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TUMBLR WAS REFUSING TO UPLOAD THIS LIKE 100 TIMES UGH FINALLY IT’S UP AFTER SUCH A LONG WAIT. As requested by @leons-feline-goddess, here’s Enchanted In The Moonlight’s main theme. NOT the sad piano version that’s all over Youtube, but the original ROCK(-ish?) version you hear on the main screeen. I’ve always wanted to play this but I didn’t have the time to fully master it until recently. ;;

Yet another translation (German Script) ~ You got to love german Haurchefant

Haurchefant (GER): Wie ich deine Rückkehr ersehnt habe. Jede Stunde wartete ich darauf, deine prachtvolle Gestalt unversehrt zu erblicken.

Haurchefant (EN): How I’ve longed for you to return. I was waiting every hour for a chance to see your marvellous figure unharmed. *

Haurchefant (GER): Du weißt, dass mein heißes Herdfeuer immer für dich brennen wird. Je kälter die Nacht, desto enger muss man zusammenrücken, nicht wahr?

Haurchefant (EN): You know that my hot herdth will always burn for you. The colder the night, the closer one has to move together, isn’t that true?

[* This sentence is a pain in the …
I’m sure you get the gist of it, however, I’m not satisfied with how it turned out though.
Well, he only wants to stress how much he has missed the ‘gorgeous’ body of the Warrior of Light and how glad he is that nothing has harmed us.
Although us leaving him must have hurt more than any fight we’ve experienced.]

Unfortunately, I only have one screenshot (first sentence) to accompany my translation which I’m going to post later on.
Back then, I wasn’t able to make decent screenshots and that’s why I have only one screenshot of this awesome scene.

I mean, he’s clearly hitting on you… He doesn’t even hide his attraction towards you.

Ah, I just love the fact that the german translators didn’t change his flirty personality.

Who knew I’d manage to be productive today of all days?

Finished part two of the Chad project, the adorable kitty Waffles. Tabby/stripe markings are always so tricky to get right, but I’m happy with the result (at the moment. ask again in a few hours…)!

Special thanks to Chad for being such a patient customer and to everyone cheering on me and supporting me these rough, rough past days. You are all amazing. T_T

I’m trying very hard here to make a live wallpaper in Photoshop, but turns out this laptop (very old, outdated, discontinued) can’t handle the gif in HD. Luckily, I’m getting a Y700 for the holidays so I should be able to easily continue my work there.

So there’s a preview of my efforts. Given how freakin’ large the HD file will be this will probably be the only taste I can give anyone lol 

If you want to go ahead and try using this quality 200p file as your new live wallpaper, feel free xD