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when cutting onions:

-noct cries and complains about the fact that he’s crying
-prompto cries onto the actual onion
-gladio tears up and asks iggy why he’s doing this when literally anyone else could instead
-iggy doesn’t tear up because he’s a fucking beast

studying 101: how to stay focused, motivated, and on track.

lots of you have been messaging me asking for study tips and methods i personally use, so here is a masterpost for studying that i’ve created for all of you! feel free to reblog and add your own advice, but just remember to keep in mind that learning is a very individualized process and what may work for me may not work for you. that being said…here we go!

staying focused

- an app called self control (which i think is only available for mac) is perfect for people who use their laptops to do work but always find themselves aimlessly browsing buzzfeed, facebook, and twitter instead. it blocks websites for you for a specified amount of time so you can’t access them! what i like to do is set it for anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, do some intense studying, and then reward myself with a 15 minute break. then i set the timer again.

- sometimes when i try to sit and study for long periods of time, i start to get antsy and starting fiddling with my pens or shifting in my seat a little too much. what i do to combat this is get out of my seat and do a very quick mini work out to calm my nerves and get the restless feeling out of my system. this also helps if i start to feel drowsy or tired because it helps get oxygen to your brain and gets blood flowing! i like to do to 10 jumping jacks, 10 sit ups, 10 pushups, and 10 squats.

- switch up your studying methods occasionally. there’s nothing more boring than copying notes everyday or reading chapter after chapter of the same textbook. quiz yourself with flashcards, create a diagram or chart instead of plain notes, annotate your textbook as your read with different pens… varying your methods of study will not only help you grasp the material better (since you’re learning it in many different ways), but it’ll keep you from getting bored.

- turn off your cell phone. i’m sorry. but seriously. turn it off. put it away. and none of that “i’ll just put it on silent” bullshit. turning it off is way better because then you get too impatient/lazy to turn it on and use it again.

- try not to devote more than 5-6 hours of studying per day. after that long, your brain becomes over-tired and stops processing information as well. there’s no point in forcing yourself to sit any longer. i myself usually study for 3-4 hours a day, and if i need to do more than that, i’ll do one session in the morning/afternoon and one in the evening.

staying motivated

- keep a picture of nicki minaj giving one of her “stay in school” speeches on your desk/as your laptop background (when you’re using it to do work). seriously. and if you’re not a fan of nicki then bye.

- this is so preschool, but when me and my roomie lived in the dorms our first year (of college), we would put up tests that we got an A on on our mini fridge. seeing them displayed there made us want to study more for exams and tests because we got so excited to pin shit up on the fridge. try it. it’s surprisingly rewarding.

- there’s an extension for the google chrome browser called momentum that displays as your home page your main goal for the day and a to-do list. i’ve found this is really helpful because whenever i start up my computer in the morning, i’m shown what i need to do for the day (along with a pretty nature picture - you’ll see what i mean when you install it) and can check things off as i go.

- while you eat breakfast, make a to-do list for the day and include one thing you’ve already done (e.g. cook & eat breakfast). that way, you already get to check something off and it’s easier to keep going for the rest of the things you have to do. 

staying on track

- keep a planner/agenda. i personally like having a physical agenda, but i know some people who prefer their phones for convenience. i look for agendas with a monthly calendar followed by a week on two pages. what i like to do is take my syllabi i’m given on the first day of class and write down all of the major assignments or tests in my planner and highlight them so they’re easily seen. i write down the readings week by week since those are subject to change, whereas major tests/papers usually do not.

- speaking of syllabi, keep them where they’re easily seen. for example, tape them above your study desk so you have easy access to assignment and reading due dates as well as contact information and office hours for your professors.

- some classes are modeled such that the current week’s lesson build upon what you learned in the previous week. it’s very easy to fall behind in such classes, so what i like to do is go over the notes i took in lecture and rewrite them in more explicit terms. if there’s something in my notes i can’t explain to myself, i’ll flag it and take it to my professor’s office hours (or simply email them, if the question is simple enough) so i’m not clueless come the next lesson.

- #SundayGetShitDoneDay. yep. it’s totes a thing. use your sundays to try and get ahead with the reading assignments. i’ve found that reading assignments (as opposed to online assignments or papers) are the first things to get ignored once the workload increases. try and combat this by doing them ahead of time on the weekend.

that’s everything i can think of off the top of my head! feel free to message me with other/specific questions you may have and i’ll try my best to help you out. i hope you found this guide useful! happy studying! :)

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First of all, I love your blog so much!! Amazing, spectacular, a work of art. Second of all, when u have the time can you write a Civil War fic with pregnant Steve? I just want angst and protective!Bucky so bad. please and thx

Steve doesn’t have time to think about anything besides Bucky. 

Since he’d found him in Romania it had been constant worry so thick that it left him physically nauseous. Sam was still mad that their escape had been “held up by you two deciding you just had to have a romp in the sack while the world government was after us.” 

How long had it even been since Romania? Steve was fairly sure he’d never felt so tired in his life, and that included dying in the ice for 70 years. He just wanted everyone to be okay. He was sure that it was the worry that was making him sick, but no matter what he did he couldn’t escape it. 

