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*clangs pots and pans together* the wlw community is about more than cis girls having sex and being in love with other cis girls! It’s a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not the only wonderful thing in this community. Just a reminder.

Also, another thing that disturbed me about white star wars social justice bloggers is their tendency to shoot down the possible idea for a boba fett movie? In honor of a Kenobi movie? I am specifically looking at one blogger in particular who was pretty fucking vocal about it and it is disgusting. Like I’m half tempted to go on her blog , reblog one of her posts and confront her about this. This is why I cannot stand white social justice bloggers in the star wars fandom—especially popular ones. Like what the actual hell?

Like you guys do not know how fucking hot my blood is boiling right now to see a white girl talking about how she hates the idea of a Boba Fett movie and would rather have Kenobi, or even Galen Erso movie in his place. Like what the fuck bitch, are there not enough movies with white men/women? Just because the idea of a man of color getting his own movie before any of your white faves pisses you off doesn’t mean you have to spread Boba hate. And like the sheer racism and entitlement is astounding, and she spread this shit to the whole fandom.

Like when the Boba Fett movie was first announced I noticed it was getting so much shitty hate with people saying “why not a han solo, Kenobi, or padme movie” or “boba is as important as yoda”….and like I was pissed off and now I am actually connecting it to the racist white girl who started this. The racist white girl who cheered when she found out that the Boba Fett movie is going to be replaced for a Han Solo movie.And it wouldn’t be that bad if she wasn’t one of the most popular, if not the most popular star wars social justice blog. Like good job seeing a possible man of color getting representation and making it your duty as a white woman to fucking slander his name on tumblr.

I do not trust white popular social justice bloggers bcs they think they’re doing good shit and acting feminist ™, but they’re being racist as fuck.

Boba Fett is a man of color and important to star wars lore and deserves to have a movie 1000x more than any white man or woman because hell, his  character would be good for representation. And if you’re saying an alien character needs a movie more than an actual man of color then go fuck yourself.

And with all the hate this racist girl has spewed toward Boba she has the nerve to reblog the post talking about taika waititi directing a Boba movie. bitch you keep your racist as away from anything having to do with Boba Fett. And since everyone knows already, this is about lesbianrey.

My dearest people,

Today I was gifted with the utmost news that a Jonerys fan actually edited one of my Jonsa fanarts to make Sansa look like Daenerys.

Please, don’t even give this girl/boy my thanks for liking this fanart even though Jonerys has amazing(and waaaaaaaay better than mine) art pieces and more fanarts then us (don’t compromise, don’t start a fight because of this), and not only that, but since my fanarts still end up in Jonerys hands even with my caution to not even tag them as Jon Snow in tumblr, I now will tag them as Jon Snow and Sansa Stark and Ghost and whatever character appears in them.

This editor also was able to put an amazing shade of rice-white in this Sansa’s hair. It’s really a mastepiece.

Please don’t engage, let’s limit this talk to this post and our tag only, and if a Jonerys shipper comes to our lane and talks about it, IGNORE. THATS THEIR PROBLEM.

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I'm sorta confused why it seems so many people ship Gabrinette. Not only is it a no-no because of the child grooming thing you were talking about, but I don't see much going for it otherwise? I'm not trying to be rude I just don't get it, even if they were both adults they don't seem very compatible. What do you think?

Short answer: I don’t understand it either; I block it. I block and unfollow people who post it and honestly I haven’t seen any Gabbunette content in months. I highly suggest you do the same, nonny; it makes for a much better Tumblr experience. 

Long Answer/A Mountain of Ship-Hate under the cut. 

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dan’s tinder video

i know i’m late, i’ve been gone all week, but this is one hell of a conversation topic. as i type this, i’m but a few seconds into the video. i’ve heard rumors of bi/pan dan “confirmation” (meaning it’s subtly confirmed but not actually confirmed, really as good as true) and rumors of implication that phan isn’t real. i’m going to dive head first into this and give my feedback. 

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Dear Mango Cheese Fandom, this is a Call Out.

Hi! So for the most part, when it comes to book series, I stay out of the fanbases/fandom. Whether I think it’s because there’s going to be a lot of discourse or I just can’t find being in the fandom all that appealing. But, for once I decided, “Hey, let’s give it a shot.” and I went into the Mango Cheese tag. (Specifically the Alex/Magnus tag.) (this is a long post but since you guys 

Can’t saw I was surprised.

