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can you please give some tips on time management? how can i manage my time effectively (im in university by the way) because i find myself wasting a lot of time and my perception/visualization of the time i have is messed up :/ thank you in advance.

might i suggest investing in a planner? i find the ones with blank pages where you can customize the dates to your preference much more effective than the pre-designed ones. a couple more in-depth tips:

  • make a laundry list of every single thing you have to do/want to accomplish.
  • color coordinate by task, assignment, due date, level of difficulty, etc. whichever you find will work most effectively for you.
  • prioritize work you do NOT want to do or find will take the longest so you can get those out of the way.
  • break up tasks you find challenging to complete in a single session by giving yourself mini-breaks in-between or allotting more time in advance so you’re not scrambling to meet the deadline.
  • block out a “work time” for x amount of hours and stick to that schedule every day; that way you can’t make the excuse of “oops, i forgot” or accidentally make plans and lose a day’s worth of work.
  • multitask whenever you can (i.e. jot down reminders, notes, or ideas on your phone while grocery shopping; keep a notebook and pen next to your pillow just in case you happen to wake up in the middle of the night with an ingenious thought, review lectures in your head while cooking, etc.)
  • have buddies (the more the better) who are extremely efficient and studious check up on your progress; or if you’d rather be discreet, ask them how they’re doing with their assignments and adjust your pace to match or even exceed theirs.
  • start early, whether it’s studying for an exam or writing a paper, just start early. it’s better to be over-prepared and go above and beyond than submitting subpar work. always.

Swapfell Skelebros, because why the hell not.

I gotta say, I’m extremely proud of how this came out. Tried a few new things and definitely learned from the process. Might make Paps my phone background. Sorry Rung!

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Do I want to be Google level 1 certified?

Short answer: yes. 

Longer answer: yes, for numerous reasons.

1.) It’s practically free. All of the units for GCE are entirely free in the “Edu Training Center.” Each unit can be broken down by individual apps you would like to learn more about, or by the unit order that Google recommends. It comes with numerous check-ins and Unit Reviews that, if you are doing well on, align pretty well with the actual test at the end. They’re good indicators on whether or not you are prepared for the final test. The test for Level 1 is $10, and Level 2 is $25, which is more than reasonable for a teacher. Side note, at least in parts of Illinois, they’ll give you credit hours towards your renewing you licence, but that wildly varies from state to state. Also, if you are already kind of familiar with Google tools, Level 1 will not be overly complicated for you.

2.) More and more districts/workplaces all over the world are “going Google.” Originally iPads reigned supreme, but Google Apps for Education + Chromebooks have been a winning combination for the past few years. If your district isn’t using Google yet, they more than likely will be. Their suite of apps are designed for collaboration and streamlining tasks for both work and school. Getting those certifications allowed me to know how to integrate these tools and keeping up on tools means I’m never caught off-guard in a PD or a meeting. Millions are using Google for work and personal, it’s a good thing to stay updated and “up on the times.” I also want my students to be knowledgeable about Google products, because more than likely they will be using them in high school, college, or in their career. We owe it to our students to stay current.

3.) Google makes my classroom better. I can very easily say that learning how to incorporate GAFE into my classroom helped me get all the day-to-day nonsense (like making copies) out of my way so I could focus on building relationships and helping my students. The range of GAFE allowed me to go entirely paperless last year. It allows me to turn Google Slides presentations into Drag-and-Drop activities like my kids will see on the PARCC. Google Classroom lets me create instant polls for ice breakers or exit slips. I can create a Google Form quiz that gives students help if they get the wrong answer, and then another try. It allows me to “get out of the way” and let students collaborate and create some really cool products that poster-board and glitter glue just couldn’t do.

So yes, I am thrilled I became a Google Certified Educator Level 1 & 2. I think more teachers should (but that’s just my opinion.) It’s great experience, and gives teachers the tools to not only modernize their classrooms, but make it more of a collaborative community outside the walls of their building. It’s the foundation for deeper connections with people and content, and that’s pretty darn cool.

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I recently got into Ib (and I am thankful my friends shared this game with me) and I thought, why not have a network to make new friends who also like the game? So here we are! 

To Apply:

Fill out the application here!
That’s… that’s pretty much it…
Also, the skype line is optional but if you include it I can add you to the chat!
(There are 14 spots open by the way!)


Reblog this post (you can like for reference).
Have the badge (linked above and on the page) somewhere on your blog (a lot of people use network tabs).
Be willing to participate in group event things and conversation.
Have your ask open so I can tell you if you’re accepted.
Don’t have to be following me
Don’t have to follow the other members but check out their blogs! 
You also don’t have to have a certain blog type to join.
Be kind to all the other members.


New friends!!
Help/advice on things (themes/html, personal stuff, whatever you want).
People to talk about the game with! 
A skype group to chat in. 
A spot on the network page of course.


The group tag is #ibgamenetwork and updates and stuff will be tagged with that!
You can also tag stuff with that if you want people in the network to see.
Therefore I encourage tracking that tag.
Don’t be afraid to ask me questions if you don’t understand something!

I will be choosing when this gets a decent number of notes (like more than 25?) and letting you know who’s accepted! Thank you for your time and have a nice day! <3

I was too lazy to make a new edit. so this got way more notes than I expected, so instead of choosing 25 people, I chose 50..

Favorite Mutuals:











Favorite Non Mutuals:








Best Panic! Blogs:






New Followers: (welcome. ily!)














Best urls:





Cool People:













And that’s it. thank you everyone who entered, I love you all! :)

Because I now have more followers than I ever expected to get, I’m going to do a contest/giveaway (not like, real stuff because I have neither money nor cool stuff) to show my love for you amazing people!

Going to explain the prizes first because prizes are the best part, right?

I’m going to randomly select 3-5 of my followers (depending on how many notes this gets), and you’ll get to choose from one of three prizes!

  1. a fic written by me (min. 4,000 words) based on a prompt you give me (I’ll accept pretty much any pairing, or even just, like, pack friendship, but I’m kind of hoping you’ll ask for stydia just because I write them the best haha. But feel free to ask for anything!) here are some examples of my writing (it’s more organized on ao3 if you want to look there) :)
  2. an edit made by me (min. 4 images) with whatever quote/theme/etc. you want. here are some examples of my edits!
  3. 9-10 new icons made by me - you can choose the episode, characters, colors, even the fandom. i’ll make icons for fandoms other than teen wolf if you want! (because people apparently really like getting more than one icon at a time from me? I don’t understand it, but maybe you’ll like this option?) here is my icons page!

It’s basically like taking requests, but better, because I’m not overwhelmed by 50,000 people asking for things and you get more, better-quality stuff than you would if I was just taking requests! (and just so you know, you’ll probably get many more than 4,000 words or 4 images if you choose 1 or 2. those are really the bare minimums)

Okay, rules:

  • mbf me 
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count, sorry)
  • 1 entry per person (idk if i can even tell if you reblog more than once, but just in case)
  • must get 25 notes (i’d prefer to get like 30 or 40, but i’m setting my expectation low haha), or i’m going to delete this post and pretend it didn’t happen
  • must enter by March 26, 2016 at 23:59 EDT 
  • i’ll choose winners on either March 27 or March 28, depending on how busy i am
  • i’ll make a post to announce who the winners are and also message you, so you don’t have to worry about not finding out :)
  • (i’ll probably message everyone who entered, even if you didn’t win, just to avoid any confusion)
  • seriously please enter this, i want to make people stuff because you’re all awesome and i appreciate you <3

That’s all (I hope)! Message me if you have questions!