more than jesus

I didn’t know that it was possible to grieve someone who’s still alive.
—  I’m not being dramatic it’s just that missing you is like ripping my heart from my chest
  • lucasfilm: anakin skywalker was virginally conceived
  • the fans: ok we get that sort of but are ya’ll ever going to touch on that again? or are we just supposed to like? take that information and live with it? and never question it or think about it too hard?
  • lucasfilm: yes

Daryl just dropping his head and falling into Rick’s hug just kills me.
And more Jesus and Daryl screen time!!!!!!!!

And if these bastards ever touch Aaron again I will rain down vengeance upon them like a fiery hell storm.


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You know what upsets me? It’s not who is or isn’t in office as president of the United States, it’s how we are directly affected by who is chosen to be in office. Happens every 4 years in this country. Half the country is mad.

I’m watching people who love each other turn on each other and say hurtful things all in the name of someone who they don’t have a personal relationship with to begin with. Maybe if our identity was marked by the Kingdom of Christ and our relationship with Him, we wouldn’t let so much of our anger and hate be caused by a presidential election. What our country needs now more than ever is Jesus Christ.

We may want something, we may be praying for something, God may have promised us something and is asking us to wait for it, but the Bible says that those who seek the Lord lack no good thing. We are complete and satisfied and fulfilled regardless of whatever state we are in, because in Him there is FULLNESS of LIFE–of joy, of peace, of hope. May the weight of His glory and life overflow within us. May we find utmost satisfaction in His presence.

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kuroken and sand

Time was moving forward. Time was moving forward and all Kenma could do was watch it slip away from him. 

The hourglass had been Tetsurou’s idea. 

A simple way for us to keep track, he’d said. It will be easier if we don’t have to concern ourselves with days or weeks, he’d assured. Tallying is depressing. This is perfect, he’d insisted.

It had been a really stupid idea. 

Kenma watched from his perch on the end of their bed as the sand from the top of the hourglass, nearly empty now, streamed down to the bottom. Each grain a moment of his happiness falling away. He hated the damn thing. He wished that he could throw it to the floor and watch it shatter. Watch as the sand was strewn across the floor and pretend that time meant nothing to him. Pretend that time wasn’t everything to him. 

He tore his gaze away from the glass and turned instead to Tetsurou, who was dressing himself after their afternoon of loving each other. The light from the setting sun fell softly over his body, making it very obvious how transparent he was becoming. 

As if he felt Kenma’s stare, Tetsurou turned his head. When their eyes might Tetsurou beamed, his crooked smile bright and wonderful on his face. 

But Kenma couldn’t bring himself to smile back. 

Tetsurou noticed, his eyes flickering to the hourglass briefly. When he looked back to Kenma, his smile softened, eyes heartbreaking. He walked over to the large hourglass, sitting on the table by the bay window, and grabbed a throw blanket from bench. He draped it over the glass gently, smoothing down the wrinkles, and made sure no part of it was visible. 

When he was done he turned back to Kenma and strode toward him. He captured his face in his cool hands and kissed him firmly, assurances that Kenma could never believe on his lips. When Tetsurou pulled back his eyes burned into Kenma’s. 

“I’m here now,” is all he said before taking Kenma’s lips once more. 

Kenma wished he could see it that way.