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A friend of a friend contacted me about doing some wedding invitations, envelopes, and other pieces for her. This was my first job, so my prices were very modest.

Client: I want my invitations to be baseball themed. Just like these.

Client sends me photos of rough, but easily creatable layouts.

Me: Okay no problem. I’ll only charge $x an hour, and since these are simple it shouldn’t take me very long at all.

Client: That’s a lot more than I was expecting. I know a guy who can do these for a flat rate of (less than x).

Me: I’m sorry, I can’t compete with that. If you trust his design skill, I’d take up that offer.

Client: I can’t.

Me: Why not?

Client: He won’t do them for me.


i actually inked it bc i’m a fucking waste of space 

the panels are all screwed up cos i went through the trouble of re-arranging them as a complete page, wth

[150424] Park Sohyun's Love Game Part 2
  • DJ:Considering Call Me Baby's performed a chart all-kill, and have taken more than 10 trophies, you've done a lot of award acceptance speeches. But since Xiumin-ssi has never said a word before, from a fan's point of view, I'm sure they're waiting for you to say a few words.
  • Xiumin:Yes, that's right.
  • DJ:If there's something you wanted to say or haven't been able to say, since you're by yourself here, please give a speech.
  • Xiumin:Since we have a lot of members, we all have to keep it short. But once we try to go around to everyone, it takes up a lot of time, so we get cut off. Yes, so what I wanted to say was
  • Xiumin:Well, since Exo-L are always here, we Exo have been able to shine. And well, this is a bit of a new thing for a speech but, the auntie at our dorms who always makes sure we can live comfortably there.
  • DJ & Guest:Ooooh! It's a lady?
  • Xiumin:Yes. Since we've debuted 3 years ago, she's never missed a day and always comes to our dorms to help us. So I'd really like to thank her.
  • t/n:A lot of idols have a lady who comes to their dorms to do some housekeeping and or cook.
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You are super talented, never doubt that! It’s the whole art awareness/skill level chart thing. V_V


yeah plus time management vs pay issues for the most part, which is something you have to remain conscious of. when i was in college (for graphic design specializing in html/css laughably, rather than illustration) my teachers would have to remind me that i needed to include time like research time and revision time and “dead time” when a client is “blocking” your queue in my quotes. it’s something i struggle with doing art freelance since say like, if i did FB/FC like the art i did for arcanebarrage and did it at $10/hr, those would be $100. a lot of people can’t pay that or don’t want to. getting those to move for $60-70 is hard, most of the time, when there’s a lot of other artists out there working at $3 or $4 an hr. so all i can really do to remain somewhat competitive is try to shave down my time where i can and one of the things that sticks out to me is how hyper-perfectionistic i get about things like faces where i go “THIS LOOKS OFF” then spend 2 hrs flat out fiddling with an eye.

this is why i avoid “normal” commission offerings like busts, waist highs, full bodies, etc – b/c making a wage comparable to working at a place that would be fully willing to hire me, i have to charge like that. even now, it would technically be better pay to go do that, even if i want to do this instead.

it’s like, i have to find a balance between quality and hyper-perfectionism in terms of time management and sadly i usually fuck it up, lol.

so this is what i’ve been creating today

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Top 5 kid or teenage superhero/sidekicks

My true calling~ I’m going with teenage heroes as independents because I look at them really differently from sidekicks : ) And I’ll be sticking to DCU this time, so no one complain about a lack of Spider-Man on here

#5: Batman (Terry McGinnis)

The child of my heart and dreams, god bless you Terry McGinnis, the only teenager to have ever Batman’d. Emphasis on being a teenager – which is a major qualifier on this list. Terry struggles but in a way that makes us feel so much kinship and sympathy for him. The fact is, Terry continuously has it a lot more together as Batman than as a teenager/son/boyfriend/student/friend and it makes for some of the best moments around.

#4: Empress (Anita Fite)

I am slightly breaking the rules here as Empress was only ever given full feature on a team of heroes, but I felt almost dirty for not including her. Anita deals very directly with teen issues that honestly I’ve never seen handled half as well in other superhero comics, and in particular issues of bullying from the perspective of a teenage girl – something I know I personally deeply connected to and found to be some of the strongest moments in superhero comics. I loved reading Anita’s journey and her strength made us all feel stronger too.

