that, you are so lucky that I won’t punish you today” He let go off of your waist and kissed your cheek, “Goodbye (Y/N)”

I was really pissed at him but I couldn’t deny the heat forming between your thighs.

I have been blessed enough to witness magnificence
As I’ve stood with trembling knees at the peaks of icing dipped mountains
And witnessed the sun whisper through clouds,
I’ve grazed my fingertips across the bottom of the ocean,
Seen creatures that most could never dream of,
I’ve traveled to different sides of the world
And seen the history documented on the walls of great monuments.

Throughout the fifteen years I’ve lived,
I have seen more wonders than most people do in a lifetime.
However, out of everything my eyes have ever known,
The only one that is truly unforgettable
Is the unique shade of light green
That exists only in your hypnotizing eyes.
Or maybe it’s the freckles randomly scattered
Like pixie dust over your cheeks and your nose,
Or perhaps even the shape of your lips,
Or the way your hair falls over your shoulders.

What I’m trying to say, my beloved,
Is that the one thing I truly can never forget,
That which I cannot find the words to explain,
Is, undoubtedly,

—  Wonders of the World // g.e & m.b
One and Only {Kim Jongin}

Hi! I absolutely love ur blog I was hoping if u can write me a scenario where u r jongins gf bt hes always busy &always asking u to wait & one day he finds jb got7 flirting w/u & he gets jealous & tries to make up for all the times he asked u to wait

Note: Here is is, Anon. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ imaged used.

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You pressed your coated red lips together, your eyes scanning across the room that filled with a mixture of strobe lighting and people as you hugged your arms around yourself, concealing the sweet little black dress you’d carefully hand chosen to wear for this party.

But your efforts were barely noticed, not by the one that mattered, anyway.

He promised he’d be here… he promised.

And this time, you’d believed him. His eyes had been glinting in the soft bedroom light, his hands gently caressing your cheeks as his words whispered the words you were desperate to hear. “I’ll be there, {y/n}, I promise.” But there wasn’t a single sign of him.

Your eyes started to glitter as water gathered in the small rim around the deep colour of your eyes, barely hidden by the soft outlined black liner. You felt destroyed, your insides turning inside out at the thought of him not bothering to show his face to his own birthday party.

You had half a mind to tell everyone to leave, that it was canceled and that you couldn’t do it anymore. But feeling so weak and vulnerable, you could barely utter the words to say. Your heart felt heavy, like a block of lead stuck in your chest and weighing you down to rock bottom.

“Is everything alright, {y/n}?”

Your thoughts shattered as you plastered on a fake smile, turning to look at JB of Got7 as he approached you. He wore a smart jumper over a white shirt and a pair of black trousers and dress shoes. He looked smart, and older with the alcoholic drink placed in his grasp, it looked like some kind of wine.

“Yeah I’m good, are you?” You lied through your teeth, and by the way his eyes scanned over your face, he didn’t believe it. But he didn’t push it.

“I’m well, actually. I haven’t seen Kai yet though, is he here?”

“Still on his way, I think.” You sighed, looking off to the window in the distance, not that it brought you any joy.

“You look beautiful tonight, you know.” He spoke carefully as your eyes came to look at him again.

“You don’t brush up badly either.” You responded, smiling. He chuckled, looking down for a moment before looking back at you again.

“Care to dance? You look like you need some distraction.”

He must have known what you were thinking without telling him, but you couldn’t disagree, and when he held his hand out to pull you fearlessly to the dance floor you couldn’t reject. You interlaced your fingers with his and made your way to the lights bouncing on the floor beneath those already dancing beautifully.

A soft melody blasted, and you found yourself swaying to the sound, your hand still holding JB’s while the other rested on his shoulder blade. His hand was holding your waist as he guided you along the floor, his expert dancing showing perfectly as his feet took the lead.

“Jongin doesn’t know how lucky he is to have you. If you were mine, I wouldn’t let you out of my sight.” JB teased, you could tell by his goofy grin, but under the circumstances, you didn’t find it particularly humorous. You smiled a little, nodding before changing the subject entirely.

“How’s the music production going? Your last comeback was pretty epic.”

“Oh, hard carry? Yeah, it was good, one of out best I think. We’re working on something new, but I’m not allowed to spill. I could make an exception if you’re willing to persuade me though.” He winked, still teasing. You had the gut feeling he was making a move on you, and your heart was screaming for you to stop, but your head was confused, having a war with itself over if you should abide by his advances and stay with Jongin or if you should fall and relieve the stress that’s been building up over all this time.

“I… I don’t think-” You started to stammer, heart racing as he chuckled.

“I know, I’ sorry… I shouldn’t be talking to you like this, you have a boyfriend but… you’re so gorgeous {y/n} and I can’t take my eyes off you.”

You stopped dancing, a tear rolling down your cheek which you quickly wiped away, pulling your hands off him before your brain convinced you into something you’d regret.

