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bi five: sophie winters (far from you by tess sharpe)

“That can’t be an excuse. There can’t be any excuses. Every single therapist you’ve sent me to will tell you that. I’m an addict. I’ll always be an addict. Just like I’ll always be crippled. And you’ve never been okay with either. I am. It took me a long time but I am.”


gmw social media + clique six college feat. lucaya & riarkle (requested by anon)

Tom Holland Imagine - 5

Texts pt. 2

(Tom is in bold you are in italics)

You recieve this:


I know I’m adorable

shut up and send more pics of Tess 😍❤

tell me you love me and I will

🙄 I love you, she said sarcastically

Sometimes I think your just dating me for Tess

😍 I love you.

Now send more of the dog!



Should I take her to the set today?

Can I visit you on set today?

You just want to see her!

😁 your finally learning Tommy!


My heart isn’t simple or straightforward. It’s a complicated mess of wants and needs, boys and girls: soft, rough, and everything in between, an ever-shifting precipice from which to fall.

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❝ I’m going to make this way harder than it needs to be. ❞ (my son ... expected really)

He knew there was something up. Every sense he had was telling him Tess had information over him. Where to begin with what it could be though? It has to be something with her family. The girl’s useless without her name. Her family… and him. It had to be someone he’d killed lately that he shouldn’t have. Or perhaps someone he hadn’t killed that should have died. Either way, something was going to be a pain in his ass.

Speaking of which, Tess needs to be dealt with first. Asking her straight-out to tell him what was going on only leads to an infuriating non-reply. With a low grumble, he tugs her further his office and closes the door behind her. If he is right, no one else needs to know. They also don’t need to see the lengths he’ll go to get information. “Come now, ma souris. I thought you might want to play nice today for a change.”

Settling a hand purposefully low on her waist, he leans closer as a genuine smile crosses his lips. Manipulating people is one of his favorite games as well as hers. Tess may be a thorn in his side, but she’s a damn attractive one. No, he doesn’t mind this half as much as he should. 

“If you were to be cooperative, maybe I would do opposite day too. Maybe I break own rule and let you touch.” Using his free hand to find one of hers, he flattens her palm against his chest the same way she’d instigated in the past. She seemed to like groping wherever she could, so he figured she’d move it wherever she wanted whether she had the information or not. Digging his own grip slightly into her hip is hopefully taken as he intends it to be–an indicator he’s not only toying with Tess. 

“Maybe I even admit I want you today. Maybe I act on that, non?”

So Nickel is fucking adorable and awesome but like, and I know I am gonna be 100% wrong with this

but I know she looks kinda young, but wouldn’t it be cute if she was actually really really old? And had the voice of a grandmother? I just thought about this this morning and now that she’s been revealed, I can’t stop thinking about how adorable a grandma bot would be. 

Grannie DJD. Furiously packing lunch for all the DJD members.

Or is that just me?


As the night drew to a close, Tess and Lando (in their drunken stupor) found themselves alone after being demolished in a game of strip poker.

Tess: Heey, are you still awake down there?

Lando: Mm, five more minutes Mom…

Tess: Nooo, you can’t fall asleep yet. *giggle* I have an idea of what we could do to help us wake up.

Lando: Are we gonna sing another song by the Troggs?

♛ An Introduction ♛

【 Greetings to anyone who is reading this! I have never roleplayed via tumblr before, but I have seen it done for many awesome characters so I thought I would give it a try! This RP blog is dedicated to Princess Tess Greymane, the daughter of Genn and Mia Greymane and the heir to the throne of Gilneas. Ever since I leveled a rogue in Legion, I found myself wanting to know more about Tess because she seems like a strong female character that has little to no character development so far. This blog will be filling in the blanks for everything that is currently unknown about Tess, exploring possibilities while also remaining true to her character from what little we do actually know. I have a lot to learn, but I will be giving it my best! Thanks for reading! 】