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Perrin adores music boxes.

“we need to set up more refugee camps around europe” is only ever said by  either people who have no idea what a refugee camp actually looks like or those who think it’ll be like a fucking holiday camp. 

there’s a reason the refugees do not want to go to them. 

it’s cos a lot of they time they’re little more than slums where those in power herd people to languish and be forgotten in. so they look like they’ve done something without actually shouldering any of the responsibility, not really. 

So Klepto and I are sitting on the tatami eating gummies from the Dragon after having just hung up half of my Basara stuff on the walls finally. There is a lot more to do–I still need to put up my (shrine to the Dragon) pictures and finish making a pole so I can set up the Sanada nobori that Klepto made me–but I already feel so much more at home. There are sure to be bumps on the road ahead, but knowing that I have a warm place to curl up in makes me breathe a bit easier. One step at a time.

Are We Getting More Mortal Kombat Characters?

Yes, yes we are. In fact, Warner Bros Interactive just confirmed that NetherRealm Studios is working on a new batch of Mortal Kombat characters set for release some time in 2016.

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I saw the post you made about infiniteeight's fics, and I had to tell you, because I think it's kind of funny-- I've always loved your stories, and last week after I received some pretty bad news I spent a whole day reading almost every story you've posted to ao3. It really lifted my mood and I felt a lot better, more hopeful about things than I have in a long time. Your writing is an absolute gift, and I just, you know, wanted to let you know. Sorry if this is awkward! But really, thanks. :)

Aww!!  Thank you so very much!!!!  I really appreciate the comment, that is absolutely lovely.

Hee, I had some bad news last week, too, and so I re-read all of Shell’s Long Range Reconnaissance series.  Thank goodness for fic!!

I’m absolutely thrilled that my own stuff could improve your day.  I hope your bad news gets better!!

Letters and stuff

So Fia is really interested in letters, writing and reading lately. Kids don’t learn to read or write in kindergarten here, so unless their teachers decide they want to play with the alphabet the official start of a more formal education is in first grade when they are 5 or 6. Most kids know how to write their names by then, but that’s pretty much it (other than a type pf schematic/recipe type writing i will come back to). I’m a big fan of natural and play based learning and letting kids explore on their own terms, so we haven’t done anything special with Sophia to teach her at home either, but she has definitely picked up on a lot of things anyway. She’s become really interested on her own, and while she’s been sounding out and identifying letters for more than a year, now I can see that she has a lot of silent knowledge that she is starting to put into use. Today, for instance, she figured out how to write the word “pappa” (dad in norwegian) by sounding it out first using the letters she knows already, and then writing it on paper. No one showed her how, she just put the pieces together on how to do it. When kids first start to write at a young age, a lot of the time it’s a “recipe” for something (you see this in drawing as well, they are told how to copy things instead of trying to draw it them selves), and they can’t always identify the letters by them selves or actually make sense of the word. This is a neccessary way of learning once you start school and have a lot to cram into your head at once (and like with some types of math, there are things you have to repeat until you learn them, the kind of knowledge we have decided to teach in school makes it neccessary) but to me that doesn’t fit into the very organic way a two, three, four and even five year old learns and picks up on knowledge. Sophia still wont write her name, she is a perfectionist and does not like the way she makes an S no matter how much we encourage it, but instead she can identify, sound out and spell all the letters that make up her name. I am really proud of her for doing things her own way, and have to keep reminding my self that kids do it best in their own way, on their own time, with loving encouragement from adults!

Top, found photograph from a Chinese wedding, 1994. Via. Bottom, screen capture from Invisible Adversaries [Unsichtbare Gegner] by Valie Export, 1977. Via.

According to custom, the bride expresses her gratitude to guests by lighting a cigarette for each man invited, then joins her groom in a series of comical cigarette smoking games for good luck.

See also, Eric Rohmer x Jessica Craig-Martin x Nightmare Brunette, and Martin Paar x Alec Soth x Dan Savage.

Thanks to the flood of social messaging, it’s rare to have sex without a subconscious notation of what that sex means. For example, sex with a spouse is good; sex with someone else, when you’re married, is not. Sex with a paid provider is wrong, unprotected sex is wrong, sex without love is wrong. (There are a lot more wrongs than rights.) We can reject the most popular public interpretations of our sexual lives—by, say, deciding sex with multiple partners is fulfilling and not a black mark on our characters—but it’s difficult to have no response at all. Norms are maintained as such in part because they’re so internalized; we sieve our intimate encounters through the social stories around sex even when we know those stories are corrupted in service of hierarchies we don’t subscribe to.