#3: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain | Stephanie Brown)

No, Batgirl is not and never has been in comic continuity a sidekick. No, Babs in the comics was never shown as being a teenager as Batgirl until like 20 years after she had become Oracle already, and I’m not reading the current Batgirl comics so even if that is a teen/YA oriented book I wouldn’t be able to list it. That out of the way, Cass and Steph both as Batgirl have very unique relationships with their age/peer group dynamics and their time being a superhero – Cass struggles repeatedly with overcoming her “outsider” perspective of people her age and grows a social circle from the bottom up – starting with her superhero bestie Stephanie. Steph’s time as Batgirl is a lot more traditional in the teen/YA balancing superheroics with teen pressures, but that’s not in itself a bad thing and is obviously something a lot of people connect to pretty hardcore. These are the girls, protect them at all costs.

#2: Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

So many wonderful things has been said about Jaime and his time as the Blue Beetle I almost literally have nothing to add. It’s all true. It’s all wonderful. He is one of the most excellent additions to comics and superheroes in recent memory, and he is SO underappreciated by the comic fandom at large. He is a precious dork, he is a well adjusted teen, he is a responsible brother and son and friend, and he’s a nerd. Like. Go read, I’m serious, you’re wasting your time not reading right now and it’s inexcusable!

#1: Static (Virgil Hawkins)


Virgil Hawkins is, to this day, one of the best comic characters I have read, is one of the most real characters I’ve read, and most importantly is one of the strongest and most dynamic characters to come out of the 90s. He had his own television show for four seasons (that’s pretty much AWE inspiring in terms of children’s programing btw), has dealt with not just teen issues but issues of race, economics, the justice system, gang violence, and has saved the world a few times. Virgil is important. Virgil is fantastic. And I’m just. Upset every other day with how he’s been treated/misused.

Not to mention his dynamic with Frieda I’m pretty sure is what set the pace for breaking apart the old dynamic of “Teen Superhero telling NO ONE EVER his secret” and that is so appreciated I can barely contain my thankfulness. I love the cartoon but forever am I upset that Rich took Frieda’s position.

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Is it true when feminists claim the sexist feminists are a minority? Because the amount of them seems to be quite more than a "minority"...

I’d say yes, though the problem arises both in the fact that they are a very, very vocal minority, and more often than not a lot of feminists refuse to acknowledge that these sexist feminists exist, typically defaulting to the “No True Scotsman” argument.

As a result the vocal minority begins to gain more of a voice, and therefore more of an overall influence on the movement. And unfortunately, it gets to the point that the vocal minority is all people see. The first world third wave movement is a good example of this.


Hidden cities. Mysterious codes. A dangerous 0-8-4. SHIELD needs help.

With the Doctor gone, UNIT sends in the best they’ve got, two companions, one past, one present, the Woman who Walked the Earth and the Impossible Girl. But when Clara’s echos make a reappearance and Martha finds something that really shouldn’t be there, all hell might just break loose.

agentmarymargaretskitz , this is partly your fault

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As I re-read Bleach (to commemorate the new chapter), the part where Ichigo says that he got into a lot of fights because of the color of his hair. It reminded me of Kagami, like maybe he got made fun of because of his natural scowly face and eyebrows, what do you think?

Yeah! Yeah I think Kagami was the kind of kid to always get into fights - for his eyebrows, for his scowl, for the fact that he could barely understand English at first and for his bad temper as well, and also the fact that he never thinks before acting. Ever. Once you put all of those together it’s pretty easy to guess he was the type of kid to fight lots

Also I headcanon Himuro being the type to easily get on everyone’s nerves when he so wants to, so he always ended up in fights of all kinds and Kagami got pulled in - or threw himself in - as well. They were always full of bandaids and scratches and bruises, as kids. They still have two or three scars from back then too.

Well, it’s also true that Kagami was about to get into a physical fight far more than once even in canon, so it’s really not that hard to guess that he always did haha little hot tempered kitten, so cute~

Managed to nail one the scene transitions I’d been poking at last night, but before I get to the rest I’m going to have to snag some coffee. With all of the cloudy weather we’ve been getting, I’ve been feeling inclined to loaf around as much as possible, and tempting as it is, I’d still like to get some writing done today. 

