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Stop loving sadness, stop hating, stop blaming yourself. Go out and show who you really are, and be who you want to be. Realise you can be more than that, don’t hide yourself. Smile, and let everyone know that today you’re a lot more stronger than you were yesterday.
—  Mstonem

Okay, I have to go on a little rant. I get so frustrated when Rose Tyler is dismissed as being, “just a teenager.” She didn’t stay a teen forever! Come on!!

She was 19 when she met the Doctor, and she traveled with him for approximately two years. (I give it 18 months-3 years, and personally lean towards the higher end.) That means she was 21-22 when she was trapped in Pete’s World.

Then she was there for about three years–just judging by how old her brother was in SE/JE. So now she’s AT LEAST 24.

Plus she saw and did a lot in traveling with the Doctor. She was an average nineteen-year-old, but by the time they were separated, she’d matured far past her 21 years. On Krop Tor, it was Rose who took charge and got the Sanctuary Base crew working together–not Zach or Jefferson. Rose probably had more experience with dangerous situations than Zach, and she had more experience getting people to see their potential than either man.

So can we stop dismissing her as just a teenager? She was an adult woman who learned a lot travelling with the Doctor.

And just to say it–her feelings for him were not a teenage crush. They might have started as infatuation (because hello, most romantic love does!), but they deepened into something real and long-lasting. It was not puppy love.

Okay like

I usually agree with the crew’s decisions but…. I’m actually a leeetle unhappy with the way Steven been treating Jasper. It doesn’t make much sense. He hasn’t even TRIED to be nice to her. I at least expected him to try at some point. Considering lapis did a lot more damage to him and his family than she did. Like what makes lapis so different that he sides with her? They both have done terrible things. Is it cuz she blue and wearing a dress?

Also, I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear about these two.

i feel like gabriel really just needs a lot more love than he’s getting tbh

(everyone writes Gabe as the one to give out all the romantic endearments, which i am 100% in support of, but i also think Jack is secretly a sappy old geezer, so)

Like in my mental illness representation rec list, body image is something else I struggle with, so I often seek great comfort in reading about someone who is feeling the same way as I am – someone who isn’t the same shape as those on every magazine cover or what the media and society deem as “perfect” and “beautiful.” Hell, even last month I was in quite a bad place with how I saw myself and ended up resorting to reading about characters I could relate to quite well – there may have also been a little something planned fic wise on my part, but that’s saved for a rainy day.

But apart from me and my own issues, I know body image and positvity is something people in this community do struggle with, and so another fic rec has been created in support for those who may want to read something and be like “hey, they’re like me!” I mean, there’s nothing wrong with stories about thin girls – let’s be real, all my stories feature just that – but it’s just nice to be able to see someone who matches what you see in a mirror or feels the same way you do. As always, be sure to double check trigger warnings or ask the author first if you may be triggered, and please send me any fics that I may have forgotten and should be on this list, but do enjoy these fics and I hope to see more body positivity and representation in the future! And don’t forget that you’re all beautiful and lovely and bloody great, no matter what number you see on the scale or on a clothing tag! Enjoy x

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I keep talking about this but the more responses I get the better you know XD

There is the link again, if you haven’t already please take it as it doesn’t take long and helps me immensley! From the results I have here Imma tell you:

  • Suga and Jimin are the most popular BTS members whilst Rap Monster is the least popular
  • Jun is the most popular SVT member, closely followed by The8 whilst Seungkwan, DK and Dino are the least popular
  • I’ll be trying my best to update more and I’ll be writing more AUs and smut (and apparently more fluff too do I not write enough XD)
  • I’m to start a mafia!Seventeen AU again ft  drug dealer!Wonwoo
  • You’re all super sweet people like your compliments make my day :3

Another big thank you to everyone who has taken it so far! I’ll keep updating on it ^^ Also working on an AU and a smut now so you guys are getting what you wanted ahaha <33


omgcp pacific rim au
  • none of the boys went to Samwell bc of the whole aliens coming out of the ocean and attacking the world 
  • Bob Zimmermann is the head of the jaeger program after retiring from being a pilot (he and Alicia piloted a jaeger together)
  • Jack and Kent used to pilot a jaeger together until they went up against a kaiju too strong for them
    • Jack was severely injured and ended up in the hospital
    • Kent quit the program bc he blamed himself and didn’t want to be a pilot without Jack
  • Jack eventually became in charge of training new pilots and had no intention of ever stepping foot back in a jaeger until he met new recruit Eric Bittle
    • at first Jack thought Bitty was unfit to pilot, but as he got to know them they discovered they were drift compatible and became one of the best jaeger pilot duos 
  • Ransom and Holster are another pair of pilots and are probably the most drift compatible two people could be
    • seriously everyone at the program is convinced they’re in each other’s minds even when they’re not in the drift 
  • no one really understands Shitty and Lardo but they’re drift compatible and two of the best pilots the program has, even if no one knows Shitty’s actual first name
    • the only one that does is Lardo and that’s only because she’s been in his brain
  • Chowder wanted to be a pilot since he was little because fighting aliens! how cool! but he was too eager and passionate and Jack was afraid he’d put himself in harms way
    • Chowder now works in the lab and puts his passion toward researching the Kaiju (listen his whole room is covered in Kaiju merchandise the boy is obsessed) 
  • recruits Derek Nurse and William Poindexter are a whole different story
    • they HATE each other in training they fight so much and Jack doesn’t know what to do
    • but then Jack has them fight together and he almost dies of shock when he realizes these boys are drift compatible 
    • and once they’re in the drift and in each other’s minds maybe they finally understand each other and stop fighting 
    • and maybe they become as good of a pair as ransom and holster and as gross of a couple as jack and bitty 
  • and no one dies bc Chowder my beautiful boy figures out how to stop the Kaiju 

