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*clangs pots and pans together* the wlw community is about more than cis girls having sex and being in love with other cis girls! It’s a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not the only wonderful thing in this community. Just a reminder.

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I'm sorta confused why it seems so many people ship Gabrinette. Not only is it a no-no because of the child grooming thing you were talking about, but I don't see much going for it otherwise? I'm not trying to be rude I just don't get it, even if they were both adults they don't seem very compatible. What do you think?

Short answer: I don’t understand it either; I block it. I block and unfollow people who post it and honestly I haven’t seen any Gabbunette content in months. I highly suggest you do the same, nonny; it makes for a much better Tumblr experience. 

Long Answer/A Mountain of Ship-Hate under the cut. 

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dan’s tinder video

i know i’m late, i’ve been gone all week, but this is one hell of a conversation topic. as i type this, i’m but a few seconds into the video. i’ve heard rumors of bi/pan dan “confirmation” (meaning it’s subtly confirmed but not actually confirmed, really as good as true) and rumors of implication that phan isn’t real. i’m going to dive head first into this and give my feedback. 

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Dear Mango Cheese Fandom, this is a Call Out.

Hi! So for the most part, when it comes to book series, I stay out of the fanbases/fandom. Whether I think it’s because there’s going to be a lot of discourse or I just can’t find being in the fandom all that appealing. But, for once I decided, “Hey, let’s give it a shot.” and I went into the Mango Cheese tag. (Specifically the Alex/Magnus tag.) (this is a long post but since you guys 

Can’t saw I was surprised.

This isn’t directly in a good or bad way but? Specifically just in a “yeah, I’ve been in fandoms like this before and I can’t say I’m surprised.” From what it seemed, the content creators seemed friendly, and there wasn’t any ship wars/discourse from what I could find. So far so good right? Then I found what I had been expecting.

Whitewashing and Transphobia.

(I’m doing a read more cause this shit got long.)

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pre-game: baby Ryder sibs making new C-SEC recruit Garrus's life hell on the citadel.

“Give the case to Vakarian.”

“What? He’s the new kid.”

“Exactly why it should go to him. He can see a little of what it’s like in C-SEC.”

Garrus bit back the sigh. There was no room for sighing in C-SEC. He had a job to do, even if the mounds of paperwork and, frankly, boring ground work he was given might actually be the death of him before he got to see any real action. But this was a position and a job to be proud of.

Something to make his father proud. 

“What case?” Anything right now was better than the paperwork. And if they were just going to talk about handing it over to him, he might as well. 

Jeffers, one of his coworkers with a particular streak of giving him what the office called “bathroom duty”, smirked as he handed over the datapad. “Ryder twins. They can’t seem to get enough of us. The feeling isn’t mutual.”

“Ryder twins?”

“Kids of a scientist and an N7.”

Ryder. Ryder. Garrus knew that name. Friend of his dad’s, if you could call anyone friends of his dad, that was. 

“Bad seeds?”

Maybe this would be the action he was waiting for.

“Troublemakers. You’ll see for yourself. All the information you need is right there.”

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I was tagged by @dahm-sub and @bedahmerized to list 20 facts about me! 

  1. I’m naturally blonde, even tho my hair’s jet black 
  2. my dream career would be to either join the FBI behavioral analysis unit, or to be a screenwriter
  3. my fav role was playing ms. white in an all girl version of reservoir dogs
  4. I’ve moved more times than i can count in my life, and every couple months have the itch to move again, even tho i hate it lol
  5. i have the cutest nephew in the world (cannot be disputed) 
  6. i got into true crime after being hired to write a screenplay about a serial killer
  7. I’ve been to almost every state in the country, but I’ve never left the country 
  8. my nana is a huge zeppelin fan, she once danced onstage with them at one of their last shows in America 
  9. i was once kicked out of the coors beer factory
  10. my favorite movies when i was a kid were jaws, wayne’s world, when a stranger calls, psycho, and beauty and the beast. (i was a weird kid) 
  11. my first crush was on norman bates
  12. if you buy me sunflowers, you’ve won my heart forever 
  13. my fav places in the world are colorado, the santa ynez valley in california, los angeles, vegas, and monterey, california. 
  14. breaking bad, psych, and (the original) twin peaks are the best shows and give me life
  15. The hurting (tears for hears) Stadium Arcadium (red hot chili peppers) Hysteria (def leppard) and Night At The Opera (queen) are albums that shaped the soundtrack of my life.  
  16. i was a singer/songwriter, starting when i was 15. i recorded an album at a studio in the woods of new hampshire
  17. my dream job when i was a kid was to become a dentist, even tho i hated and feared the dentist more than anyone. (like i said, weird kid) 
  18. a teenager boy dressed as a clown broke into my mom’s backyard last halloween. i put him in a chokehold while my brother called the cops. 
  19. i have an older brother who was like my best friend growing up 
  20. the only book i’ve read more than once is dark places by gillian flynn 

