more than i'd care to admit

Good God the part of this SU episode that hit me the most was how they used Garnet as a visual aid for the kids’ trauma.

Sapphire and Ruby didn’t get specific fears or thoughts, even if that would’ve been very easy to include. Instead, they got imagery that very clearly focused on their reactions and the consequences of flawed coping mechanisms. Ruby is prone to self-destructive hyperfocus on one thought, completely incapable of moving past it. Sapphire is “calm and collected” because she lets thoughts pile up until she completely overloads and shuts down.

With the mechanics of each coping flaw well-established, Ruby settles next to Connie, passing that imagery on to her. Connie was obsessing over the fact that she went into automatic panic mode and attacked that kid (understandably so). She’s scared of herself, and Ruby was there to show how heavily a single worry can weigh on someone so one-track-minded–to the point of both being blind to their partner’s distress.

Sapphire settles next to Steven. The one who’s always okay and always ready to go until he can’t push it aside any longer and completely shuts down. He didn’t even react to their falling to the presumed death. We saw Sapphire’s breakdown with the visual metaphor of that maelstrom of thoughts spiraling in on her like vultures. Now we have a sense of magnitude for what’s weighing on Steven, and how many things he’s been holding back because he doesn’t want to confront them.

Connie’s ready to tear herself apart over one butterfly. Steven didn’t acknowledge the butterflies as they showed up because if he faced one he’d have to face them all, which is far too much.

Garnet was and always is great every time I see her, but wow what a brilliant and gut-wrenching way to show how much these kids need help.

I like this bandwagon, mind if I jump on?

Sportacus: I didn’t have a chair and everytone else was sitting so I fell into full splits so I wouldn’t look like I was trying to be better than them by being the only one standing.

Stephanie: went to homecoming with my friend, even though I hate school events, because she couldn’t get a date.

Ziggy: handed my friend a cookie so she could break off a piece. she shoved the whole thing in her mouth and when I started crying she spit it out half chewed and I ate it.

Stingy: came across a wheelchair someone had put out as trash. took it home and hid it under a tarp in my garage. when my mom found it a year later I denied all knowledge of it. (I never used it for anything)

Trixie: regularly scared my sister with a horse mask, leather coat and tiny coat rack. it eventually lost its surprise factor so I when I got home early I put on the coat and mask and stood still in front of the door for a half hour. when my sister got home she yelled “haha. didn’t scare me.” then I lunged.

Bessy Busybody: my bf dumped me over text so the next day I had to give him all his Manga and comics back. I told him to tell his dog I loved her. (I also filled the books with sticky notes with dicks drawn on them)

Pixel: Got horribly sick and spent two days in a blanket nest with just my laptop and phone. did nothing but watched “we are number one but…” videos for 48 hours. (this is how I got hooked into the Fandom btw)

Robbie Rotten: after I joined the Fandom I started having flash backs to when I was a little one and how much I loved robbie because he liked candy and costumes and making things. I also remembered how much Stephanie and Sportacus annoyed me because I hated sports and dancing.

Glanni: Became obsessed with the ability to be able to defend myself and others in all situations so by the time I was twelve I could kick above head level in ill fitting high heels and a pencil skirt.



(also known as “the weirdest post I’ve made in a long, long time)

So now that I’ve started doing nostalgia posts, I might as well do a collection post of all the “hosts” children’s networks tend to have. People often remember these, but don’t know the source–partially because they don’t really HAVE a “show” that they’re from. So here’s a quick rundown.

CLAY: This guy hosted Playhouse Disney for a while. He was literally, as you can imagine, Clay. He was voiced by Debbi Derryberry, who also played Jimmy Neutron and Zatch from Zatch Bell.

CHICA: This is…way past my time, but I’m pretty sure this one’s been around for a long time. Chica debuted in 2007, and people who were little then are turning into teens now, so maybe some of you will remember this one. She’s part of segments/a show on the Sprout network. She squeaked. It’s kind of hilarious. Side note: don’t let any toddlers in your care google “chica” without including phrases like “sunny side up show.” Unless you like dealing with toddler nightmares for the next month.

PIPER O’POSSUM: Piper was a host for Nick Jr., starting in 2004. She replaced the ever-popular Face (who we’ll get to). She only lasted about three years, though. She was played by Ali Brustofski, a singer with over 500k subscribers on youtube. She’s only 22, meaning she was only around 11-14 when she did the part.

MOOSE A. MOOSE AND ZEE: These two became emblematic of the preschool block/network Noggin. They lasted from 2003 to 2012, which means that kids who are currently 18 and 8 can both be nostalgic for these characters simultaneously. Zee didn’t speak, but Moose was played by Paul Christie, who played Stick Stickly. They’re both still in use, on Nickelodeon’s Noggin app.

FACE: Face was the Nick Jr. host. He’s beloved by many a 90s kid. He was literally just a face on different colored backgrounds, known for his “hi there, face here! line, and his weird “slide whistle and triangle only” band sound effects. In retrospect, his animations seemed to take about 5 frames and a lot of tweening, but you needed to make a lot of these. Face was played by voice actor Chris Phillips, who’s been an announcer for both Cartoon Network and Nick for a long time. He’s also done voices for Jumbo Studios, playing Roger in the Disney version of Doug, as well as characters in the original Nick version, and father Ernest Otter in PB&J Otter. He’s reprised his role as face for The Splat–check out this interview with him, you’ll definitely recognize his voice from other things.

FEETFACE: Nice name. Feetface was the first host for Noggin, later being replaced by Moose and Zee (they had an actual bumper where he passed torch to them). It’s EXTREMELY hard to find pictures of this dude, probably because he was only around for a year. But I remember him. I still have that song he sung stuck in my head. Playing Feetface was one of the earliest major voice acting roles for Ashleigh Ball, now famous for playing Applejack and Rainbow Dash in MLP: Friendship is Magic.

about wanda and throwing cars at tony

this brought to you thanks to this gifset of wanda throwing cars at tony during the airport fight and @knightinironarmor‘s tag

#no offense but this is kinda more brutal than people care to admit 

and yeah. it is. but people laugh at that scene.

but it looks it’s so funny, right? throwing cars at tony. hilarious. almost like toys, haha. because it looks this way, plastic little cars that a toddler threw at their superhero toy, and to wanda throwing these cars at tony really is as difficult as throwing toys.

except it’s really tony in the armour (a non-enhanced, squashy human being) it’s not a figurine. and the cars are real, too, big and heavy.

one of them looks like audi q7. that weighs two and a half TONS (that’s over five thousand pounds). and wanda threw a lot of similarly heavy cars at him, and she did it fast. in other words–there’s a lot of force behind each of these cars hitting tony.

(do you know what even a small car, going slowly, can do to a human? yeah. tony’s wearing an armour, but he’s not actually invincible, iron man titles aside.)

so yeah, i kinda feel like ‘brutal’ is a light word, here.

(i posted it under the gifset originally but deleted my reblog now because i don’t want to add discussion to the OP’s gifset)