can we please stop talking about the joker in suicide squad

because so help me god if all y’all go see the movie and then get all up in a twist because “there wasn’t enough joker!” and shit goes bad for this movie because you do not understand the basic concept that he’s not a main character in this one then I will personally come release thousands of bees into each of your homes

like hello surprise batman villains do not begin and end with the joker and this movie doesn’t either

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All that's changed is her thoughts about fusion so technically she wasn't lying but it's gonna take a lot more than "Hey maybe fusion isn't a complete abomination uwu" before she can be forgiven


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Do you have Trevelyan/Dorian fic recs? I have read all of your fics, and fallen into Pavelyan hell!! I have a soft spot for bottom!Dorian ones, but I really want to read any fics you recommend.

gosh, thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed them! :)

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve visited the tag… there was a time when I was aware of every single one to appear in it, a good couple months, but nowadays, I don’t really know… I just went through my bookmarks though, so I’ll pile here all the ones I’ve put there for you! :)

(and love will not break your heart) - T, one-shot

you shall love your crooked neighbour/with your crooked heart - T, one-shot

This Real Forever - M, one-shot

Love It Dissipates - M, ~9.5k words, complete

imago - T, 88.7k, incomplete, last updated in April but definitely an entertaining read :)

The Inquisitor’s Favor - M, 50.5k words, complete (and I really need to re-read this one because the only thing I remember is that I first read it in one sitting. that ended at like 6 am. The Sun was coming up. It was a disaster.)

The Lovers - E, ~296k, incomplete, haven’t seen much in relation to it in a while but it’s the fkin Magnum Opus of Pavelyan that I highly recommend, if you haven’t read it already

Simulacrum - G, 16.5k, complete, hilarious metafiction

and in general just… read @daihell and @tovaras and um

((shit who else writes mostly pavelyan))

((shit I need to get back into the loop, I’m like a great swamp outcast here))

…. oh, and there are some things in my writing tag (that’s in desperate need of cleaning up because I kind of pile everything in there) that’s not on AO3. :) Those are just the ones I remember loving off the top of my head, but it’s really been a while.

I Don't Need to Pretend

Title: I Don’t Need to Pretend

Author: @dontshootmespence

Rating: T+

You were dreading this. The team was on a case in Florida. Ritzy town. Murder case. And Hotch needed at least two people in the The Gallery Nightclub, which was the last place the victim had been seen. You all suspected that the unsub would frequent the area’s nightclubs often in order to search for victims and that required at least two agents to go undercover to gather information. After throwing a slight tantrum to Hotch and Rossi, they convinced you to be one of the undercover agents. You were not the club type, and worse yet, Spencer was the other agent. He didn’t want to do this either, but probably not for the same reasons you were uneasy. He hated clubbing even more than you did, didn’t drink a lot, and wasn’t really comfortable dancing, but you and he were the youngest on the team, so Hotch felt it was best for you to be agents at The Gallery.

You didn’t want to do this because you would have to be alone with Spence…in a sexy nightclub… on Latin night. 


In the dark. Drinking, at least enough to keep up your covers, and dancing.


To Reid. 


This was everything you’d fantasized about, but you couldn’t risk getting involved with someone on the team, let alone your best friend. It wouldn’t work. Would it? Plus, he was just a month out of a bad breakup. He had no interest.

But you had to do your jobs - if this is what it took, then you figured you’d just have to work through it. As you stepped up to the entrance, you grabbed Spence’s hand and entwined his fingers in yours. God, it felt so right. 


You could tell he wanted to pull away. Hopes dashed. This was gonna be difficult. He was wearing a dark purple, buttoned shirt and a pair of well-fitted jeans. He looked divine. You thought you felt him looking at you as you approached the bar. You were dressed much differently than normal, wearing a plunging, red, halter top dress and strappy black heels, as opposed to your normal pant suits, camisoles, and comfortable, totally unsexy shoes.

He came up behind you and signaled the bartender, “Can I get a Yuengling on tap for me, and a Long Island Iced Tea for her?” He sounded so much more confident than he normally did.