I’ll tag @lovely-loathsome @josemourinhos @ted-bundys-unibrow @world-dahmination

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i'm on board with mare being hispanic or latina as well though i can imagine a lot of amazing actresses who would fit the role of mare but wouldn't get the chance to bc of their skin tone?? i mean.. there is tanning and stuff and i know a lot of "white" ppl who are white but not white. like they have white features but their skin is darker shade (example: my sis has caramel hair, pale eyes but olive skin.) personally, i want mare to be portrayed well -- idc if latina or a white girl plays her.

I see where you’re coming from, and I want Mare to be portrayed well too! But there are plenty of WOC who are more than capable of delivering a very quality acting role for Mare. And tanning a white lady doesn’t cut it for proper representation in my eyes as well as any little “brown skin” girl who wants to be able to see herself as the main character in a book or movie.

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OMG ASKDH THE ASKBOX IS OPEN AND IM FREAKING TF OUT. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVER. I would love some angsty homeless Cas fics. Extra points if he’s a veteran or something extra sad like that!

Thank you for these ask! I know admin J is probably tired of me stating that every AU setting is my favorite but homeless Cas is on top of my very long list of favorites! So naturally, I have a very long list of fics to rec you guys since there are a lot of new additions to the homeless tag on AO3. Here’s also our homeless Cas tag, you should check that out first since I’m not reccing the same fics again (except one, but it’s just extra special, okay!).
Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy these and I’ll be back with part 3 for this in the future!

- Admin A

Title: Tarentelle verse

Author: Morethancupcake

Rating: Mature

Words: 11,657 – 3 parts

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I know I keep reccing this verse every chance I get, but this time I have a ´legit reason to! THERE’S A PART 3 GUYS! You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this verse to be continued and now there’s a part 3 that’s long and emotional and there’s a baby Sam (btw I just want to say that it was genius and heartbreaking for John to name him Sam!)… Lol I’m fangirling way too much but this verse is just near and dear to me.

Summary: Castiel takes time away from the Opera to teach ballet to a group of little kids. Seems like Dean isn’t the only one falling for the dancer. And seems like Dean doesn’t like the competition.

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Title: A Winter’s Tale

Author: NorthernSparrow

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 64,316 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I haven’t recced this before because it’s Gen and there’s of course no slash. But, before you skip this (like I did for way too long), the author does say that you can read this as pre-slash for Destiel and there is an epilogue with explicit Destiel smut! You can read the epilogue here:
A Close Shave:
All in all I really did enjoy this fic and I have actually read it twice already, so that should say something!

Summary: Cas is sick and Dean finds a journal that Cas kept about his time alone as a human.

This fic is a retelling of first half of S9 from Cas’s POV (via Cas’s journal). Lots of Cas angst/loneliness and a correspondingly equal volume of Dean guilt. Sick fic, hurt/comfort, journal fic, and a Christmas fic too.

( Read here )

Title: Going Home

Author: ljunattainable

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,320 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is so good, lol I don’t think there can be a bad fic about homeless Cas, or maybe I’m just reading these through very biased glasses. Anyway there’s also a companion fic to this called Welcome Home, which is Dean’s pov.

Summary:  Cas makes his way to Kansas.

( Read here )

Title: View from the Park Bench

Author: through_shadows_falling

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,219 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is so fluffy and cute. On top of having homeless Cas there’s also a single parent Dean so what more can you ask guys!

Summary: Castiel saw many things from his park bench.

By far, his favorite was a father-daughter duo: a white man in a blue Mohawk and a girl no older than seven.

