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  • Afrezza: We invented this new inhaler for treating diabetes but no one is buying it, probably because, as we admitted in our own studies, it causes lung damage, is unwieldy, allows for no precise dosage, and doesn't even deliver insulin properly, the one thing it is supposed to do
  • Tumblr:
  • Tumblr: it isn't selling because this is a BIG PHARMA CONSPIRACY to FORCE DIABETICS to USE NEEDLES because REASONS
I think people need to realise

That because a ship is popular on tumblr, doesn’t necessary mean it’s popular anywhere else.

I didn’t even know a certain ship was an actual thing until I joined tumblr 5 months ago.

OUAT has 8 million viewers. And at most posts get about 10000 notes which I daresay has being reblogged more than once by people. That’s not even 1% of the viewers.

So let’s not get upset over certain bad apples

CS is popular, colin is popular we saw this at comic con.