“I’m sorry, JB…” You turned your back, about to walk away when you instantly noticed you were right before someone. You stumbled back, but before you could fall, their arms wrapped around your waist, supporting you so you collapse to the cold hard floor.

“I got here, jagiya. Thank you for waiting.”

You looked up, eyes welling again when they landed on Kai’s face, his smile. He’d obviously seen the dancing scene, you and JB caught up in the dancing and the sweet talk.

“Kai…” You started to speak, but his shook his head.

“Don’t apologise. I know you’re about to, and you shouldn’t. I’m the one that should be sorry, for keeping you waiting. On my way here I realised how good you are to me, how much I’ve kept you waiting and it’s wrong, I know it is. I’m sorry that I’ve made you feel like this, so alone and tired, I miss you a lot too, but work has taken over and I shouldn’t let it. I’ve booked the week off completely, so I’m all yours, okay? And when I go back, I’m not going to work as much, I’m going to talk to my manager, because I love you, and I know if I keep treating you like this I’ll lose you, and I can’t think of anything worse.”

His words were sweet, more sincere than you’d ever seen him. You were left speechless, and he knew. He pulled you into a hug, pressing his lips against your tearful cheeks.

“You’re my one and only, {y/n}, and I love you more than words can explain.”

He held you in his arms, his one and only. You felt your heart racing, pumping faster than a butterfly in mid flight. Things weren’t perfect, but it was the start of change for the better.

I can’t explain to you the way when she smiles at me she makes me feel like the happiest person in the world. I can’t tell you how when she kisses me she makes me feel more alive than I ever have before. And I seriously can’t put into words the love I have for her. When I look at her all I can see is my forever, and I can’t help but think that she’s the only one I want to be looking at when I’m 24, or 47, or 82. I just want her. I never want to stop looking at her. I never want her to go away. She’s the one. I am so in love with her.
—  God I am so in love with you.
Her Silent Throat

Why the fuck did I write this? I HAVE NO IDEA. Because I hate you all, I guess? This is what happens when you encourage me, you assholes. Seriously, though, I cried writing this. This is angst, folks, pure angst. Apparently I needed a downer before I can squeal over my babies.

The silver swan, who, living had no note, When death approached unlocked her silent throat. - Orlando Gibbons

Her Silent Throat

He starts forgetting things. Just small, inconsequential things at first - where he left his keys, what he needed to pick up from the store, how many sugars she takes in her coffee - Emma doesn’t really take much notice of it. They’re getting old, and she can’t honestly count the number of times she’s had something similar happen.

But then he forgets David’s birthday, and when she reminds him, he becomes irritated, ornery, speaking to her in short, parsed sentences that terrify her in their lack of affection.

Two days later everything is back to normal, and she forgets about it, throws it off as him having had a bad day, slides her fingers through his salt and pepper hair as she curls up next to him on the couch and they settle into each other.

Mal calls her a month later in tears, tells her about how she’d called to say hello and he’d told her he didn’t have a daughter, hanging up the phone before Mal could even get a word in - mom, did I do something wrong? she asks, and Emma tells her no, that she’s not sure what’s going on, but she’ll figure it out, you didn’t do anything wrong, honey, your father loves you very much.

It takes her another week to find the courage to bring it up. She’s scared, is the thing, because they are getting old, and she’s not quite sure how she’ll handle it if something is wrong. They’ve dealt with plenty in their time, but this feels different, this feels…worse.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST HUMAN EVER!!!!! @straightasdeanwinchester Have an amazing 16th birthday u gay lord i love you more than words can even explain. you are my best friend and honestly i don’t know where i’d be without you, you’ve helped my through so much and I can’t imagine a life without you in it.
I miss you so much but bring on Kethany 2.0!!!
see you soon dead face ❤❤❤❤


There are different kinds of being alone.
You can be alone, watching the setting sun on the horizon and realizing there is so much more to life than you ever imagined. The air is cool against your face and you have this feeling in your gut that you can’t explain.
Then you can be alone in a group of your closest friends, watching them laugh at each other’s jokes but not once ask why the smile isn’t spreading to your eyes. They wouldn’t notice if you were gone, and you have this feeling in your gut that you can’t explain.
—  ourbleedingink//alone
Rewind (Part Two)

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: Well dang y’all liked this, I dodn’t really expect anyone to give it much though but you guys have been so sweet with your comments and I don’t know what I did to deserve you awesome people. Also, this will probably end up being a three part fic in case anyone was wondering, I hope y’all enjoy :) (Also, I’m not sure if Alexander Hamilton actually stayed at Mount Vernon on his way backto New York but in the story he does).

In all of the name that was good and holy. It couldn’t be. There was no law or science anywhere that could explain why Alexander Hamilton, the Alexander frocking hamilton stood in front of you, looking somewhere between confused and amused.

