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Your Ginger Housemate - Part 2

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Heads Up: Very minor swearing

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You’d just gotten back to your apartment from grocery shopping. Usually, you’d be able to make the trip back easily. However, this week was different. This week, you were catering for an extra person. A person with an enormous appetite! The load had more than doubled, making the walk home so much harder. 

You paused at the front door. Although he’d been here for a week and a half, it still gave you a shock each time you saw Jerome in your apartment. You’d warmed up to each other in a considerably short amount of time. After your initial fear of him had all but depleted, you realised he wasn’t going to do anything to you. If anything, he seemed to enjoy the company. He’d still frighten you, especially when he would just turn up at your doorway. You wouldn’t know how long he was there for, but you knew he’d been there for awhile. Jerome seemed to be able to walk around making no noise at all. He’d always make it his mission to scare you whenever he wanted. That usually included coming up behind you and saying something as simple as “Boo,” in your ear, his chin practically brushing against your shoulder. This, of course, would cause you to jump and usually yell in fright. You’d turn around and glare at him which would simply cause him to cackle even louder. You’d then have to tell him to shut up otherwise the neighbours would hear. It wouldn’t do much. He’d cover his mouth but just burst out laughing once again. Either way, he had made your life a lot more… interesting.

After the effort of unlocking the door and opening it with your foot, you walked into your little fantasy world - that’s what you liked to call it anyway… A fantasy world which had been practically trashed! Jerome sat in the middle of the room clearly too busy to care you had come home.

“What the hell Valeska! I leave you for an hour and this is what I come back too? What is all this junk? It’s only 6:30 for goodness sake!”

The dining room table, chairs, the lounge, television, bookshelf, and lamps had all been pushed against the walls. Leaving a large space full of duffel bags. Their contents spilt across the floor.

Jerome looked up and smirked, tilting his head to the side. “Uh, ‘this junk,’, is my stuff. And I would appreciate, y/n, if you kindly did not touch anything. Thank you… did you get that stuff I asked for?” 

He looked down as he asked the question, seemingly too busy to care if you needed assistance. His mood swings almost gave you whiplash. He just went from amused to serious in a split second! Shaking your head, you attempted to step over everything, but it was precarious. The shopping bags causing you to almost topple into a pile of what you would class as junk.

With a huff, you hauled the bags onto the kitchen counter and then turned to confront Jerome. He was smiling! He must’ve been amused with your less then graceful trip across the room. Now you were mad,

“Yes, I did. But I don’t understand why you’d need the stain remover, all those different steel polishes and a packet of rags. You didn’t even bother to give a hand, but you watched? You’re ridiculous! Where’d you even get all this stuff?”

Jerome begrudgingly looked up, obviously irritated. 

“Here and there… what? Don’t think I wouldn’t have made stashes. I wasn’t letting the stupid Feds chuck all my stuff.” At that, he rolled his eyes, shook his head and continued, as if you, were the one with issues!

“What’re you doing anyway? And what’s with all the bags? Don’t give me a half ass answer either. You live under my roof, I wanna’ know what you’ve dragged under it.”

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awkward flirting pre relationship courferre is my life okay (u can take this as a prompt or not hehe)

The thing is they’ve both tried flirting with each other for TWO MOTHER F**KING YEARS and neither of them gets that the other is flirting.

It started off really subtle.

Combeferre took a picture of a sunflower and sent it to Courfeyrac with the caption [found you in my garden :)].

Courfeyrac went to a nature museum without Combeferre but sent him a picture of a cool-looking moth with the caption [you ;)].

Combeferre called him minutes later, “YOU WENT TO THE MUSEUM WITHOUT ME!!!”

Courfeyrac faceplams. He knew he’d have to take it a step further…at this point they both did.

Courfeyrac stole Combeferre’s glasses to mess with him one day.

“Come on, Courf, give them back! I can’t see shit!” Ferre groaned.

“Why should I?” Courf asked.

“Because I can’t admire that beautiful face of yours without them,” Ferre replied.