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Title: Love in a McHopeless Place

Author: Weasleychick32

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 110,223 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Where did this awesome fic come from? I feel like I’m always roaming through homeless Cas tag and suddenly there’s this 100k fic that I’d never seen. Anyway, this was as awesome as I expected it to be. The only thing I would have loved if that if there was more mature scenes between Dean and Cas. I feel like all the long fics need at least a few good smut scenes.

Summary:  Throughout his years working at McDonald’s Dean has experienced a great number of awkward, unsanitary, and just plain strange situations, but what exactly is he supposed to do when he finds a homeless man sleeping in the playplace? This isn’t in the employee handbook.

( Read here )

Title: Rehabilitation

Author: supernaturallylost

Rating: Mature

Words: 19,458 – 18 Parts so far

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I know I’m always saying this, but I love this verse! I always complain about less than 1k chapters/fics but I didn’t mind the shortness of each part here… or maybe it’s those biased glasses I’m wearing again. Who care’s there’s 18 parts of this so far and I’ve enjoyed each of them!

Summary:  Beginning with ‘The Headrest’, this series will follow the relationship of Castiel and Dean Winchester after they initially meet while each riding aimlessly on a public bus through the city. The titles of each part refer to Dean Winchester and how Castiel sees him.

( Read here )

Title: Needs

Author: Chakatai

Rating: Explicit

Words: 10,152 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is purely here for the smut since it was hard to find very smutty homeless Cas fics. Not my absolute favorite but you can’t really go wrong with smut.

Summary: Falling has left Castiel with all kinds of needs he doesn’t know how to fulfill. None of them seem to come as naturally as the need to be close, and there is none he fights more stubbornly to overcome.

( Read here )

Title: Scars

Author: allthebeautifulthings9828

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 3,153 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I don’t think I’ve ever read anything from this author that I didn’t love. She’s amazing and this fic is no exception.

Summary:  Castiel has had a long journey back to Dean and Sam. He’s learned a lot of human behavior on his own without their help, but he’s tired - so tired. And he’s horribly wounded, something that makes him feel so ashamed that he chooses to ignore it. By the time he gets to Dean again, his wounds have become infected and Dean takes it upon himself to be Castiel’s caretaker. But there’s something wrong with Dean’s demeanor. He’s agitated, nervous, and he avoids eye contact. Soon Castiel wonders if it was a mistake to think of the bunker as home. Is Dean really agitated out of hatred or is it something else entirely?

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Title: We’re On Our Way

Author: blanketed_in_stars

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 28,015 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is awesome and I love it :’D I seriously need to be more creative with my notes but It’s 4am as I’m writing these, so you have to forgive me.

Summary:  If asked to state his three defining qualities, Dean Winchester would come up with hard-working, pessimistic, and busy. “Charitable” would not be on the list. So it’s completely beyond him as to why he’s chosen to spend so much time with the floundering Castiel, who has only twenty bucks and a trench coat to his name. Or why they’re growing closer and closer as the days pass. Or why, when everything they’ve built falls to pieces, Dean is so desperate to set things right again.

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Rules: Answer the twenty questions, then tag twenty people to get to know them better.

Tagged by @kakunamatatoes
Name: Rae
Nicknames: raerae , Ra, Sun God, 
Zodiac signs: Gemini
Height: 5’3”
Orientation: idk?? I like girls a lot more than boys (???) asexual 
Ethnicity: White
Favorite Fruit: kiwi :*
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Book: Suffer The Children
Favorite Flower: fuck flowers (sun flowers because they’re tall as shit plus my state flower)
Favorite Scent: Christmas 
Favorite Color: purple or green idk
Favorite Animal: um turkey vulture or basically any bird/reptile/mammal/ant
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: hot cocoa
Sleep hours: like 10-12 on a good day
Cat or dog: dog I’m allergic as shit to cats
Favorite Fictional Character: Can I pick my oc Peter since he’s not real
Blankets: 1
Dream Trip: France my dudes
When did I make this blog: like a few months ago lmao maybe feb
Number of Followers: 75 (omg last I checked it was like 40)
Tagging: @prompt-master @403secret @hotarubi-e @elsiemcclay @toosicktoocare @ya-nurse @opaline-ink
dnskckxj Kk bye now

I really wish all these people writing about internalized misogyny in the american gods tag would learn a cute little thing called intersectional feminism and how #edgy white girls are no more representative to women of color than white men are, least of all when their entire setup of being an asshole is at the expense of black men

Tagging game

@ohmygfriend ty for taggging me <3

Song tag

RULES: answer the question using only songs from one artist.