“Holy shit are you even- how’d you even-” You were truly at a loss. What could you say that would even make sense to either of you?

Surprisingly, he seemed to be handling this very well. Shockingly well in fact. H smiled, taking the hand that wasn’t holding your phone as kissed it, smiling up at you through his lashes. Damn, call me helpless. You thought as a slight blush rose to your cheeks- wait, you were blushing at a guy who’s been dead over 200 years?!

“Pardon me, but I seem to have gotten lost miss…?”

“(F/N) (L/N).” You shot out. You were suddenly nervous, and again at a loss for words. But maybe that’s just because of how he staring at you.

“Yes, miss (Y/N). I seem to have gotten lost on my way back from the sitting room. Your house is rather grand, more grand than most I’ve ever stayed in.” His eyes flicked to your phone and his already wide eyes seemed to grow. For once, Alexander Hamilton was speechless.

You sighed, taking his hand. “Look, there’s no way I can explain this without sounding crazy so- just- come on.” You began to lead him back to the auditorium, mind racing. Surprisingly, he put up no protest and followed you.

“Where are you taking me?” His tone was curious, not afraid or worried.

You bit your lip to keep from smiling. “I’m about to change your life.”

“Then by all means,” he chuckled, “lead the way.”

You shook your head. Well, you wanted to practice your lines right?

Just as you pushed the door open, light came flooding back in, Lin’s spotlight once again lighting up the stage. Of course it did. You decided to keep the candles in case the power started acting funny again. Hell, that was probably the only normal thing happening.

Lin was sat, typing away again at his laptop, not yet realizing you were walking towards him, Alexander in tow.

“Lin,” you called out, your voice a bit more nervous than you had thought to sound, “We have…a situation.” Surprisingly, Alexander still remained silent as you led him up the stage. Oh, right. First time seeing electricity.

“Did you not find the candles? It’s not a bug deal the lights just came back on so-” He glanced up to where you stood about five feet from him, in silent awe of who stood next to you. He shut his laptop and scrambled up, his eyes nearly popping out of his head.

“Lin, meet-”

Alexander bodly strode to Lin, extending his hand. “Alexander Hamilton.”

“Lin Manuel Miranda.” He shook his hand, sending you a look that asked, ‘Is this really happening?’ 

You nodded. That was definitely the guy on the ten dollar bill, there was no mistaking those intellegent eyes or hunger-pained frame- dammit, not the time for rehearsal. You couldn’t help but observe how he and Lin were almost the exact height, Lin being only a bit taller.They also shared the same frames now that you had a chance to fully look at them both. Lin wasn’t off at all for casting himself as Hamilton.

“Forgive me if this comes across as too bold, but your set up here is…truly fascinating. how on Earth did you manage to get candles behind glass and get them to stay lit?” He motioned to the spotlight.

“Uh, well,” Lin dropped his hand, beginning to take his hair out of his bun and run his fingers through it, “those are called lights, and they run on electricity, not a flame.” he tried to explain.

Alexander furrowed his brows. “Electricity? Is that a new European development?”

Lin smiled, geniunely smiled. Oh. Right. He was probably having an eternal fangirl session, he thought enough of the guy to write an entire 46 song musical about him, he was probably a little more than overjoyed right now. Which left you to hold enough confusion for the both of you.

“Sure, although it’s not really that new to us.” He motioned between you and he. “Um, Alexander, where were you just now?”

He furrowed his brows. “Well, I was making my way back to bed from the sitting room when I seemed to have gotten lost. Mount Vernon is quite a large property, I didn’t even know the Washingtons had their own theatre.” He smiled and motioned to the stage and seats.

Mount Vernon? Washingtons? You shook your head. He had to have come from a year when he and George Washington had already met…so sometime after the war then if he was residing at the residence, at least momentarily. Somewhere between Yorktown and Non-Stop. You would’ve smiled had you not been so confused by this entire situation.

“Uh, Mr.Hamilton,” you spoke up, causing he and Lin to turn their attentions to you, “This is going to sound really, really odd but, what year is it?”

He chuckled. “Well, it is an odd question but I do not blame you for asking, I often forget the day of the month,” He admitted, “It is 1784.”

You held your breath. The war had just ended, you were right. Alexander must’ve been staying with the Washingtons on his way back to New York. 

Lin spoke up, excitement clear in his voice. “Thank you for all you’ve done in the war.” Alexander smiled and nodded. You wondered how hard Lin was fighting not to say his line about immagrints getting the job done.

“It was my pleasure. I’ve always wanted to fight, this gave me my chance to stand for those who could and cannot.” he explained. You noticed he was wearing what looked exactly like Lin’s costume in “Alexander Hamilton”, except the real Alexander’s looked thicker and well, real. He turned to you. “Would you mind fetching us some tea miss? George does talk quite highly of his servants.” He said sweetly.