As the bartender walked away to get your drinks, you laughed, “You ordered for me?” 

“Sorry, Y/N.” He whispered in your ear, “I thought it fit my cover.” He sounded really nervous now.

“No problem, Spence,” you responded, as you grazed his arm, assuring him there wasn’t a problem. “I’m surprised you knew what I wanted.” The bartender returned with your drinks and you both decided to observe the patrons from the bar first, trying to gather as much information as you could. You slowly sipped at your drinks and you leaned into him, attempting to look like a couple. You realized it came pretty easily for you and wondered how he was feeling. 

Once or twice you turned around to ask him if he wanted to move out to the dance floor. You’d both finished your drinks, and if you wanted to keep your wits about you, another drink was out of the question. He kept putting it off though. You knew he hated dancing, but damn, you had a job to do. Nearly 30 minutes after finishing your drinks, which took about 30 minutes to drink, you still hadn’t made your way to the floor. The only thing he mentioned was a man or two that could’ve fit the unsub’s profile. You needed to start observing from another angle. You grabbed his hand and said, “Let’s go, Spencer,” but he stood as still as a board.

Exasperated, you turned to whisper in his ear, “Can you at least pretend like you’re into me for two minutes so we can do our damn jobs?” 

You felt fire in your eyes. This was hard enough as it was. You turned quickly to pull him to the middle of the floor and this time you felt him tug you back. You looked up at him in disbelief and saw the anger in his eyes, but somehow it was different than yours.

“I don’t have to pretend, Y/N,” he said hotly. “Don’t you realize that that’s why I didn’t want to do this?” You swallowed hard.

You hadn’t, really. You never thought in a million years that he reciprocated your feelings. You could talk about this more later, but right now you had a job to do. Some of the tension released from his body as you pulled him towards one of the possible suspects, starting to dance next to him. Spence had one hand at your waist and the other still entwined with yours. It looked more like formal dancing than club dancing. You needed to blend in. Turning around so that your back was to his chest, you smirked at him. “I know you’re going to absolutely hate this.”

As you grabbed both of his hands and placed them around your waist, you heard a frustrated grunt escape his lips. “You have to be kidding me, Y/N.” You reached one of your hands back to tangle them in his hair, swaying back and forth to the beat. For another 20 minutes or so, you took in your surroundings, zeroing in on a few possible suspects.

“Y/N..,” he complained, as you backed your ass into his growing bulge. “It’s getting extremely difficult for me to do my job.”

You threw your head back and laughed, “Awww. Poor baby.”

He turned you around to face him again; this time with his hands in your hair and your hands under his shirt. You desperately wanted to get out of here. You stood up on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear. “Do you think we have enough intel for the team?” you questioned hopefully. “Maybe we can get out of here.”

Quietly, you recounted the information you gathered to each other. If the unsub did frequent this club, you figured you had enough information to work off of.

“So, you think we might be able to get the hell out of here?” you asked, raking your nails lightly against the skin at his waist.

With a distressed moan, he turned your body around, sauntered in front of you, and dragged you behind him through the crowd. As you reached the door, he turned to you and emphasized, “I told you I didn’t have to pretend, Y/N.”


He’s done! Sideswipe was officially finished today with the sewing on of his arms. He stands just barely under 8 in. tall and he’s so pretty!

Since I enjoy making things more than kreping them, he’s also for sale for $300. A lot of time went into him and he is a piece of art. Message me if you’re interested, or are interested in another G1 character too!

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what's your favourite lipstick color?

ho boy, anon, you are asking the hard questions. i think purple? any type of purple. all types of purple. a lot of purples honestly don’t look that great on me, because i’m really pale so cool toned colours wash me out like woah, but i wear them anyway. mauve though, mauves are amazing.

i am obsessed with lip products though, i love them so much.

actually you know what? i’m gonna do you some freakin swatches, anon, because i am a #beautyguru obviously

so from top to bottom we have:

1. Dior Addict High Shine in 680 Catwalk Mauve, which is my favourite ever lipstick and which they discontinued. i was legitimately heartbroken.
2. Dior Addict Lipstick in 983 Insoumise, which is the closest match i could find to Catwalk Mauve and it appears as though dior has also discontinued. wtf dior why do you hate me?
3. NYX Intense Butter Gloss in 03 Toasted Marshmallow, which is my current fave at the moment because a) the colour is gorgeous, b) it’s called Toasted Marshmallow, and c) IT ACTUALLY SMELLS LIKE MARSHMALLOWS

for your viewing pleasure i have also included a gif of a hot chocolate applying lipstick because IT’S A HOT CHOCOLATE APPLYING LIPSTICK AND I THINK IT’S THE MOST PERFECT GIF I’VE EVER SEEN.

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I can’t believe I’ve reached 500 followers. There are so many amazing people out there, so many people more talented than me… It really means a lot to me that there are people willing to follow this loser blog :’)

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