more than just a piece in their games

Las Vegas Aces Captain Kent Parson after having been on the receiving end of some dubiously motivated high sticking. Or something.

(companion Jack piece, but not intended to be the same game, let’s just pretend there’s another team out there that’s full of overly aggressive assholes. Jack and Parse can just sort out their differences by scoring more goals than eachother.)
Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Gouache.
(Lineart for this piece)

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Television Posters Made By Rabid, Talented Fans

The best thing about a piece of television isn’t the story, or the characters, or the costumes– it’s what the fans do with the work. Spinoffs, fan fiction, all of these obsessions make these shows more than just mindless images to watch– they’re important in people’s lives and they stimulate creativity.

If you liked these, you’ll love these >fan-made banners for Game of Thrones.

Source: /r/TelevisionPosterPorn


Behold, for I have found it! Officially the most magnificent helmet in the entire game! No, no, keep your Revan face mask or your Darth Marr knock-off. Truly, the Eternal Commander MK-4 Aegis Headgear is the true winner. Do those come with their own little ponytail? Or double ice cream cones on each ear to snack on when you get hungry? I think not!

And you too can have this marvelous piece of lovingly crafted 230 gear, if you just go to the GTN and take it off my hands fight the crowds. No, no, one per customer. Please. Republic credits will do.

I dare you to find a more stupendous specimen of in-game headgear than this. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Okay so, I actually don’t hate where Connor and Oliver are with each other right now? 

I mean don’t get me wrong, the pacing is still horrible and I still think their story should be getting more time than it is but on the whole things feel kind of natural. 

I like the fact that we’re starting to see there’s more than meets the eye with Oliver, and I like the fact that we’re seeing Connor realise that as well. He’s beginning to realise that he underestimated him - that he wrote him off as weak and innocent when in reality Oliver is a whole lot more. He’s devious, and he’s strong. He’s not just a chess piece in their little game, he’s his own person. He’s not doing all this to protect them, he’s doing it to protect himself. 

I’m glad that it looks like Connor’s moved back in, or at least is staying with Oliver, and seeing them lying in bed together was actually nice. It was intimate yet awkward, they were together but there was so much distance between them. The little touches like Connor helping Oliver with his watch were just really cute and domestic.

I’m interested to see what happens next week, I’m hoping we’ll see more of them working together, although I’m a bit concerned what might happen if one/both of them cross Annalise. I really don’t want to see either of them pushed to outsiders because I genuinely think they’re both better together… we just need to see more?    

Lock Screen edit regarding 3 Dark entities from another world.

Corrupted Crank - A corrupted, technical based virus. He has the power to corrupt any electronic piece of equipment and take them over to do his bidding.

Antisepticeye - A psychotic virus like demon. You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Don’t play with your food’ well thats derived from Anti and how he does things. He finds the chase and the 'game’ more thrilling than anything else and he is more known for his theatrics and how he goes about things.

Darkiplier - A Sadistic manipulator. He doesn’t really care about you, he is just pretending so he can use you. He keeps a stoic composure however at times this facade can crack, and his true self os shown.

Better luck next time,Zoro…

ROBIN-SAN YOU KILLED HIM !! Now hes dead like me,yohoho!

*everyone else losing their shit*

so i saw another one of those meme things going around and it had to be done

sequel to this

OHHHHH, Bakura just BURNED Yugi by proxy when I met him as Kaiba. …And he IS an NPC! That means Kaiba made a virtual Yami Bakura! Who apparently doubles as his therapist.

Yami Bakura: Oh my. The true game master has shown up. Hey now. Don’t look so angry. I know what my role is. In this world, I’m nothing more than an NPC being controlled by the true game master.
Kaiba: ………
Yami Bakura: But this is a good opportunity to give you one piece of advice. If you let your guard down because you’re the game master, you won’t be able to defeat Yugi. I speak from experience. Hahahaha!
Kaiba: Humph. Then I’ll also give you some advice. if you’re even a shred of a game master, you should hone your Dueling skills. Because the players won’t have fun if their opponent is a weak duelist.
Yami Bakura: Hahaha… Thanks for the advice.  Why don’t you find out personally if I’m weak or not! Hahahaha!

Things Said While Playing Scary Games pt 3

This series ended up being a lot more popular than I thought, so here’s the third installment! Enjoy!