This isn’t directly in a good or bad way but? Specifically just in a “yeah, I’ve been in fandoms like this before and I can’t say I’m surprised.” From what it seemed, the content creators seemed friendly, and there wasn’t any ship wars/discourse from what I could find. So far so good right? Then I found what I had been expecting.

Whitewashing and Transphobia.

(I’m doing a read more cause this shit got long.)

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pre-game: baby Ryder sibs making new C-SEC recruit Garrus's life hell on the citadel.

“Give the case to Vakarian.”

“What? He’s the new kid.”

“Exactly why it should go to him. He can see a little of what it’s like in C-SEC.”

Garrus bit back the sigh. There was no room for sighing in C-SEC. He had a job to do, even if the mounds of paperwork and, frankly, boring ground work he was given might actually be the death of him before he got to see any real action. But this was a position and a job to be proud of.

Something to make his father proud. 

“What case?” Anything right now was better than the paperwork. And if they were just going to talk about handing it over to him, he might as well. 

Jeffers, one of his coworkers with a particular streak of giving him what the office called “bathroom duty”, smirked as he handed over the datapad. “Ryder twins. They can’t seem to get enough of us. The feeling isn’t mutual.”

“Ryder twins?”

“Kids of a scientist and an N7.”

Ryder. Ryder. Garrus knew that name. Friend of his dad’s, if you could call anyone friends of his dad, that was. 

“Bad seeds?”

Maybe this would be the action he was waiting for.

“Troublemakers. You’ll see for yourself. All the information you need is right there.”

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let’s just cancel all the EPIC FOUR-NIGHT EVENT crossovers in the future and do more, smaller crossovers. 

like, with the EPIC FOUR-NIGHT EVENT crossovers, they’re gonna feel the need to try and go eVEN BIGGER EACH TIME which leads to bullshit like, well, what’s happening with the upcoming crossover. 

like, nobody needs this. the last crossover was poorly written. we don’t need things tO KEEP GETTING BIGGER AND MORE INTENSE!! 

i just want, like, characters to cross more freely between shows. cisco spends a week on the waverider. felicity has girls night with iris and caitlin and sara and amaya in central city (yes i know we’re kiiind of getting this in the crossover but like, casual girls night). mick shows up in star city and dropkicks o/liver. you know, fun stuff. and wow i’m glad supergirl was canceled but if it wasn’t, it would have been cute to have more scenes with cute bros kara and barry! going on ice cream adventures! having eating contests! 

having more, smaller crossovers would eliminate the need to keep going biGGER AND “BETTER” gross and it would make scheduling easier for everyone, probably, and things would probably be better written and more coherent cuz it’s just two writing teams trying to make a coherent plot, rather than FOUR. 

this isn’t gonna happen, i’m just tired and i want this to not happen and this is happening because the white dudes in charge are bullshit but, hey, a girl can hope. 

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Stark/J*nsa stans that day that House Targatyen is 'white supremacy' piss me off. As if Essos isn't practicing slavery in the current story or the Dothraki don't go to slave, kill and rape. Just like they look up at real life history apparently, Japanese, Chinese, Inca and Arabic empires didn't exist. 😒

Well since some Jon//sa fans don’t even understand the book they are reading, I’m not surprised at their lack of historical knowledge, either.

Personally, I never understood why it is a fandom’s trend to call Daenerys a racist or the poster girl for “white supremacy” I’m not saying that she’s flawless or that being a conqueror isn’t problematic by itself. However, Queen Daenerys cares for all her subjects equally. She doesn’t discriminate between Westeros people and Dothraki/Unsuilled/other people from the East. She’s the one who told her brother not to call Dothraki “savages” because they were her people. 

Compare her behavior with the behavior of every noble person in Westeros (except from Jon maybe). They consider the Dothraki “savages”, they call the Free Folk “wildings” and basically are racist towards any race that it isn’t them. And yet, it’s Dany the one who is called out for her supposed racism.

They way Stark and especially Jon//sa fans are talking about Daenerys, you would think that the Northerners are people of color and that Dany is the evil white queen who is going to enslave them. But that’s far from being true.How can they call Dany a “white entitled person” and a “racist” when not only their favourite girl is also white, but she’s one of most classist and xenophobic people,too (and yes, way more racist than Dany).

