more than even

me: *opens mouth*
them: WE KNOW, you LOVE arizona robbins, she’s your shiny badass baby who wasn’t named for the state but for the battleship, the u.s.s arizona, she’s a good man in a storm and the gayest of gays, a lesbianic, a human rainbow, you love her so fucking much, we already know

Sharing this so people know that after I blocked this person, they insist in bothering @luluvonv because she publicly supported me and replied to their bullshit.

You want some food for thought? Here’s some food for thought. Let’s see if you dare to read all that because it replies to your crap point by point. Not that I care actually if you read it or not, but I find funny you insist in telling us something we know better than you - and here’s the proof. 

I told you, you’re wasting your time here. You really need to find something better to do than harassing me, my sister and my friends and followers just because we don’t like what you like.

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It was the beginning of the end. Destruction was spreading through the masses. Shadows had enveloped the earth. If anything it was the end of the end. 

It was a mere weeks after Zorc had managed to bring his true form to the physical plane, a mere weeks since the destruction of civilization as everyone knew it. 

The boundary between his realm, the shadow realm, and the physical realm were now abstract, and it would have been hard for anyone to have told the realms apart.

Now, even with the world as his, he couldn’t toy with everyone all at once. He liked to draw out everyone’s suffering. Which was why he had brought his palace to that hill. A hill which overlooked the city he had chose for the first game board. 

A wall of thick shadows encased the city, making it so no one could get in, and no one could get out until either Zorc was defeated, or everyone was dead. Zorc could just leave, but what fun would that be? It would be cheating. 

He tended to stay in a human form, enjoying the hunt much more when he could sneak up on his prey. Though he was running out of prey. There wasn’t many people left in this city. 

And a few of them he already had in his clutches. 

Wow I can’t believe I lost so many followers in like five minutes for suggesting that maybe YouTubers that just can’t take their foots out of their mouths aren’t, in fact, as bad as actual genocidal nazis

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 

Yuuri didn’t actually mess up at the Sochi GPF theory

Okay so I was rewatching episode one when I noticed something from the news articles about the Free Skate failure:

The word “today” really did stick out at me here. As you know, both programmes would not be on the same day, so with the way this article is phrased, it sounds like he at least did okay during his Short. And then this comes directly afterwards:

I’m not sure about the original Japanese, but the use of “fell” here suggests a dramatic turn around. To fall, you must be at some height. And for them to make an article on it? No, Yuuri must have not been already in last place. We know Viktor must have been in first place, but Yuuri? I think he was fourth MINIMUM based on this. He even says in some internal monologue:

His ‘big day’? Why would it be a big day if he’d already done disastrously a day or two before in his Short? Surely, a ‘ big day’ would symbolise him possibly winning a medal?

If he was in last place already, he wouldn’t HAVE that kind of pressure. But all of these lines highly suggests to me that he at least had a shot at doing well during the GPF, maybe he was even close enough that he could have had a chance for a silver medal.

We find out during episode five that during the GPF, Yuuri can’t have scored above 94.36, as they announce it to be his personal best. Still, there’s no reason he couldn’t have scored around 90 ish, which when looking at the other scores that year, probably would have put him in a good position

I did the maths as yes, if you plug his Short score at around 90 it gives a realistic Free score considering he pretty much messed up all of the technical points.

Yuuri Katsuki was most likely in line for bronze or silver after his Short

What does this mean?

This little interaction of Viktor not recognising him as a skater is so much worse, as is Yuuri’s FS failure overall

tl;dr Yuuri actually did very well in his short last time


love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

putting on some lipstick before the show for a lil extra good luck! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ (Viktor totally bought some expensive cosmetic brand makeup for his fav student /winks)

ayyy whatever makes a boy feel good yea

He’s not my president and he ain’t my damn vice president either fuck that from now on I’m calling them Don and Penis like take all possible power from their names

even isn’t from now on “the guy with a mental illness”. even is the guy we saw fall in love with isak valtersen. he is the guy who listens to nas and has posters of him, but who also listens to gabrielle and john legend and god knows who else. he is the guy who likes to lip-sync and dance. he is the guy you’ll be able to talk to about pretty much all the movies that were made in the last century. mainstream and indie, he’ll most likely have seen it. he is the guy who has star wars posters in his room. who likes to sit by the window when it’s still sunny outside. he is the guy who will call people out if they make hasty generalizations about certain groups of people. he is the guy who loves baz luhrmann and who can probably quote all of his movies because he’s seen them dozens of times. 

he is the artistic guy who likes to draw and create perfect sets for his stop motions that have silly scenarios. he is the guy who likes to express his feelings through his drawings. he is the guy on the bicycle. he is the guy who remembers which spice isak likes on his toasts. he is the guy who can beatbox (unless isak is there with him, then he just cracks up). he is the guy who fogs up windows so he can draw hearts on them. he is the guy who probably has all the seinfeld memes ever made stored in his phone. he is the guy who cooks breakfast and has the perfect trick to make good scrambled eggs. he is the guy who likes to play fifa, and concentrates really hard when he does. he is the guy who likes to stroke isak’s hair and his face, like he’s the most precious and valuable thing to him. he is the sweet guy who is nice and polite with anyone he meets for the first time. he is the charismatic guy whose smile can light up a entire room.

even is the guy who is all of these things, and who also happens to have a mental illness