“I’m running amuck, what does it look like?”
“This isn’t weird. I’m just talking. To myself. Alone. In the dark.”
“There’s a free-range lumberjack somewhere out here.”
“Thaaaaat’s an old man penis.”
“Get shit on, you hell-beast!”
“[name], you literal piece of flaming dog feces.”
“I told you to tell me a story but you didn’t have to tell me THAT much.”
“Don’t mind me, I’m just doing the Monster Mash.”
“I will punch you in the head with my legs.”
“See this pipe? It’s going up your ass in two seconds.”
“Look at this miscellaneous hodgepodge!”
“What’s going on in here? Having a party without me? Well fuck you.”
“You’re doing some kind of horrible ritual, I see. Welp. That’s nice.”
“I have a severed head. Does that do anything for ya?”
“Welp, time to bend over and accept my fate.”
“Finally I get a chance to just wreck every fucking thing I see.”
“I know the twist now. I AM the monster.”
“I’m just gonna slow-mo walk out of here like a badass, don’t mind me.”
“I think I see something in the dista–OH GOD!”
“This place has really gone to the donkeys. I’d say ‘dogs’ but dogs are cute.”
“How do you do, you insufferable wanker?”
“[name] can shove it up their ugly ass.”
“You look like Jeff the Killer and I hate you.”
“Get dunked on, nerd.”
“Nothing bad ever happens in a portable toilet.”
“I saw your face and thought it was something I cared about.”
“Oh God, I’m a wreck.”
“I thought we were friends! And you betrayed me!”
“I’m sure there was something important to do, but honestly I was too busy singing a song about butts.”

I'm joining in the fun of naming Lazytown Characters as things I've done
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Sportacus:</b> Ate a maple leave because i want pretending I was a dinosaur<p/><b>Robbie Rotten:</b> 2 o'clock in the morning, wearing just my robe, standing at the open fridge guzzling down whip cream from a spray can<p/><b>Stephanie:</b> Dancing around the basement every single night with most of the lights off, in front of a mirror.<p/><b>Ziggy:</b> Ate an entire bag of Werther's originals hard caramels during an MCA test.<p/><b>Pixel:</b> Spent more time than was needed to complete the Dishonored game because I needed to get every single item, every single piece of gold, and complete the missions in both stealth, and without killing anyone.<p/><b>Stingy:</b> Me straight up refusing to ever let anyone touch my laptop.<p/><b>Trixie:</b> Me stealing pens from teachers desks because they are nice pens and I want them and I might have a pen stealing problem.<p/><b>Mayor Meanswell:</b> I thought the room number for my final room at a speech meet was C-273 not S-273. So I ran all the way to C -273 which was third floor of the one building at the school and then found out I was wrong and had to run down to the bottom floor, run across the tunnel between between buildings and then run up 3 floors to S-273. I ran all this in heels and then i had to wait for the 1st person to finish before I could go in the room.<p/><b>Miss Busybody:</b> I feel asleep on the rocking swing on the porch of my house and got a sunburn<p/><b>Bonus Glanni:</b> I bought freaking 8 inch retro platform heels from Savers and danced in them at a concert and I also use them to dance regularly in my basement<p/><b>And Bonus Íþróttaálfurinn:</b> I drop into the splits dramatically at any given time, but the best one was when I was at a speech meet and we were all showing off weird talents and I proceeded to; hold my leg up cheerleader style, do a back bend,and then drop into a splits to the awe of the audience.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Jewel Piece Box

Released: Jun. 5, 2016
Type: Prop
Game: Wario Land 4

Surprise! It’s another Wario model! For this one, I challenged myself to finish it in a single weekend by keeping it low-poly. The box is fairly basic, but the face on the front has more polygons than the entire rest of the model combined. I made all of the jewel colors, including the two different colors used by Golden Passage. Maybe it’s just me, but the lid reminds me a bit of a Pokémon Center.

Despite the fact that I mapped out Wario Land 4 in its entirety, I didn’t realize that the face on the chest is the Golden Diva until I was gathering references for the model. When I first started the game, I assumed it was some kind of generic smiling bald guy or something. While looking through the game’s tag after posting the Frog Switch, I learned that the Golden Diva’s mask is based on Noh theater masks, especially ko-omote and okame masks. The design of the eyes, lower lip, and hair are all derived from features of those real masks.

so I have fairly decent gaming specs on my laptop but me:a fucked up so bad to the point where I couldn’t start the first mission. right? but I’ve been tinkering around and I’ve really sorted all my issues (90% sure) so if anyone wants to discuss how I souped up this piece of shit game we all spent like $89 on just let me know because I’m more than happy 2 help


