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the worst part is people are putting content out there to impress their faves. they’re doing it to impress bloggers more popular than them for their 2 seconds of fame and their approval of how much of a cunt you are. because sure, they might like you for a grand total of a fuckin minute but a splash of this kid’s blood is going to be on your hands for the rest of your fucking life and they won’t even remember you. they won’t know you, you won’t know them - but don’t worry, someone with 5000 followers on a fuckin blogging platform thinks your joke was funny, so it’s okay right?

okay so this post is wrong but what the heck it’s a Tumblr post, right, it’s mostly a joke, only it’s so perfectly echoing an idea I’ve seen elsewhere too, from actual paid critics and academic critiques, that Hugo “wasn’t writing for emotional teenagers”, that he’d be horrified by fandom, that he was too High and Erudite for the likes of  screaming theater kids and emotional teenagers

y’all. Y’all. 

Victor Hugo knew what fandom was.  And he absolutely LOVED it. 

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From the absolute bottom of my heart, I want to thank the a-spec community for always being there when I needed it.

When I didn’t have an account yet and sent asks to blogs for a-spec people, asking to learn, asking for help because I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. And they told me that nothing was wrong, that I might be like them and I belonged if I wanted to stay.

When I was a terrified kid who thought I had know everything about myself right away or else I was faking, tearing myself apart with contradictions. And I looked in the ace and aro tags, and I calmed down when I saw people saying that it was okay not to know, that it didn’t make you wrong to be unsure.

When I came face-to-face with my debilitating fear of attraction and sexuality and pushed all of it down so deep I nearly forgot about it, I found the label aroace. And I used it, delighted to have a word to describe myself even though it didn’t quite fit, secure in the knowledge that I belonged somewhere.

When I called a suicide hotline and bawled about being aro, ace, and agender, because I thought no one would ever love me, only to have my dad call me a nothing who loves nothing to my face right after. And I cried to bloggers through asks, and they told me that he was wrong, that I would be loved and I could love, that I was not subhuman and cold for my orientation.

When I explored my identity more and experimented with romantic attraction, trying demirom and panrom, asking ace bloggers if it was okay to change my labels like this. And they said that if I felt like a label no longer fit me, I could do some thinking and try another one as many times as I needed until I found one that was right.

When I had my first squish and fell into a crisis because I thought it was romantic or even sexual attraction that I felt. And they explained to me, lovingly and patiently, about QPRs and platonic attraction, telling me it was normal.

When I switched back to aroace after three years of identifying as panrom ace because I understood that I never felt romantic attraction even though I love my fiance more than anything. And I happily told my favorite bloggers about my discovery, to which they replied that they were proud of me.

When I used the discourse as emotional self-harm and dissociated because of the disconnect between what I was reading and what I had lived through. And the community gathered around me and protected me and helped me even as I broke down.

When I rediscovered my fear of attraction and sexuality and finally understood the root of it, pushing through until I truly knew myself. And they were happy for me, even though I left behind the community that has been with me for so long.

I’m a gay trans man who has struggled with internalized homophobia and a horrific fear of sexuality to the point that I essentially forced myself not to feel any kind of attraction. I’m not completely comfortable with myself yet. I don’t quite fully understand my identity yet. I could be grey ace or demi, but I also could not.

Aphobes love to use people like me as some sort of twisted pawn, but they don’t see the whole story.

Yes, I identified as a-spec because of internalized homophobia, but if I had never found the community, I would still be that terrified little kid who thought he was broken, cold, wrong, subhuman, and dirty. I would never have discovered as much about myself as I have. I would never have been able to openly, happily, proudly call myself gay without the a-spec community’s love, support, and encouragement to learn and grow.

I probably wouldn’t even be alive.

Thank you all so, so much. I love every one of you, and I am so sorry this discourse is still going on, because you don’t deserve it. They don’t understand what this community means to people, even to those who quite possibly no longer fall on the a-spectrum.

With everything I have, with all my love, thank you so much for always being such a wonderful community of caring individuals.