 Maybe before they criticize Dany, they should check their own fave’s white and noble privilege. Because at least Dany hasn’t earned anything yet because of her noble (and white) House or because she’s a pretty (and white) girl. Can the same be said about their favourite female character? I don’t think so.

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i'd love to have some recs about books from the pov of The Beauty if you're willing to make a list.

Okay I’ll do my best. And bear in mind that these aren’t protagonists who are “don’t know they’re beautiful but secretly are gorgeous!!!!” types because nothing annoys me more than that. Like mirrors exist???? And, I’m taking the “beauty” to be more than just physical beauty but rather the girl who’s always written about and takes her own narrative back. Anyway. 

  • Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. The classique, Scarlett O’Hara is awful and racist but at the same time, she’s the mean girl everybody always writes about but never dares to understand. For me anyway, one of THE most formative books of my childhood. The book starts with the quote that Scarlett was not beautiful but she’s absolutely charismatic and charming and that is almost more important. 
  • Emma by Jane Austen. Emma Woodhouse isn’t like likable per se but she’s the realest character I’ve come across. Not overtly moralistic but a good person and learns from her mistakes which I’ve always appreciated. 
  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
  • Fire by Kristin Cashore 
  • Anything really by Sylvia Plath because she was beautiful and it really showed in her work. I personally prefer her poetry and diaries to The Bell Jar but that’s as good a place to start as any
  • The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by e. Lockhart. I love this book, it’s the inspiration for my personal posts tag “the girl remains the same,” and absolutely has the most lovely magnetic protagonist. 
  • Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare and really any adaptation of Cleopatra. Like people love to claim she wasn’t beautiful and I agree that she probably wasn’t as famed a beauty as people like to write her as but she was definitely attractive and although that is far more than physicality, her looks were definitely a part of that. Nowhere do I say that she was white though so… 
  • Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao. A retelling of the Snow White fairytale in a fictional East Asian world and it’s downright terrifying and grotesque at times but the protagonist is nothing if not beautiful. 
  • A less frightening version of the Snow White fairytale is Catherynne Valente’s Six-Gun Snow White” which is probably my favorite Valente work and in my opinion anyway, it is significantly better and more nuanced than Deathless 
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. Like god, this novel changed my life, it allowed me to consider self-actualization and strive for true happiness and while I haven’t reread it, it still has a special place in my heart.  
  • Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers 
  • Problems by Jade Sharma. Easily one of my favorite books of 2017 (I’ll make a list closer to the end of the year) but I read this book right before starting to date a white boy and like, I should have known haha. 
  • Nobody is Ever Missing by Catherine Lacey 
  • White Oleander by Janet Fitch 
  • Helen of Troy by Margaret George (I haven’t read her Cleopatra book but I’m sure it’s great as well)
  • Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth
  • Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charipotra & Danielle Clayton
  • Pointe by Brandy Colbert (her other book Little & Lion annoyed me greatly with its portrayal of Bipolar Disorder so I can’t recommend that with good conscience but this one is great)
  • (to an extent) Dare Me by Megan Abbott although both of the girls are technically physically beautiful 
  • Doomed Queen Anne by Carolyn Meyer (like honestly Meyer’s Anne Boleyn is charming and downright sexy even though she is ultimately destined for death and I love this incarnation of her)
  • As @theidesofmaarch said, Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert! I can’t believe I forgot it in my original list.
  • To cap of this list I’m probably going to add to later on as I read more, Joan Didion to me writes like a beautiful woman even though she doesn’t really write about beauty at all so I would check her out obviously if you haven’t yet. She has this magnetism to her that I can’t articulate you know? There’s just something about Joan. She’s the patron saint of smart girls who don’t know what to do with themselves and honestly, her work has always resonated with me.

I’m as excited for wlw headcanons and content as the next lesbian, but I’m hoping that this Max/El ship evens out more with the canon Max/Lucas shipping because I mean, Lumax is canon and also biracial in the 80s and is adorable as a box of puppies andddddd I’m not saying that Max and El is more popular because they’re two white girls but I’m not NOT saying that, ya feel me?

(I don’t ship them really cuz I’m old and it feels weird but when I go into Max’s tag and see way more Elmax than Lumax stuff I feel a bit uncomfortable please appreciate Lucas more)(give me all the Elmax friendship fic tho I need these girls to be friends immediately)

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i'm on board with mare being hispanic or latina as well though i can imagine a lot of amazing actresses who would fit the role of mare but wouldn't get the chance to bc of their skin tone?? i mean.. there is tanning and stuff and i know a lot of "white" ppl who are white but not white. like they have white features but their skin is darker shade (example: my sis has caramel hair, pale eyes but olive skin.) personally, i want mare to be portrayed well -- idc if latina or a white girl plays her.