You were nearly indignant. Servant? You were no- you glanced down at your sweater and leggings. The fact that you were a woman in what he thought to be the Washington estate most likely led him to that assumption. 

You finally breathed again. “Afraid not Mr.Hamilton,” you had no idea why you were calling him by his last name, but it just didn’t seem right to call him by his first, “you see, I’m not a servant. I’m an actress.”

He furrowed his brows, eyes turning back to Lin. “Is she fooling around?” He asked. Lin quickly shook his head.

“Uh, excuse us for just a moment Alexander, we’ll be right back.” Lin said, dragging you backstage.

“Please tell me I’m not hallucinating from lack of sleep and Alexander Hamilton is actually standing on the other side of that curtain?” His tone was both giddy and nervous. 

You nodded, rubbing your temples. “Lin, I don’t even know how this is possible or how it happened or anyhthing like that. All I know is when I went to the prop room to get some candles, I found them, came back out and ran, literally, into him. And now he thinks we’re at Mount Vernon.” Exasperation leaked from your explanation.

He began chewing on his lip, something you would’ve found incredibly cute had you not been in this situation. “Well, the only thing we can do right now is go explain to him what’s happening.” His eyes widened. “And we cannot, under any circumstances, let him go outside. He doesn’t need to be interacting with anyone else.”

You nodded. He probably wouldn’t go out into the storm anyway, with what happened in Nevis. An idea slowly formed in your mind. You took a step toward Lin.

“Alexander came from 1784, right? So the Reynolds affair hasn’t happened, neither has the duel between Phillip and George Eaker or his own fatal duel. He doesn’t even know he’ll have a debt plan or have it go through, or that he’ll be teaming up with James Madison and John Jay to write the Federalist Papers. He doesn’t know that Aaron Burr will be his demise. What if, what if we convinced him to take that break? What if we warn him about not giving Phillip his guns or letting him duel in New Jersey? What if we told him that Aaron wouldn’t aim his pistol at the sky like he would? How much would it alter history?” 

His eyes widened as he slowly realized what you were getting at. “(Y/N), the real question is, how much would it alter our present?”

An anon asked me a few days ago for a fic with Jeremy helping Jean through a panic attack and for Jeremy making Jean laugh. I finally got to it today, so anon wherever you are I hope you and everyone else enjoy!

The worst part was the fact that he knew it was coming and couldn’t stop it.

Jean had felt it building all day, a prickling under his skin. People always assumed that his panic attacks were a sudden drop to the ground, curled up to protect himself. And to be fair, that was usually how they ended. In reality though, those types of panic attacks usually only happened for him when he was suddenly overwhelmed or confronted with what his mind perceived as an immediate threat. What was far more likely to happen was that it would build over a series of days.

This time, it started with a bad check at practice on Tuesday, which led to a bad rest of the practice, which led to the voice inside his head that sounded unfairly like Riko building in his head, saying “not good enough”, “worthless”, “stupid”, on repeat. By Wednesday, he hadn’t slept and was irritable, and there were too many voices and bodies around him, making him feel claustrophobic and prone to lashing out.

And now it was Thursday. He was sitting in his room with Jeremy and he knew he was talking, but it felt very far away. He could tell he was staring into space, but his limbs were so heavy and there was nothing he could do. He sees Jeremy’s expression turn concerned and before he can stop him, Jeremy’s hand is on his arm.

Jean’s skin is so sensitive in this state that he feels the touch through his whole body and he flinches violently back from it. He ends up curled in the corner of his bed, head in his lap. From his defensive position, he tries to think, tries to breathe, but it takes a few minutes to gulp down enough breath to come back. When he looks up, he sees Jeremy in front of him, looking scared and confused.

“I’m sorry,” Jean whispers hoarsely.

Jeremy’s face crumples. “No,” he breathes, “You don’t have anything to be sorry for. I just…tell me what I can do.”

Jean scowls. At least, he thinks he does. “There’s nothing you can do.”

“Please,” Jeremy pleads.

Jean sighs. “Just…sit with me.” Jeremy moves to get on the bed and Jean winces. “Not that close.”

Jeremy sits on the floor and lays his hand on the bed with his palm upturned. “So you can let me know when you’re ready.”

Jean nods. “Thank you.”

After a few minutes, Jean reaches out and puts his hand in Jeremy’s. He takes a deep breath. “I feel so stupid.”

“You’re not stupid.”

Jean glares at him. “Please. Says the man who’s practically perfect.”

Jeremy sits in thought for a second before saying, “I threw up on my teacher sophomore year.”

That draws a startled laugh out of Jean. “What?”

“Tests make me really nervous. And I had been studying and studying, but it wasn’t doing any good and the day the test came and I looked at it, but none of the letters made any sense and I…I couldn’t put down a single answer. The whole test went by and I didn’t put a single answer. The time ran out and I went to explain what happened to my teacher, but instead of words I just..” he gestured to finish that thought.