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You seem less driven by emotion than other bloggers and more into dealing with facts. Fact: Finn was bred to be cannon fodder. Fact: He lied to Rey and nearly got her killed. He lied to Han and did get him killed. Fact: He has not been socialized to be around people. Fact: He is not Force sensitive, Rey and Kylo Ren are. Fact: He is petulant, lazy and cowardly (he didn't care about Poe's mission, he didn't want to explain anything and he ran and left Rey on her own.) Yet he's Rey's dream man? OK

Hello, anon. I’d like to start off by thanking you for the kind words. I’m happy you seem to consider me a logical, fact-driven person. That’s what I aim for.

Now, if I may be so bold, let me ask: Did we watch the same movie? No, truly? You’re referring to Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, dir. JJ Abrams, right? Because…well. Boy. Oh boy. Let’s dive in.

Fact: Finn was bred to be cannon fodder.

Incorrect. Finn was not bred to be a soldier, he was forcibly taken away from his family at a young age. By whom? The First Order. That’s right! The organization that your fav, Kylo Ren, fully supports and serves. Hmm.

Fact: He lied to Rey and nearly got her killed. He lied to Han and did get him killed.

Please let it be remembered that Finn later went back and told Rey the truth once he realized he trusted and cared for her enough. This lie didn’t even convince Han at the beginning, and the only time Finn stretched the truth at Han’s expense was to get them both on Starkiller Base (which, by the way, was out of Finn’s desire to save Rey from Kylo Ren). Rey chose to go with Finn and get BB-8 back to the Resistance. Han chose to confront Kylo out of Leia’s wish for her son to be brought home. The only reason Rey and Han were put in a position of danger was because of Kylo. Kylo kidnapped Rey and tried to torture information out of her (which would be used to murder his uncle, just by the way), and Kylo decided to murder Han himself (which, if you listen carefully to the Snoke & Kylo scenes, was never actually a direct order from the Supreme Leader). Finn didn’t get anyone killed or almost killed. These events were entirely the result of Kylo and his own shitty choices.

Fact: He has not been socialized to be around people.

Huh. He seems to connect with Rey and Han and Poe and Chewie just fine. 

Fact: He is not Force sensitive, Rey and Kylo Ren are.

Point me to the spot in the movie where the Great Force God descends from the sky and decrees, “Finn! Thou shalt not be revealed as Force-sensitive in this movie nor any other! Thy path lies not within becoming a Jedi, so therefore, as is my word, thy good friend Rey shall instead be betrothed to her darker half, Kylo Ren!” I must have taken a pee break during this scene. 

Fact: He is petulant, lazy and cowardly (he didn’t care about Poe’s mission, he didn’t want to explain anything and he ran and left Rey on her own.)

“I’m not Resistance. I’m not a hero. I’m a stormtrooper. Like all of them, I was taken from a family I’ll never know, and raised to do one thing. But my first battle, I made a choice…”

“We came back for you!” 

Also, again, where are the receipts for this fanon interpretation of petulant, manchild Finn? I’ve been genuinely confused about this claim ever since I first saw TFA. Please show them to me. 

Yet he’s Rey’s dream man? OK

You mean the bravest, most caring man in all of TFA who is genuinely concerned for Rey’s wellbeing? You bet! 

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U really don't think Angie is scammin......okay

many of you sent this type of ask already..

I didn’t say what I thought of Angie either way, and tbh I’m still unsure of the whole picture - but I reblogged her explanation/evidence post since many people I follow reblogged the accusation, and should at least have the chance to read her reply - if people just read the accusation with no critical thought and without looking into it farther or even glancing at her refutation of those points, she’d never get a chance at justice even if it turned out she’s not in the wrong.

honestly this attitude is hypocritical. people reblogging the accusation keep saying “why doesn’t she thoroughly refute every point, then we’d give her the benefit of the doubt” but now that she’s done exactly that (literally what she’s been asked to do), people are dismissing it without even reading. and now apparently sending anons to anyone sharing the post at all too.

