I dont know where this is going, but you make me smile, and I like that. Even if it is just for awhile.
—  Y.M.
I look at you now and you look like more than just my friend. I wish I could tell you this. I wish I can tell you how much I need you and how much I want you. I wish you knew that you give me butterflies everytime we talk and everytime we hangout and everytime you text me or call me or smile at me. I wish you understood how much it hurts to call you a friend when you mean so much more than that. I wish you understood that you have taken up a place in my heart I didn’t even want to give you. But I know you don’t feel the same, it’s a gut feeling. And still there is a part of me that doesn’t accept it, that continues to love you, that is a hopeless romantic, that wants our hangouts to turn into dates, that wants our conversations to end with kisses, that wants to hold you close and not just hug you.
—  I wish you’d just give me a chance to show you what we could be because I know we would be amazing // JustScribbledWords