I’m gonna do marina and the diamonds!

What’s your gender: primadonna girl

Describe yourself: gold

How do you feel: the state of dreaming

If you could go anywhere?: hollywood

Favourite mode of transport: savages

Your best friend: better than that

If your life was a movie: can’t pin me down

Relationship status: solitaire

Your fear: i’m a ruin

get to know me tag

Name: Emilie

Nickname: Emmy is the most common one but i have more

Gender: female

Orientation: Bisexual (or pan, either works)

Ethnicity: white scandanavian

Star Sign: cancer

Height: like 175 cm

Last thing I googled: jae no glasses

Favorite Bands: the cab, green day and day6

Favorite Solo Artists: marina and the diamonds, ariana grande, zella day, tom odell and troye sivan

Song stuck in your head: no more dream by bts

Last movie I watched: nsijsfdijdf i have no clue

Last TV show I watched: uhhhhhhh i think it was brooklyn 99 or smth

When did you create your blog: about a year ago, but ive had others

What kind of stuff do you post: misc kpop and pop artists and anime and tv shows`?? an aesthetics n stuff its kind of a mess dijfd

When did your blog reach its peak: hhhhhhh no clue

Do you have any other blogs: yeah i have a luvia sideblog and a kard sideblog + im a mod on some others

Do you get asks regularly: nah

Why you chose your URL: i love lucy heartfilia

Following: around 4.6k

Posts: 12.3k…

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Pokémon Team: instinct

Favorite colors: blue and pink!

Average hours of sleep: depends, but latley ive been going to bed at 5 and wakking up at 1 lmao. most of the time its like 6 hrs too tho

Lucky Numbers: dont have any aside from 4 maybe

Favorite manga characters: lucy heartfilia is my no1

How many blankets do you sleep with: just one duvet

Dream job: not sure!!!! somethign creative

Dream trip: egypt and japan sound fun!

Favorite book: the great devil war series

What I’m wearing at the moment: plaid shirt and jeans

I tag @64cm @clannads @chongjojunbalsa @buy-bye-bi and @auratw!

Ok, so I know #reclaimthebindi week is ending tomorrow (but still keep the pictures going, just because its ending doesn’t mean you cant reclaim your culture and whats rightfully yours!) but I have a favor to ask of you guys. See this instagram account? Its been posting tons of pictures of white girls wearing bindis, saris, henna, etc and claiming that white girls wear bindis best and that the bindi “trend” is rightfully theirs. On top of that, it uses highly disrespectful tags (such as “whitegirlsdoitbest” and “browngirlsarestupid”)and has on more than one occasion called indian girls things like “uneducated” “dirty” and “ugly”. Now I realize this is most likely a troll account which also most likely runs the accounts “whitegirlsrockheaddresses” and “whitegirlsrockdreadlocks” as well as the backup account “whitegirlsrockbindis2″, but these accounts have been extremelly damaging during a week that is supposed to be dedicated to indian cultural pride. This post that I screenshotted is just the icing on the cake to the nastiness that this user has been spreading.

Yet with all of this hatred and tons of people reporting this account, instagram has still not taken this account down. This is where I need your help. I need as many of you guys to go report this account, as well as the other accounts (whitegirlsrockbindis2, whitegirlsrockheaddresses, and whitegirlsrockdreadlocks). If enough of us report these accounts, instagram cant go on ignoring them and theres a higher chance that they’ll be taken down.

Please, please do this if you can. This account has been flooding the #reclaimthebindi tag on instagram, and its absolutely awful having to see that in the midst of such a positive, empowering week. I know I’m not the type to ask for stuff like this, but this account has gone too far with whatever they’re doing and needs to be stopped.

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They're white because 90% of the pictures uploaded of fit / active girls are white. I try to make my fit blog diverse but it's super hard because I reblog from the fitspo tag and 99% are white girls :/

These are excuses and I hope that you can fully recognize that.