my other problem is with the ethics and accuracy of info in the callout. it’s fair to want proof/clarification of the authenticity of a fundraiser the scale of Angie’s, but this attempt at an exposé was poor - it had misconstrued (or just incorrect) info in major places, used questionable sources and methods that could have put Angie in danger IRL, and at times was just grossly ignorant (re: medical disability as well as familial abuse). I’m not criticizing the need to know more from her to feel comfortable supporting her, but there were tons of better ways to handle an investigation into the situation.

here are just some of the things about the accusation post that I’m uncomfortable with (I’m listing them not to prove things - her detailed post which covers all of this with sources/specifics is for that - but to say why I can’t support or trust the accusation post by itself): 

-accuser (or at least someone involved with the investigation) called her providers to get information about her and their services to her (these people/companies/services will not disclose to a random caller that they give a patient a service, that’s confidentiality) which is a huge breach in patient privacy. and then tried to use the fact that they wouldn’t give them personal info on their services towards Angie as evidence that Angie is a fraud.

edit: I have since received the following clarification which is confusing because in the accusing post there is explicit wording about contacting certain services/providers, but ok:

^ either way, not everything that a provider possibly does will be listed right on their website lmao Angie has gone out of her way to explain that there is a special arrangement between that provider and other services that work with her.  

-accuser misconstrued / misrepresented numbers (one example: implying she had claimed her rent was $5,000 or so a month when that was a YEARLY estimate and she never claimed it was monthly)

-other Australians (you can find this in reblogs of her explanation post) have been debunking and correcting things the accuser said about various AUS govt funds, programs and legal aid; it is clear that the accuser did not have all the information about Angie’s eligibility or lack thereof, or about how much of her daily and yearly expenses these would have covered. those are big holes in the accusation.

-accuser misconstrued the fact that she had terms / quantities changed to ones more comprehensible by ppl in the USA - when she had already explained her reasoning for this publicly (being on a platform with a majority of users from the USA and all)

-accuser misconstrued other statements (said she forbid people from calling the charity, when her real words - I’ve seen the post cited - were along the lines of “pls don’t spam / harass the charity”) and went as far as to cite Angie once using a profile picture of herself pre-disability as “suspicious”

-accuser called her suspicious simply for how many times she’s been close to homelessness/fatal neglect - this is speculation, not reasonable evidence, and besides, it’s not automatically suspicious or unrealistic to need continuous funds / be in danger a lot when someone is continuously bed bound, seriously disabled, and being charged thousands a week for basic life care she can’t do by herself. this part of the accusation was worded in a way that was disrespectful and totally ignorant re: what it’s like to be disabled to that extent. the post could have stuck to reputable forms of evidence without throwing in a speculative “isn’t it weird that this gravely disabled person cut off from lots of resources is always in danger and struggling to live? how unusual” which is just callous to people with permanent disabilities who do need constant help.

-accuser, with no relevant evidence or medical knowledge of the type of disability Angie has, tries to speculate that the doctors notes “looked fake” (again based on nothing but speculation) - as if it’s at All weird for someone with a complex neurological / regional pain related condition to have ongoing diagnosis, multiple terms to refer to clustered symptoms, opinions of multiple doctors, etc. it’s also not at all weird for different doctors to have a different style of writing a letter lol - I’ve bounced between specialists myself for undiagnosed chronic illness, and neither of those are red flags - doctors regularly print or email something they typed up in their patient notes database or a word type document. again, people automatically taking this as reliable evidence are out of touch with what it’s like to be disabled to that extent and seeing multiple doctors.

-accuser calls into question changing URLs, changing fundraising platforms, etc, all while omitting one very important fact that is necessary to qualify those situations (which Angie has made common knowledge) - that she has been stalked persistently by a documented abuser and had her funds threatened, and this has publicly put her in danger over the past couple of years. other people have also tried to slander and stalk her in the past which she’s also talked openly about. she’s had to change platforms semi regularly for her safety. most bloggers I follow have changed URLs far more than Angie without it being treated like a federal offense. once again not reputable or concrete evidence, lots being stretched, & lots of omitted context.

-accuser cites a person as a major source of info who has been outed in the past with evidence as fraudulent / dishonest themself, and is therefore not a reliable source.

