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facebook and reposting

I know nobody’s here for long spiels, but this might be a bit lengthy… I’d much rather fill my dash with replies to you guys about stuff that has actual substance, or just post art in general, but this needs to be said.

Please don’t message me to ask if you can re-post/re-upload/re-distribute my work. I have an instagram, twitter AND tumblr where I distribute my work. That’s where I’d like to keep it. 

I appreciate the respect you’re giving by asking, but it gets exhausting to keep saying ‘thank you, BUT’…it says clearly on my description page to Not Repost Anywhere. It does not say ‘Please only repost with permission’ it just says Don’t Do It. If you send me IM’s about re-uploading my work on instagram/FB/twitter/wattpad etc, I will ignore it. My silence isn’t an unspoken ‘do whatever you want’, it is a blatant ‘no’. OTL

In terms of Facebook - I respect and admire the effort put in by those who run translation fanpages - but I will also have to automatically decline all of your requests. Not because I don’t want my work to be accessible to those who don’t speak English, but because I’ve had multiple facebook accounts re-upload my work without my consent and with barely any credit/proper captioning of the work. And whenever I’ve tried to fix the issue, I’ve either been blocked, or had the re-posters try and lecture me about how I’m asking for the impossible.

Artists don’t ask for much. We do this for free and because we enjoy sharing our love for a series with the world in the best way we know how - by drawing out our feelings and ideas. It’s honestly a bonus and privilege to be able to earn money from my fanwork/fanmerch, and I greatly appreciate every gesture of patronage. 

Artists shouldn’t have to ‘suck it up’ or be ‘aware that this comes with the territory’. Some artists, especially those who share work on Pixiv, face very real VERY serious legal repercussions if their fanwork is tracked back to them from sites that they did not consent to it being uploaded to. It doesn’t take much to paste a Pixiv artists description into google translate to see if they have said ‘Do Not Repost’ in their native tongue. 

Please respect artists. Please look at our descriptions, read our FAQs and consider ‘why am I re-posting in the first place? Do I have explicit permission? Did I check if they allow this? why not just support and spread my appreciation for their work by reblogging their art post, or telling friends about their blog/twitter/pixiv?’

Artists are not machines made of endless amounts of money, time, or energy. We’re human beings that thrive on feedback, communication, and mutual respect. I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now if not for the wonderful, kind people who supported and encouraged me on my art accounts. To those who support artists by re-blogging our work and/or keyboard smash their thoughts at us, I love you dearly. To those who support artists by purchasing our prints/keychains/charms/standees/zines? You guys are phenomenal, we couldn’t do half of what we do without you. 

To the re-posters however? And to those who try to lecture artists about the Ways Of the Internet and how Reposting is Inevitable? The solution starts with YOU, not us. Mutual respect and honest communication, please utilise it.


Black Lightning trailer

Welp, looks more interesting than Arrow, I can say that much.

anonymous asked:

Why would you like olicity together when oliver does shitty things? And then you call Ray problematic?

Ignoring your barely veiled attempt at calling me a hypocrite, let’s examine the facts. Your try to compare both characters is feeble at best, and here’s why:

Asshole* moves Oliver pulled on Felicity [three seasons]:

  1. made her his EA without asking first;
  2. told her he loved her as part of a ploy and didn’t tell her whether or not he meant it until roughly nine months later;
  3. broke up with her and then kept telling her how much he loved her but then reminded her he couldn’t be with her (which made it nearly impossible for her to move on);
  4. told Felicity her head wasn’t “in the game” because he was jealous and started behaving like 5-year-old kid whose toy had been stolen.

* the asshole factor can be debatable for some items

Asshole moves Ray pulled on Felicity [eight episodes]:

  1. used her to get Queen Consolidated away from her and Oliver without her knowing;
  2. completely disregarded her refusal of his job offer (notably bought the store she worked at because then lol she’s his employee anyways but that’s not creepy at all now is it?);
  3. pinged her phone;
  4. again;
  5. and again;
  6. and again;
  7. honestly I lost count at this point;
  8. showed up on Felicity’s doorstep in the morning on her day off totally unexpected and uninvited to discuss a matter that could have been settled over email (but it’s not like he owns a tech company or anything) which is honestly a totally gross invasion of privacy but you know;
  9. insulted Donna within seconds of meeting her;
  10. emotionally manipulated throughout all of 307 - which also happens to feature Ray’s philosophy of No Means Yes and Manipulate Until She Agrees Because You Know She Wants To;
  11. used his sad poor white boy story (that features his fiancée being fridged, props to Arrow writers!) to justify his crappy behaviour towards Felicity;
  12. after having grossly pushed to get her to accept the job, now he’s pushed her to agree to help him on his Atom project;
  13. add some more emotional manipulation, sprinkle with a healthy dose of stalking (pun intended) and you’ve got Ray in a nutshell;

Here are a couple more posts detailing what I said above, and adding to that never ending list.

As you can see, comparatively with the crap Ray has pulled in eight freaking episodes with Felicity, Oliver’s dick moves are nothing - in terms of frequency and enormity.

You seem to think I believe Oliver an angel that has no fault - but that couldn’t be more untrue. Oliver is flawed, he says or does things sometimes that got me side eyeing him. But he’s a freaking human being, okay, and human beings make mistakes. And considering the heavy baggage Oliver’s dragging because of the hell he’s been through, it could honestly be worse.

Ray’s behaviour is not a mistake.

A mistake is something that happens once. A mistake is something you do without thinking and end up feeling guilty for, end up apologizing for, end up trying to fix. When has Ray ever apologized to the way he treats Felicity? When has he acknowledged how out of line he had been with her? When has he tried to make amends for using her like one uses a Kleenex?

The answer is, he hasn’t.

Besides, when has Oliver ever used Felicity like she was a doormat? All of Ray’s actions towards Felicity were driven by a self-centered motive, aka get her help on the Atom project. His entire behaviour with her has been shady from the start, and he never is straightforward with her.

When has Oliver lied to Felicity and grossly tried to manipulate her? Sure, he tried to “drop some fairly ridiculous lies on [her]” (direct Felicity quote, in case you were wondering), but she knew they were lies, he knew she knew they were lies, and they left it at that. But not once did he stalk her, or manipulate her to achieve his own means. He always treated her with respect as a person - and if Ray gave Felicity a nice job, and values her skillset, he apparently seems to believe she is the human equivalent of a doormat. Don’t let those flirty lines he threw at her fool you, the whole “you deserve everything in the world” grandiloquent act he pulls - because that is nothing more than his way to get her to do what he wants.

So don’t, for one second, believe you can compare Oliver Queen and Ray Palmer. They are nothing alike.

Promise Not to Promise Anymore

A/N: 4x01 spec fic, because what is air after that promo? Title credit goes to Ingrid Michaelson. Also on ao3

She sees the ring approximately four minutes after Thea and Laurel leave.

Oliver is…in need of his space — Felicity knows that much. So when she shuts the door behind their friends’ retreating backs and turns to see him running his hand distractedly over his face before heading upstairs, she doesn’t follow. At least, not at first.

First, she goes back to the table and piles their flatware together with reluctant fingers before delivering the stack of abandoned dishes to the sink. Her eye catches the soufflés, sitting discarded on the counter beneath the window that overlooks Dave and Leslie’s yard, and her heart sinks in her chest. Their romantic dinner is two hours past and entirely forgotten; it seems to be a theme with her and Oliver, never making it to dessert.

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