And so sex is far more likely to drive us into ourselves rather than out—at least, that’s largely the truth for straight women, and it’s straight (or mostly straight) women who’ve been tasked with managing the disaster that is heteronormative sex. They are jugglers given only bowling balls: expectations to be sexually giving yet not slutty; religious strictures on partners and circumstantial restrictions on birth control; feminist exhortations to fuck politically and demand pleasure; the publicly acknowledged failure of penis-in-vagina intercourse to produce regular climax and the tenacious, maddening sense that it should. Queer women’s work is equally impossible, undertaken from inside a society disinvested in their success and unwilling to admit their sexual drive at all.

Women of all orientations can’t afford to be nonchalant about sex. We cannot take it for granted as a source of delight or pride or forgettable entertainment. For while men are taught that sex is a fun, relatively frivolous activity that proves their masculinity via instinctual biological mechanics—a flawed narrative but at least one with a clear directive—women are told that sex will probably be the site of their ruination, in reputation or body or spirit, or all three. We have to calculate how to have sex in a way that will preserve our selfhood, our un-pregnancy, our virtue. Maybe then, if we are successful, we can attempt the effort of obtaining pleasure. (We are also told that our genitals are complicated and intractable, our orgasms elusive and time-consuming.) Naturally, we work harder to build an architecture of sexual satisfaction, acting as self-taught sex whisperers trying to mitigate the damage done by a persistently hostile environment.

Charlotte Shane, Why Sex?, September 2015.

Yogscast Playlist Master Post

This is for my own benefit really, but it could be of use to someone! A master list of all the playlists / series that are currently on the Yogscast youtube channel.  Apologies if I’ve missed anything off or made any mistakes, just message me if I have and I’ll fix it! **All in order of when they were posted hopefully**
There may also be a few overlaps because some playlists go into 2 categories 




Other Games



Yogscast IRL





nobody asked but u shall receive 
a shitty fake powerpoint telling u everything u need to know abt boyfriend!

boyfriend debuted in 2011 w the song boyfriend :-)
their other korean mvs are: don’t touch my girl / i’ll be there / love style / janus / iyah / (there was like a year of emptiness here) / on & on / obsession / alarm / witch / white out /  and their most recent comeback is bounce :-)

they also have some japanese albums & mvs: be my shine / kimi to dance dance dance / my lady / hitomi no melody / my avatar / start up! / here!

and then there’s the starship planet (christmas) mvs:  pink romance / white love / snow candy / love is you

the best place, as always, to get into a group… is by watching shows! and boyfriend has a couple to choose from :-)

  • w academy - (all episodes & parts can be found here)
  • hello baby - (found here, by the 0526 subbing team)
  • wonder boy  - (episodes 1-4 here on ppyong subs, episodes 5-9 here on 0526, with links to the rest)
  • weekly idol - 2012 (1/2), 2014 (1/2), 2015 (1/2/3)
  • and check out the 0526 subbing team’s channel for links to more videos posted to different websites (ie daily motion)

and then their sns accounts:

if there’s anything else u want to know (blogs to follow, fan forums, etc), let me know! i’m more than happy to help :-)





so much so that he is quick to introduce her to diggle before felicity can

also omg donna’s reaction to baby sara is basically me with any baby ever


when oliver is like “nice to meet you, finally”

I just die okay

because he loves felicity SO MUCH but has never got to meet anyone else in her life

and it just makes him so happy 


and donna can justTELL that this is the man in felicity’s life

the man she is in love with

from the way he looks at her

and the way she looks at him

we’d better see more donna scenes with oliver in season 4 seriously

Honestly had this white guy at work come up to me asking me what my nationality was. I told him I was American. 

He goes, you know what I mean.

I give him a stare trying to contain my annoyance as he is a customer and I don’t want to get in trouble especially in this white ass neighborhood I unfortunately have the privlege of being transferred to work in. I mean I wouldn’t give a shit if I said something if it weren’t for the fact I am currently getting trained for management so unfortunately I just have to do what I did with him and that is smile and nod while mentally wanting to yell profanities and teach his ignorant, racist white ass.

I then tell him again, I am an American.

He then says but where are you from. At this point I just want him to leave and get out of my face so I tell him I’m Pilipinx. He smiles and goes oh really? Well that’s cool, I’m full American born right here in the U.S.

At this point I am about to rage. No shit sherlock you are the typical white American who see’s the U.S. as just fuckin white and everyone else isn’t really American even Native Americans because you know, they aren’t white and apparently don’t exist.

I tell him, ya I’m an American too, born and raised. He then has the nerves to tell me oh but you are an immigrant you said you were Pilipinx. 

Oh my fuckin god.

White people. Only white people.

i look into your eyes and there are even more.
deancas graphics challenge | padaleckhi vs. rosetylr
prompt: in milleniums, the world has grown with colour by n.c.