There are an infinite number of photos available that people want to share. The world is full of people who are active in their daily life and want to show off their accomplishments, yet they may not fit within the stereotypical “fit” image that #fitblrs imagine. If you are limiting your search only to people who look active, whatever that means, then you’re part of the problem.

The #fitspo tag is hugely biased in more ways than just size and race. If you know that it’s biased, that doesn’t mean that you get to just look at fitspo and say “Oh darn, it’s all young thin white able-bodied women, so I guess that’s all I can reblog today.” No. Recognizing the problem means that you have to actually take steps to change it. No one is forcing you to reblog that same genre of images over and over and over again, so it’s no use to act as though this is the only material available to you.

There is an entire world of professional and amateur athletes out there, all of whom deserve the highest amount of praise for their work. If you’re looking to expand the nature of your blog, stop re-posting that disembodied photo of white thighs in Nike shorts and start looking around you - Are there any college athletes in your area who just won scholarships? Who finished first in the local marathon? Which of your friends just started lifting? Who on your dashboard broke their first PR? Support people who deserve a chance in the spotlight. 

Contrary to what many people think, diversity isn’t work: It’s the acceptance of reality. All you’re doing is representing real people in the real world. What’s actually hard is questioning our own racist and body shaming tendencies - The first step is admitting that your scope is limited and that you have biased views regarding beauty and fitness. Then, you owe it to yourself and those around you to take the steps towards fixing that problem. You can’t simply wait for the #fitspo tag to magically adjust on its own - You have to contribute content, support the actual people who are putting themselves out there, and stop praising one body image over another.

I don’t care if anyone thinks this is hard work: It’s worthwhile.

Even more than that: It’s necessary.

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While I agree that cultural appropriation is a thing (why do people say it's not???) isn't it true that most Japanese want to spread their culture and beliefs? If my memory of history class serves correctly, it wasn't like this before. But hasn't that changed? Yeah I can get why her costume can be offensive, but as far as the actual tea or stylization (I hope that didn't come out wrong) of the whole thing, is it really that bad?

Alright, please bear with me and allow me to preface this by saying I’m not too good at this. You’re better off asking a blog like thisisnotjapan. But this is going to be from my perspective, and what I have learned during my time on this site.

Anon, allow me to clarify. First of all, yes, any country would like to expand the reach of their culture. That’s simply how civilization works, and by extension, how it exists in the form it is today. But here’s the thing. Japanese people in Japan (actual ones, mind you, not the ones who say they are online w/o evidence, I never trust those on principle) don’t have the same perspective as those diaspora (people of Japanese descent who live elsewhere in the world). 

You see, many non-European cultures are… made light of, in many countries around the world. General xenophobia, antiblackness worldwide, that sort of thing. And particularly in places like the United States, the current trend is East Asian countries. You’ve seen them. Weeaboos, Koreaboos, that sort of thing. Honestly if this site was around in the 80′s or 90′s you’d have Chinaboos all over the place too. That’s the problem. We are a trend here, and that’s not ok. Many people like to use our language to accessorize their own (aesthetic bloggers, looking directly at you, despite your eye gouging themes), or act as though they know more about Japanese culture because of an anime they watched.

I cannot tell you how many times, for example, I go to Little Tokyo in Downtown LA, and see far more cosplayers than should be there, or see someone say something is “so anime” as though anime is the only facet of modern Japanese culture. I get it. Cosplay is a popular hobby to have. Cosplay is fun. I do it too. But the thing is that cosplay as we know it today started in Japan, and has been consumed here. Just like many other things, weeaboos have commodified many parts of Japanese culture, or used it to present themselves as more worldly or more knowledgeable, or even in some worse cases, “more Japanese” than people like myself, an actual diasporic Japanese person. 

I realize I’ve made this a bigger issue than most would have, but the thing is, it really is that bad. As I said in my much angrier version on that post, we are a culture, not a costume, and I don’t think it’s fair that that little white girl gets to have her geisha fantasy for a day, while many Japanese people train and devote themselves to the lifestyle and get looked down upon by white people, the same ones who gush about how cute their little girl looks in a much much worse “kimono” and poorly done makeup. 

