more testing

who wants to fight against gravity?

  • Jim: Look Spock, I can hold my whole world in my hands!
  • Spock: Captain, that is highly im-
  • Jim: *cups hands around Spock's face*
  • Spock: ..oh.

starlight-prime  asked:

Could you do Yuri in the rink doing A2 towards Viktor that does C2??

Victor’s greatest weakness

if someone says bless you during the ACT because someone sneezed are they supposed to get in trouble?? like if your watch or phone accidentally goes off you get disqualified but what about those kids who won’t stop saying bless you to every single sneeze

Have some roses 🌹✨

I got some of my assignments done so yay speedpaint 🙌~ Seeing Hellfell sans made me want to give him infinity flowers buT IDK WHY THO I JUST WANT TO GIVE HIM FLOWERS FOR SOME REASON HHHHHHH

HellFell belongs to @anorha-nono and @fallennoirskeleton