-accuser brings in petty unrelated shit like an allegedly biphobic post that was taken out of context in the first place (why was that even on a serious scamming callout??) this just reveals desperate and unprofessional attempts to smear character.

-accuser frames the fact that Angie is a Chinese woman living in an English speaking country with both a Chinese and anglicized name that are both used officially in different contexts as “suspicious” despite how ridiculously common that is like… come on.

-as a side note, people have been total hypocrites re: how they question her disability - doubting it because ‘oh she has the time and energy to make posts’ (ignoring that she does have friends help her with maintaining posts, letters, documents etc), but then when she doesn’t immediately respond to all the accusations in less than 24 hours they slam her for that too (where’s your concern for her energy and ability now?) again like.. regardless of if y'all are right about Angie’s specific case, this is hypocrisy and you evidently don’t know how to treat / talk about seriously disabled people.

there are more but that’s enough lol. again this wasn’t meant to corroborate itemized proof against the accusation, or state an opinion on the conduct of Angie’s fundraiser (like I said I literally don’t know) - if you’re looking for that I would recommend reading Angie’s post thoroughly and coming to your own conclusions. all the links, math, explanations are there. this was to denote my more objective concerns with how the callout was conducted and why I can’t trust it as credible or support it ethically.

if you think Angie’s situation doesn’t add up even after reading her explanations, feel free to pursue more info in a way that is more accurate and ethical, or just don’t give your money. but you don’t slap together a callout with this many holes and discrepancies and bad conduct and let it go public right away when you run this high of a risk of ruining someone’s life if you’re wrong - you make sure you have your shit straight. you bring questions to the person first without jumping at them in an accusing/dehumanizing way right off the bat (which yes will get you blocked, shockingly), and give them a chance to provide evidence and explanation before you try and no platform them. and if it comes down to you making the public post and they reply with evidence/explanations after reading your accusations, you do your due diligence again by taking that into account. 

like I said I have no idea how much of Angie’s fundraiser has been handled in a legit way (I for sure don’t think she’s faking being disabled and that’s about all I know), but I feel uneasy that hundreds of people are taking that post at face value and aren’t even giving her thorough response a glance - you’re deciding a vulnerable woman’s fate, of being cut off and kicked off her platform, through hearsay, which is stupid and dangerous in this kind of situation. 

if you’re right, congrats I guess, on your pure dumb luck (because your investigation had so many holes). but god help you if you’re wrong and you further isolate her with your sloppiness. matters like this require attention to accuracy and ethics, things that were lacking in this callout. I’m not dumb for being concerned about that, and finding it reason enough not to take that callout at face value without looking at both sides more. don’t think badly of me just for reblogging Angie’s explanations and giving people a chance to read them as well as the accusations.

So I’m like… really sick of social justice bloggers/activists in general caring more about semantics than ACTUALLY caring about social justice?? Like. If that hitler kin asshole just came out and was like “I’m a nazi” no sj bloggers would be defending them but because they said “I’m ~kin~ with hitler as a ~coping mechanism~” there have been people defending them??? Like damn. Same with goyische bloggers who make nazi punching edits and talk about how much they hate nazis but NEVER include Jews or rroma people in their activism I just. Ugh. This is a terrible website.

  • Fitness bloggers: It's more than okay to gain weight! Embrace it! Eat x,y, and z without guilt! As long as the fat only goes to the appropriate places like your butt and boobs! You can only be fat in the right places! Embrace the RIGHT fat!

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if u write the scene with texting can mari/ladybug use the eggplant emoji and have to explain to adrien/chat that the eggplant stands for penis

alright kids listen up Adrien has had exactly -4 parental supervision and unlimited internet access since he became a teen. I know I like to write tlatb Adrien as a bit clueless sometimes but my boi knows things. this rowdy little hecker has the dirtiest mind in his friend group and im willing to bet he knows more pornographic slang than Marinette has ever encountered in her fashion blogger who scrolls seven month old memes on pinterest life

