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Nini! Since we seem to have the same tastes in tv shows, i was wondering what are your favorite books???

uoHHHHHH BOIIIIII where do i even start?!?!?!?! take a seat my friend because this is gonna be a LONG ride…

the classics i’ve loved since forever:

  • the famous five series by enid blyton - i read them ALL and reread them dozens of times
  • the little prince by antoine de saint-exupéry. nothing else to say,
  • literary any play by federico garcía lorca, but ‘la casa de bernarda alba’ still makes me !!!!!! it’s so good jfc 
  • ella enchanted by gail carson levine like i’m sorry i know the movie has anne hathaway and hugh dancy but still i feel robbed of the wonderful perfect book i’ve reread 937562937456923 bazillion times. i deserve a proper ella enchanted movie/show, yall. 
  •  the last cato by matilde asensi. i legit made all my friends AND their moms read it when we were 17.
  • the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chobsky. it pretty much changed my life.
  • atonement by ian mcewan. wow. just wow. 
  • gone girl, by gillian flynn because we all need to read amy dunne’s cool girl speech 
  • it’s difficult to even type never let me go by kazuo ishiguro without shedding tears.
  • the perfume by patrick suskind traumatized me but also enchanted me?? idek man, it’s a very special book.
  • i read the entire the physician series by noah gordon when i was a teenager and i still love it sooooo much!!!!!!
  • peter pan by j.m. barrie bcs lbr everybody should learn that peter was a fucking asshole
  • the harry potter series by jk rowling. that abomination of a fanfic slash play that came out last summer obviously isn’t included here. 
  • the percy jackson and the heroes of the olympus series by rick riordan - my savage demigod son, i’ll always heart u
  • don’t judge me but the mortal instruments, the dark artifices, the infernal devices - all of the motherfucking shadowhunter books to ever be, i’ll read, no matter how much i hate cc. i hate her for the hold she has over me.
  • i did enjoy the hunger games back in the day lbr
  • stardust by neil gaiman ksjbdfakdfjalsdfjbaglsjdfblkas literary my most favorite i love it so much it hurts me

and now as of things i’ve read in the past years that i can rec w a hand over my heart staring into your eyes and claiming they’re Good Shit:

  • across the universe series by beth revis was pretty fun for sci-fi even tho there was a twist that i wasn’t very happy with
  • under the never sky by veronica rossi was actually very cool i really enjoyed it
  • i REALLY loved the shatter me series by tahereh mafi like oh my god a heroine that truly learns how to accept and love herself!!!!!! fuckbois get rekt!!!!! incredible character arcs!!!! i’m pumped for the next book tahereh announced lbr
  • the lynburn legacy series by sarah rees brennan was suuuuper fun because magic?? family drama??? actual woc main character?? bisexuals??? i was living while reading them tbh
  • vicious by v.e. schwab was really fun because it was nothing like i’d ever read before, i’m really looking forward to reading her other series 
  • i’ll only rec leigh bardugo’s six of crows duology because i refuse to acknowledge the fucking mess that was the grisha trilogy, jfc. six of crows, excluding some stuff, is super fun, has great characters, good ships, and teenagers that pull cool stunts to get $$$. incredible.
  • the fixer series by jennifer lynn barnes are !!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish she wrote more of them i would legit beg her and throw money in her face for more. teens swept off by washington/politics drama/conspiracies… my jam ladies and gents
  • the study series by maria snyder. are. so. good.
  • i’ve only read two of melina marchetta’s books and both of them broke me. i’m onto her.
  • big little lies by liane moriarty - if you haven’t watched the show, do it. if you haven’t read the book, do it.
  • i loooooved the first two books in the falconer series by elizabeth may and still have to read the third but i haven’t seen good reviews about it so i’m kind of… waiting a bit…
  • i’m not gonna talk much about sarah j maas here because even if there are things in her books that i really enjoy -specially some ships and the worldbuilding- the inherently whiteness, straightness and the unbelievably high number of times she writes the words ‘male’ and ‘female’ makes me want to punch her repeteadly in the face. 
  • simon vs the homo sapiens agenda by becky albertalli is so funny and heartwarming dkzfjbzdjfkblz
  • uprooted by naomi novik had lowkey w/w but also an incredible het ship that was dkjfbksdjfs also living evil woods and strange shit that was amazing
  • what we saw by aaron hartzler is very rough to read, especially considering it’s based on a real life case (Steubenville High School rape case) but holy shit do i think it’s important to read and know. 
  • in that same line i put one of my favorite books i read last year: the female of the species, by mindy mcginnis. that book broke me on so many levels, every time i think about it i burst into tears. it’s so raw and real and just… ugh. i swear it’s gonna stay with me until my last day, it’s /that/ kind of book.
  • i still haven’t forgiven my best friend for making me read the mistborn series by brandon sanderson. that’s al i’m gonna say about it.
  • cruel beauty by rosamund hodge is so unique and i just loooooove the characters so much because they do acknowledge their flaws and that they’re not perfect?? and just??? recognize that in each other??? which is a+++ in my book u do u. also super beautiful writing!
  • the anna and the french kiss series by stephenie perkins will always have a special place in my heart bcs they’re so fun and light-hearted and witty and i really love them 


  • the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater, even if i still have hashtag problems w things in it (more girls. why aren’t there more girls. NOAH.) i just… i love my stupid kids so much. 
  • the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh is fucking INCREDIBLE it’s so good i get so mad bcs it’s legit unknown pls do urselves a favor and read this masterpiece it’s based on a 1001 nights and the main ship and characters are!!!! just!!!!! a++++!
  • the song of achilles by madeline miller is probably one of the books that i have most enjoyed and suffered with in my entire life. the true illyad i deserved. the most heartbreaking thing ever.
  • the winner’s trilogy by marie rutkoski is literary the best series i’ve read these past years and i’ll forever be in cee’s debt for making me read them. the most savage slytherins in love with the angstiest motherfucking relationship ever, a super clever look into colonialism and discrimination, the most beautifully haunting writing, IT’S JUST SO FUCKING GOOD I’LL NEVER READ ANYTHING AS GOOD AS TWT WHY AREN’T THERE 398465923846 FICS ABOUT IT JFC *sobs*

this got LONG lmao i’m sorry i get really excited talking about books in case u were wondering!!!!!!! i’m more than happy to talk about literary any of them, and welcome recs and will pretty much spew shit about anything i know ig u wanna holler @ me. i just really love books and i’ve been in an anxious-reading mode for the past three years so yEAH thanks for the ask anon it made me super happy!!!!!!

my favorite thing about the spanish harry potter translation is that instead of calling voldemort “the dark lord,” they call him señor tenebroso, which basically means “mr. spooky”


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“our audience is this big anonymous mass on the internet, so meeting each individual person and hearing their story and actually being able to connect with the people that have given us everything, i think, is really important.”

The first time Hunk saw Lance pre-morning routine, probably with a toothbrush in his mouth, maybe with a face mask on, he laughed a little and said “dude, you look really cute” and thats the moment lance knew he was in love with his best friend

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“don’t let go of my hand forever, i won’t let go of you again either

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