I don’t think this’ll be done by Sunday, but if I can take a decent crack at it tonight and tomorrow, it’ll be that much closer to it.

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How do I get over a guy I never dated? We kissed and now he’s in a relationship, and I’m kind of hurt

It’s hard to get closure when there was never actually a start. You will simply have to accept that a kiss is just a kiss, and sometimes things mean a lot more to one person than the other. It’s tough love, but that’s how it goes.

The process of getting over someone is different for everyone, but I think this is one that time will heal. There will be other people in your life before you know it. I’ve felt this feeling too, and now I don’t even think about it. Everyone moves on, not just him.

Get some good, old-fashioned advice!

Grey's Anatomy

I feel betrayed. We never saw that ending coming, and as viewers I think we deserved a lot more than that suddenly out of nowhere dead of Derek Shepperd aka McDreamy. He already had a job in DC, so why the fuck did Shonda have to kill that character that we all felt in love with… I’ve been watching this show for 11 years and I have accepted a lot of bad decisions from Shonda and her team, but this is too much, they’ve reached a point when if somebody has to leave the show then automatically the character is dead and it is not fair, as fans of the show we love the characters and we become attached to them. And I also think that Meredith doesn’t deserve this, because we are attached to her too and doing that to her is just awful, she was finally happy, she has a family, she wasn’t that dark twisted persona anymore so why on earth they did that to her? This shit is too much to handle. I personally think this was a really bad decision for the whole show and Shonda and her team. We are hurt, we are not happy.

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“Yeah, That is really really weird. But the shadows aside” Even if that wasn’t going on, I’d still dance just for fun. Cause I really need to do something fun, instead of life threatening for once.” Yu just going to enjoy dancing.

“Oh thank goodness, I was afraid I was the only one who thought it was a bit odd… but I agree, it does feel a lot more.. light hearted than before.” Naoto’s hands moved to grip the suspenders on her shirt. “Fun seems to be the right word… as long as no one else sees it.”

Can we talk about mom!Pearl though?
  • Pearl not coming out of her room for weeks after Rose Quartz ‘dies’ because she can’t understand why she would give up everything she fought for; for something as subjective as love 
  • Pearl mustering the courage to finally leave her room because if she can help take on the entirety of the homeworld then she can take on an infant
  • Pearl literally not knowing anything about human babies
  • Pearl being TERRIFIED of not knowing anything about human babies
  • Pearl cleaning out the public library and several bookstores of their baby manuals because she can’t live with herself if she lets Rose’s child down
  • Pearl obsessively sterilizing bottles and teething rings
  • Pearl blowing raspberries on Steven’s tummy gem because it distracts him from the pain of his teeth growing in
  • Pearl dealing with picky eater Steven and trying to feed him with the ‘choo-choo train’ method to no avail
  • Pearl having no other choice but to prove to Steven that food is okay to eat by eating it herself, even though she hates the feeling of eating
  • Pearl staying up with Steven all night and burping him because he’s colic-y
  • Pearl nervously watching from the sidelines as Garnet teaches him to walk, flinching every time he stumbles and falls
  • Pearl being amazed when Steven walks his first steps into her arms
  • Pearl swallowing her jealousy and asking Greg to tell her what to do because Steven has a cold and that is so out her realm of expertise
  • Pearl taking extensive notes as Greg walks her through making chicken noodle soup
  • Pearl reading and rereading Where the Wild Things Are to Steven because its his favorite, to the point she has it memorized
  • Pearl going to enroll Steven in school only to panic and pull him out when she learns that the first year is called kindergarten 
  • Pearl having separation anxiety the first few times they have to leave Steven at home to go on missions
  • Pearl worrying that Steven likes Amethyst better than her because she’s better at ‘fun’
  • Pearl playing video games with Steven even though she’s bad at them 
  • Pearl calming Steven down after bad dreams by telling him stories about his mother
  • Pearl finally understanding love; why Rose would give her life to bring this child into the world