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Honestly if pyro turns out to be anything other than a sentient giant balloonicorn I'm gonna be low key disappointed

Now that is a truly magical headcanon I could believe in.

I see the Pence worse than Trump debate crop up here and there lately, and usually prefaced with a “Trump is more likely to start a nuclear war, buuuuut…” then explain that Pence would be horrible because of his clear hatred for the LGBTQ community. It’s offered in a kind of ‘before we want this asshole impeached, think of how much worse Pence will be.’

But I want to draw your attention back to exhibit A, the likelihood of possibly starting a nuclear war, or global cataclysm, which, I know Pence is morally bad, but nuclear war will definitely kill you…like, it isn’t ‘shucks, I guess I won’t visit China’ it’s ‘shucks, I hate having to smother my best friend to death because they’re in agony from radiation sickness, but we’re all alone in this rubble and I don’t want them to suffer.’

Pence is bad, Pence can be booted like anyone else, and can be resisted like anyone else, but has a directly inverse likelihood of causing an unintended thermonuclear war because of a bad restaurant review.

I would have told Hosea to leave her. 

No one should have to hold on, I’d say, to a heart that doesn’t want them back.

No one deserves a straying soul, a fleeting kiss, someone who devotes themselves more to the dirt than ever to him. 

There are better women with less stains on their clothes, I’d convince him, they will love you like you deserve.

You shouldn’t have to crucify your sainthood for the sake of her.

I would have told Hosea to leave her. But I’m glad he wouldn’t have listened.

Because, how many times have I deserved to be forsaken? How long have I fought off my destiny of being loved unconditionally?

Since my first breath, born with clenched fists, I’ve lived half in the shadows, half in my idols, half in the worth I find by giving myself away to temporary places. 

How many times have I been an imperfect bride?

I’m a goner, I’m Gomer, and I would have left me a long time ago. But instead of moving on, God never did, for His grace covers me more than my mistakes ever could.


the ultimate unrequited love - Christina Hopp

a poem from my book The Morning After Relapse

if they let Orochimaru fckn low-key join in on naruto’s and hinata’s wedding, can you fckn imagine to everyone’s suprise when he sits front row at sasuke’s and sakura’s wedding? like?????????? literally who the fuck gonna sit on sasuke’s side of the seating but Taka/Oto-fam

Soooo I often get asked for Linstead fanfic recommendations and in the past few months I’ve stared reading them a lot more than I have before and so I’ve decided to make a page where I’m going to add them when I find a new one that I like rather than forget them all and not know what to say when I get asked so you can find my list here. Happy reading!

@hiddlestoned-anarschtroumpf replied to your post “The Willful Child by the Brothers Grimm”

I read that, precisely, they had taken folk tales told *by women* and changed them when they rewrote them, making the princesses helpless & the stepmothers evil, and that this wasn’t in the original stories? Sorry if I was talking shit, I have no references, these are my memories from various things I read across articles & stuff quite some time ago already…

Don’t be sorry, I know that there were posts like this floating around tumblr, that specifically only included the princess-tales though. Didn’t hear about them stealing stories on purpose or making them into something they weren’t in the original. So if anyone (don’t worry, doesn’t have to be you) has those articles I’d be interested to read them, to get what are their sources for this.

The earlier French version of Cinderella has her being far more passive and the evil stepmother is already there, but then Cinderella has to be gentle and forgive them, the Grimm’s have her getting her revenge, in the other version I told you about she is far more active and her father is the evil one. 

Women (especially intelligent ones) being evil witches has more to do with medieval culture and the Hexenhammer than the Brothers Grimm, I think.

I remember documentaries where they tried to track down the historical background on Grimm’s tales (Snow White could be a young aristocrat that was sent to Brabant and then poisoned for having an affair, the dwarfs are children forced to work in mines in the Rhineland.) and they always included different types if they heard them differently. Their work was basically to put them into a form and compare them to make up an universal catalogue in a united language, that didn’t exist before that.

They wrote down stories that can be found the same or in a very similar way in Europe and very often elsewhere. These ideas of brave guys winning princesses is pretty universal in the world, as is wives tricking their husbands with their gentle wisdom, women being witches, winning riches by being good, etc. I remember my dad reading to me all these fairytales from all over the world and they often have pretty similar motives (see the stories of 1001 nights, Indian fairytales of boys beating gigantic snakes to win princesses, etc.)