In short, anon, and I sincerely hope this helps you understand, Japanese people are not a costume, not a trend, and we should not be treated as one. If some white family wants to have a geisha tea party, they need to know why that’s wrong, and learn how to go about it properly. Hell, hire an actual geisha to perform a tea ceremony with them, it’s still more respectful than bad facepaint and paper thin “kimono”. 

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  • antis: they are calling us nazis and rukigos! They are so mean and hypocritical!
  • also antis: ugly orgs your shit-whore hime sucks! Orgs are so fucking delusional do they even read the manga?
  • antis: they body-shame rukia!(where the fuck??)
  • also antis: orihime has big tits, fucking watermelons! She is so ugly compared to Rukia's elegance! what a whore she looks like a slut!
  • antis: eww, what is this bullshit of ichihime (anti-ichiruki) doing in the tag? Bunch of cross-tagging assholes!
  • also antis: ichihime sucks, never going to happen it's either ichiruki or nothing! ichiruki is such a great ship and ichihime never existed #ichihime
  • antis: a guy and a girl can be just friends! They can have a platonic relationship, ichigo just cares because they are friends!
  • also antis: ichiruki has such a beautiful bond it has to be more than friendship! ichihime doesn't have any development lol
  • antis: renji's bankai isn't fire, kubo isn't making parallels you guys are just seeing things!
  • also antis: okay ichigo is fire/black sun/king & rukia is ice/ white moon/queen!
  • antis: ichigo and rukia never supported renji & orihime's love they are one-sided!
  • also antis: orihime is insecure and admits rukia is a key role in ichigo's life #canon! renji doesn't like Rukia, he sees her as a sister!
  • antis: we have always had romantic development between ichigo and rukia, they will obviously be canon no need for us to intervene.
  • also antis: petition for ichiruki to be canon! Our polls have calculated we are popular thus we are canon, look at these-ah not those colorspreads-- these!

It disgusts me how the writers treated Kira and Arden. Kira’s storyline was “wrapped up”?? Kira, the woc lead in a interracial relationship, who can live for hundred of years, whose supernatural counterpart mythology has not been fully explored, who was currrently battling against the dark side of her supernatural counterpart. This is the character the writers decides to give up? For what? To have the next white male villain of the season, or worse, have one of the past (again)? To have more of the writers’ white fave who hasn’t developed in five seasons? To have a useless love triangle, because the writers think that the healthy relationship between the two poc leads is less interesting than screwing up a relationship up out of the nowhere so that they can fullfill their fantasy of having the white guy “finally getting the girl” (ugh)?


Because of EVERYTHING.

The fault of white people in my artistic community is that they, through no active deficiency of their own, take it for granted that the story is about them. The goal is actually to ensure that EVERYONE can take it for granted that the story is about them.

As gifted, thoughtful and complex human beings, we should all be able to take it for granted that the story is about us. That is the artist’s entire reason for being.

Finding Nemo is a perfect example. Those characters are all variations of aquatic life. Is there race or gender bias under the sea? Did anyone fail to connect with fricking Finding Nemo?

Diversity belongs in your script because by definition, your protag is universal. All the strong themes that make good scripts apply to all humans. We love our families, we fight with our friends, we contemplate cheating on our SOs. We strive, we’re selfish, we give unstintingly when we are moved.

Whatever label sticks to you first (pick any tumblr tag) is not a universal quality. You’re white and male and want to screw girls? That does not define you. Your stories have to matter more than that.

Diversity is complexity. We’re not all dealt the same hand by accident of birth. I can prove that. We are still the same. We want what we want for reasons we can barely define.

Humanity is thick with desire and temptation and deception and cruelty and grace. We don’t love those who love us, we adore those who can’t even see us. 

Our first task as artists is to speak in a universal human voice, to reach across the abyss to other human beings.

Exclusion is not anywhere on the list of goals for people who create.  

#TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet started trending recently

and one of the best things about it is seeing all the salt coming from the “tolerant” anti-Trumpers who are against it.










S    A   L    T

All those “Bread/Trash/White” jokes…and this is just a snippit of what’s out there. And of course most of them are women. Because no one is more hateful and nasty towards women than other women. The same thing is going on in the #LatinasforTrump tag and others like it. People being incredibly disgusting towards their own because they don’t tow the line. 

That’s alright, though. Keep puttin up pics, Trump girls. Show ‘em what’s up.