To my beautiful Sprousehart family, unfortunately our little world here on Tumblr is slowly being compromised by antis and haters! Because of this I have chosen not to post all the evidence I have that C & L are secretly dating. However, I can say with a lot of certainty that the proof I have is more than enough. I am 100% confident about these two. Whether they’ve labelled it, or are merely seeing each other, I don’t know, but I do know they’re more than friends. If people want to doubt my abilities of being able to acquire such information, then let me remind you that I was the one who discovered Cole lives with Debby and I was the one who found all the proof that Cole’s ex was the one that emotionally abused him (I passed this info over to another blogger who had more followers than me because I didn’t think I could reach enough people if I posted it). Please don’t think I’m boasting; I’m just trying to show the haters that we have the upper hand, and no matter what they say to us they’re in the minority. I love you all, and am so proud to be a part of this beautiful Bughead/Sprousehart family. ❤️

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top 10 female and male bloggers?

“I have more than top 10 m/female bloggers”

Male: @young-slimer. @wb3dain. @musticlips. @4tyfour. @ovoxo-ft-you. @chasin-porsches. @ok-yala. @fortyfivee. @youxaholic. @brighttuppp. @justanotherkuwaitiguy. @aljna3y. @chub-thefuckup-965. @middle-finger. @ya3amy-zain. @hamad965. @gahwa-over-you. @outt-of-the-ordinary. @kuwait-vibes. @sheikh-that-ass. @sheikh-shak. @sunsets-and-skyscrapers. @adb-22. @promoterrrr. @not-3venclose. @nofuckingway. @born-to-boss. @vicev3rsa. @calii-minded. @5eir-enshallah. @sinfulthoughtss. @5fifty6. @kali-cocaine. @adrenaline-adddict. @ttriple-a

Female: @yung-saudi. @yourwifeyyy. @m44. @ba7arr-minded. @basicallyshitokay. @babiixy22z. @gahwaandchill. @not-your-ordinary-saudi. @better-than-gxld. @betterthan-drake. @youxnobody. @prxncess965. @alanoud-3r. @aalhumaidii. @966-beautyqueen. @starrgirl-7. @oscuromind. @0falasi. @urbanacidx. @underthesea33x. @shmexi-en-pointe. @m-67x. @alghanim254. @late-winternights. @escxpeta. @shfeek-btabche. @shfee-umik. @chasing-faithh. @wla-shnu. @zain-shtaby. @m7ad-s2lik. @ma-ybachii. @mayhzik-ree7. @ma-3ad-tihmney. @marbellaoveryou. @mukh-maku. @dimilyx. @kuwaiti-angel. @72-a. @abssentminded. @kuwaiti-soul. @londonerrr-965. @thiirtyytwo. @everythingg-isblue

scam warning

I see a lot of popular bloggers posting sponsored content that is more than questionable!!

the clothing ads they post look beautiful and high quality and the links will lead you to online shops, including but not limited to Beautiful/Halo, She/In or New/Chic. Those are scam sites!!! [edit: I had to put dashes in the names of the scam sites because even Tumblr seems to know they’re a scam and doesn’t let posts with those names through]

They steal photos from designers and other online shops and then put a very low price on them to trick you into buying from them.

If you place an order and they even decide to ship you your stuff at all, it takes several weeks to get to you and it’s extremely cheaply produced and nothing like the picture! They usually don’t issue refunds because their customer service is - naturally, since it’s a scam - horrid!! in the rare case that they do give out refunds it will be a credit to your next order. Sometimes they’ll even overdraft your bank account!

you can hit up google to look for the bad reviews.

please boost this! especially poor people are targeted by this scam and they’re the ones who will be hit the hardest by the consequences.

Does comfort with language and speaking help determine who ends up autistic and who ends up a cousin?

I recently had a chance to interact with a mix of neurodivergent autistic and non-autistic people in person, and it was fascinating. The non-autistic people had an interesting mix of ADHD, mental illnesses, and miscellaneous other unspecified brain things.

There were some interesting similarities. First, everyone was highly aware of the need to make everyone else comfortable. They asked about pronouns, they explicitly asked for feedback on their own communication (”am I talking too much?”), and gave explicit positive feedback to other people. I never see groups of neurotypicals showing such concern for others, awareness that different people communicate differently, or willingness to talk explicitly about the interaction. Everyone had some sort of processing issue, so bringing them up was a non-issue. (All of these things made me feel much more comfortable!)