Bucky noticed too, once Steve had fished him out of the river he’d stuck close to his mate, even more than normal, his expression a mix of confusion and worry. 

They were both driving Sam crazy, and he made sure to tell him as much on the painfully long drive through Europe crammed into that tiny car. 

At one of the truck-stops where they stopped to pick up snacks Bucky gently touched Steve’s shoulder, stepping into his space and burying his nose in Steve’s neck. Before Sam could groan at them again Bucky was pulling away, his eyes wide. 

“I think you’re pregnant Steve.” 

Steve stared at him, his head and his stomach swimming. There was no way, just no way…

A truck-stop pregnancy test confirmed Bucky’s suspicions, leaving Steve feeling even more sick with worry. Shit, what was he supposed to do? 

Listening to Sam and Bucky bicker through to the German boarder was almost enough for Steve to reconsider driving off the overpass. Too bad it probably wouldn’t kill him. He was glad to meet up with Clint, even if he felt like he was only dragging more and more people down with him into this mess. 

Bucky was trying to help, and Steve knew that, but watching him growl and snap at anyone that got too close to his mate kind of made Steve want to strangle him. 

Steve couldn’t take even a moment to process anything that was happening after that. No time to consider the consequences of a brawl in an airport, no time to think about what it meant leaving his friends in the hands of the government, no time to think about the life presumably growing in him. He had to help Bucky, and get rid of the other Winter Soldiers. 

Go! Get out of here!” Steve shouted, trying once again to fend off Tony’s rage-fueled onslaught long enough tor Bucky to get away. 

He was not going to lose his mate again, even as Tony knocked him down again, he drug himself back up, trying not to look at the smoldering remains of Bucky’s left arm. God, what a mess this has turned into. 

Dragging Bucky with him even with Tony shouting after him Steve felt the bone-weary exhaustion weight heavily on his shoulders. What were they supposed to do now? The hand not supporting Bucky drifted to his still-flat stomach. Whatever they did, they’d do together. 

how to achieve the “2000s music video” look, aside from obvious things like styles and trends and sets

-low frame rate
-harsh lighting/shadows
-high contrast in post
-make the image square (that’s optional) just as long as the image fills the screen vertically

boom. now you know

that moment when you’re watching a TV show that rarely passes the Bechdel test and two girls start talking to each other

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then when they start talking about the boy they both like

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One of the things I love about coming into a new fandom is all those side-fandoms-of-people-in-the-main-fandom you also sell your soul to, ahh

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Prologue 01-04 Translation + Video

Prologue 01-04     Prologue 05-07

(σ゚∀゚)σ  Yooo sinners~! I’ve gotten asked to translate this game in the past and I was kinda ehhh about it. But then I heard loads of good things. Nil Admirari was another one requested to me a lot. You have to consider though, I have to buy the games I translate. I can’t be spending hundreds of dollars on games since I don’t work. ヽ(´▽`;)/  I chose psychedelica because I liked the system set-up better and the atmosphere. Plus I’m a sucker for amnesia plots. No one knows shit in the beginning of this game.

This will be a test run. If people show interest, I’ll continue. If not, I dunno haha.


Prologue is 7 parts long. This is the first half.

Video is raw only. (´ω`*)  Translation is the post. I hope you enjoy~

~~[Prologue: Part 1]~~

*Scenes Flash By Until It Stops At A Bus In The Rain*

*Muffled Voices*

???: Ahh. I see. I guess that’s true. It’s something that can’t be undone.

???: What do you mean?

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let’s get ready for
-haikyuu s4
-yuri on ice s2
-attack on titan s2
-Kuroko no basket movie
-all the other mangas getting an anime
-or animes getting a new season
-lord of shadows
-the dark prophecy
-shit ton of new fanfics and fanart
-new songs!!!
-bmth concert

thinking about it, this week’s episode did a lot to dispel any remaining fear i had about a power imbalance or ulterior motives in victor and yuuri’s relationship, and it’s basically because of one line.

because remember, we’ve only very recently started to hear victor’s internal dialogue, and it told us crucially here that this is exactly what victor was doing. not because of any malicious intent, sure; he was genuinely trying to help yuuri, and based on his own experiences, an extreme ultimatum like the one he presented to yuuri was the best that he could come up with. nonetheless, it was designed to manipulate yuuri in a way, to motivate him, to snap him out of his stress. 

and the thing is, even in a very well done story, that’s what we might reasonably have expected to happen: yuuri, filled with a new drive not to lose victor, someone he admires immensely, as his coach/friend/partner, delivers a stunning performance and all is resolved. that’s just how the trope seems to go.

instead, yuuri immediately sees through what victor was doing, recognizes it as out of character for victor’s coaching style and how he treats yuuri in general, and calls him the fuck out on it, because yeah, that’s unhealthy, it’s not okay, and yuuri knows it, knows that he’s in and deserves a relationship with mutual honesty and respect. 

regardless of his anxiety, his insecurities, this is not a relationship where yuuri is on thin ice, and it’s lovely to see.