“That’s horrible,” Jean said.

“It was. But my point is: we all have our…things. Yours are more serious than most of us will ever have to deal with. But no one on this team is going to make you feel bad for reacting to it. Okay?”

Jean rolled his eyes. “Okay.”

“…Can I sit on the bed instead of the floor now?”

Jean laughed and Jeremy will always swear that it’s the most beautiful sound in the world.

Texting Tom (Holland): POC Actress

This is a little short I literally came up with. For those who requested stuff, I’m working on it lol! Some stuff just comes to my head more quicker bt don’t worry I gotchu!

Reader is in NY and Tom is in LA. They text, and yeah. I don’t have the energy to do that fake iPhone thing, so I’m just going to make reader in italics and Tom in bold!

Warnings: Cursing, extra fluffly couples, sexting and unwanted dick pics (No I will not be posting a real dick lmao)

Tom is in bold and Reader is in italics. 

Good morning love. I know it’s 4:30 in NY but I miss you and can’t wait to see you again. Love you. ❤

I’m trying to sleep! Love you too, though.


Don’t make that face! You know how I get when my beauty rest is interrupted 😴

I’d hardly call it beauty but text me when you wake up.

10:30 (Where Reader is and 7:30 where Tom is)

Did you just call me ugly, Thomas?


Refer to your last text…

Oh haha, I love you 😀

I’m rolling my eyes at you! So what are you doing rn?

Thinking about you…always

I’m blushing. So I just found $10 on the street! YAAAAYYYY!

I’ve never seen a rich person so excited about $10…

I’m not rich. But what can I say? I’m an enthusiastic person! So what should I do with it?

Put it towards our future children's trust fund. 



HA! You should be a comedian, like your father. 

Rude…I gotta go. I’ll text you later love!

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Til death do us part (Isaac Lahey)


Isaac’s POV

“Y/N for the last time, you are not coming!” I shouted at her.

“Isaac that’s not fair, Lydia is my best friend, I’m going whether you like it or not.” 

“Y/N absolutely not. I’m not having you get hurt trying to save Lydia.”

“What about you Isaac! I don’t want you getting hurt but you go anyways! I’m just as much in the pack as you are!”

“I’m a werewolf, I can heal. You can’t. God damn it Y/N do you know what I would do if you got hurt or worse. I wouldn’t be able to function. I’ve lost a lot of people in my life, I’ve suffered through a lot of pain, I’ve held on by a very thin thread. Your my thread. If something were to happen I wouldn’t-I wouldn’t be able to move on, I’d be…bad. So Y/N for once in my life I’m being selfish. Your staying here.” I ranted.

“Isaac, you know I love you and I would do anything for you. But please I need to save my best friend, besides it’s not like I can’t handle myself, I’ve been training with Allison for months. If the fighting gets bad I’ll pull out. I promsie you Isaac nothing bad will happen.”

I stared at her for a long time before I spoke again.

“I swear to god Y/N if I regret this.” I mumbled. She smiled at me and ran to me and gave me a hug which I quickly returned wrapping my arms around her petite body.

After we arrived at eichen house we meet up with the others and it wasn’t long before the fighting started. I did my best to keep my eye on Y/N and help her out whenever I could but I had my hands full with the oni. I turned my back on her for a split second, but that was all it took for my world to come crashing down. The sword went right through her. I screamed as if I was a banshee. I ran to her side only to have her collapse in my arms. 

“No. No no no no no no no, this isn’t happening. Y/N you’re going to be okay I promise.” I rambled holding the girl I love in my arms.

“Isaac, shhh, it’s okay. I’m okay. I-I need you to-to move on okay? Can you do that for me?”

“No.” I shook my head profusely. “Stop talking like that. It’s okay you’re going to be fine.”

“No I’m not Isaac, you-you need to be happy. I’m-I’m-I’m not worth the heartbreak. Find a pretty girl to keep you happy.”

“No. Stop. No one will ever make me happy again. You were my once in a lifetime.”

“Isaac, I love you more than words can explain-remember that.”

“I-I can’t take your pain.” I cried.

“It’s because it doesn’t hurt. I’m ready Isaac.”

“No. No don’t say that.”

“I love y-” her sentence stopped just like her heart.

“Y/N?” I asked. “Y/N! Wake up!” I shook her. “Wake up Y/N! Your not dead! Your not allowed to die! You promised me! Y/N! Wake up!” I cried a puddle around me as the rest of the pack stood around me in shock, some with tears, some with sympathy, but all in shook. No one ever thought it’d be her. I screamed and cried harder than ever.

But that was exactly how I woke up; screaming and crying.

“Isaac! Baby! Calm down!” Y/N screamed at me as I thrashed in the bed.

