more teasers

  • Emmerdale springing all these surprise unlocks and random quotes on us
  • all the theories and the guesses coming out of the woodwork
  • 10 seconds of adorable Ryan Hawley stealing my heart in blue
  • the first insight into the robron wedding!!!
  • more possible teasers as the build up to the day these boys vow their life to each other is filmed
  • NTA preparation and interviews
  • Danny’s Twitter Q&A tomorrow between the half hour break of a double episode where robron are full of angst and tensions are running high
  • another Q&A with Iain on Friday where he’ll more than likely fear for his life
  • The Vamps somehow taking on Robert Sugden as a fourth band member in the crazy world that is social media
  • me trying to control myself throughout

I have a very strong feeling my weekend will end up being spent like this:

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UTOPIA released maknae: J.SEOK ’s teaser image

With the comeback getting near, there’’s only a few more teasers left, and today Utopia released the teaser for their group’s youngest member, and now promoted from vocalist to main vocalist: J.Seok (@jseokjin).

J.seok’s teaser image shows him dressed in a soldier/nutcracker costume, along with the sign saying ‘J.Seok the trick rider’, which leaves fans curious if they’ll be expecting him to do actual trick riding in horses for their mv. Although impossible, fans thought that would be awesome if they actually learned and practiced things for their comeback. As for the whole group, there will be one more member teaser before they introduce their title track name, as well as release a teaser video for it. So keep your eyes open for Utopia.

Are you excited for the next teasers?


  • viviennez: He’s covered up unlike his hyungs. This is good! Good job 2K
  • detense32: He looks so cute with that nutcracker costume! AWWW our baby!
  • planetutopia: CRACK MY NUTS! UTOPIA SLAY ME!
  • pandakekok: finally someone in utopia who’s fully dressed and not some magic mike xxl dancer.
  • clockmoo: He looks like he’s trying to be cool. sorry boo you ain’t Taeyang
  • vixxkenisbae: so sparrow is the last one. WOW I’m excited! wow Utopia is really serious about this concept aye!

No one loves NCT more than Kun, when teasers were coming out for nct 127 he liked one with winwin’s teaser

he also liked a fancam of renjun

he recently liked a pic of winwin on day day up

he liked nct’s black on black performance AND a post about nct 127 winning new male artist

and now he has nct as his screen saver 

he hasnt debuted but he’s already supporting his future group T^T I need him to debut already


All Bets Off  // Coming Soon 

If you were to look up a synonym for ambitious, Ava Riley’s name would come up. Her name would also come up under the following words: “unfiltered,” and “competitive.”

So it’s no surprise Ava finds herself agreeing when her cheeky roommate Liam Payne wants to place a bet that she won’t be able to bag the new foreign exchange student living two floors below them.

It’s also no surprise when Ava meets him and he’s seemingly interested in her company.

In which Liam likes to meddle, Louis is the personification of glue, Niall spills secrets, and Harry’s simply just Harry.

Coming soon to 1DFF

Things I’m looking forward to in Yuri!!! on Ice episode 5

1. Victor’s pep talk to Yuuri before he goes on the ice.

2. Traveling outside Hasetsu

3. Yuuri’s new costume

4. Yuuri’s free program (and do we get to see his Eros again?)

5. New skater Minami and his skating & costume

6. The kiss & cry after Yuuri gets off the ice (do we get that in this level of competition?)

7. Victor in a suit

8. However they’re gonna manage to up the gay and fanservice in this episode

9. Yurio’s reaction if he sees Yuuri skate on TV

10. What the explanation is for Yuuri’s yelling face in the preview teaser images

11. More sailing Victuri ship

Sister Location Custom Night - Release on 1st of December !

Hello hello my friends, how are you on this wonderful day? :)
Here’s Chica, and with me are really great news !  ☆ 

He said it and here is, probably the last, teaser for Sister Location. 
And it’s said, that the Custom Night will be released on 1st of December. 
Ohmygosh, I’m so hyped right now and Kuro was the one again, who told me about this awesome news, thankies for this honey ♥ 

So, let’s take a look on the teaser: 

It’s Funtime Freddy, yeah. He’s still a cutie, isn’t he? ( I do like him a lot ♥ ) 
It’s seems to me, that you’d play in the same area as you played with Ennard and this is kinda awesome and scary too. At first Scott said there will be no Custom Night, because it doesn’t work with the game mechanics and the animatronics too, but now I think he’d like to go to the mechanic of the first game and so, we’ve got cameras again and doors and all of the fun. 
I’m excited, because there will be new quotes of the animatronics too ( as Kellen Goff, voice actor of Funtime Freddy said in the Charity livestream from Dawko ) and I really like to hear more and new shocking things from them. :) 

Oh, I edited the picture a bit and there is nothing, like the source code of his website: 

And, little side note, Scott said, the Custom Night is playable, if you have beaten Ennard ( to death ) in the Fake Ending and earn the third star for the main menu. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day or evening and take care ♥