I see where you’re coming from, and I want Mare to be portrayed well too! But there are plenty of WOC who are more than capable of delivering a very quality acting role for Mare. And tanning a white lady doesn’t cut it for proper representation in my eyes as well as any little “brown skin” girl who wants to be able to see herself as the main character in a book or movie.

Holiday tag game

tagged by @someonedomygcsesforme! <3

Nicknames: Del

Gender: girl

Favourite cold weather drink: GLITTERBERRY (although that’s more of a Christmas thing than a cold weather thing I guess bc it’s cold but whatever my cold weather and Christmas are at the same time)

White or coloured holiday lights: coloured

Favourite winter sport: n o n e

# of blankets I sleep with: 1

Currently wearing: pink Gap hoodie and ripped jeans (bc I’m edgy™ jk my only criteria in jeans is whether they have pockets big enough for my phone)

Preferred holiday confection: chocolate log

Open presents morning or eve: morning

Last things you baked: chocolate cake

Homemade gifts or store bought gifts: I buy them bc I have no skills that could make a present

Favourite Christmas/holiday movie: RUDOLPH, we used to watch it every Christmas but the VHS tape broke (wow I feel old for knowing what a VHS tape is - it was our only tape left though)

Favourite holiday song: Merry Christmas Everyone

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Outfit #2 is significantly more comfortable than Outfit #1 and equally Indian so I think I’m good in terms of being a traditional girl for once lol.

The first look was a silk sari and the second is a chudidhar which is a long kurta (a kind of blouse) and loose leggings.

And I’ve decided that for my own wedding, I’m wearing a red sari for the ceremony itself and a white dress for the reception right after. I don’t plan to do 13 sari changes like my cousin or literally cake on the foundation like she had to.

Ok, so I know #reclaimthebindi week is ending tomorrow (but still keep the pictures going, just because its ending doesn’t mean you cant reclaim your culture and whats rightfully yours!) but I have a favor to ask of you guys. See this instagram account? Its been posting tons of pictures of white girls wearing bindis, saris, henna, etc and claiming that white girls wear bindis best and that the bindi “trend” is rightfully theirs. On top of that, it uses highly disrespectful tags (such as “whitegirlsdoitbest” and “browngirlsarestupid”)and has on more than one occasion called indian girls things like “uneducated” “dirty” and “ugly”. Now I realize this is most likely a troll account which also most likely runs the accounts “whitegirlsrockheaddresses” and “whitegirlsrockdreadlocks” as well as the backup account “whitegirlsrockbindis2″, but these accounts have been extremelly damaging during a week that is supposed to be dedicated to indian cultural pride. This post that I screenshotted is just the icing on the cake to the nastiness that this user has been spreading.

Yet with all of this hatred and tons of people reporting this account, instagram has still not taken this account down. This is where I need your help. I need as many of you guys to go report this account, as well as the other accounts (whitegirlsrockbindis2, whitegirlsrockheaddresses, and whitegirlsrockdreadlocks). If enough of us report these accounts, instagram cant go on ignoring them and theres a higher chance that they’ll be taken down.

Please, please do this if you can. This account has been flooding the #reclaimthebindi tag on instagram, and its absolutely awful having to see that in the midst of such a positive, empowering week. I know I’m not the type to ask for stuff like this, but this account has gone too far with whatever they’re doing and needs to be stopped.

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While I agree that cultural appropriation is a thing (why do people say it's not???) isn't it true that most Japanese want to spread their culture and beliefs? If my memory of history class serves correctly, it wasn't like this before. But hasn't that changed? Yeah I can get why her costume can be offensive, but as far as the actual tea or stylization (I hope that didn't come out wrong) of the whole thing, is it really that bad?

Alright, please bear with me and allow me to preface this by saying I’m not too good at this. You’re better off asking a blog like thisisnotjapan. But this is going to be from my perspective, and what I have learned during my time on this site.