“Y/N? Oh my god Y/N!” I engulfed her in my embrace as tight as I could, my big frame holding all of her small body. Tear were still pouring down my face as I cried into her shoulder.

“Isaac it’s okay baby. None of it was real, I promise. Was it your dad again sweetheart?”

“N-n-n-no. This-This one was much much mu-ch worse.” I cried.

“What happened?”

“You-you-you. They k-ki-killed y-y-you.” 

“Aw Isaac I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not leaving you not now not ever. I love you so much.”

“It seemed so-so real.”

“It wasn’t. I swear it wasn’t. Isaac your right here with me. I’m fine, your fine. Okay? Nothing bad is going to happen. I’m always going to be here with you no matter what okay?” she told me as I nodded.

“Okay babe how about we ditch the rest of the night and go downstairs and watch a couple movies til the sun comes up so you can calm down okay?”


“Okay come on, let’s go.”

Y/N kept her promise and stuck with me, forever and always, even if death did us part, she’d always be the biggest part of me.

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Tour Fight - Part 2 (Calum Imagine)

A/n: You wanted a part 2 to this, well you demand and I supply :) here it is! I hope you guys like it and as always I would love to hear some feedback?! Keep requesting stuff I love you 💘

TRIGGER: Swearing

Pairing: Calum + Y/n

Part 1 Here!

It’s been 3 weeks.

3 weeks of not having Calum by my side. 3 weeks of him not texting me random memes to cheer me up. 3 weeks of absolute sorrow.

He’s been calling me and texting me and trying to get a hold of me ever since I left that tour bus. Of course I can’t answer. I couldn’t. Because if I did, I know I would go running back into his arms. And that’s not what’s supposed to happen. This isn’t a dream I’m living in. It’s reality. And reality doesn’t have happy endings, remember?

Of course I’ve been reading his texts and the pain that I can feel through them is unbearable.

Y/n. We need to talk. Please just call me back. I need you.

That’s not how I wanted to end things. Actually, I never even wanted to end this because what we have, I know I won’t find anywhere else. You’re it for me.

I know you’re reading this. You’re always on your phone.

Just know one thing. I won’t stop trying. I’m going to keep calling and texting and doing whatever it takes to make you mine again. That’s a promise.

I told him why we shouldn’t be together. He needs to stop because holding onto something that needs to be let go of is one of the most painful things you could do to yourself.

But then again, is it worth it?

I’m not going to lie. I miss him. I miss him so fuckin much it hurts. Ever since I left that day, doubt has been clouding my mind. Did I do the right thing? Did I make a mistake? It had to be for the best, right? I’m losing my goddamn mind. And all I can do is keep quiet and smile, acting like everything is okay. Because that’s the only way I can move on.

Today was Saturday and like always I had nothing planned on my agenda. Not that I wanted to anyway. It’s too early for me to have fun.

I was alone in the apartment when I heard a knock on the door. Ah yes, the pizza that I’ve been shoving down my throat these past few days has arrived.

I went to get my wallet and as I opened the door, that was not what I was expecting to see.

Calum stood with a white shirt and black jacket with his signature black jeans, topped with his adorably cute dark green beanie that I always used to steal from him when we were dating. Were. Ouch. It even hurts when I say it in my head.

I’m sure I was a sight to see as well. My Elmo pajamas with a band tee that of course belonged to Calum adorned my body and the bags under my eyes could be seen from China.

I wasn’t surprised that he was here. I was actually getting worried because knowing Calum, once he makes a promise, he keeps it. But this time I couldn’t let him do that.

I went to shut the door but of course he wasn’t having any of it. He put his foot in the limited space of what was left and pushed his way through.

I sighed and closed the door, following him through my apartment. Looks like he’s coming in.

“Calum what do you want?” I questioned as he started pacing the room, hands on his face rubbing his tired eyes. I felt bad that I was the one to cause this Calum to surface. Because the one I knew always had a light of energy radiating off him every time he walked into the room.

“I don’t understand.” He simply spoke, stopping in his tracks and finally facing me.


“No.” He interrupted. “You’ve said what you’ve wanted to say, which was complete bullshit by the way, so now it’s my turn. Just listen okay?” He sighed looking at me.

I nodded and let him continue.

“What you said that day on the bus fucking crushed me.” His voice wavered but he tried to compose himself the best he could so that he could continue. “You walked out on us like it was nothing. I have loved you through everything and you don’t even care?” Anger laced his voice as his cheeks started to flare.

“Calum are you fucking serious?!” I yelled getting much more pissed than I thought I would. “I walked out because I thought it would be better for the both of us okay!”

“Bullshit.” He spat out.

I rushed forward and pushed on his chest with little effect considering his chest is sturdy as a rock. “Don’t ever tell me I don’t care about us when you mean more to me than words can fuckin explain.” I pushed him again of little to no avail.

