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Emergency Commission Please Help

Hey guys, I’m trying to make ends meet right now, I’m open for a commission.

If you can’t buy commission, please signal boost!!!!

-Full color $30 (it doesn’t matter how many characters, i’m not gonna charge for it. however i won’t do nsfw)

-Linear art $25

-traditional art $5

I’m also opening for plush commission 

Deku plush-$45

Special commissioned doll-$60

(smaller one are $15) 

shipping and handling $6

(the one above us is a o.c character that belongs to, i’m not selling this plush. this is just an example for that i will make o.c plush)

like i said above, please signal boost!

my email/





Bumblebee/RodimusUltra Magnus  

Video Editing


The touching story of how Tarn fucked up and lost all his friends.
It’s almost 4 AM and I thought it might be fun to scribble my predictions for 53. I’m sorry for the shitty drawings, I’m in the middle of moving houses and really wanted to get something done before my room is gone. Please don’t take this too seriously


Empyrean Suite - Auszug
  • Empyrean Suite - Auszug
  • Dai_ryu
  • Music inspired by The Transformers

Ok, finally we got the famous Empyrean Suite in some interpretable notes. So I had the freedom (and fifteen minutes) to make something of it - an exerpt in fact. The first few notes you hear are the ones you can see - with a little goodwill.

I guess  I will use this for a real piece of music. It has potential.

I’ve probably made mistakes all over the place but whatevs they’re rough n’ SMOL.

These positions are according to the AU of RP mush Lost and Found, so things are a little different, with the inclusion of a few decepticons. And I seem to have made all of the decepticons so tired of this autobot shit.

Security was the only semi concrete division that had the most members I could find via MTMTE. It’s got Red Alert, Trailcutter, Deftwing, Powerflash, Aquafend, Dogfight, Strafe, Boss, Streetwise, Groove, and now Kindle and Fervor, I thiiiink? So far anyway.

Anyways, pictured in command - Drift, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Megatron

Security - Powerflash, Breakdown, Tailgate (in this AU!), Aquafend, Dogfight

Medical - Ratchet, Knock Out, Ambulon, First Aid

Engineering - Brainstorm, Highbrow, Nautica, Perceptor

Navigation - Mainframe, Blast Off

Communications - Blaster, Soundwave, Siren

Logistics - Swindle, Fulcrum

Combat - Whirl, Grimlock, Fortress Maximus, Arcee

Sry I didn’t include maintenance :( :( :(

Oh he’s gonna analyze that armor alright

Please let one of my favorite scenes from the comics have a sequel!


Ratchet’s Dead End Workshop, Pre-War.