Now any normal person would’ve taken that as blatant flirtation, not Courf. He just thought Ferre was trying to sweet talk him into returning his glasses (it totally worked though).

Ferre wasn’t sure if he was happy to have his glasses back, or upset that Courf still didn’t get it.

 Then there was the time that Combeferre texted him late at night telling him to go to sleep because he just knew Courf was awake worrying about an exam.

[Courf, go to sleep. You’re gonna do fine on this test. Stop worrying and get some rest or so help me I will some over there]

[And what’ll u do 2 me when u get here? ;)]

[Kill you for working yourself up like this. Courfeyrac, you are smarter than you think and you’re gonna do great on this exam. Go to sleep for me?]

[Yes, mom]

Combeferre is lying in his bed thinking, ‘He really doesn’t know by now that he’s amazing and I love him?’

Courfeyrac is lying in his bed thinking, ‘I just basically asked him if he wanted to have sex with me and he told me to go to sleep.’

This calls for drastic measures.

Courf actually straight up said, “Cute ass, Ferre,” as Ferre bent over to pick something up.

And Ferre just replied, “Thanks, Courf.”

Like he wasn’t even phased.

Ferre sends him the link to the song “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen because Ferre loves Queen and says, [Reminds me of you.]

Courfeyrac LISTENS TO THE SONG then types back [Aaawww Ferre! Ur my best friend 2!!!]

Ferre audible groans and almost throws his phone across the room. He immediately texts Enjolras (who’s literally two rooms over, but Ferre doesn’t feel like walking)

[Can you believe this? I sent him a LOVE song and said it reminded me of him and he still doesn’t get it! How can I flirt more obviously than that?!]

[Uuuummm Ferre?]

He looked at the top of his screen and saw Courf’s name, and immediately panicked. Another text came through before he reposnded.

[UR flirting with me????]

Ferre shrugs and types [Yep, have been for two years, thanks for noticing]

There’s no response, instead his phone starts ringing, it’s Courf.


Courf can barely speak he’s laughing so hard, “We’re idiots, both of us are idiots!”


“I’ve been flirting with you, too, dumbass!”

“You….wait….that was?…oh my god we are idiots!”

“I can’t believe this.”

“Come over and we can actually talk about this, I’m hanging up now, idiot.”

Courfeyrac goes to Combeferre’s place and they do talk about it…they do much more than just talk.

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For the ship meme thing, how about Hinanami? It's Hinanami week, after all! That's just if you want to though.

It is indeed Hinanami week, so they get to go first (there are two other asks for them in here, lol, but those people also asked for second ships)!

  • Who asks the other on dates: Chiaki makes the first move since Hajime lacks the confidence, but once he got comfortable I think he’d start planning them too.
  • Who is the bigger cuddler: Chiaki can’t get enough of it.
  • Who initiates holding hands more often: Chiaki again.
  • Who remembers anniversaries: Hajime’s pretty good at this, while Chiaki sometimes can’t remember to eat. Birthdays are about her limit.
  • Who is more possessive: Chiaki. Hear me out; she’s affection-starved and was lonely most of her life. I can easily imagine her being clingy.
  • Who gets more jealous: Hajime, tying back to his inferiority issues and seeing how much Chiaki’s friends love her.
  • Who is more protective: They’re equally protective, Hajime will jump anyone who tries to jump his tiny 5′3″ girlfriend and Chiaki will blow up on you if you verbally or emotionally attack Hajime.
  • Who is more likely to cheat: uh damn, this is…hm. I can’t really imagine either cheating tbh, they both seem like really loyal people.
  • Who initiates sexy times the most: They initiate it pretty evenly.
  • Who dislikes PDA the most: Hajime. I wouldn’t say he dislikes it, Chiaki’s just way more blithe and oblivious about initiating it than him.
  • Who kills the spider: They take turns.
  • Who asks the the other to marry them: Hajime, though I can also see them proposing at the same time, the dorks.
  • Who buys the other flowers or gifts: They’re both good at doing this.
  • Who would bring up possibly having kids: Hajime, I feel like the question just wouldn’t occur to Chiaki since dating sims almost always end at marriage.
  • Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Hajime works himself up into a huge sweat over it.
  • Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Hajime will storm out and take it just to stop a fight from escalating any more.
  • Who tries to make up first after arguments: Chiaki, guilt and worry settle in pretty quickly.
  • Who tells the other they love them more often: Another thing they do pretty evenly.