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or, maybe graves is the kind of conductor who controls the flow and sound of the music with nothing more than an arched eyebrow and a wave of his hand and tina sits in the orchestra (playing cello?) thrice a week for 3 whole years listening to his voice and gazing at the dip in his collarbone and wishing for nothing so much as graves deciding to turn his power and mastery and control...on her.

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woooh, oh boy teenie. you gotta go after that. everyone knows conductors have a way with their hands ;)


i guess you can say I lack self awareness? or like a sense of self preservation? when I was 12 I was walking home from church and I scrapped my knee, I ignored it, didn’t tell anyone cause why should I? i put on bandaids, used peroxide, did everything I thought I had to do. for about 3 months?
one day my mom saw my leg and freaked out, we went to the doctor and he told me that this was a serious infection that hadn’t been healing, if I had left it like that that there was a possibility I could lose part of my leg

I think I was convinced for a long time that my body was rotting from the inside out

long story short I’m very susceptible to infections and I bruise easy lol, I got a weak body,
but then again I was a second degree black belt for a while :0c and on the upside though I’m much better at treating and disinfecting wounds 👍👽

Han Solo came over for dinner. It was fun hanging out with him, and the ragu was delicious. And clearly nothing happened so we are firmly in the ‘just friends’ category. Which is fine. (And more than fine, I’m happy with it.) I just feel like there’s an elephant in the room but I don’t want to bring it up in case I’m the only one that sees it.

bts as things my friends say
  • seokjin: if i don't get boba in five minutes i will kill a man
  • yoongi: ok but let's be real who ACTUALLY sleeps more than three hours a night... why are you looking at me like that.
  • hoseok: why is the cat allowed to get high but not me this is so unfair,,,
  • namjoon: *answers every history question about 1800's russia with a tangent on marxism*
  • jimin: i was getting ready this morning and got distracted for a good ten minutes by how cute i am
  • taehyung: sex is fucked up. jazz is pure.
  • jungkook: *sad harmonica playing as class begins*

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are we sending in ships...?

y’all better hold onto your hats, cause we’re about to fall into a steroline hole.

  • who is more likely to hurt the other? Stefan, although he doesn’t MEAN to.
  • who is emotionally stronger? Pffft. Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffft. Caroline.
  • who is physically stronger? Caroline.
  • who is more likely to break a bone? Stefan.
  • who knows best what to say to upset the other? Caroline knows exactly what to say.
  • who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? Stefan.
  • who treats who’s wounds more often? Caroline. She doesn’t really like it because she doesn’t like to see Stefan hurt.
  • who is in constant need of comfort? I feel like this is always going to be Caroline. No matter the verse.
  • who gets more jealous? Stefan might have the edge on this one.
  • who’s most likely to walk out on the other? I mean.
  • who will propose? Stefan. ( As many times as it takes, apparently. )
  • who has the most difficult parents? Fun fact, both their parents are dead! But Stefan’s definitely take the cake.
  • who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? Stefan.
  • who comes up for the other all the time? Both.
  • who hogs the blankets? Caroline.
  • who gets more sad? Caroline.
  • who is better at cheering the other up? Stefan.
  • who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? Neither. Caroline prefers rolling her eyes and Stefan laughs.
  • who is more streetwise? …Stefan…?
  • who is more wise? Caroline.
  • who’s the shyest? HA.
  • who boasts about the other more? Stefan.
  • who sits on who’s lap? Caroline

Nick’s eyes caught the sunlight and almost made Kelly forget what he’d been saying.

“Kelly,” Nick tried. His voice faltered, and he had to stop to swallow.

“I’ve already got more with you than I’ve ever had anywhere,” Kelly said in a rush, trying to beat Nick to whatever he’d been about to say. He took a deep breath to calm himself. “And after last night?”

“It would be easy.” Nick sighed and ran his thumb along Kelly’s knuckles.
Kelly dropped his hand away from Nick’s chin. “But you’re still going to say no, aren’t you?”

“I will never say no to you,” Nick said, his voice soft.”

Nick pushed his nose against Kelly’s, kissing him gently as warmth spread through his entire body.

“You feel like home,” Kelly said as he wrapped his arms around Nick’s neck.

- Shock & Awe || Abigail Roux

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Once I get to all my drafts, I’ll be able to properly plot with new folks instead of stressfully doing so because that’s what I’ve been doing this whole time.
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