I don’t think that anyone is worth more than anyone else. I don’t envy you the decisions you’re gonna have to make. And one day I’ll be gone, and you’ll have no one to talk to. But if you remember nothing else, please remember this: chess is just a game. Real people aren’t pieces. And you can’t assign more value to some of them than to others. Not to me. Not to anyone. People are not a thing that you can sacrifice. The lesson is that anyone who looks on the world as if it was a game of chess deserves to lose.

another meme I will never finish | tv shows [7/10] » Person of Interest
Ok so can we talk about Moas use of birds

So as you may or may not know I loooooove to look at symbolism in pieces of media and literature. And what better than to do it for the pigeon dating sim, where the the characters are literally symbols themselves (bird symbolism fuck yeah!) At first I thought Moa had just used certain birds because of how they acted and which ones she liked. But no she really looked into the symbolism of these things! Which makes you think that maybe this game had more thought put into than you’d initially think.

Just a warning this contains both BBL and Holiday Star spoilers so I wouldn’t suggest reading it unless you’ve completed both routes.

So without further ado here is a very long post analyzing the use of bird symbolism in the game Hatoful Boyfriend

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Moriarty vs The British Government: A Black and White Chess Game

So far we’ve seen a lot of meta on apparel, but have we really watched how our characters constantly switch between clothes of black and white? Chess has been mentioned on more than one occasion in this television show and it’s about time we understood what kind of game they’re playing.

So, the most powerful piece on the black side – Here to see the queen?

And how about the figure-head of the white side, a piece that doesn’t do particularly much but stands for something a lot larger – The White King.

Keep in mind this game is not as simple as identifying who’s on what side – this subtext is infinitely more complex than just that. We have to identify which characters are wearing what colors when

For example, when a person is either under the influence of, in cahoots with, or recently in the presence of someone in The British Government, they will be wearing black. The same can be said for those in Moriarty’s sphere of influence – those people will be wearing white. This does not necessarily mean they have the same goal, because this is all about influence. These are not uniforms. This is a dance across the board and across time, therefore many of our characters are seen in both all black and then all white OR a combination of black/white when they’re in both spheres at the same time. 

Ready? Let’s begin.

Mycroft comes to Sherlock to get him to help the British Government solve the mystery of their missing flashdrive.

Sherlock locates the flash drive and immediately gives the government property to Moriarty.

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You know what I just love? Original characters

I love seeing these creative new characters I’ve never seen before and I love learning more about them. I love making my own characters too.

I wish OCs were more celebrated here on tumblr and just in general. Fan art is great and a fantastic way to practice, but I just love knowing there are more than just characters you see on tv and in video games. There’s less of the filter that shows have before they air and there’s something more personal and raw that I love about it.

It’s also important to point out that every character from a show or piece of media STARTED as an OC. Every character started as a little person or thing creators doodle on the sides of their pages and in the margins of their homework. Popular characters don’t just come out of no where, and ocs are just as important.

I just love original characters. I love hearing about them and I love seeing them. I wish I could see more of them :/

“Big Trouble In Little Onett”

My finished Earthbound tribute piece. I’ve been wanting to do this thing for years, and after finally finishing the game years past my youth when I’d originally experienced it, I could finally commit my artistic vision of it to paper. This thing wasn’t just fun to work on, but cathartic as well, as the game has influenced me in more ways than I can count. Might have to do another one someday, but for now, here’s a climactic battle between the Chosen Four and the Final Starman!

And he thought she was gonna be happier and safer far from him. He was such a monster. He watched her leave his side, just because he asked her to. He told her she wasn’t loved, he told her she was just a futile piece for his game. He told her she was useless now. She didn’t cry. Such a strong girl. “My brave little girl” he thought. But he could see the pain in her beautiful eyes and felt a tear running down his cheek when she ran away from him. Not as strong as her at the end. “Better this way” he said more to himself than to her. He saw her leaving through the window, with a hole in his chest, and whispered “It’s not love”.

Months later he died in her arms, totally covered in his own blood in the middle of the war. Cercei killed him. He told her the truth for once before he passed away: “I love you, Sansa Stark”. He knew it was the only thing that mattered then. It was Petyr Baelish who spoke; Littlefinger died long ago with their first kiss. So she kissed him one last time and he died feeling loved and warm.

Cercei was killed hours later. Jon asked Sansa why had she killed her without telling him. “What do we do to those who hurt the ones we love?” she said.