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this may b jossed after your campainion fic but... ill just share it? hc that Yurio was one of the very few who suspected Yuuri was just oblivious and more innocent/unaware of Viktor's feelings than many people thought and was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But people didn't listen or shot him down bc he's 16! just a kid! what does he know amirite?! So after they got together he goes around screaming I TOLD YOU SO BUT DID ANYONE LISTEN TO THE 16 YEAR OLD?! to anyone and everyone.

Yurio was certainly the only one who thought to point it out to Yuuri explicitly at least!

  • URL: leopoldjamesfitzs
  • (Nick)name: kris
  • Age: 22
  • Personality Type: slytherin, infj/intj, aquarius, chaotic good 
  • What do you love most about FS?: they are each other’s “person” in a lot of ways and they have been for years now. Their friendship before they became more was something just astonishing and the fact that these two nerds literally probably looked it in the eye more than once and just brushed it off more than once… god. I love how oblivious they were, even if that’s frustrating at a point, and how much they rely on one another. 
  • Favorite FS moment: *softly* don’t….. i can’t??? choose???? 3x17??? 3x18??? 3x02??? can i choose s3 as a favorite FS moment
  • Favorite non-FS character: bobbi or hunter or mack or elena or like anyone honestly i love this whole cast
  • Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: i’m a night owl who regularly doesn’t sleep so i’m always up for a night chat :D
  • Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): lucifer! it’s amazing :)
I Need Coffee in an I.V.


Bucky points at the counter, pouting. “They took my coffee maker.”

Steve looks like he wants to laugh, but Bucky thinks he does an admirable job of biting it back.

“Good god, how ever will you survive?” Steve asks, and Bucky usually kind of adores that sassy mouth of Steve’s, but he doesn’t fuck around when it comes to his coffee.

In which the office coffee maker breaks and Bucky is forced to rely on the kindness of an unknown coworker.

You can also read it here.

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Hello Yellow Zircon! My question is simple: what are your thoughts on Blue Zircon? Come on, be honest...

“I- – I like her, okay? Actually, well, more than that! But she is just a foolish and oblivious fool. And – ugh! I even sound like her. I hate her. But I also…”

End of the message.


Kai and Jay teaming up to combat Cole’s logic to achieve their own aspirations just makes me really really happy

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13 Monsta X's Wonho

13. Dude, he’s in love with you.

“I’m not saying that you’re an idiot,” Hyungwon said, stepping over what seemed to be like the tenth bouquet of flowers, “But if you don’t see what he;s doing, then you’re just a little bit more than oblivious. Not dumb. Maybe something new. We can create a new word of idiocracy for you.”

“Shut up, jerk,” you said softly, blowing your nose into a tissue that you had been holding, “He’s just sending me things to make me feel happy when i’m sick.”

“But, don’t you think this is overdoing it?” Hyungwon chuckled, taking the paw of one of the many giant stuffed animals, “I mean, bouquet after bouquet of flowers. A thousand teddy bears. Love poems? I didn’t know hyung was this crazy.”

“Wonho is not crazy,” you mumbled, taking one of the smaller teddy bears he had sent you and hugging it into your chest.

“He’s sweet.”

“I bet you he would love if you told him that,” Hyungwon said, sitting on your bed softly and feeling your head, “You’re still a little warm Want soup?”

“Not right now,” you smiled at him softly, “But, what do you mean?”

“Dude, he’s in love with you. I promise you his whole paycheck is just one of those teddy bears.”

xoxo Sara

I think Mika and Yuu love each other more than friends. I just think that Yuu is kind of oblivious to everything around him, and they probably haven’t noticed their true feelings for each other. They’ve crossed the border so many times. They’ve implied that they aren’t just “family”

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