He gripped my wrists to prevent me from hitting him again. “Then why? Why would you bail on something so good? So right? Does this not feel right to you y/n?”

I pulled my arms away from him and turned around running my hands through my hair frustratingly.

“Of course it feels right Calum.” I whispered. “Nothing has ever felt more right than this. I just didn’t want to mess this up okay.” I looked back at him and saw his face change from furious to sympathetic within seconds.

“Baby, I get that you’re scared okay? I know your past and I know that you don’t want to get hurt but you know me. You know I would never do that to you.”

I looked down at my feet playing with the torn up rug that Calum and I bought 3 years ago when he decided to “style” my new place. I missed those times. When I didn’t start doubting what we had and if it would ever last.

I knew he was telling the truth but my damn insecurities kept getting in the way.

I heard him walk closer to me until he was right in front of me. Hesitantly, he put his arms around me careful as ever in case I would either break, or run away.

But I let him. I have been craving his touch like an addiction since the day I left that tour bus. I looked up at him and saw those beautiful brown eyes I missed so much. I wrapped my arms around his torso and laid my head on his chest and his whole demeanor went from tense to relaxed within a second.

“I don’t know what to do Cal.” I cried softly still clinging onto him. “Is this really how it’s supposed to be? This is too good to be true. I’ve never had happy endings in my life before so how do I know any of this is real?”

He pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes. “Hey.” He softly cooed. “This is real okay? Do you trust me?” He asked.

“Of course.” I replied softly. I trusted Calum with my life at this point.

“Do you love me?” He asked again.

“More than anything.”

He stroked my cheek, smiling at my response. “Then we’ll get through this baby. We always do.” He pecked my forehead then down to my nose making me scrunch it up as a chuckle left his mouth.

“These past 3 weeks have been hell for me y/n and I never want to go that long without talking to you or seeing your static face during FaceTime because your wifi is absolutely horrible or when you text me the most random shit ever at 2 am because you can’t sleep. I never want to go through that again okay.” He leaned in finally kissing my lips as I tilted my face up so that he could get better access.

I ran my hands up his back and sucked on his bottom lip earning a light moan from him. I giggled as I pulled away pecking his lips one last time.

“I’m sorry. I thought this would be for the best but I fucking missed you so much Calum it hurt.” Tears were welling up in my eyes again but he quickly pulled me in for a hug again.

“As long as we’re in this together doll, we’ll be fine.” He whispered soothingly running his fingers through my tangled hair. “We will make this last because like I said before y/n, you are it for me. There’s no going back from this and quite frankly, I don’t even want to.” He chuckled.

I laughed with him. The first genuine laugh I’ve had in days. He’s right. This can last. It will. “I love you Cal.” I spoke into his chest.

“I love you more y/n.” And I could hear the smile in his voice. “And hey.” He pulled back looking at me once again. “As far as happy endings go, just know that they do exist. They can exist.” He brushed a stray hair out of my face.

“And mine is with you.”

Some of the Reasons Why I Love My Girlfriend...
  • she always tries to make me laugh and her success rate is extraordinarily high
  • her smile is so calming and just lets you know that everything will be alright
  • she’s so adorable. I don’t think a cuter person exists, it wouldn’t be humanly possible
  • she’s so cuddly and warm
  • when she saw me today she was so excited and said “my gal pal!!”
  • she magically makes my anxiety go away. when we’re together time slows down and nothing else seems important
  • she understands my anxiety issues because she also has anxiety 
  • when she gets excited about something her whole face lights up and it is the cutest thing ever??
  • when she is feeling really affectionate her voice is so cute
  • when I kissed her before leaving today it made her really happy and she hugged me even tighter, her reaction was just adorable
  • there is so much love in her eyes?? h o w ???

Basically I love my girlfriend more than words can explain and I’m always finding other little things that I love about her

Pretty U// Wen Junhui

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Pairing: Junhui x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: @alcholic-umbrellas said:
hey Sara hit me up with a junhui imagine where they where you’re at the party like in pretty u and junhui searches for you to confess to you [insert meme]

Author’s Note: why hello beautiful! I kind of cried a lot during the PRETTY U mv, hansol looked so good and smol and i died okay i just died. But i hope you enjoy !

xoxo Sara

The party had begun late at night, and you knew it would run to the wee hours of the morning. The boys had been posting signs for it all over town, on buses, street posts, inside of restaurants that they knew people would see.

The boys had found an empty factory some time ago, a place they frequently hung out in just to get away from it all. You were so glad that they had shown you this beautiful place, that they had trusted you enough to let them in their secret space.

They all decided that, the place was too beautiful, the space too wide not to throw a huge party. They had snagged everything they could get their hands on; color bombs, chalk, slightly broke shopping carts, the cardboard cylinders from the middles of paper rolls, even a slightly beat up couch they had found and cleaned off. They wanted to make this party huge, fun, and exciting.