Anon, allow me to clarify. First of all, yes, any country would like to expand the reach of their culture. That’s simply how civilization works, and by extension, how it exists in the form it is today. But here’s the thing. Japanese people in Japan (actual ones, mind you, not the ones who say they are online w/o evidence, I never trust those on principle) don’t have the same perspective as those diaspora (people of Japanese descent who live elsewhere in the world). 

You see, many non-European cultures are… made light of, in many countries around the world. General xenophobia, antiblackness worldwide, that sort of thing. And particularly in places like the United States, the current trend is East Asian countries. You’ve seen them. Weeaboos, Koreaboos, that sort of thing. Honestly if this site was around in the 80′s or 90′s you’d have Chinaboos all over the place too. That’s the problem. We are a trend here, and that’s not ok. Many people like to use our language to accessorize their own (aesthetic bloggers, looking directly at you, despite your eye gouging themes), or act as though they know more about Japanese culture because of an anime they watched.

I cannot tell you how many times, for example, I go to Little Tokyo in Downtown LA, and see far more cosplayers than should be there, or see someone say something is “so anime” as though anime is the only facet of modern Japanese culture. I get it. Cosplay is a popular hobby to have. Cosplay is fun. I do it too. But the thing is that cosplay as we know it today started in Japan, and has been consumed here. Just like many other things, weeaboos have commodified many parts of Japanese culture, or used it to present themselves as more worldly or more knowledgeable, or even in some worse cases, “more Japanese” than people like myself, an actual diasporic Japanese person. 

I realize I’ve made this a bigger issue than most would have, but the thing is, it really is that bad. As I said in my much angrier version on that post, we are a culture, not a costume, and I don’t think it’s fair that that little white girl gets to have her geisha fantasy for a day, while many Japanese people train and devote themselves to the lifestyle and get looked down upon by white people, the same ones who gush about how cute their little girl looks in a much much worse “kimono” and poorly done makeup. 

In short, anon, and I sincerely hope this helps you understand, Japanese people are not a costume, not a trend, and we should not be treated as one. If some white family wants to have a geisha tea party, they need to know why that’s wrong, and learn how to go about it properly. Hell, hire an actual geisha to perform a tea ceremony with them, it’s still more respectful than bad facepaint and paper thin “kimono”. 


Mini sales post..! I won a big lot on the auctions so more sales will come when I ship and receive that package but for now I do have some small items up for sale :)

White alpacasso head coin pouch- $8
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16cm oshare lace llama (missing her button, so there is exposed glue, and pilling on ears.. Please see pics and ask for more if you’d like)- $20 or best offer (highest offer will take her, I had a few people interested a while ago before I decided to sell her, but I don’t remember who x()

Prices do not include shipping, but it shouldn’t be more than 3 or 4 bucks depending on what you order. And I’ll try to give deals on buying more than 1 item :-) thanks!

Please send me an instant message on here or email me at for more info and to purchase!

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I just want to let you know that your name 'stop white people forever' and also the words 'to stop white boys' is extremely racist. In fact, you can't get more racist than that. I'm super confused about why you're so against racism against black people, but you're then so quick to be racist against whites... You are helping no one by being racist. It only produces more animosity.

You know it’s gonna be a long day when a white girl with dreads tries to educate you on racism.

Educate yourself before you come into my ask box Suzee.

anonymous asked:

hi, I hope I'm not coming off as rude or ignorant, but how come westallen fans can ask us why we ship snowbarry but it's racist if we ask why you ship westallen?

I’m going to preface this with an apology to Sn*wb*rry shippers. The anon used the actual term instead of a replacement, so I am sorry if this ends up in your tag if you are on mobile.

That being said, here is the thing: comparing people asking why you ship Sn*wb*rry to people asking why we ship WestAllen is a false equivalence. Sn*wb*rry versus WestAllen isn’t a Twilight-esque love triangle. There is no Caitlin/Barry/Iris love triangle.

I mean this with no disrespect whatsoever and Lord knows I have my fair share of fanon ships, but Sn*wb*rry has no basis in canon. It’s all fanon interpretation. Maybe they will later, maybe they won’t but currently Caitlin and Barry only have platonic feelings for each other and nothing more in canon. Those are just the facts. It doesn’t mean I’m telling you that you shouldn’t ship Sn*wb*rry. Keep shipping, but please don’t erase or demonize Iris when you do ship. And I’m not saying you do, I just want to lay this all out there because it’s important for Sn*wb*rry shippers to understand.