The differences were even more interesting. Not the ones a neurotypical clinician would expect, like the non-autistic people making a little more eye contact and smiling a little more often. There was a huge, obvious difference between the autistic and non-autistic people in the room in how much and how quickly they talked.

The non-autistic people talked a lot, whether or not they were anxious. When they talked, they spoke fairly quickly and confidently. The process of turning their thoughts into words and speaking didn’t seem difficult for them. The autistic people in the group were very quiet. They rarely spoke, and when they did, they said fewer words, talked more slowly, and sometimes said they were having difficulty speaking.

I’ve noticed before that the autistic bloggers I follow are much more likely than the other neurodivergent folks to talk about having difficulty speaking. Listening seems to be a more universal issue–I have auditory processing difficulties and so do other non-autistic neurodivergent people I’ve interacted with. (In fact, one of the things that probably confuses and annoys people most about me is that under stress, I can still talk in a way that makes sense, but I can’t really understand what anyone is saying accurately–although I might think I still can).

But it’s one thing comparing how people talk about their experiences, and another to actually see how they interact in person. The difference in difficulty speaking was even more striking when I saw it in person.

I’ve noticed a lot of commonalities between my brain and that of my autistic friends and family.  What they say about sensory processing, feeling other people’s emotions, getting “too excited” about special interests, liking explicit communication, clumsiness, viewing certain social rituals as pointless, and feeling like an outsider describes me, too. But I ended up developing in a different direction–with nonverbal learning disability, and interaction as one of my least weak nonverbal skills. And I’ve wondered what caused that difference for a long time.

This meeting confirms my hypothesis that I developed differently socially because language and speaking have come naturally to me from an early age. It’s easier to cover over awkwardness or pretend to be neurotypical if you can talk fluently. Being able to speak and write fluently helps you figure out your brain and explain it to others, and also helps you ask other people about their experiences so you can compare. 

There are other things that help me socially too–like a special interest in people’s minds, a habit of mentally projecting myself into real people or characters’ situation and imagining how I’d think/feel/act, and demographic variables (gender, race, appearance, etc.). But I’m aware of autistic people who have the same traits.  So I think ease of thinking in words and speaking was the main reason why my autistic friends/family and I come off as awkward in such different ways.

(I also think there’s a grain of truth to the stereotype that people with ADHD are outgoing and talk a lot, while autistic people are quiet and introverted. What’s your experience been with that?).

I've slept on it

I just need to write down my thoughts.

I am still going to watch S3 damn it! I loved the book and need to see how they did it. Unless it blows my socks off I don’t think I will stick around for the next seasons. The rest of the books are good but not that exciting. I don’t know how they will translate to the screen.

I unfollowed Sam and Cait they were not the people I thought they were. Whether they willingly or unwillingly dragged their drama to the fandom it happened. Their relationships have become front and center. If they aren’t dating each other then I don’t care who they are dating. I really don’t. Also I will never understand why ANYONE has been bullied and abused to this degree. If these actors really were nice people they would not have let their fans abuse other fans. Or their big shot friends abuse their fans. Or their fans abuse their friends. I am not blaming just them we all let it get this far. This place is just misery. Nobody can enjoy anything anymore. The focus is not on the show. When was the last time they actually seemed enthusiastic about it? When was the last time you felt Statz did an amazing job at promoting this show or getting you excited about it?

To reiterate. I am not here for Sam and Cait anymore. Sorry to say I might have to unfollow bloggers who focus more on them than the show. Not that I don’t like you or your blog but I don’t want to hear about them at all. I don’t want to know what fuckery is involved. I don’t want to stick around for more misery when they are finished shooting and they go on hiatus. I don’t want to do that to myself again. Maybe I will follow them again in 4 months when the show airs to see if they actually become enthusiastic about it or at least pretend to but right now I just cant. I am going to try to stick with the fanfic and the show nothing else. I am trying to find my happy place again.


It turns out Night Blogger Steven is more powerful than any of us realized