They had spend hours upon hours setting up, picking the right music, and they asked you to help, which of course, you couldn’t say no to. These boys had made you a much softer girl since they first met you, and it was hard to say no to all of them giving you wide eyes while pouting, “Please, (Y/N) pleaaaseeee…?”

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Love Feels Best

Zayn backs up to admire his dark graffiti work against the light wall, spray paint can still dangling in one hand. Seeing the words for the first time, Liam can’t help his lips from stretching into a grin.

Love feels best. 

“It looks amazing, Zed,” Liam praises, bringing his arm to rest around Zayn’s small waist. “Even better than I could’ve ever imagined.”

“Yeah?” Zayn responds, catching Liam’s eye as his lips upturn.

“Yeah.” He gives him a nod, grin still firmly planted on his face.

Taking a couple of steps forward to get a closer look, Zayn squints at the words in front of him.

In awe, eyes settled on the boy in front of him, Liam says finally, “Can’t believe you offered to do the art for my single. I mean, I know we still have to get the shot and everything but…”

Zayn’s silent for a moment, blinking a few times as he takes in the wall in front of him. Then, he turns his head around to give him a small smile. “Well, Leeyum, I’m right next to you.”

“Always,” Liam replies, beaming, a softness in his eyes that Zayn’s never seen before. 

Zayn faces forward one more time to give a final glance to his artwork before he flips on his heel. Stops dead in his tracks, breath stuck in his throat, when he sees Liam’s position.

On one knee. Is this…?

“Marry me” are the only shaky words that leave Liam’s mouth as he looks up into Zayn’s eyes. His nervous hands fidget around in his pocket for something. A box. “I mean it,” he huffs as he watches a whole range of emotions pass over Zayn’s face in less than a second. ”I wanna be right next to you. Forever.”

He haphazardly opens the small, velvet box as if worried it might explode. Zayn can hear Liam’s gulp from where he stands, his shallow breaths filling the silence.

“I’ve been wanting to ask for a while now,” Liam mumbles, breaking eye contact when the other boy remains quiet.

Zayn gnaws on his bottom lip, stomach flipping with every word Liam says. With every syllable that proves that Liam’s not joking, not pulling some evil, misguided prank. (Not that he thought Liam would ever do such a thing anyway, but… never hurts to double check.)

His eyes fall to the box, the silver Cartier band, eight small diamonds circling the ring. Any breath that Zayn had been holding on to before is now long gone, leaving him with a breathlessness and a need to pinch himself to make sure this is all really happening.

“Kept it in my pocket for months, just waiting for the right moment,” Liam finishes quietly, locking eyes with Zayn. “Glad we finally stumbled upon the right one.”

“You know, you were right,” Zayn mutters slowly, a smirk sliding onto his face as tears threaten to well up from his eyes. “Love does feel best.”

Liam’s eyebrows shoot up at the unexpected comment, his heart pounding in his ears. “Is that a yes then?”

“Of course, you idget,” Zayn laughs contentedly, the warmth of the sound passing over Liam’s body like a ray of sunshine against his skin. “I love you more than words can say, more than I could ever dare to explain.” He stops, staring at the boy below him fondly. “Now stand up, please. I wanna kiss my boyfriend,” he teases as he extends his hand to help Liam up.

Liam gently lifts the band out of the cushioning with a small smile. “First…” He winks, catching Zayn’s eye as he sees his grin widening. He slides the ring into place, letting his fingers hover there for a moment too long. 

Finally grasping onto Zayn’s hand, he gets off his knees with an exhale, wiping the dirt that’s accumulated on his black jeans. “Sorry, what was that again?”

Rolling his eyes with a huff and a giggle, Zayn corrects lightly, “Sorry. I wanna kiss my fiancé.”

“Much better,” Liam grins, giving Zayn a quick peck before he pulls back. “That’s not gonna stop. You know that, right?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Zayn says easily. “Not gonna stop until you’re my husband, and even then, you’ll just have a new term to use.”

“My fiancé knows me so well,” Liam beams, and then before Liam can continue on, Zayn’s arms are around Liam’s neck, pulling him into a long kiss.

This kind of love. The kind of love that fills Liam so full he feels he might implode, the kind of love that brings laughter erupting from deep inside of him, the kind of love that turns his stomach inside out. This kind of love, this is the kind that feels best.

@ almost every single non-autistic person i have ever interacted with: 

can you just please take a minute to appreciate the amount of work i do to speak to you in words that sound more like your own instead of responding primarily in movie quotes, song lyrics, and other borrowed phrases? 

i have learned to suppress my scripts for fear of reinforcing the stereotype (one which i have likewise been taught to be afraid of). i’m tired of having to explain myself because you can’t seem to understand that others communicate in ways different than you do.

the amount of work i regularly do just to have even a brief spoken interaction with you is immeasurable - the least you could do is recognize that for 60 seconds.