Anyway, on the flip side, WestAllen is currently not together in CW (or comic book) canon, but the names Iris West and Barry Allen are linked in such a way that you know they are a couple or will be a couple – it’s like Lois Lane and Superman or Mary Jane and Peter Parker. They might not currently be together or they might not be together at the start of an adaptation, but you know that they are canon love interests.

Not to mention every episode of the show has been pretty blatant about Barry’s feelings for Iris (and Caitlin’s feelings about Ronnie). Even if you disregard the hints that Iris has feelings for Barry as well – I have an English degree and I took many film classes in college, so I’m pretty adept at story analysis and I’m prepared to fight anyone on this – you still cannot deny Barry’s feelings for Iris. There is a solid basis in the show to root for and ship WestAllen based on Barry’s feelings, the way other characters like Felicity and Joe and Henry Allen discuss Barry’s feelings and encourage him to be honest about it, and the framing of many of Barry’s voiceovers in regards to Iris. Not to mention the cast and crew (the writers and EPs) have been very supportive of WestAllen from the get-go, while only Danielle will really tease at Sn*wb*rry (and I’m like 99% sure that she only does so because shipping is unfortunately the best way for an actress to gain publicity because she teases Sn*wSt*rm a lot as well).

So when you guys ask us in our tag - and not an individual shipper who you are friendly with - why we ship WestAllen and you preface it with “I don’t like WestAllen”, it seems like you are, at best, being obtuse about the direction that the show has set up. It could even seem like you are purposely ignoring all four characters’ narrative arcs. At worst, it seems like you are trying to cause conflict and stir up shipping wars. Whereas when people ask why you ship Sn*wb*rry, people are legitimately confused because nothing in current canon indicates that the show will be heading there.

And keep in mind that people all over Facebook and Twitter and even here on Tumblr are not afraid to hide their Iris hate. They post pictures of Felicity and Caitlin saying that these girls are more beautiful than Iris on official Iris West posts by the CW (and how terrible and transparently racist is it that the two white girls are proclaimed as more beautiful than the sole black woman). They post things about how Iris is stupid and ugly and useless and wish that she would just be killed off.

I frequent Caitlin’s tag and her official CW posts because I love her a lot, too, and I’ve never seen this kind of treatment against her. No one questions her place in the show. Some WestAllen fans might criticize the plot holes in her writing - how she apparently is a doctor with multiple science degrees in her early twenties but cannot tell that Harrison Wells’ leg muscles have not atrophied when they really should have – but none of us have put her role and importance to the show under debate. I have yet to see a post proclaiming she should be written off or killed and I’ve looked because I always see Sn*wb*rry fans saying Caitlin receives as much hate as Iris. Maybe there is “hate” but none of it is rooted in racism and it’s obviously very infrequent and rare if I can’t find it even when I look. Meanwhile I don’t have to look for Iris hate – it’s just there.

Many of us WestAllen fans defend and protect Iris from this hatred based in misogynoir all the time. Many of us are in school or have jobs and we really do not have time for all this, but we make time because seeing a black woman in Iris’ role is a huge thing for us. It’s representation WOC are almost never afforded, so it’s important to us that we defend and protect Iris and WestAllen from racist fans, lest she becomes one of the many black women erased and marginalized because fandom is uncomfortable with the idea of a black female love interest.

The Iris West and WestAllen tags are our safe haven. It’s our space for us not to have to deal with racists or to defend Iris from misogynoir. When we see posts telling us to get along with Sn*wb*rry fans or see posts asking us to explain our ship, we are reasonably riled up about it, especially since many of us are WOC who not only deal with racism in the fandom but with racism in real life too.

It might seem unfair to you that some of us respond rudely or angrily when you maybe don’t intend for your posts to come across as rude to us, but how more unfair is it that we have to deal with racism and we have to protect Iris from racism?

I’ve said this many a time, but we shouldn’t have to pretend like it’s a polite debate when it really isn’t. Not to mention respectability politics only get you so far and people will still be racist and won’t understand where we’re coming from when we are polite. So why should we pretend we’re not angry if being nice still gets us nowhere? Anger and rudeness doesn’t invalidate our grievances, nor does it mean you should ignore our complaints to victimize yourself as I’ve seen so many Sn*wb*rry fans do.

Keep shipping what you want to ship, but also keep this in mind when you try to enter the WestAllen tag. Don’t be surprised or feel victimized when WestAllen shippers respond.